15 People Who Are The Definition Of "Savage"

Savages—we've all seen them in action and most likely, have silently applauded them for their evil ways. Savages are usually the type of people that target those in need of a reality check. Or simply, they just don't give a damn what others think of them. They are the professionals of clapbacks and when we aren't the ones that are being savaged, we bow down to them with their way of words. We can't blame them for being brutally honest because maybe that's what the world needs a little more of—less beating around the bush and more people who are the definition of savage. Don't agree? Check out the following 15 moments that perfectly describe situations in which people were utterly, despicably...savage.

15 The ultimate punishment of a gamer

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Some parents ground their kids because of the things they've done; it's simple and to the point. Other parents utilize alternative authoritative ways to get back at their kids when they have done something they didn't like. In this dad's case, he literally ran over his son's video games. Seems funnier than it probably was in the actual situation and we can't help but wonder what this guy's son did to deserve this. Video games are expensive and also very near and dear to those that are obsessed with playing them. This dad is hardcore and we actually kind of praise him for taking such extreme measures when it comes to parenthood. Hopefully his son wasn't in isolation for too long because destroying a millennial's video games is pretty devastating on its own.

14 When aunts strike at holiday gatherings

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Holidays are the times when we get together with loved ones and completely suffer through the questions and bad jokes they make in front of us. The lucky ones have the kooky, unsolicited aunts and uncles that think that since "they've seen it all," they are entitled to spew out whatever they feel and they expect their target to just take it and keep their mouths shut. Well, not anymore. The rudeness stops here and we found the perfect comeback for when Aunt Helen feels the need to comment on how much Thanksgiving dinner we are putting down. Pick a weakness of hers and throw that back in her face. She'll never see it coming and she might stop picking on you and find another victim, such as your bratty cousin that deserves some flack.

13 The queen of Harry Potter and savageness

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No one puts J.K. Rowling in the corner and if anyone can attest to that, it's her millions of Twitter followers. Some celebrities choose to ignore the rude comments on their social media platforms, but others like to bite back with their epic comebacks. If you have been on Twitter lately, you will know that J.K. Rowling is a professional in more ways than one. Besides being a rock star of an author, she also is a complete savage and lets anyone she thinks deserves to be put in their place know that their nonsense won't work around her. Her comebacks don't have to be lengthy and filled with big words; they are to the point, short and clever. We hope she never stops with her savageness towards those who dare to defy her. After all, she did invent Voldemort as a character.

12 It's simple

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An innocent comment like the one above usually wouldn't get picked out of the sea of other comments that are directed towards a high-profile celebrity, but this time it did. For us mere mortals, we would die if one of our idols said just a single word back to us, but even that is rare. It's not really a surprise that Kendall Jenner got a clapback from Rih Rih herself because frankly, Rihanna doesn't care about the small things like that. It also kind of looks like she doesn't care for the Kardashian/Jenner family, either. Rihanna is known to be this cool, untouchable celebrity that has better things to do than use her savageness on social media, but we are glad she decided to change her ways and snap back at this one.

11 A picture is worth a thousand words

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Utilizing dating sites and actually having success seems like it would be difficult. And texting someone you've never met is no different. In this conversation, the awkwardness is there and one of the parties doesn't like what they see. Instead of being nice and accepting the picture while being not interested at all, they get to the point and make it pretty clear that they don't want to proceed whatever is going on here. They could have been completely rude and went about this in different way, but their subtle savageness hopefully was enough to make this situation disappear. The dating world is hard and sending pictures back and forth hoping for a winner is no different. Erase text, erase contact, next!

10 They walked right into this one

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Just like any other corporate competitive company, the representatives of the said company are constantly trying to get an upper-hand over their competition. They try methods such as slashing their prices, hosting giveaways and trying to sell new, bold products. Any way they do it, these competing companies want to be the best and rightfully so. But now that social media is such a huge platform that everyone and their uncle uses, it's only smart that pizza franchises are using them, too. In this particular situation where they are trying to interact with their customers, it doesn't quite go the way they wanted it to. Who wouldn't make a savage joke or two if they had a chance to mingle with a company on social media?

9 Grammar is everything

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Ah, budding romances—aren't they the best? When it happens, we trip over our words and probably embarrass ourselves by trying to impress our love interest. So, when this person tries their hardest to explain themselves over text about how they feel to the other person, they completely get shut down because of their lack of grammatical skills. We get it—some people can't let a misspelled word go by and need to correct it immediately; but, this person is trying to compliment the crap out of this girl and she just isn't having it. This is probably the last thing this person wanted as an answer back to their soul-baring text, but at least they got some sort of response, right? Savageness initiated.

8 You want the truth?

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This woman probably was trying to get a rise out of whoever handles the Wendy's Twitter feed and the response they received was perfect, with a side of savageness. While most of us would just take out our handy-dandy smartphone and ask it to get us directions to the nearest McDonald's, this woman decides to ask a main competitor of theirs for the nearest directions instead. While that is pretty savage on its own, whoever is behind the computer screen for Wendy's knew how to handle the situation with ease and served up a dose of savageness, as well. We can't really blame Wendy's for sending back a trash can icon because hey, every Tweet counts towards trying to get another customer in this situation, right?

7 Yes, yes they can be

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Here is another perfect example of people with bad grammar and others calling them out for it. It's too easy not to and it all gives us a laugh when it happens. It is even more hilarious that the target of this savage act doesn't really understand what is going on. Usually when something like this is posted on social media, there is always that one smart *ss that needs to set the person straight and make a comment. Sometimes it's uncalled for, but most of the time, they walk right into the den of sassy remarks. In this case, this comment is one they will have to mull over for a bit before they understand what is happening. Either way, we commend the people that feel the need to comment, because someone needs to do the job.

6 Leave it to Kanye

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Kanye West is one of the most outspoken individuals in the music industry right now. He really doesn't care what he says or does, because it's all for the sake of the art and music, right? Most of the time he is kind of a jerk, but other times, he's kind of in the right about being crass and rude to people (such as the paparazzi) who deserve it. We couldn't fathom being constantly in the spotlight and having cameras practically shoved down our throats, all while maintaining a perfect smile. Heck, some days it's even hard to maintain a good attitude without cameras, so we have a slight understanding of how Kanye feels. At the same time, celebrities do make millions of dollars and live in mansions most of us can only dream of, so there has to be a price to pay, we suppose.

5 Bad babysitter

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Kids can be the cutest, but they can also be the worst. To be fair, they don't understand that some of the things they say out loud are probably rude and uncalled for. So, when this happens, usually people laugh it off and blame it on their lack of judgment. But, there are always those people that have had enough of their "innocent" banter and give them a taste of their own medicine. Usually, it isn't the babysitter that is literally sitting in for the parents, but we are sure some of us can remember back to our own babysitting days and the kids we had to endure. They weren't our own kids, so we watched what we said. But once in a while, the savageness within comes out and we can only hope this babysitter didn't get fired for probably speaking the truth.

4 Yikes, that could have ended badly

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We all know the story of how the Kardashians became as famous as they are. Through other ventures, they have become a name that everyone knows and half of us roll our eyes at. We are sure Kim K wants to get past what made her famous as an individual, but the public doesn't really feel the same. She's been in many relationships throughout her life and that has brought her to her current marriage to Kanye West. Mr. West is known to be a hot head and takes things out of context if he doesn't agree. So, unless we actually were at this specific concert, we can only guess what would have happened if Kanye or one of his several bodyguards saw this flag. As much as he probably wants to forget that situation happened too, there's always going to be that one savage that will continue to bring it up and bring it in flag-form to one of Kanye's concert. Harsh.

3 Unlikely Christmas decoration

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If we were to walk past a house minding our own business and happen to see this scene, we would most likely freak out. Like any decent human being, we want to help those in distress when we can. This person obviously needs help and seeing as there is a tipped-over ladder right there, it would be super easy to help this person out. But once we run up to save the day, we figure out it isn't a person at all and just a cruel joke. While this is unlikely to happen to us, we can admit that this is hilarious and savage at the same time. First off, whoever thought of this is our hero, too, for their unique sense of humor. Second, if the wrong person walked past and didn't think it was funny, these people probably would laugh even harder.

2 Family ties

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This is solid proof that mom jokes are still alive and well. We've all heard them. whether they were targeted at us or the poor soul next to us. The target usually sets themselves up for this cruel savageness without even knowing it. If those around them are quick and witty, they will snap back with a "your mom" joke that will have everyone dying with laughter.

People date others older than they are all the time and usually no one says anything. But there are always those couple of friends that we can count on to point out the obviousness and make us look like fools at the wrong time. Hopefully, this person took this savage comment as a joke or else their next face-to-face conversation might not end well.

1 Lesson learned: don't assume anything

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We can't wrap our heads around this one. It isn't fair to judge people based on their looks. This reminds us of the movie, Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts slayed and showed all of the department store workers up with her wads of shopping bags. Everyone is entitled to be treated the same and of all people, an owner of an establishment should know better. People assuming the worst of others is what is wrong with this world and we need to give everyone a fair chance and this case isn't any different. This guy is just trying to get a bite to eat and gets yelled at for it and that is so sad. But the silver lining in this whole situation is that this guy showed everyone up by proving them way wrong about the whole "you don't have money to eat here" thing. Joke's on you, restaurant owner!

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