15 People Who Actually #NailedIt

If you're on the internet frequently, sometimes it can get you down. The amount of fail that surrounds social media and other sites just defies logic. At first, it's funny. Watching all of those idiot people make stupid mistakes. It makes you feel better about yourself. You feel superior, because you would never do something that stupid. But, over time, the many fails of humanity begin to wear you down. Like dementors, these fails swarm together, surrounding you and sucking your will to live right out of your mouth, just like in Harry Potter.

Fails are funny. But when you expose yourself to too many fails, it can be depressing. That's why today, we are administering copious amounts of #Win! Take a look at these 15 people who actually #NailedIt, and you'll be feeling fabulous in no time.

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15 Cat Monet

Via: pinterest.com

A masterpiece. Claude Monet held nothing back when he made this painting. This piece is so majestic, so immaculate, that we think it's enough to rival Leonardo Di Vinci's famed portrait, the Mona Lisa. We're surprised that this piece belongs to a private collector. It ought to be in a museum, like the Louvre, where anyone can go and see it. It isn't right that only one person gets to behold such exquisite beauty.

Well, we know what we're going to be saving up for during the next six months. You can judge us all you want, but we don't care. We're getting a picture like this with our cat. In fact, if you're not living your life in such a way that you wouldn't order a cat painting masterpiece like this for yourself, you need to do some serious thinking about what's important to you in your life.

14 Setting priorities straight

Via: reddit.com

You already went through your son's first birthday the first time. There's really no need to see that sh*t show again. You don't want to relive the part where your drunk cousin came in and dropped your child on his head, or the piñata fiasco, which involved a cigarette lighter and an accidental setting off of the venue's sprinkler system. It's best to let those memories fade until they are nothing but a fuzzy, grainy picture in the family scrapbook of your mind.

Besides, Ghostbusters II is coming on tonight, and you just have to know what happens. It seems a bit insensitive to tape over little Matthew's first birthday party. But it just can't be helped. Because the answer to "Who you gonna call?" was never "My infant son!" It was always, and forever will be, "Ghostbusters!"

13 Overly literal boyfriend is overly literal

Via: buzzfeed.com

IDK cereal is good, it's just not very filling, is all. We bought a box of IDK Flakes from our local overly literal grocer. We wouldn't have bought it, but we got a coupon in the mail, so we thought we'd give it a try. It was a lot like Frosted Flakes, except it tasted like small bits of cut up computer paper. It was okay.

This is #RelationshipGoals right here, people. If you're not with a guy or gal who would pull a stunt like this, it's time to cut the cord on that relationship. A successful relationship must be founded on sarcasm, shenanigans, deadpan humor and overly literalness. If you don't have at least three of those things, then you are definitely not ready to tie the knot.


Via: pinterest.com


Okay, enough shouting. But, man, is this sign killing it! This sign broke the mold. It looked around at all of the other signs, and it was like, "You know? These stop signs and these yield signs are great and all. They help drivers navigate the roadways, which is a real good thing, don't get me wrong. I just don't know if that's for me. I think, instead of making everybody follow the rules, I'm going to encourage them to have a little fun! Heck yeah, that's what I'll do! Alright, everyone! Get y'all's asses over here, and run down the hill screaming! On who's authority am I commanding you to do this? Oh, it's, uh, by order of me. that's right, now come have fun!"

11 Drunk gifts FTW

Via: buzzfeed.com

We wish our drunken self did something as generous as this. All our liquored up alter ego ever does is break stuff, call our ex and do karaoke—which is all fun stuff, let us tell you, but it just can't compete with sending your sober self gifts. Maybe there's some kind of class that we can sign our drunken self up for, to teach them how to do nice things for our sober self. That would be nice.

Getting gifts in the mail that you ordered for yourself during your drunken stupor has to make up for the hangover. At least a little bit, right? She even wrote herself a delightful note about how awesome she is. That was so sweet of drunk her. If we were this chick, we would get sauced more often.

10 This dog knows what's up

Via: pinterest.com

Oh, snap. Dude got played by a dog. That's never a good feeling. You don't want to be #Owned by a member of a different species, especially when that species can't even talk. It's just embarrassing. Not for the dog, though. Wait until his dog buddies find out about how he tricked his owner. They'll be taking pointers from him. Heck, we might be taking pointers from him, too, because who doesn't love a free slice of pizza?

How must it feel to know that your poodle is cleverer than you? We think it would hurt, at least, at first. But, later on, you would probably come to terms with that fact. Especially when you need to get back at your roommate for stealing your slice of cheesecake last week.

9 Keeping the peace

Via: pinterest.com

"Speak now, or forever hold your peace. Just know that if you do choose to open your b*tch mouth, it'll be the last thing that you ever do."

This is such a handsome couple. Honestly, we ship them so hard, and we don't even know anything about them (well, we do know that the bride is gorgeous and that the groom is a badass, but that's about it). Still, we can't help but feel that it's a shame that this fella is getting hitched. He has just blazed a trail straight to our heart, with this stunt.

What a great note to start a marriage on. Threatening to kill anyone who dares to stand between you and your betrothed? If that's not true love, then we don't know what is.

8 Pancakes and kittens

Via: pinterest.com

From now on, if you're going to bring us pancakes, there damn well better be a kitten with it. Even if you're not going to make us pancakes, you damn well better bring us a kitten. Look, just bring us a kitten, okay? We love those precious little fuzzballs. But, as long as you're here, would you mind making us some pancakes? The Bisquick is in the cabinet. And, can you put some chocolate chips in the batter? Thanks.

Think about it, you guys. This would solve so many problems! If pancake houses like IHOP started handing out kittens with every stack of flapjacks, we could drastically reduce the number of stray felines condemned to shelters. Heck, let's give 'em a stray dog, too! Free pets for everybody! That would be the best restaurant ever.

7 Meemaw: realtor

Via: buzzfeed.com

We asked Meemaw why she felt it was appropriate to photobomb every single one of the pictures her realtor took for her home's listing. This was her response: "Well, what a nice question, dearie. You see, I wanted to make sure every potential buyer knew just how cozy this home is! So, I thought if I looked relaxed and comfortable in each picture the realtor took, they would see what a nice, hospitable home this is, and be inclined to make an offer. Pretty smart thinking, huh?"

Oh, Grandma. You're a treasure. And you're absolutely right. You make this home look so snug and so pleasant, we bet you could convince anyone to buy a home. In fact, would you mind coming down to photobomb the pictures for our single family home? We're trying to get it sold pretty quick.

6 What a wonderful profession

Via: reddit.com

His mother said he would never amount to anything. Boy, was she wrong. She was so afraid that her little boy would grow up to be a ventriloquist or a community theater actor. Instead, her darling son defied all of her expectations for him. When he went off to college, he made the decision that he would study the history of porn.

Of course, there were no classes on pornography at the community college he attended. So he was left to learn all about it on his own. Oh, he missed many a class to pursue his education in pornography. His pay per view bill was astounding. It was so great a sum that it made his student loans look like a grocery bill. But, he finished at the top of his class. And now look at him. He's the best in his field. In fact, he's the only one in his field, but whatevs.

5 #SmartAF

Via: twitter.com

We like to think that we're so superior to this person. We like to tell ourselves that we would never be so lazy as to Face Time with our uncooked garlic bread just to see when it's ready to come out of the oven. But no matter how many times we tell ourselves these things, we know in our hearts that they are lies.

This person, this Twitter-going young man, is onto something, here. He's a smart fellow, thinking up things like this. In fact, we are so on board with FaceTiming our oven-cooked meals that we can't wait to buy some garlic bread and recreate this magical moment! 'Course, it doesn't necessarily have to be garlic bread. It could be pizza or pie or cake or anything else you wanted! The options are endless.

4 "Bear" with him

Via: pinterest.com

Ah, another case of overly literalness. Here, we see a man trying his wife's patience. We can practically see him in our mind's eye, giggling like a school girl as his wife folds her arms and rolls her eyes at the huge black bear hide on the wall. She's probably fed up with his antics.

Oh, but we're not worried about the strength of their relationship. After all, it's just like we said before. Any relationship worth its salt has to be founded on a decent amount of overly literalness and shenanigans. We think this couple is getting along fine. And, well, if this guy has to take his bear off of the wall, guess the only thing he can do now is wear it like a cape. Actually. That sounds pretty sweet.

3 Fight boredom with random texting

Via: lolsnaps.com

We. Are. So. Bored. Seriously, we're dying over here. We have had nothing fun to do for days. It's starting to get to us, man. We've been bored for so long, it's starting to feel like we're never going to know what it's like to be occupied again. If we don't find something fun to do, stat, we're going to forget how to do stuff! And what the heck will we do then? We don't want to die of boredom, okay? We can't go out like this, we just can't! Somebody, please! For the love of all that is holy, show us a way to break through the boredom!

Hold up. What's that you say? Break through boredom by texting random strangers, just like this Twitter user who totally #NailedIt? Well, don't mind if we do!

2 Macaroni and cheese. Shaken. Not stirred.

Via: twitter.com

Martinis? Yeah. They're okay, we guess. Personally, though, we prefer something a little stronger. A little more intense. Something that'll put hair on your chest. That's why the only thing we pour into our cocktail glass is macaroni and cheese. It's a delicious concoction with hints of aged cheddar, semolina wheat pasta and melted butter. 'Course, it's not cheap. a bottle of this stuff will set you back $275. With a price like that, we only break out a bottle of macaroni and cheese on special occasions. But, it's so irresistibly delicious, we think it's well worth it.

Sure. Drinking is fun. But have you guys tried macaroni and cheese? It's an unpopular opinion, but we think that when you put booze next to the angelic, otherworldly dish that is macaroni and cheese, it just doesn't stand a chance. This is a definite #NailedIt.

1 Nuns just wanna have fun

Via: pinterest.com

Bet you weren't prepared to see a badass nun today, were you? Well, fasten your seat belt, batten down the hatches and gird your loins, because you're in for a surprise. Yes, that's right. It's a picture of a nun taking a selfie of herself drinking a beer. This is amazing. We didn't even know we needed this to happen until now.

Nuns may have taken a vow of chastity and given up all of their worldly possessions in order to serve the church, but that doesn't mean that they're a bunch of fuddy duddies who don't know how to have fun. We mean, just look at this cloistered gal. She's serving heaven and having a hell of a good time! So take your religious lady criticisms someplace else, because this girl is having "nun" of it.

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