15 People Who Are Clearly Dating Idiots

We have all dated people and at some point in the relationship, taken a second to really look at them, think about who they are and regret being with them. For us lucky ones, this realization hits us early on in the relationship before we become attached. For a select few unfortunate souls, it comes too late and after putting in a lot of months or even years, it becomes hard to decide if it’s worth trudging on or giving up. What’s one thing that can make you wonder why you ever started dating someone? Stupidity. Nobody wants to be seen dating an idiot. These people have all started to realize that the person they are with may not be the brightest crayon in the box. Check out 15 people who are clearly dating idiots. Afterwards, take some time to reevaluate your own relationship. Don’t get caught dating an idiot.

15 It's An Honest Mistake

To be fair, this can be a little confusing. I mean most of us learn in school that Alaska is not an island, but people who may not have had a good geography teacher or those who skipped class on Alaska day, may not have gotten the memo. Alaska is always depicted in its own little area on the map so unless you were specifically taught otherwise, it’s easy to assume it really is an island. Yeah, this is a pretty silly mistake, but it’s also an innocent one. Hopefully after her boyfriend laughed at her for a few minutes, she realized her mistake. I bet she knows Alaska isn’t an island now. I can see how this guy might be worried about the IQ of his future children though.

14 It's Fun When Your Partner Is Dumb

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How long do you think this went on? Seriously, how gullible can one person be? This just goes to show everyone that as a culture we are more focused on our electronics and social media than using our brains to figure things out on our own. If this guy would have kept sending these messages to his partner, he or she would have probably kept wondering why the photo wasn’t coming through. I wonder if he spends the same amount of time doing nice things for his partner? I hope he really did have a surprise gift. What a let down to find out that you not only made yourself look like an idiot over a prank, but also aren’t even getting a gift. The world is cruel sometimes.

13 Someone Needs To Have The Talk With Him

Is this guy really that clueless or is he just confused about what he means himself? Maybe he thinks that eggs come from cows because they are often beside the milk at the grocery store. Surely he doesn’t think cows lay eggs. Has he never been to a farm? Did he not read those simple children's book about baby animals as a kid? Did he never take a science class? How is it possible that this guy doesn’t understand that cows do not lay eggs and egg are not dairy products? Now may be a good time to arrange for a fun trip to a farm or at the very least find some Youtube videos that show how cows are born and eggs are laid. Someone get this guy a book.

12 Well I Hope Not

It’s kind of scary to think someone who works at a restaurant and serves food to people, doesn’t know what E.coli is. Did she think it was a type of food? Did she confuse it with something else? Why would she think it was ever okay to purposely serve food that was contaminated with E.coli. I feel like we all need to know where this girl works so we can avoid going there. How did her date even begin to handle this? Did he explain it to her? Did he just let her think that it happens like that? Was he concerned at all? I wonder if this woman ever realized what E.coli is and how silly she sounded when she said what she said. Geesh!

11 Nice Plan

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This probably seemed like a good idea at first, until she thought it through. Let’s face it, we have all made silly mistakes like this before. It’s kind of like when you are looking all over the house for something and it turns out you are holding it in your hand. Or, when you find someone’s phone and you decide to call and tell them you have it. I bet as soon as she pressed the lock down she realized that what she did was incredibly stupid. If she didn’t at least her significant other was there to rub it in. I hope she had an extra set of keys. Otherwise, this entire lock is now useless. Or maybe it can be used for lock picking practice. How clueless can you be?

10 I Take It He's A Dog Person

As much as I would like to say that this is a common misconception about cats, we all know it isn’t. Seriously, nobody else thinks this right? Anyone with a brain knows that cats don’t hibernate. Maybe he got cats confused with bears. I mean they are just as ferocious. I wonder if he was just playing dumb to get his date to laugh? I just can’t fathom how a grown adult thinks cats actually hibernate. I think if someone said this to me I would probably have to break up with them. I couldn't handle that kind of stupidity in my life. I bet even the cats thought he was crazy. I would have laughed him out of the house. I assume he is a dog person. I don't think I would trust him to take care of any animal.

9 This Is Also How Dust Bunnies Are Born

I like that this guy really got creative with his thinking, but he may have taken it a little too far. I mean he does know that slugs are living things and can’t just form out of dust and dirty right? Was he thinking of dust bunnies? That’s pretty much how they are made. Slugs are gross and dirty so I can see the connection, but how does any rational adult really thing an insect can just form out of dirt and grime? How do you even handle a comment like this? Do you try to correct him or just let him have his moment of stupidity. I wonder if he still thinks that’s how they are made? I have a feeling he does. Bet his house is really clean though.

8 It Is On TV

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Who doesn’t have some memories of watching old television shows in black and white. Some of us even owned black and white televisions. Gone are those days, unless you are watching reruns of I Love Lucy or The Twilight Zone, but surely everyone knows that things weren’t really black and white. Apparently this chick doesn’t understand how television works. Maybe she is too young to know that there were once only black and white televisions. The world wasn’t black and white honey, just the screen. How would this even be possible and wouldn’t there have been some big color revolution to learn about in history class. Did she think civilization just woke up one day and everything had switched from black and white to color?

7 It's Not That Close

Not everyone is familiar with certain locations and geography. Some people don’t get to travel a lot and don’t pay attention in geography class and just don’t know how the world works. Of course you can’t see Hawaii from California. Did this girl just get excited and blurt this out without thinking? Does she really think it’s possible to see something that far away? Is she just confused and thinks Hawaii is closer than it really is. How you react to someone who had said something this dumb? Do you correct them or just let them go on thinking they are right? They say ignorance is bliss right? I guess this girl is proving that this saying is true. Her date on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be enjoying it.

6 He Needs A New Job

You would expect someone working in the healthcare field to know a little more about human health. Sure some things can be more confusing than others and this guy is simply an assistant and not a surgeon, but come on, a UTI? Most people know what that is and that it is an infection. It may be true that germs can travel on the body, but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that they don’t travel from your feet to the urinary tract that easily. No need to put on shoes, maybe just wash your hands a little better and get that whole front to back wiping thing down. Makes you wonder what kind of crazy medical advice he gives out at work doesn’t it? Time for a new job.

5 Bless His Heart

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You can’t really complain about a guy who goes out of his way to collect shells to bring home to his girlfriend. Even if a few of them are pistachio shells, it’s the thought that counts right? He probably worked really hard to collect all these shells. He didn’t stop to think whether sea creatures or nuts lived inside them. He just thought they were pretty and wanted to bring them home to his girlfriend. She could always pick them out and just enjoy what's left. But I think it would be more fun to just leave them there and laugh every time she looks at the jar. This is pretty dumb, but it’s so sweet that it kind of makes up for it. What would you do?

4 Ever Seen A Denim Cow?

Go ahead and try to come up with a reason why this guy would associate denim with cows? I can’t really think of one either. I guess there is a chance he was thinking about leather and got the two materials confused? Either way, it’s a little weird. I bet after he went home and thought about what he had said, he was kicking himself for sounding so foolish. His girlfriend on the other hand, could have tried to explain it to him. It’s pretty easy to use Google to prove facts these days. I’d rather set him straight than walk around thinking I had a stupid boyfriend all the time. Did she even laugh at his joke? It’s kind of hard to find humor in this kind of stupidity.

3 She's Not A Keeper

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When it comes to music, most guys want a girl who enjoys the same kind. It’s kind of hard to make a relationship work if you don’t enjoy the same music. When your girlfriend doesn’t even know the difference between album art and physics symbols, it may be time to get a new girlfriend. I bet this guy’s friends would also agree. To be fair, maybe it was a little before her time. Not everyone enjoys the classics or are familiar with them. He could have at least took the opportunity to educate her and introduce her to the music. She may have ended up liking it. The relationship could have been saved after all. Now, getting his friends to give her a chance may be another thing. At least they would all have something to laugh about together.

2 Not Even Close

At least this girl found out her boyfriend was an idiot pretty early on in the dating process. It sure beats marrying someone and then finding out he was this dumb. Ughh, that has to be grounds for divorce right? It’s okay if someone doesn't share the same eating habits as you, but you still expect to somewhat understand simple logic. Someone doesn’t have to be a vegetarian to know what one is. Better yet, why doesn’t this guy know any simple facts about animals? Fish are not mammals, but they are still considered animals. Either way, vegetarians don’t eat them. I bet he would be fun to argue with about whether tomatoes are fruits or vegetables. Some people are just plain impossible. It's probably a good thing she walked out.

1 Someone Needs A Zoology Class

It’s easy to be disappointed with someone who doesn’t know how words and language work. You would think a grown man would know that oxen is plural for ox. Guess not, it’s just another species of animal. I think I would have challenged him to show be the difference between an ox and an oxen. That’s what Google and data plans are for right? Either way, i wouldn’t have let him think he was right or won the discussion. He would have walked away from the conversation a little embarrassed but also a little more educated. It really makes you wonder what schools are teaching kids these days. I’m worried about the future of our planet. If people are struggling this bad with animals, how do they handle other aspects of life?

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