15 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Thanksgiving Than You

Ah, Thanksgiving—the holiday that is our gateway drug into the official holiday season. Thanksgiving is typically a time for families (big and small) to come together, share gratitude and gorge on holiday goodies.

Thanksgiving celebrations are sometimes hypocritical (with the whole Native American and Pilgrim history not being addressed and all of the Black Friday sales completely eclipsing Thanksgiving Thursday). But, at its core, it's a day to reflect upon those we love, all we have, and to express our gratitude in celebratory fashion (usually by the death and consumption of a turkey).

However, Thanksgiving has its downsides, which many people are recording through the Whisper app. Hopefully these 15 Whisper app confessions will make you realize that, with all of the holiday madness, anxiety, frustrations and annoyances, you actually have it better than a lot of people. And that alone is enough to be thankful.

15 Not a family guy

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a holiday that gives you the warm and fuzzies. A bountiful table full of seasonal treats, seats full of loved ones happily interacting and some serious house-hopping and leftover-collecting. Good times, right? Sure, but not if you don't like your family...or your spouse's family. For whatever reason, the prospect of Thanksgiving with either family makes you want to toss the idea of Thanksgiving family time altogether. What do you do then, if both of your families drive you crazy enough to pitch a tent on Thanksgiving Thursday in anticipation of Black Friday shopping? Perhaps it's time to adopt "Friendsgiving."

14 Please don't talk about the election

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If there is something everyone can agree on, it's that whether you were rooting for the Republicans or the Democrats, you are glad that the election is over (like, really glad). This past election season, the results and the ensuing emotional response to the results has caused a lot of us, no matter where you stand, some serious emotional distress. It seemed like the campaigns went on forever. So, the last thing any of us want to do is to bring up all of those stressful memories and nasty feelings at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Thanksgiving can be awkward enough—we don't need to pull politics into it to overcomplicate matters.

13 The pretender

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If there is one topic that always comes up at the Thanksgiving dinner table for single folks, it is the relationship question: "When are you going to meet a nice (fill in the blank of the subject's preferences) and settle down?" This question is usually asked by an older person during the discourse of the meal, usually when you cannot escape. Then, it suddenly feels like there is a spotlight shining on you. Wow, the awkwardness is so thick, you can almost touch it. Most of us just deal, but this poor soul has decided that they would rather just flat-out pretend than face that question and the tangible awkwardness that follows. Now, they just have to get past all of the, "Well, how did you two meet?" hurdles...

12 Forced company

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Is there anything worse than being forced to go to an event that you may not really understand the hype about? We would say so. It's obvious that you were forced if you show up at an event knowing full well that there will be people you straight-up do not like there. This poor person will have to endure not only the hypocritical and often confusing nature of the Thanksgiving tradition, but he or she will also have to deal with their friend's wife, who apparently is awful. We feel for this person. Think about it: not only do they not want to be there, but then they will have that person that irks them to no end right in their face, for the whole meal, doing that annoying thing they do. Best of luck to you, you poor unfortunate soul.

11 Wanting to be wanted

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Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time where families come together, where both food and love is shared, and where every member of the family is valued. That's the ideal situation, anyway. However, in the real world, this is not always the case. Realistically, families often fall out or fall apart, for whatever reason. Families are made up of these things called people, and these people things do not always get along. While one would hope that the holiday would be a great time to mend relationships, that does not actually happen too often. It is hard being the outcast, especially among your family, who should always want you around. Here's to hoping that the rift between this person and their family gets patched in time for turkey day.

10 Disorderly eating

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This is another sad confession. The truth of Thanksgiving is that there is typically a ton of food available to eat. For the majority of us, we usually enjoy plate after plate without any guilt (because we save that for after the holidays, when we've made the New Year's Resolution to be healthy). Worse case scenario is that most of us will take to the gym to avoid the madness of Black Friday, while simultaneously being productive on our day off. But, what about those who have an eating disorder? These disorders often rob those affected by them of the simple pleasure of enjoying a normal meal, relishing in the taste of food and the satisfying comfort of feeling full. Thanksgiving is a nightmare to them, especially if they must be around family and friends, and especially if the disorder is still not addressed.

9 No boyfriends allowed

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So, remember when we referred to those little things called people and how they can complicate a holiday by not always getting along? Well, this confession is a prime example of that. Apparently, this woman and her husband have broken up. That fact is complicated enough within itself. But, add to it that both are now dating again, despite still being married (more complications) AND that they both have boyfriends (even more complications). We guess that, in order to eliminate the compounding complications, this family has put its foot down by not allowing these new boyfriends to come to Thanksgiving, thus forcing further complications on this not-so-happy couple and their new beaus. See? There are more complicated family issues than your sister having to explain that new face piercing.

8 Lonely heart

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If there's anything sadder than having to work on Thanksgiving Day, it is wanting to work on Thanksgiving Day. This poor soul seems to live some distance from family and is unable to make it home, for whatever reason. These are the realities plenty of people face during the holiday season. Not everyone can make the trip to where their families are—whether they cannot afford to make it home, their schedule is too full, or for a myriad of other reasons. And being lonely is a painful reality faced by a lot of these people. This person, in his or her own loneliness, would rather be surrounded by their coworkers (whom they probably see almost every day) than face the prospect of spending Thanksgiving alone.

7 Family issues

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On the other hand, there are those of us who can make it home, but often do not feel comfortable doing so. People make things very complicated and messy, as we have already seen. And Thanksgiving can exacerbate those messy complications. This person has had some sort of falling out with his or her mother, making things pretty messy. But, to make things even more messy, their mother took their falling out and made it VERY public, by taking their dirty laundry to social media. We can honestly see why they're uncomfortable at the idea of spending a holiday like Thanksgiving anywhere near their mom.

And see? You were concerned about your mom asking if you have been drinking your water and taking your vitamins. It doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

6 Double standard

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Ouch—this one kind of stings. Apparently, this lady is still dealing with the dreaded mother-in-law issues every wife fears. This new girl dates the brother-in-law for just seven days and gets an invite to the family's holiday celebrations. Meanwhile, this woman is still waiting for some sign of acceptance from her mother-in-law of two whole years and still has not received it. Let's just face it: it appears that that she may not really even be liked too much by her husband's mom, judging by how differently she treats the two. And you were worried about your husband's mom asking about when you were going to make her a grandmother!

5 Will pay for company

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Thanksgiving's emphasis on friends and family can make it one of the most lonely holidays. At this point, we have seen a few ways to avoid that loneliness by pretending, and even by working, over the holiday (shout out to snagging that holiday overtime, though) to avoid loneliness. But, is there anything sadder than a person so determined to avoid holiday loneliness, that they would be willing to actually spend cold hard cash to get some warm- blooded company? We don't think so. That is what this person has resolved to, should they not find any friends to spend Thanksgiving Day with.

So, you know all those family members that no one could pay you to hang out with? Yes, someone else would actually pay to hang out with them.

4 What about if you do not have any family altogether?

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Having to visit family that you do not particularly care for is one thing. But, what about if you simply do not have anyone to visit? We mean nobody at all. No weird aunt or cooky cousin and no annoying parents or crazy siblings...no one at all. Odds are, if you are in this position, you are already lonely enough. Do you really need the soul crushing emphasis on all the family crap to add to that? But, that is (unfortunately) what a lot of people face during the holiday season. This disconnect understandably leads to some form of holiday depression. Kind of makes you feel bad for complaining about having to go visit so many people in your family, huh?

3 Holiday anxiety

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Thanksgiving has the ability to pull a lot of emotions out of us—from happiness to loneliness, and from annoyance to pure joy. But, it also brings out anxiety. To be honest, there is a lot you could get anxious about. Is this turkey going to come out right? Did I remember to pack everything for this trip home? Will grandma ask me about finding a nice guy in front of everyone this year again?

This poor soul is tasked with coming to her sister's work Thanksgiving gathering, and while we are unsure as to the exact reasons why this person is actually anxious, one thing we all can agree on is that we have been at this level of anxiety.

2 This shocking confession

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Thanksgiving, if nothing else, means good eating for most of us. A lot of us wait all year just to enjoy the bounty of the Thanksgiving holiday. But, what if you do not like one of the holiday's staples, pumpkin pie? We'd honestly prefer something like sweet potato pie or apple pie, but we can't say no to pumpkin pie! But, what if pumpkin is not your thing, like at all? What do you do? How do you avoid it? Do you just not eat any dessert on thanksgiving? Pumpkins are literally everywhere this time of year (even in drinks). We guess you can just enjoy the apple pies then.

1 This level of not caring

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Thanksgiving can bring out both the best and the worst in us. It can bring out the cozy, comfy, cuddly feelings of love and laughter, or it can bring out the sheer rage this person obviously feels. We feel for this person. We all have those people in our families or our circles who simply irk the living daylights out of us. When people have irked you every single holiday for years and years, that compounds and it eventually reaches a point where you either explode or stop caring (or both). However, when you reach this level of not caring, maybe it really is time to consider Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving with people you actually like.

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