15 People Who Are Best Friend Goals

There's nothing like finding someone who totally gets you. They understand your quirks, they have the same sense of humor as you, they always have your back and you can't help but fall in love with them. No, we're not talking about a significant other; we're talking about best friends! Duh. These people stay in your life through thick and thin, through a multitude of relationships and of course, all of the varying stages of life. If you and your BFF have been besties for a long time, you know how deep this relationship can go. You don't just stalk their social media life, you help curate it. You don't just watch them date around from the sidelines, you're their main consultant. Yeah, you'll pretty much do anything for them. Yep, here are 15 people who are the embodiment of "best friend goals."

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15 Catchphrases FTW

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Best friends know you well. They know that you blink weirdly when you fib, you’re always down for dessert even when you’ve had a feast for dinner and that Drunk You likes to randomly hit up your exes “just to catch up.” Best friends will also know all of your catchphrases. So well, in fact, that they could probably make a Woody-like doll with six or more of your most-used quotations. Or, they could go the tastier route like these girls who printed out their friend’s most frequently used expressions on M&Ms as a graduation gift. Oh yeah, nothing reminds you of those fun college times like snacking on all the silly things you said just a few months ago. A+ gift giving skills.

14 Alternative anniversary

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When you have a best friend, you root for them. Their successes become your successes. Their blunders feel like your own. That’s why there’s nothing quite as excruciating as watching a best friend go down such a clearly disastrous path. Whether it’s dillydallying with their career, engaging in unhealthy habits or dating an a**shole, it’s pretty much like watching a car crash in slow motion. Sure, you can try to guide them in a better direction, but at the end of the day, the decision is up to them. Will they focus and create a career for themselves? Will they quit the binge drinking? Will they dump their toxic partners? As much as you have to stay out of it while it's happening, that doesn't mean you can't celebrate when things went as you hoped. An anniversary for when your BFF ditched her lame bf? Totally appropriate!

13 The new passive aggressive

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Friendships can be such fragile, delicate, beautiful things. If they are not cared and nurtured for, they can disintegrate as quickly as they are formed. And nowadays, despite all of the new forms of communication, it has become even easier to lose touch with our friends. If too many phone calls go unanswered, if too many texts get lost in the shuffle, friends might get fed up and stop reaching out completely. Knowing how unintentional this lack of communication can be, this best friend decided to confront her friend with a very professional, thorough complaint via text. The message outlines when the rudeness initially occurred, how it continued for days after and how it can currently be rectified. If only all friends could be this upfront!

12 Birthday reminders

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True best friends are people you become so close to, they are practically family. They know you and your quirks, they remember the important stuff when it comes to your personal life and they even know intimate stuff about your family. Take this best friend, who not only kept track of all of the human birthdays in her bestie's fam, but the furry ones, too! And it doesn't end there. Not only did this girl remember the dog's special day, but she was kind enough to send Pumpkin the Pup a birthday card. Sure, the dog probably has no idea what is happening, but let’s stay on point! This BFF clearly knows how to go above and beyond. She didn't even need a Facebook birthday reminder!

11 A little obsessed

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If you have an overly attached best friend of your own, you know how they can get. They get mad when you don’t text them that you got home okay, they worry about your problems as much as your mom does and they sometimes get a little weird when you mention other friends that you have. It’s not exactly jealousy, they know that they are your #1. But still, they start acting a bit wonky when you share stories, videos or photos of you with other pals. They’ll start asking where they themselves were that day that they couldn’t join. They’ll start questioning you if it was as much fun as that time you and her went out. And sometimes, they’ll have the reflex of imposing their own face on your memory. Totally normal…we think.

10 Going undercover

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When you're single and dating, it's nice to have a best friend around to talk to. Date night jitters, post-date review and general gossiping about the people you're seeing, makes the whole experience that much easier. And as your best friends get to know your potential suitors, they become more and more involved in the process. It's basically The Bachelorette, except your friend has to sign off on anyone you give a rose to. Yep, as the dates go on, friends can become (very) obsessed with the whole thing. Take this girl, who could not bear to stay home and wonder about her friend's date. The only solution? Obviously dress up in a man getup and watch her from afar. It's the only way.

9 Friendsaversary

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There are some people who enter your life that make you question how you ever survived without them. They become your unofficial therapists, your most trustworthy confidantes, your partners in crime and your handpicked honorary sisters. These are people you might have crossed paths with innocently and without much thought, but who ended up having an unexpected and profound impact on life. Considering how important this best friend relationship has become, it’s totally understandable if you want to celebrate it! Who says only romantic love should be acknowledged when it makes it another year? Take these two lovely friends who celebrate the day they met on their “friendserversary.” Looks like some cute gifts are involved and just general gushing over each other. Sounds like a good time to us.

8 Soccer mom status

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When you’re younger, having your mom and dad cheer (and violently yell at you from the sidelines) during a soccer game was more than you could ask for. There’s no better feeling than scoring an epic goal and seeing your mom and dad subsequently flip out with happiness. As you get older, however, that childlike wonder is replaced with adolescent angst and the magic of that moment dissipates a little. Good thing your friends are there to pick up where your parents left off! These girlies not only showed up to their friend’s game, but brought giant poster boards with photos and all. And in case anyone was curious as to exactly which player they were cheering for, they included the jersey number too. A bit much? Maybe. Adorable? Absolutely.

7 Bestie blanket

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Gifts with sentimental value and obvious thought behind them are some of the most heartfelt gifts you’ll ever receive. A sweet photo in a frame or a scrapbook full of memories beat materialistic gifts out of the water every time. Gift companies know this to be true which is why they make it easier than ever to turn basically anything into something nostalgic. Take this girl who, instead of getting her BFF a customized mug or keychain, decided to get her a giant blanket made of their favorite photos. This girl was not going for subtle. Now her BFF can think of her every time she lays down at the beach, has a picnic or stumbles onto this blanket. It’s a little extra, but what BFF isn’t?

6 For jealousy's sake

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Best friends are there for you no matter what. They do the annoying things that other friends may not be willing to. They care enough to look through hundreds of your photos to pick an ideal profile pic, they listen to you complain about the same crap for hours on end and they help you, even with boring stuff, like going on a three hour Bed, Bath and Beyond shopping spree. Best friends also agree to take part of your schemes, no matter how crazy (or petty) they are. Help stalk your ex’s new gf? Easy. Eavesdrop on your neighbors to see if they care about your loud parties? Done. Pretend to be a guy to make your bf jealous after a fight? No problem! Some best friends just go the extra mile like that.

5 The professional treatment

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We think everyone can agree that the differences between a friend and a best friend can be small but crucial. A friend will ask you if you want anything if she's stopping by your favorite diner before coming over. A best friend knows your order already. A friend will call you a taxi at the end of the night so that you don't have to take the subway. A best friend knows you're gonna end up crashing before the night even starts. And while a friend will gladly snap a picture of you at any time, a best friend will literally conduct a professional photo shoot just for an Instagram pic. Of course, they'll improvise and use a blank wall for a backdrop, phone flashlights for lights and a hoodie for shadows, but believe us, the effort is there.

4 Couldn't be closer

Via: sarcasmsociety.com

You'll often hear best friends say that they're attached at the hip. They hang out every day, go on vacations together and definitely feel at home in one another's houses. In fact, some best friends are so close, they feel at home pretty much anywhere as long as they're together. Dance like lunatics in public? No second thoughts for best friends. Make really weird faces for Snapchat? Just another day in the life. Take selfies together while peeing in synchronization in a public bathroom? Uh…apparently normal? Yeah, some friends feel comfortable enough to pee in front of each other, these friends take it to a whole new level by documenting the event and sharing it with the world. Every friendship is different and beautiful in its own way.

3 Worth a powerpoint

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When you have an amazing best friend, you understandably want to see them every day. Whether it’s a ten minute coffee run, a movie date or a whole night out, you know that hanging out with them will brighten up your day. Since you are so tethered to your friendship, you will argue with anyone who disagrees with how frequently you need to see your best friend. Maybe they’re your ride to her place and they don’t want to drive you. Or maybe, they’re simply ragging on you for being attached to her hip. Either way, you don’t take this criticism lightly. Who is to say how much you should see your best friend?! Have they met her?! Do they even KNOW how awesome she is?! Clearly not. In which case, the only solution is to show them—PowerPoint style. Yep, a true friend puts in the work to demonstrate how valuable you are to her—at least five to six slides' worth.

2 Doing yearbook pictures right

Via: sarcasmsociety.com

Wow, what solidarity. These guys didn't just plan out a funny photo together. They both agreed that looking kinda weird to the school photographer and hearing a lecture from their moms later on was worth the laugh, not to mention the leather-bound lifelong photographic evidence of their best friendship. In fact, these photos are so humorous, we're starting to think that schools should start mandating this. Imagine a whole page of these gems? Kids who barely know each other having to work together to make an even more ridiculous combination of photos? It's genius. Sure, parents everywhere would be pissed that they don't have a normal photo to hang on their mantel, but that's a small price to pay we think.

1 Number one fan

Via: twitter.com

There are a bunch of ways to support your best friends on important days. You can send them a card, write some touching Facebook prose, make an Instagram collage or simply reach out to them and let them know how much they mean to you with a text or phone call. As we've seen in this post, however, some people go above and beyond to show their BFF how much they care. From giant poster boards to customized blankets, people nowadays are pretty extra with their displays of affection. This girl, for instance, wanted to show her support so blatantly during her friend's competition, she decided to wear a shirt adorned with her face. Yeah, we're pretty sure there's no one in that stadium that went as hard as her.

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