15 People Who Are Having The Worst Breakups Imaginable

Do romantic relationships hurt? Of course they do. Taking into account a couple’s best moments together, relationships STILL can become a source of misery. And when every single facet of the relationship is making at least one person in it unhappy, there’s no point in denying it. When their friends tell them, “Break up already!” they might want to take that as a sign. Something has got to be done. Ultimately, it may need to end, despite the situation being unfair to either one of them. When it comes to breakups, they may just have to, well, accept it and move on.

But for some ex-couples who have graced social media with their perfect, "this is it" love stories, the supposed ending was beyond what they imagined. It’s hard to blame them. After all, it’s never easy to be proven wrong about the existence of a real-life fairy tale—and we can only sympathize. But for some strange reason, the circumstances surrounding these breakups are either so absurd or funny, we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry!

15 A cheesy breakup

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When it comes to breaking the breakup news to your girlfriend, you ought to be yourself. That being said, you need to get it together, be calm, say things clearly and listen to her as she responds (violently or what not). There are lots of ways to tell her it’s over—there is no need for any attitude here, especially if you know you tried your best to make it work. The problem with this breakup that a neighbor couldn’t help but chronicle on Facebook? The bag of Cheetos the guy is eating. Maybe he was trying to recreate that scene when they first met at the park? Perhaps he meant to keep it as casual as possible, like the conversations they have during Netflix binges? Or maybe the tension was making him hungry? Either way, this one’s not a cheesy moment at all.

14 Didn’t you just say it’s over?

It is common for relationships to go through a challenging phase. And many times, it cannot be helped (for example, if one gets wronged and the other doesn’t feel sorry for it). A lot of couples argue over a situation and get pushed to end it once and for all. And it’s a pity how they grow to hate each other and go about extracting revenge, however pathetic that sounds. The thing is, you may have been misinformed about your plans going the way you want them to go. That's what happened to this ex-boyfriend, who crafted the perfect plan to “inflict pain on an ex-girlfriend” by breaking up with her over a text message—only to find out she didn’t care. Now look who has gone all ballistic!

13 He wanted to be with his wife

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When your friend is in agonizing pain because her man left, there’s no question about it: you have got to be there for her. Girlfriends unite and stand behind their BFF! No matter how silly you know your friend can be, there are a million reasons to be on “Team Girlfriend.” She never deserved to be dumped—not by someone whom she gave her heart and soul to! Your friend should be treated like the queen that she is! No man has the right to make her cry, much less leave her! She deserves someone who will stay and keep her happy! You can never run out of explanations because your friend is, by all accounts, such a wonderful person. And then, digging deep into your friend’s breakup situation, there is that legitimate reason that makes you say, “Oh, good for him.”

12 Breakup sale

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Having a hard time putting the past behind? It’s the normal thing to feel crushed and be nearly unable to get up due to the debilitating pain no faint heart could take. And when the things that remind you of the relationship haunt you every single day, it becomes even harder to move on. Well, take it from this guy, Daniel Khan of Sydney, Australia, who has taken “picking up the pieces” to greater heights. He decided to profit off his heartbreak by selling every single piece that reminds him of it all. Obviously, he refuses to deal with things that distract him from a fresh start. And that, dear friends, is how you do it.

11 Dumped via Instagram

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Ah, transformations—they signify a fresh start, a new leaf, a brand new you. It’s that powerful word that bids goodbye to the old person that you were. Perhaps it’s about kicking a habit that had enslaved you for years. Maybe it’s you finally declaring you don’t want to be the joke of the century anymore—and you want to look better, feel better and just be better! You are so ready for the challenges and you will conquer them all, just so you can be the better version of yourself! You see, transformations ought to radiate a positive message—but this viral Instagram post from CJ Karl gave it a new, embarrassing and brilliant yet hilarious meaning: a life-changing breakup statement.

10 Official breakup, middle-schooler style

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Okay, we get it. Adolescents, in their awkward, "I am my own person" phase, find satisfaction in doing things their way. From the clothes they wear to the songs they add to their playlist and the friends they choose to hang out with, these "children no more" people can be as amusing as they are annoying.

When it comes to finding their true love, they make up their own criteria and set their own standards, too! And whether or not these are impressively mature or incredibly juvenile, it’s for no one to judge—we leave them be, let them experience it all and well, learn from it in the process. But let’s admit it; something about this middle-schooler's breakup scenario (as publicized by the prying, equally immature sister) rubs us the wrong way!

9 Breakup on proposal day

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What could possibly be more exciting than being asked by the love of your life to spend the rest of your life with him? Nothing in the world, as hopeful girlfriends would say! But when you realize that things aren’t really working for you individually as the girlfriend, you wouldn’t expect (much less think) about all that. All you ever want is to get out of the relationship and you want to leave fast. But no matter what the reason, you know you have to be as kind as you can be. Hearing the news would be a hard thing on him—especially when he has, in fact, planned on asking you to marry him that day! Talk about a life-changing surprise ruined! And so, the (unintentionally) meanest ex-girlfriend award goes to...

8 Other people

Ever spent sleepless nights trying to rehearse what you wanted to say to someone? And then, just as you thought you could do it right in front of them, your knees weaken, you couldn’t remember a thing you wanted to say and you look all stupid while at it! Your confidence level just suddenly plummets and the moment already passed you by! This is exactly why a lot of people find it difficult to speak to their lover about a matter of great importance—like an imminent breakup. Sometimes, though, it is best to just say what you mean. Without you knowing it, your intention to make things a little easy for your soon-to-be-ex can quickly be labeled as a pathetic attempt—just like this breakup conversation gone awkward right here.

7 Mom to the rescue…or not

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When depression hits you because of some heart-wrenching situation such as a breakup, you know you can count on mom. When you’ve been kicked out of her apartment, you know you can always stay with mom—all you have to do is ask. You may feel so stupid for not breaking up sooner or for letting your girlfriend go, but, there is one woman who will give you unconditional love and never ask anything in return—your mom. To your mom and all other moms out there, you are her precious son who deserves to be in the most fulfilling relationship in the world. She will fight for you and be on your side throughout this ordeal of a breakup. But generally speaking, it is the best idea to tell your mom to stay out of it (otherwise, you'll suffer the consequences that will scar you for life).

6 Oblivious to the obvious

Whenever we hear about Hollywood relationships and how perfect they are, we can only wish the same for ours. Regardless of the pressure that celebrities' public life brings to them as a couple, they’ve got their priorities straight; they focus on being together and flourishing the relationship. That’s how it should be! Sadly, however, numerous celebrity couples have called it quits. Some pairs lasted only for a month or less, while others untied the knot just as they were about to reach what could have been another milestone. So, when your lover starts quoting movie lines that connote breakups or even more obviously, make references to Hollywood couples who have decided to separate, take the hint.

5 He had to “let it go”

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It’s natural for girls to go crazy over something that they love—other than their boyfriend. In many cases, a girl can go gaga over a male celebrity whom she thinks is perfect. She may even obsess over an actress or a model that she wants to look like! A girl can spend hours trying on a bunch of clothes (and shopping gives her that freedom). Some boyfriends find it funny and cute how their girl giggles over these people or things. It’s not uncommon for a guy to give his lady all the support she needs—all while trying to take her back to reality every time she goes overboard. But, who wants to deal with a crazy Frozen fan? Certainly not this boyfriend who thought it was best to, er, let it go (no pun intended).

4 The breakup-causing joke

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There are songs that depict how sentimental, violent or just downright unpleasant breakups can be. There are poems that express just how difficult it would be to live without the person who once made you feel that love existed. There are things that keep you feeling blue because they remind you of the happy times with the love of your life. There are times of the day that particularly take you back to those moments of bliss with the person whom you loved dearly. There are flashes of moments that will haunt you and make you wonder if you could have done something to save the relationship, believing that you never deserved the breakup. And then there are jokes that ultimately cause it.

3 Let’s not even go there…

Any woman who has ever been in love knows that familiar feeling. You get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see or hear him. He looks perfect and he has the sweetest voice in the world. You feel like your heart would burst of happiness whenever you are together. Time flies when you’re spending it with him; you’re having so much fun, you wish time stood still and kept you both in that moment forever—oh, that word. That beautiful word called "forever." It’s that all-important word that every woman dreams of finding with their true match. After all, isn’t love a promise of forever? Well, it turns out this boyfriend thinks otherwise. It's sad, but it’s also kind of funny how this conversation on his girlfriend’s wish of a “forever with you” escalated quickly!

2 Tacky tokens of apology

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When you're dumped over matters that you never thought could lead to a breakup, you’d wish the whole thing just didn’t happen. You’d wish you never considered sharing your best moments with him (much less risk everything for it to work out). Heck, you’d wish you never met in the first place! And when he does say it’s over, you would want nothing from him…just nothing! But then he says how sincerely sorry he is, making you want to change your mind about forgetting him completely. But, when your ex—the real piece of work that he is—offers tokens of apology that make you feel even sorrier for yourself, you should probably insist on leaving him and completely forgetting he even exists.

1 KFC is the third party

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Ever heard of the most absurd reasons for a breakup? Some couples just get on each other’s nerves. They can't stand the differences that are tearing them apart each day. Others say they simply wake up one day not feeling the same way anymore. True, most people would rather break it up than prolong the agony—just like our guy Julien, who, for the whole world to see, declared he had to let his girlfriend go because his heart belonged to KFC. Was Julien insinuating that someone was being a chicken in the relationship? Maybe he was just making light of the situation, but KFC Canada knew it had to reciprocate the love, although not on a serious level just yet. The result? This Facebook post that had everyone laughing.

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