15 People Who Are Living Their Personal Nightmares

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15 People Who Are Living Their Personal Nightmares

Dude, life is hard. Mondays completely ruin our week. We spend our entire paycheck on food rather than bills (food’s more exciting anyways). Random drivers decide they don’t believe in turn signals. I mean, has the world gone mad? What does it take to have one good day laid out for us, anyways? The one thing that gets us through the day, however, is knowing we’re not the only ones in this messed up world who have bad days. It’s inevitable. You’re going to get deodorant on your shirt, your dog is probably going to eat your favorite pair of shoes, and your and your neighbor have both definitely backed into your mailboxes before. And thanks to the craziness that is the Internet, people have posted their tough moments online for everyone to laugh at their pain. Because at that moment in time, laughing is the only way to make it through what they’re going through.

15. At Least You Have Your Health?


If I were gifting people a framed photo of a bad day, it would be this picture. This, my friends, is what I like to call the look of defeat. I can practically see the moment go down in my head. This sad, sad woman finally baked her own brownie batter, and as she was lifting the dish to a cooling area, the handles were hotter than anticipated and BOOM! The fresh baked brownies hit the floor and dessert is ruined. Say ‘goodbye’ to all those chocolate pieces you mashed up. Say ‘peace out’ to all that peanut butter you used for a sassy icing. And say ‘thanks for nothing’ to all those damn beaten eggs. Because this brownie dish is no longer for you and your family, it’s for your floor now.

14. Someone SAVE This Dog


Who cares if a person gets their head stuck in a bannister or some kind of window, but when a DOG gets their head stuck in a fishbowl — someone call the fire department! Seriously, there’s only so much oxygen in there for this little guy! There’s no time to waste, someone just grab a hammer instead — this dog is going to be a survivor!

The saddest part about dogs having a bad day is, there’s NO way to decipher how they’re handling their day. Sure, we can pick up on how they’re feeling by their body language (is their tail wagging? are panting? are they showing the whites of their eyes?), but HOW can a human possibly tell a puppy they’re going to be okay after getting their head STUCK in a bowl!? The miscommunication between human beings and animals is seriously a struggle that will never end.

13. It’s A Bug’s Life


Whether it’s a bee or a wasp, when you get stung by one of these beauties, it’s going to be a bad day. There is something SO terrifying about those little fearless bugs. They’re loud (buzzZzZzZzZzz), they’re aggressive (they will legit take a seat on your nose), and they can sting you for a reason you’re not sure of. What gives? Most people get stung on their hand, arm, or legs. Usually trying to swat one away or by accidentally sitting on one — it happens to the best of us. But the kid pictured above is having the ultimate bad day by getting stung on his lips! Good luck talking or eating for the next three hours, little guy. Stick to drinking beverages with lids on them.

12. This Cameraman Is Never Going Back To Work Again


Oh no, this poor, poor man. It was probably his life dream to work around cameras and sports. Becoming a camera guy for a television station was probably his end goal, and one day, he got the gig. He would soon get the chance to be on the same field as major leaguers and film them for the world to see. But then tragedy struck. While on the job, this man tripped over his own two feet while trying to follow a player off the field. OUCH. Not only was it embarrassing enough for the entire world to watch, but even the player had to take a look at him like “It wasn’t me! Are you okay, bro?” I doubt this man lost his job or anything like that, it was just an accident after all, but this is an embarrassing moment that probably still haunts his dreams.

11. No!


Can you imagine SITTING in this chair while this soda spilled? I can almost feel the ice and liquid pour down my back, soaking the bottom of my pants. The worst part about this entire situation is that this person doesn’t have leather seats for an easy clean. Like, good luck cleaning that up. Not only is the soda going to stain the f*ck out of that seat, but how are they going to scoop the liquid off the seat?! What do you even do? Throw a towel on it and pray to god the soda gets soaked up? #SMH. I wonder how something like this even happens. However this happened, I feel rough for this car owner, because this was definitely the cherry on top to a bad day.

10. It’s Going To Be A Long Night For This Pet Owner


Do my eyes deceive me or are those chocolate laxatives? Why do laxatives need to be chocolate flavored? That seems kind of dangerous, doesn’t it? Imagine a kid just seeing the word “chocolate” and eating the whole box. Then the next thing you know, they’re in the bathroom for three hours straight crying their eyes out! But at least when it happens to a kid, an adult can explain to them what’s going on — the same can’t be said for pets!

This poor dog found a random box of laxatives and started chewing away. Little does he know that he’s going to have a pretty explosive night. It’s almost like we can see it on his face already. He’s like “Oh sh*t, I’m not feeling too good…” Though the dog is going to be having a bad day, this owner’s day is going to be worse. They’re going to have a LOT of clean-up duty later on. Maybe perhaps even a vet visit?

9. When Your Diet Isn’t Working Out


Is there anything more ironic than someone weighing themselves and the scale breaks? No. The answer is no. It’s been a long running joke that when we’re trying to lose weight, we joke around saying “Oh boy, I’m going to break the scale if I eat another taco,” but it’s not like the scale ever actually breaks. Well, until it happened to this guy, and how he’s off to having a pretty tough day. However, now that I think about scales, why are some of them glass? That seems pretty faulty when it comes to having to hold an adult human being. I mean, that thin piece of glass is gonna have to be sturdy enough to hold like, 300 lbs – tops. That better be one thick as f*ck piece of glassware!

8. Is This REAL!?


Sky Sports is a network of TV channels based in the UK. These two hosts are obviously live broadcasting, what seems like a soccer or rugby game, and a ball comes flying out of the background and RIGHT towards the broadcaster’s head! This camera filmed the ball coming in at the exact perfect moment that it almost looks fake. The more you watch this GIF, the more it looks like it’s coming in slow motion. Either way, this woman probably has a concussion and most likely hates her crew for nothing give her a heads up that a 90 mph ball was flying towards her head in the distance. C’mon, guys, where is the teamwork!? Someone cut this chick some slack. Maybe next time she’ll prefer to face the field instead of away from it.

7. When Your Laptop Lights Up In Flames


Apple products cost a pretty penny. I’m currently working on a MacBook and it cost me around $1,200. However, considering how well these Apple products work, the expensive price tag is completely worth it.

After we’re done looking at our bank account and crying, that’s when we notice something burning. Did we leave the Mac & Cheese on the burner for too long? Did someone put the furnace on? Wa…wait a minute…that’s my laptop! This person obviously forgot they lit a candle to set the mood for them and their new laptop, and the open flame got a little too close and personal to their new electronic. This picture right here is the epitome of my nightmare. I cry when I press the “space bar” too hard. I can’t imagine lighting this baby on fire. 

6. When Your Hair Is On Fuego


Holy sh*t, talk about this woman’s hair being on FUEGO! After blowing out the candles on her birthday cupcakes, this woman—let’s call her Susan—got way too close to the flame and her hair LEGIT lit on fire. The craziest part is, the flame must have grew rapidly because she has NO idea that it’s even happening. Just look at her face in the picture on the right — she’s still blowing out the flame! Girl, forget about the cupcakes, start “stop, drop, and rolling” to blow the fire off your own head!

I wonder how much hairspray was on this woman’s head for all of her hair to catch fire that easily. Like, that’s one flammable head of hair. Hopefully she got the fire out and saved a majority of what was left of her hair…

5. This Cat Is SO Uncertain


Honestly, it took me a solid 10 seconds to see what was wrong with the cat. Sure, I read the header “stung by a bee,” but where? That’s when I took my eyes away from its cute whiskers and fluffy chest, and saw it’s front right PAW. It’s literally the size of a damn cupcake! You can just tell by the look on this cat’s face that they’re concerned for their safety. The paw probably hurts to walk on and is numb to the touch. I can honestly see their life flashing right before its eyes, and I think the cat sees it as well. If one thing’s for certain, it’s that this poor kitty isn’t having a good day. Not in the slightest. Not to mention, I don’t think this little fluff ball will be pouncing on bumble bees any time soon.

4. Every Student’s Worse Nightmare


School can get so boring. It seems like whenever we hit that phase in class where we’re thinking “OMG, get me the f*ck out of here. I’m starving — Oh wait, do I have leftovers in the fridge? I’m going to tear that apart as soon as I step into my apartment.” Whether we’re daydreaming, doodling, or scratching your leg with a pen, we always seem to be everywhere else but in class. (Especially in math class — that stuff was just way too real.)

This poor girl found out the hard way that she was unintentionally drawing on leg. She thought the cap was on the pen, but on the contrary, the cap was off and now her jeans could be framed in the local art show. Thank god she wasn’t spelling things out on her leg; like her crushes name or things she had to once class ended. That would be WAY more embarrassing than a few circles.



This picture went VIRAL a few years ago for its absurdity. This is one picture that shows a whole bunch of people all sharing a bad day. Let’s go in order, shall we? The flyer that’s in the air is having the worst day out of all of them because she literally went to the bathroom MID AIR in front of the entire school and viewers. Maybe the toss was so powerful that she lost control of her bowels? Whatever her reason for letting loose, this picture is going to be on the Internet for LIFE. Sorry girl. The second person that’s having a bad day in this scene, is the girl on the bottom right. You can tell she’s completely repulsed, but at the same time, wants to be a good friend and hopes she lands safely — regardless of her bathroom habits. And lastly, we have the girl on the bottom left, who is NOT about that “bad day” life and is getting the hell out of dodge.

2. His Face Says It All


WTF!? I know this blushing bride should be having the best day of her life, but she seriously fudged up. You can’t just tell your BOYFRIEND that he’s invited to your brother’s wedding and then flip the switch only to tell him that it’s actually HIS wedding — and he’s marrying you! “Surprise! I know we’ve been together for a while and you never proposed to me or anything, but I’m going to move forward in our relationship — and you’re coming with me!” I just cannot imagine hosting a surprise wedding for my significant other. I know this dude says It was a proof of love” (whatever the f*ck that mean), but his face tells a different story. His face is literally screaming “I’m having the worst day ever, WTF just happened.”

1. When Hell Is Photographed


People cannot look at this picture and not say Hell doesn’t exist, because we’re currently looking at a man in his own personal Hell. It looks as if he’s holding a sub tray that’s about five feet long. As he’s posing with this tray of bread, meats, and cheeses, he underestimates the weight of the tray and WHAM – BAM – THANK YOU MAM – this sub tray is a goner. And just like that, we see the bad day written all over this guy’s face. The saddest picture is the bottom left, for sure. His hands are clearly reaching for his head so he could probably rip out his hair out. But, finally, he reaches defeat and decides to give his bad day a high five by eating some of the meat from the cement. While that’s a tad…disgusting (does he know how dirty the ground is!?), he’s trying to make his day better by at least eating what he paid for. Yikes, sorry buddy. Hope your day gets better!

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