15 People Who Are Winning At The Whole "Adult" Thing

It’s been well-established for decades, centuries, probably even millennia that being an adult is hard. I’d even wager to suggest that being an adult in the 21st century is more difficult than it has ever been before because now we have things like Snapchat, student loans, and Netflix hindering what should have been a smooth transition into adulthood. Like, how are we supposed to buy a house like a grown-up when we’re hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt due to our bachelor's degree in fine arts? On second thought, how are we supposed to get a job with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts? How are we expected to accomplish anything, really, when at $8 a month, Netflix is the only thing we can actually afford? Yes, being an adult is hard. However, some of us — the unicorns of our generation — are getting the hang of it faster than others. We all have a lot to learn from these 15 people who are winning at the whole "adult" thing.

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15 This Girl Who Figured Out How To Turn Water Into Wine

Is it just me or is this some straight biblical stuff, here. Tweeters are calling Clare’s invention revolutionary; some are suggesting that her water-to-wine fridge trick just might have saved 2016. One tweeter even went as far as suggesting that she be named Time’s “Person Of The Year.” (Move over Donald Trump.) I think the most important takeaway from Clare’s brilliant invention is not to feel sorry for yourself for your less-than-optimal adulting skills, but instead, learn from those who are paving the way for us late bloomers. Yes, I am absolutely, 100% saying you should go home right now, and fill your fridge with wine. Preferably the cheap kind. That way, you can keep the wine flowing for longer while still being able to afford that Netflix payment.

14 This Guy Who Is (Mostly) Wrinkle-Free

At first glance, I couldn’t tell if this guy was winning or losing at the whole “adult” thing. Like, on the one hand, he’s steaming his shirt over his stove instead of ironing it or using a steamer like an adult in the Baby Boomer generation might. But then again, he’s steaming his shirt over a stove instead of ironing it, which means three things. First, he’s adult enough to own a dress shirt and clearly has an occasion to wear it. Secondly, he’s wise enough to save the money he would spend on a steamer or iron so that he can put his hard-earned cash to other things, like paying off a student loan or something. And lastly, he’s clearly very ingenuitive. This adult is clearly of the Millennial generation, and we do things differently. Yep, I call this one winning.

13 This Genius Who Apparently Doesn’t Appreciate Cold Pizza

If you can afford both a night in a hotel room and pizza, then you’re already winning at adulting. But this is next level. Apparently, this genius’s taste is so high caliber that he’s had to go to some pretty impressive extremes to fulfill his next day pizza cravings. Am I being sexist by assuming this is a male? I really only have half a hand to go by. But even without the unpainted thumbnail, or the unopened soap in the picture, I would still assume this to be the workings of a man because any woman would know the best way to warm up cold pizza in a hotel room would be to call the concierge and ask them to do it. Hell, she would probably even get it re-delivered on a silver platter. Also, I think I should state here; there’s something to be said for cold pizza. It’s like a delicacy for us beta-adults. No matter what, this “dude” still deserves some credit with his hot pizza.

12 This Guy Who Has Better Things To Do

I mean, at least this person is adult enough to know that it’s not really acceptable to just leave dirty dishes in your sink. Especially if you have company over and such. Except, I have to wonder about the amount of effort that must have gone into first Googling an image of a sink that matches his sink, printing it out, and balancing it atop the stack of dirty dishes. Wouldn’t it have been more efficient and less effort entirely to have just done the dishes in the first place? Again, this is another situation where I’m struggling to determine whether or not this sink imposter is winning or losing at adulting. But, I keep arriving at winning because honestly, this hack is a major optical illusion and I had to do a triple-take just to notice where the print-out ends and the real sink begins.

11 This Top Chef Whose Specialty Is Ravioli Au Racket

This human being can have their tennis racket and eat it, too. I call this cooking level “college.” This top chef is clearly in that confusing in-between zone where they're mostly an adult (considering they are cooking for themselves, and it's not just a PB&J, we're talking pasta over here!). They'r responsible enough to feed themselves and look after their household and all that adult-y stuff. However, they haven’t exactly been forced into the rude awakening of the real world yet. Like, their mom probably still sends them care packages in the mail, they probably don't buy their own socks or underwear yet, and they're probably still covered under his parents' medical insurance. Either way, he’s learning. Participation points for sure.

10 This Chick Who Knows How To Keep Her Greens Fresh.

If a container full of spinach doesn’t scream adulthood, then I don’t know what does. This girl — I’m guessing she’s female based on her thumb and also the nature of this “adult” life hack — knows the importance of eating her greens, and also of keeping them fresh in the fridge because those tiny little leafs with almost negative calories are surprisingly really expensive. If you, too, have better things to do with your money than blow it all on organic baby spinach that usually goes bad before you’ve had time to eat it, then learn from this chick who knows how to keep her greens fresh. Once you’ve opened a container of greens (spinach, mixed greens, spring mix, you name it), take a piece of paper towel and place it in the container. It will soak up the excess moisture, keeping your greens fresh and crisp for longer.

9 This Guy Whose Invention Is A Total Game-Changer

This is for every adult who is tired of paying $10 for a flat beer at a concert. For every adult who has gotten an “open alcohol” ticket while trying to have a nice (boozy) picnic at the beach. For every adult who has ever tried to sneak alcohol into a music festival, sporting event, or other appropriate venues; this guy just totally changed the game for you. My favorite part about this genius invention is probably the fact that you get to eat the insides of a baguette in the process of making it. And it’s a double bonus because those baguette innards will probably be the perfect thing to soak up excess alcohol and save you from a nasty hangover the next day. Somebody give this guy a medal. He’s definitely winning at the whole “adult” thing.

8 This Doting “Parent” Who Knows How To Have A Good Time

More like, adult hack. One of the hardest parts of being an adult these days is the fact that older, more adult-y adults are judging us, every day; wondering when we’re finally going to get a real job or stop going out every weekend. Wondering when we're going to ditch our roomies and buy a house of our own. Or, worst of all, putting that infamous parental pressure on us to settle down, get married, and have babies, like, tomorrow. It's a lot to deal with. However, this doting “parent” is dodging the judgment and fooling them all with his genius invention. Just don’t ask him to go to a PTA meeting or something. We can only hope that some company will mass-produce these baby flasks in the very near future. It's a little weird, but I'm down for it.

7 This Person Who Knows How To Put His Seat Warmer To Good Use

I’ve said it a million times: being an adult is hard. What makes being an adult a little bit easier, however, is pizza. And the fact that you can order it whenever you want, eat it for every meal if you choose, and nobody (especially not your parents) can govern whether or not you get a second slice before finishing your vegetables. Yes, pizza is one of the greatest perks of adulthood and this person just figured out how to make that perk even ...hotter? Nevermind keeping your passenger's bottoms warm, skip the delivery charges and keep your pizza toasty by utilizing the seat heater function in your car. And if you ever have to question whether or not you’re truly  an adult based on the fact that you’ve had pizza for dinner every night this week, remember: only adults have seat heaters.

6 This “Adult” Who Knows The Importance Of Not Being Wasteful

Nutella almost gone? Save the energy and the 'hard to get' scrapes against the inside of a jar. Normally this would be an occasion to sob over. But this “adult” knows better than to waste her food (Nutella’s expensive these days!), and also knows the best way to soak up every last morsel of her chocolate hazelnut spread. In case you haven't already guessed it, the answer is ice cream. (The answer is always ice cream.) And the best part about being an adult is that you don’t even have to ask permission before loading up your Nutella jar with ice cream before you have had your dinner. Something tells me that, after reading this, you are going to be going through a lot more Nutella jars this year. And ice cream for that matter. Welcome to adulthood.

5 This Person Whose Bagels Travel In Style

You are an adult now. And adults need to go to work and pack lunches instead of buying lunches because #budgets. This brilliant human being saved you from another day of squished sandwiches or dirty purse bagels. (Admit it, you too, have totally pulled unwrapped food out of your purse and eaten it, despite the incomprehensible purse crumbs on it.) So, even though you can no longer afford that 12-inch sub plus chips combo from Subway, at least you will be able to finally put those old CD spindles you've been saving to good use! You will 100% look like the smartest person in your office lunch room when you pull out your super trendy, bagel tote. Not only that, but your bagelwich will be uber fresh, completely unsquashed and taste a million times better than last week’s purse food.

4 This Guy Who Has No Shame In Painting His Toenails

Nothing says “broke ass college kid” like the guy who takes off his shoes at a party (or even worse, on a date) to reveal a busted sock with your toe hanging out. This newbie adult is definitely winning at adulting with this genius invention (if you can call it that?) where he not only managed to solve a major problem, avoid a major adult no-no, but also save money on new socks. If you, too, have a problem with spending your hard-earned cash on new socks (which are like, really expensive these days BTW), then it might be time to take a few tips from this guy. Just make sure to ask your parents for some new socks when Christmas rolls around because coloring your toes black every day is bound to get old after a while. Especially if you own white socks. 

3 This Guy Who Is Ready For The Snow-Pocalypse

If there is one thing most adults are universally good at, it is being prepared for the worst. Seriously, anytime my mom has ever burned a meal, she’s always got a backup dinner waiting in the freezer or some kind of thought out plan-B. And that one time we didn’t have any drinking water on our four-day camping trip in the woods, my dad saved the day with the handle of pre-made emergency margaritas he had stashed in his backpack, just in case. Being an adult is all about being able to make the best out of a bad situation, and this winner has done just that. Take a page out of his book, stock up at the liquor store today, and when the snowpocalypse strikes, be an adult and make a cooler in the snowbank outside of your front door. It's innovative AF. 

2 This Girl Whose Invention Will Probably Be For Sale At Urban Outfitters Next Year

Remember that time in college when you were super drunk, and you fell down the stairs at the ugly sweater party, and everyone laughed because it was hilarious the way the bells on your sweater jingled the whole way down? Remember? And you were laughing too, until the moment you realized you might have just broken your leg. In the end, it was all okay, because the liquor numbed the pain and the trip to the ER combined with the crutches actually got you out of writing one of your finals until after Christmas (when you had had more time to study). Now that you’re an adult, it’s time to put your party days behind you and repurpose those party crutches. This girl has figured out just how to do that while also saving a ton of money on new apartment furnishings. She’s definitely winning, and we might steal this idea. 

1 This Guy Who Shares The Same Hobby As Oprah

I once read an interview with Oprah, where, when asked what some of her favourite hobbies were, she answered, “bathing.” Now, if taking baths as a hobby doesn’t scream (really ridiculously wealthy) adult, then I do not know what does. I thought it was really impressive (if not majorly "first world" and a little out-of-touch with the rest of the world) that Oprah described her hobby as bathing. From there, she went on to say what fun she has with it by picking out bath bombs and other bathing accessories. But then, I came across this guy, who just took “bathing as a hobby” to a whole new level by Facetiming his Playstation so he could play his GTA (Grand Theft Auto) or whatever it is from the comfort of his own tub. Anyone who beats Oprah at her own game is 100% winning at this whole "adult" thing.

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