15 Wrong Number Texters Who Fell Prey To Some Savage Trolls

Everyone at some point in their life has gotten a wrong number text. It could be a "happy birthday" or it could be, “sorry, your father has passed.” It’s bound to happen and oftentimes keeps us entertained for days! But you know what makes it even more entertaining? When someone trolls the sender before they know they’ve gotten the wrong number. It messes with them and gives the receiver something to do.

That said, surely one of our favorite things to do online is check out texts like this. But most of the time, we see the same ones over and over again. It's almost like the same texts are recycled weekly. To get away from the average, here are 15 new 'wrong number' texts that are sure to give you inspiration for your next 'wrong number' reply.

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15 Highlight Of 'The Last Jedi'

In case you didn’t know, the biggest meme and troll joke going around these days is about a certain shirtless Jedi. It’s often tossed around and murdered. The original is of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren, but with the whole Keanu Reeves/Adam Driver thing going around (and how they are twins), you can see how it turns into Keanu Reeves shirtless. That, in turn, turns into random people spreading through the Internet like wildfire.

This wrong number response is so pure! The receiver just wanted to know if they had seen the new Star Wars. They weren't really pleased as punch when they got a reply that consisted of a random guy in Kylo Ren like gear, though. Or at least, everyone’s favorite outfit he wears in the movie.

14 Somebody’s In Trouble

This one is texting gold! This dude got a text sent to him asking about what sounds like an affair he’s having with Madhu. But it could have just been a girl’s night out. It all depends on who Jean is. Is it like Jean Harlow or Jean-Claude Van Damme? It makes a big difference! If it’s Harlow, then they probably spent a lot of money, and the hubby might not be pleased with that. If it’s Van Damme, they probably spent a whole load of something else.

Anyway, the details are not important. What’s important is that Madhu’s husband is probably clueless but for a moment there, Jean was feeling like a total loser and homewrecker. This is better than those people who try to get their wrong number texters to lose their jobs.

13 It Is A Nice Cat

Via: Pinterest

This one is pretty old, but so good! Chances are, the conversation the cable guy (haha) was having was frustrating. They likely were talking about the differences in cables and what was needed for the job. As in, it was this dude’s wife or co-worker who was totally lost. The conversation was going so downhill that he was actually sending a picture of a cable to someone. (They couldn’t just Google it? They couldn’t just ask for the exact name with serial number?) I can hear the total helplessness in the man’s voice.

So more than likely, the standard cat brightened this guy’s day. Sometimes, trolls are exactly what this world needs. Sometimes, they don’t try to tear your life apart, but bring a bit of laughter into it instead.

12 It’s Called Grammers!

No one uses completely perfect grammar when online. Is it even possible? You leave out punctuation and misspell words. Though, with the addition of Swype and autocorrect, using text talk is not ideal. Saying “your” instead of “ur” isn’t any more difficult. But this person takes it too far. I don’t blame the troll for calling them out on every single word. They were annoying and didn’t deserve the boyfriend that cheated on them.

Grammar saves lives!

What’s the best thing to do when someone freaks out, calls you names, and offends everything that is good and righteous? Remain calm, cool, and with good grammar. I really do wonder if the angry girl ever texted back after that. It sure would be interesting to see.

11 There Was Room For Two

Via: Pinterest

When talking to someone you’ve never met, spouting off movie lines is never a bad idea. Once, when I had a wrong number text that wished me happy birthday, I answered them saying something like, “my birthday is in October.” This caused them to say, “who dis?”

What did I reply with? An iconic movie line, of course! My choice was, “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you killed my father, prepare to die!” Of course after that I deleted them and went on with my life, but it sure was fun while it lasted. They didn’t play along like Rose did though. She killed it when she asked Jack not to leave her. This is the kind of anonymous relationship that I strive for in my everyday life.

10 Happy Viking Easter

Via: Pinterest

Sometimes, the best kind of replies are simple pictures. This middle-aged woman sent a picture of herself to the wrong number. The picture was calm and not at all flirty. It could have been to her husband, child, or sister. Maybe even her pastor, who knows! But the person that ended up with the message was not someone she knew. They decided to play with that fact and send her a very happy Easter. Some random guy in a red Speedo and Viking hat. Not like that’s the kind of Easter this woman was expecting to have at all.

I much prefer Jack Nicholson replies, but sending one of your friend is even better because no one has done it before. Unless your friend is just really unlucky.

9 Who Needs Medical School?

WebMD and Google exist for a reason: so you can find out if you’re dying or not! This lady was texting a question meant for a doctor. She knew this, but she took it upon herself to Google what to do. She admitted that she wasn’t a doctor but gave the exact advice that the doctor ended up giving! The crazy thing was, it took three hours for the doctors to figure it out, after it only took a couple of minutes for Hannah. This girl is going places!

We all think that we could use WebMD like this, but I think Hannah has a special gift that needs nurturing. Can we please let Hannah operate now, or at least advise the trained professionals on what to do?

8 Gotta Feed The Birds

When texting, it’s best to be a sneaky as you can if you’re mentioning anything illegal. If not, then you might end up texting the wrong person (especially if you’re high) and things could end badly for you. I’m not sure what happened after this was sent, but more than likely, the phone was tracked, and someone got in a bit of trouble. Unless the cop actually did want weed or maybe bought the whole bird seed story. Who hasn’t accidentally Swyped "weed" when they meant "seed"? Darn you autocorrect! Oh wait, no? No one else? Well that’s awkward... Let’s just go back to how “yippy” seems to be number one in the Smartphone dictionary.

(Yes, I love yippy so much! Life of an Android user.)

7 I Like Your Fries

Wait…this entire time, this is what Wendy actually looks like? No wonder her tweets are so bomb and clever! I thought the mascot was actually her, when in reality, that is decades old. This is the real Wendy. He looks so dapper, doesn’t he? Or she…I don’t want to assume someone's gender.

This is so much better, though, since she said, “and your girls,” as if this Wendy dude has daughters.

I think the best wrong number texts are the ones that involve a name. Because when someone says a name, it makes it so much more personal. Which is better, “how are you?” or, “how are you, Karen?” That’s what I thought! Now you get the entire Karen persona in your mind and assume the person on the other end’s name is Linda.

6 I Wanna Be A Princess

This one is so sweet! The girl genuinely felt special when she was called princess and the person rolled with it. If only every wrong number texter could accept the fact that they got the wrong number and had a little fun with it. On holidays, people go around texting wrong numbers just so they can prank or troll them. It's one of the highlights of our year, so keep these coming, please!

I hope the two of them are single because they would make each other very happy. But since they said “princess” I can assume that they're texting a girl. Now, it could be their daughter or their significant other. I'm not sure. Either way, they can be each other's pen-pals and get along just fine.

5 Again, Renee?

The only thing worse than accidentally texting someone you don’t know, is texting someone you do know. This has to be the worst situation ever. This woman flirted with what looks like her husband’s best friend. Oh, and they are seeing each other that weekend? Yikes! He even posted it online without taking her name out! Her husband probably flipped when he saw this. Or he was really confused. It's safe to say there will be awkward glances at that BBQ. Let’s just hope nothing comes of it. If both parties are married, then they know that steamy texts will keep the relationship alive and accept the mistake.

But did you see how Frank went with it at first? He was going to convince her that he was Chris or that he was someone random. Oh, Frank.

4 Jan’s A User

Stop bossing me around Jan! #fuckingjan #wrongnumber

A post shared by Davey Barrera (@lifewithdaveyb) on

Seriously? This is a Women’s Bible Study and someone is trying to troll them? The lady’s text is so official, polite, and to the point. There’s only one thing you can conclude from this: Jan is going to be so confused by that text. Well, that, and the fact that Priscilla needs to tell Jan that she changed her number. The funniest part of this is that the person receiving this text is a 30-something-year-old man who has gotten multiple texts form Jan. This isn’t the first text he’s gotten from her, which explains his sudden hostility. He told her already that she had the wrong number, but she just won’t listen. Why not ask for the address again so he can tell her in person? That’s a thought.

3 Might Want To Get Plates

Poor, poor Sheree! I can’t believe that fake Karina actually pretended to be real Karina! She totally messed up the party that will now be without plates, silverware, and cups. What if this was a memorial service, wedding dinner, or little kid’s birthday party? Fake Karina, did you ever think about that? In my opinion, this is the meanest of troll texts yet. She literally ruined at least two people’s day, and likely dozens more.

I could never do it, but I applaud fake Karina for her gumption and cold heart. Well done, little troll. You make all those big trolls out there so proud! Hopefully, the damage isn’t too serious, or Karina is breaking out the fine china. Or Fake Karina is going to get one nasty phone call later that night.

2 My New Friend Tammy

I cannot believe how long this conversation went on! It must have been a decent amount of time, hours perhaps.

To get a bit of a backstory, Shaun and Shay met on Tinder. Everything was going so well that Shaun decided to text Shay. However, it wasn’t Shay. Instead it was a woman named Tammy who had a great conversation with Tinder’s Shaun. Tammy and Shaun got along so well I’m surprised he’s even interested in Shay. Maybe Tammy invited him to Thanksgiving dinner. She did warn him of the dangers of Tinder, she must not like online dating. From the looks of it, she’s quite a bit older than Shaun.

You know what really confuses me, though? Why did she say her name was Karl only to out herself as Tammy later?

1 Before It’s Too Late

You know how some movies have the “end is coming,” and people will spook out the main characters and convince them to get their life together? To spend more time with family, quit their job, and pretty much end up like the “end is coming” guy? That doesn't happen until after the credits role of course, because that’s not a happy ending!

Anyway, that guy is real, and he text this dude. If someone text you this, would it make you stop and think? A unbiased stranger’s words are stronger than you know. All kidding aside, this is hilarious! You can hear the tone of voice in the motherly/GF-like original texter. And you can just feel the conviction in the voice of the man who was a on the receiving in. Or was this all a big joke and no one is sincere?

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