15 People Who Are Absolutely Out Of Control

Ladies and gentlemen: step right up and witness people who are so insane and so certifiably crazy that they make Miley Cyrus and Gary Busey look like innocent puppies. That’s right, we are talking about people who are so out of control, you wouldn’t even believe these kinds of people actually exist. These untamed beasts are a breed of their own and they don’t play by society’s rules. Whether it involves taking two vitamins instead of one, putting a bag of chips on their head, or even lying down on the kitchen floor, nobody is safe while these people still walk the streets. Just remember, the following article features acts that are performed by madmen and we must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity seen in this article. Without further ado, here are 15 people who are absolutely out of control!

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15 Rebel Without A Cause

Let’s get one thing straight. This kid didn’t choose the thug life; the thug life chose him. Just look at this little rebel holding out his two middle fingers during a class picture. He knows exactly what he’s doing, this was planned out months in advance, and he has absolutely zero chill. The look on this kid’s face says it all. He needs to calm down and save some girls for the rest of the boys in that school. The only problem here is that this kid is just too out of control. If he is flipping off to the camera for his class picture, just imagine what this kid will be capable of when he’s older! We shudder to think what that could be. This rebel kid is absolutely out of control.

14 Never Sleeping

Boys and girls: we have a bad*** in the making! Just when we thought the last kid was out control, we haven’t met anyone like “MattyBRaps.” While we’re not exactly sure who or what “MattyBRaps” is, we do agree with him that it takes a lot of hard work and focus in the studio. Having said that, this kid needs to take it easy with staying up so late! Just look at the timestamp on that tweet. Yes, you read that correctly, it says 8:24 pm. What on God’s green Earth is this kid doing up that late? He needs to take it easy. What could come next? Will he go swimming right after eating something? Will he sit too close to the television? When does this madness end? This kid is too out of control and too hardcore for us.

13 Jelly Bean Madness

Have you ever experienced so much confusion that your whole world seems to have turned upside down? If you said yes, then you are lying because you have never had your jelly beans organized by your friends when you went to use the bathroom. John was certainly in for the shock of his lifetime when he returns from the bathroom. We have a question about this, though. How does someone even think of something so devastatingly confusing as organizing someone’s jelly beans? This could potentially scar their friend John for life. Now that we think of it, John probably isn’t even their friend, because a real friend would never do something so terrible to another friend. The people who did this sort of thing are just too out of control.

12 One A Day

There are two types of people in this world: those who are in control and those who are out of control. This next person is definitely the latter. You are probably asking yourselves, “what sort of lunacy is this?” This person is taking two One A Day Men’s Health Formula! This is insane! Doesn’t this person realize that you are only supposed to take one? It’s even in the name. It’s not called “Two A Day” Men’s Health Formula, it's called “One A Day” Men’s Health Formula, meaning you only take one a day! What next? Will they take three One a Days? We can’t even wrap our brains around that. If this isn’t the definition of hardcore, then we don’t know what is. What we do know is that this person is absolutely out of control and that they must be stopped.

11 Madman

Okay, we’re not sure how much more of this we can take. Let’s try and break this one down, piece by piece. First off, Dean’s friend had the crazy idea to tell Dean to lie on the floor. Why would they ask something so ridiculous and clearly impossible? We have no idea. Nevertheless, it turns out that Dean is no normal person. Do you know why? Because Dean actually went through with it! We can’t believe it either. Dean is a legend and an absolute madman. Thankfully there is photographic evidence or else we would have never believed it. Who even knows what that floor is made out of? Linoleum? Granite? Wood? Who would even lie down on those? Not us, that’s for sure! Dean is certainly out of control.

10 After Eight

What is it about product labels that brings out the rebel in people? Labels exist for a reason. They are rules to follow. If we don’t follow the rules on a product label, then we might as well all be living in total anarchy. Just look at this next rebel for example. This crazy guy is eating an After Eight mint chocolate thin at 7:59 pm. Who even does this? The makers of After Eight chocolate clearly intended for this chocolate to be consumed after eight o’clock. If they wanted you to eat this at 7:59 pm, they would have called it “Before Eight” chocolate. This guy is probably the kind of person who would also feed a Mogwai after midnight after being explicitly told to never, ever, feed them after midnight. How can we as a society ever progress if there are people like this guy trying to bring everything down?

9 Dave Who?

If there is one thing we hate, it’s people who pull pranks on innocent people. This next case is no different. This lunatic decided to play the ultimate prank on a totally unsuspecting Starbucks barista by telling them his name was Dave, when in fact, his name is not Dave. I know I'm not alone when I say that I am so thankful that the barista never found out or they may have never recovered from this terrible, heartless prank. Remember, it’s only a prank until someone gets hurt. We sure hope someone brought the barista that served this guy some ice for that wicked burn. For all we know, the barista could have a family. How far must people go to hurt others? This person is out of control.

8 So Crazy!

O M F-ing G! What is Robyn doing in this picture? Is this picture photoshopped? Are we imaging this? Does Robyn seriously have a bag of chips on her head in the supermarket? We literally can’t believe Robyn is actually doing this. You see, this is why everyone loves Robyn. Robyn is not afraid to get crazy and make a total fool of herself in public. However, as much as we love Robyn for the crazy things she does, we actually think Robyn may have gone too far this time. The time she ate a whole bag of sour patch kids was bad enough, but now she’s putting a bag of chips on her head? This is going too far. Robyn, if you are reading this, you need to calm down and take it easy. You are getting out of control!

7 Umbrella In Class

This next guy is a loose cannon who doesn’t play by the rules. Allow us to explain for those of you who may not understand why this kid is so out of control. This kid is using an umbrella in his classroom, but since he is indoors, even if it were raining outside, there would be no need for the umbrella because the kid is inside. That’s how crazy he is. We are literally crying along with the caption of this picture. This is just too insane for us to handle. He is using an umbrella indoors like it’s no big deal. We hate to break it to him, but it’s a very big deal. This kid is breaking all the rules and he couldn’t care one bit. That’s the tell tale sign of someone who is out of control.

6 Friends

This next person is probably the most out of control person on the face of the Earth. Everyone and their mother claps during the Friends intro. The song is scientifically engineered to make people want to clap during it. We can hear it now, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way… *clap *clap *clap *clap *clap. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's D.O.A.” The clapping is positively infectious. If you are not clapping during the Friends intro, then what exactly do you clap for? We hate to admit it, but at least a hundred of the 40,000 plus YouTube views are from us, because every time we watch it, we can’t believe that he doesn’t actually clap. This guy is just too much for us to handle.

5 Bath Legend

We are having a hard time trying to understand this next one. How did Ruairi gather the nerve and the strength to take a bath in a hotel? We’re on the same page as Ruairi’s friends here. When we heard Ruairi was going to take a bath in the hotel, we thought he was joking, too. We never for a second, thought anything other than that. I mean, come on, who actually takes a bath in a hotel? We guess the joke is on us, because it turns out that Ruairi was actually taking a bath. We can’t help but wonder what’s up with Ruairi? Is he trying to become the greatest legend that ever existed? He definitely needs to calm down because if he keeps going at this pace, he is eventually going to overtake all of the biggest legends.

4 Bus Riders

You may have noticed a common theme amongst these people who are absolutely out of control. The theme is that there is only one person in the group that is the crazy one. In this next case, it turns out that the crazy one is all three of them! These three madmen actually got on a random bus. Don’t you understand how insane this is? Who even knows where that bus is going? These kids are lucky that they are doing this while they are so young because there probably isn’t much more craziness these guys can subject their bodies to if they were older. We almost found ourselves fainting after looking at that picture because we tried to imagine ourselves in the same situation. Legend has it that they even pulled the “stop request” cord and didn’t even get off!

3 Poker Chips

There are pranks and then there is crossing the line. This next one is crossing the line. Remind us to never fall asleep near these next guys or we may also end up with poker chips on our head. We really hope they understand how dangerous this really is. A gambling addiction is a very serious and contagious matter that is nothing to joke about. Moreover, who even knows what is going to happen to those poker chips when this guy wakes up! Do they have any idea on the type of cleanup that could result from this? And to think, when we were kids, we used to just pull Whoopee cushion pranks. We would never have even thought something like this were possible. Nevertheless, we guess you could call this his “poker face.” Anybody?... No? We’ll just see ourselves out then.

2 Sweeping Beauty

There are certain rules to live by, such as never drink and drive and don’t talk about religion and politics on the first date. However, there is one major rule that people don’t know about and one that supersedes all previous rules. And that rule is never let this next guy drink and have a broom. Just look at the utter and complete madness that ensues when you mix alcohol and cleaning apparatuses with this next guy. This guy is absolutely out of control. Come on, who uses a broom to sweep up garbage when they’re drunk? Exactly! No one else but this guy! We also heard that if you give him alcohol and your W-2’s, he’ll do your taxes for you, too. This ladies and gentlemen, is what we call an out of control badass.

1 Orange You Glad

If you were to look up the definition of insanity in the dictionary, you would find a picture of this next guy walking around the mall while carrying an orange in his hand. The first question that comes to our mind is, how was he even able to sneak this orange past mall security? Then again, if you were mall security and you saw this madman carrying around an orange, would you dare try to stop him? We didn’t think so. We’re talking Vitamin-C to the max here. While this guy definitely has more guts than we do, unfortunately, this type of behavior is dangerous to society. Thankfully there is at least photographic evidence for this type of ridiculousness or no one would ever believe it. This just goes to show that we need stricter orange laws in this country. Say what you will, but this guy is definitely out of control.

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