15 People Who Unintentionally Cosplayed As Oompa Loompas

Every summer women want to look as though they have a healthy, sun-kissed glow to them; some spend a few hours in the sun every few days to achieve it, others go the bottled route and opt for fake tan and way too much bronzer, and the end result often looks as though they've modeled their looks after Oompa Loompas.

Even celebrities (Lindsay Lohan, we’re talking to you girl) get fake tan wrong, so of course, us mere mortals are going to fail, which is why it’s probably a good idea to swear off fake tan altogether. If not for the sake of your clothes and bed sheets, then to avoid being an entry on a list of awful fake tans, like this one, because below are 15 women who crossed the line when it came to their fake tan usage.

15 The Couple Who Tans Together, Stays Together

There is a saying about couples who do things together staying together and it seems as though this couple’s common interest is bodybuilding and tanning. A lot of tanning.

Bodybuilders are known for taking the tan a little too far because it makes their muscles more defined, and apparently their teeth a whole lot whiter. But not every bodybuilder takes things so far that they look awkward, much like this couple. While the woman forgot to blend her face with the color of her body, her man at least opted for one solid color throughout, the problem is that he may have got some on his teeth (either that or he’s desperate to rush to the toilet as soon as the photo was taken) because the way he is grinning is so weird.

14 At Least Her Tan Highlights Her Eye Color

There’s something about this picture that really makes my toes curl because she is such an attractive woman, but she just got her tan so so wrong!

Everyone knows that people look healthier when their skin has a sun-kissed glow, and this is the reason why so many people try to recreate this look with fake tan and bronzer, the thing is, the outcome is never the same. Especially when it’s taken to the extreme like this woman has done. The only good thing about her tan, which is several shades too dark, is the fact that her teeth look super white and her eyes look very striking and blue. Perhaps that’s why the fella on her side is desperate for a kiss, although he should be careful that his lips don’t turn orange.

13 She's Going To Have To Work Hard To Hide That Goggle Tan

When looking at this picture there are two things which come to mind; firstly, why the heck did she go so overboard with the fake tan? And second, at least she took safety precautions by covering her eyes so that she didn’t get any tanning products in them.

You may be tempted to think she used the sunbed, but no one goes that orange on the sunbed, nor do they use such massive goggles. The only good thing about her use of fake tan is she’s realized that it does actually work because it’s incredibly easy to see the difference in color from before and after.

And let’s hope she’s a pro with her makeup because it’s going to be very hard to cover up those white patches.

12 There’s So Much Wrong With Her I Don’t Know Where To Start

Prepare to laugh, because this is possibly the worst fake tan fail you are ever going to see!

This woman appears to be on holiday and she’s really getting into the summer theme; when we think of summer we think of bronzed skin and flowers, sunshine and coconuts. But we don’t think of orange complexions and peroxided hair, now do we? Unfortunately, this woman didn’t get the memo and she thinks this is the perfect summer look.

While we can’t say too much else about her without sounding overly harsh, what we can say is that perhaps her appearance should serve as a warning for others. Don’t fake the tan this summer, because this look, combined with her excessive use of white makeup and fake flowers is not a good combination.

11 She’s A Pretty Girl, But The Tan Is Awful

Anyone who has ever tried fake tan will know that it’s not easy to apply; you have to worry about it appearing streaky, going too dark, and then there is the awful fact that it will rub off on your clothing, as well as your bed sheets -- don’t go home with a stranger.

So, you have to admire the girl in the picture for the fact that her tan is even, that, and the fact that she is really attractive, but that’s where the compliments stop because her tan is so orange and her bright green eyeshadow isn’t distracting anyone! Some people have different expectations when it comes to beauty and what looks good and what doesn’t. Some women who prefer a more natural look, and others like this woman, like to model theirs after the Oompa Loompas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

10 Her Accessory For Prom Was A Bottle Of Bronzer

It’s strange but for fancy events, many women decide that this is the perfect time to get a tan or start using more bronzer than they usually would. What they want is a healthy glow and they feel that this can be achieved with bottles of fake tan and an overload of bronzer, something which the girl in this picture decided to do for her prom.

She had so much going for her; her hair looks great, her dress looks cute and the color is pretty, and she even has an old-school date who wants to act like a gentleman and bring her a flower corsage. But then she decided to use fake tan, and only on her face, making it a completely different color to the rest of her body. If only her parents said something...

9 Fake Tan Has No Age Limit

No, this is not a Halloween costume, apparently, some women, or rather one woman, in this world thinks orange skin, dark purple eye makeup, and painted on eyebrows is a winning combination.

This woman looks particularly orange because of her light blonde hair and white turtleneck, but probably the worst part is that she decided to compliment her orange skin with purple makeup (the two are complimentary colors, except just not on skin). Let this be a lesson to all those who are considering fake tan, just don’t do it, because the sun-kissed glow you think you’re getting is never going to look the way you imagined.

On a side note, this photo is also proof that it’s not just teenagers that take the fake tan to new levels, but women of all ages.

8 She Looks So Unhappy, And We Know Why

This is not so much a golden glow as it is an awful orange shade, and instead of this woman looking as though she’s spent a week in the sun, she looks as though she used five bottles of fake tan to achieve her look.

When you have a different skin tone you have to change up your makeup, we all know this, and most people tend to go a little darker when they have a tan. However, if this list proves anything it’s that the same women who decide on an orange complexion also seem to wear way too much makeup. This woman luckily didn’t opt for white lipstick as is the norm, but that very bright pink is no better. I am also left wondering why she chose to create white circles underneath her eyes? Ugh, her look is just bizarre!

7 Emotions Are A No Go When You Have Fake Tan

There are some things you never do when you get a fake tan; this includes not wearing tight clothing, putting on open shoes, and definitely not crying unless you want the end result to be this.

I’m not sure what made this woman so sad and I really feel for her that she was in tears, but the outcome of the fake tan on her neck is absolutely hilarious. Her tan is not even as bad as some of the others on this list because she opted for a more natural, less Oompa Loompa inspired orange tan, which makes us wonder what the end result would be if she was as orange as the granny we mentioned earlier on this list, and just how destroyed that white turtleneck would be if she started crying?!

6 When You Can’t Get A Real Tan On Holiday…

You’d be forgiven for looking at this photo and wondering what the heck this girl was thinking? You’d also be forgiven for laughing uncontrollably because you can’t believe someone thought this looked good. From the hideous orange top and the white lipstick, to the orange tan, and the really wild hair, there are so many things wrong with this girl’s appearance that honestly, it’s hard to know where to start.

It looks as though she’s either on a night out or enjoying some time on holiday. And when you want to get a tan but your skin is too pale and instantly burns red, then the only way to do it is to fake it. I just hope she had a good time because unfortunately, her picture is now on the internet for the world to see (and laugh at).

5 When There’s A Dead Giveaway Your Tan Is Fake

If the kid's shirt is anything to go by then it would appear this family took a lovely trip to Bali, but there is only one issue, mama decided that she was going to fake her tan instead of doing it au natural.

The coloring of her skin is pretty convincing, it's not extremely orange and you can see barely visible straps from a swimming costume on her chest, however, there is one tell-tale sign that this is fake tan, and that’s her neck. It’s not hard to miss because there is a big white patch on her neck and it seems that when she was putting the tan on she wasn’t able to see the underneath of her neck. Ah mama, you would have looked so much better without this fake stuff.

4 He Must Really Love Her If He’s Willing To Risk That White Shirt

This is the end result when you go a little too crazy with the fake tan and the bronzer, actually, who are we kidding, this is the result when you go absolutely insane with the fake tan and bronzer.

The woman in this photo appears to have used several bottles of fake tan to achieve this look, but it’s hard to tell which is more awful, her caked on makeup or her tan. She has piled on the eyeliner, foundation that’s way too dark, and her lipstick isn’t even within the lines of her lips. However, the good news is that the guy behind her must really love her, because he’s taking an extreme risk getting so close to her with a white shirt -- he’s going to have to bleach it in the morning.

3 I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Run For My Life

I don’t know who these women are or where they are from but I want to thank them for making me have the best evening ever, and they did this simply by getting her photo taken. While I do feel for them that their image is now all over the internet, the combination of their very tanned skin, white makeup (white lipstick and white eyeshadow is such an overkill, especially when on the nose) and then their out-there hairstyles are all a bit too much for one person.

These three women have crossed the line between what is considered socially acceptable when it comes to tan, and what’s considered overkill, and it also shows that some people, like the lady with rainbow locks, do this purposefully to be different.

2 Someone Needs To Tell Her To Cool It With The Tan

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we know this, but surely no one actually thinks this looks beautiful? Well, no one besides the elderly lady who clearly feels she looks amazing with her dark tan and bleached blonde hair. It's as though she's trying to cling to her youth because why else would she want to wear a mini dress and dramatically change her skin tone?

I’m also confused as to whether those girls posing with her are her daughters (and if so, why don’t they have a quiet word with her about what looks good and what really doesn’t), or if they are just two randoms who were as amazed as we are by this woman’s tan that they needed photographic evidence.

1 Gran Doesn’t Look So Impressed

When you have a family gathering after not seeing each other for a good few months, even a few years, it’s a special time. And because of this, people want to look their best to impress their relatives, and also to have photos they are going to look back on and be proud of. That said, this girl is probably regretting those family photos now because she’s seen how she went overboard on the tan.

Her tan is admittedly not as awful as some of the others on this list and it’s at least not a horrible bright hue, but you can still see that it’s unnatural, especially on her face. The only good news would be that her relatives eyesight may be failing so they won't notice her awful fail.

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