15 People Who Are Horrifyingly Bad At Giving Compliments

Who doesn’t love a good compliment? Sometimes it can change our entire day and make us feel great about ourselves. Sure, not all compliments are as good as others and sometimes they only seem to matter when they come from certain people. It’s true that some people don’t know how to offer up a good compliment at all. They may think they are saying something nice, but sometimes it doesn’t come across that way. In fact, what’s intended to be a compliment can actually sound like an insult. We are all guilty of having said something similar, but these people are really bad about it. Check out these 15 people who are horrible at giving compliments. It's okay to be embarrassed for them.

15 This Is A Little Much

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Someone would have to be awful attractive in order to justify risking death from an allergy just to lick them. I’m sure this was really some sort of pick up line that was sent to some poor unsuspecting person. Would you be flattered to receive something like this or freaked out? Wouldn’t it be easier to just come up with a believable and more normal compliment. Just telling someone they have a pretty smile or have nice eyes would probably get this guy further than sending them weird compliments like this. I wonder if he sends this to all the ladies and how many times it has actually worked? If I read this I would probably just go ahead and click that block button and get it over with. Nothing good can come from talking to this guy.

14 And Who Can Resist Pie?

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Why is it that people want to compare other people to foods. If you think about it, a lot of compliments are along these lines. You would think by now that we could all come up with something better to say to people other than tell them they look like food. Is it because we love food so much? Most of us wouldn’t even be offended by something like this. We would just take it as a nice compliment because pie is great so that must mean our faces are great. I hope that’s what this girl thought when she heard it. I can’t decide if it’s really a compliment or not. Maybe a compliment wrapped up in an insult and wrapped up again in a piece of pie.

13 The Elderly Are Great With Compliments

Has anyone ever received a compliment from an elderly person that wasn’t actually an insult in disguise? It’s almost like they just can’t say anything nice to another person. Maybe it goes back to nobody being able to do something as good as them. In this case, this man liked the way the lady looked, but he also wanted to be sure to let her know that she may not hold up to other women, but compared to the women in his day, she was beautiful. That’s probably the best compliment an older person has ever given someone. Doesn’t seem that way, but it’s probably somewhat of a victory for women everywhere. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be painted on the side of an airplane? Thanks a lot grandpa!

12 So He Has A Type

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They say everyone has a type and this guy wasn’t shy about making it clear what his type is. If you were a girl and got this, would you be flattered and feel like it was a compliment or would you be a little offended. You would think a guy might want to get her name or something before he asks her to do something like this. Exactly what type of girl would do this? I feel like a lot of girls might fit this criteria for this guy so it’s probably not a very genuine compliment, it it can be considered one at all. Maybe it’s this guy’s version of a pick up line. I feel bad for this girl. I hope she just ignored him and didn’t even respond back.

11 Just Keep Trying

There are some people that will do anything to avoid complimenting others and then there are people like this, who throw out compliments like confetti. It’s sometimes hard to figure out which is worse. Can you really take a compliment to heart if you know it’s been said by the same person to 50 other people. I doubt this guy used this exact line on too many other women, but it doesn’t seem very sincere. Almost like he was grasping at straws to try to find anything to say to her to get her to respond. If you are going to give someone a compliment, you should probably wait until you actually see what they look like. Commenting on a pixelated photo just makes this guy look desperate. Which is probably exactly what he is. At least he is persistent.

10 That Seems Painful

Not everyone is capable of coming up with well thought out compliments. Some people get nervous and just say the first thing that comes to mind. Maybe this sounded good in this guy’s head but it sure didn’t sound right in person. I bet the person he was talking to just turned around and ran away. I hope it wasn’t a girl he was hoping to impress. I think he may have ruined the relationship before it even got started. Then again, maybe he got lucky and found someone who is just as crazy as him and actually likes weird compliments like this. Stranger things have happened. If you are going to offer up compliments like this, make sure the person you are giving them to is on the same page as you.

9 Ouch! This One Had To Hurt

This is exactly why it is never okay to ask someone if they are pregnant or comment on a pregnancy, unless you know for sure they are pregnant. Some people carry weight in their stomachs and look pregnant when they really aren’t. Most of them are already aware of the fact that they are overweight and they don’t need to be reminded of it. That’s exactly what comments like this do. Of course, the person who offered up this compliment probably thought she really was pregnant. I hope she told them she wasn’t so they could feel as awful as her. I think it would be worse to deliver this compliment and find out she wasn’t pregnant than be the one who received it. On second thought, it’s probably tough for both sides.

8 This Was Awkward For Everyone

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To be fair, this old couple was probably just blissfully ignorant in this situation. While homosexuality isn’t a problem for most people, some elderly people still struggle with it. It’s not so much that they don’t agree with it, as it is that they just forget people are gay and don’t hide it anymore. Their first thought probably was exactly what they said. When they realized the guy was gay, what else were they going to do other than smile? Do you say you’re sorry in a situation like that? Do you rephrase the compliment? Maybe it’s just best to smile and walk away. Nobody was offended too badly and hopefully these old people learned a valuable lesson on compliments or at least think hard before giving them.

7 Thanks, Now Please Don't Touch Me

I guess having a thick neck is something be proud of and something to compliment a person on. Being hard to strangle has to count for something. It kind of seems like the type of thing you would say to someone when you don’t know what else to compliment them on. Why would you say this to someone? Especially if you are the person’s boss? Did she plan on strangling him? I don’t know if I would trust my boss after a comment like this. At least there were witnesses around. If this guy ends up dead we will know who did it. Where do these people work that things like this go on there? Surely someone could have come up with a better compliment than this. It's almost like they were just testing him for vulnerabilities.

6 Never Say This To Someone

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Eww! I think we all know what he is referring to as a biscuit in the last comment. So why would he first tell this girl that she reminded him of one. He even goes on to say that it’s the highest compliment a girl can get. Umm I don’t think so. If he is claiming a biscuit is a vagina and this girl looks like a biscuit, isn’t that the same as telling her she looks like a vagina? Why would anyone want to look like a vagina? I bet the girl who received this text was just as confused as the rest of us and probably now has an aversion to biscuits. What was this guy thinking? Apparently he wasn’t; at least not with his head.  Just stop it dude!

5 Nice Try But No!

Maybe it would be better if this guy left the movie references out of his compliment. I mean Transformers aren’t exactly attractive so it’s not like this girl was flattered by this comment. She probably went straight to the mirror and tried to figure out why he would compare her to a metal robot. He was probably trying to be witty and funny, but it just didn’t work this time. Notice there wasn’t a reply back to this message. Was it because she was freaked out and blocked him? Was it because she didn’t know what to say back to something like this? Hopefully the next time this guy tries to compliment a girl, he puts a little more thought into it. He probably won’t though.

4 Because Everyone Likes To Be Called Weird

Have you ever wanted to give someone a compliment but you weren’t sure what to say? Here’s a tip; don’t say anything. This is what happens when you try to compliment someone and don’t know how. It’s probably better to just smile or wink and walk away. He could have just told her she was pretty. He didn’t need to throw in the weird factor. Maybe a better word would have been exotic. I’m sure he was trying to tell her she looks unique and different from other people, but when he says it like this, it doesn’t sound much like a compliment. It sounds more like he got nervous and had diarrhea of the mouth and just couldn’t stop talking. That’s a deep hole he’s in now.

3 Who Was This Compliment For?

We all love our pets and agree that they are adorable, but when you are expecting someone to compliment you and they compliment your pet instead, it can make you a little crazy. This guy probably thought the girl he was talking to was attractive too but was too shy to actually compliment her. Instead, he told her  that her dog was cute, which is kind of a compliment. I mean she picked out the dog so if nothing else she could come to the conclusion that he was admiring her good taste in pets. Still a compliment. It shouldn’t be this hard to figure it out. Maybe this guy followed up with a genuine compliment to the girl too. Nice try buddy, but I think you messed this one up.

2 Maybe She Was Just Hungry?

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I’m not sure that calling someone a snack can be considered a compliment, but surely it can’t be a bad thing. Maybe it was this girl’s way of saying the other girl looked tasty. Still a little strange. Can anyone blame the other girl for feeling weird about it? If you aren’t into girls, but you get a weird compliment from a girl, you are probably going to be pretty uncomfortable. Maybe if she would have come up with something a little better, things wouldn’t have been so awkward. She shouldn’t feel bad, because most people wouldn’t know how to handle a compliment like this. Maybe just say thanks and walk away smiling. Hopefully she would get the hint without being offended. Life is hard sometimes, especially when you're hungry.

1 Should She Be Flattered?

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The point in giving someone a compliment is to make them feel good about themselves. If the compliment makes a person feel uncomfortable, it probably wasn’t a good one. It would have been fine for this guy to say that he liked this girl’s eyebrows, but when he had to add the word fetish to the compliment, things got weird. Nobody wants to hear that they are someone’s fetish, at least not most people. This poor guy was probably just nervous and wasn’t sure what to say. The girls wasn’t too taken back by his comments, so maybe it wasn’t so bad at all. Maybe they actually came together and started a relationship over this strange compliment. I think I would prefer a compliment that didn’t involve the word fetish. She did say thanks though, so that must mean she accepted it.

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