15 People Who Completely Lost It At Amusement Parks

'Tis the season for cotton candy, fried Twinkies and hot dogs on a stick! It's a time of laughter, thrills and screams! It's amusement park season and we can't wait!

Every year, millions of people from all over the world flock to amusement parks for their vacations and holiday breaks. They spend millions on thrill-seeking adventures, just for the opportunity to escape from their everyday lives. Sure, it's fun but for some, it can be a time of stress, fear and anxiety. Here are 15 people who lost it at amusement parks and we can't stop laughing at them!

15 Mother of pearl!

Moms—they're amazing! From birth, they're loving, supportive and sensitive to our every need. They love us unconditionally and how do we repay them? Usually, by scaring the hell out of them and then laughing about it in the process. Or, we tape them to humiliate them for the duration of their lifetime!

This mom had no idea what she was getting into when she agreed to ride this super scary roller coaster...or did she? From the moment she buckles in, you can see her mumbling to herself, looking absolutely terrified in the process. We have no idea what she's saying but we can guess it's along the lines of, "How the heck did I get myself into this?Once the ride begins, it's her shrill scream that makes this video absolutely hilarious.

14 Never again, Grace

"Never again, Grace!" Anyone with a father knows that there is no greater feeling in the world than scaring the bejesus out of your dad. And for Grace, she not only accomplished that lifelong goal that many of us have, but she surpassed it...BIG time!

This is one of our favorite videos of someone literally losing their sh*t at an amusement park. This dad can barely keep it together once the ride even begins to turn on and get started. You can literally see the fear and anxiety in every muscle of his face, as he grumbles and groans with each movement. And his daughter, like the little bad*ss that she is, can't stop smiling and laughing through the process. Trust us, you don't want to miss this one! In fact, we're sure you'll be watching it more than once.

13 Two for one

Fear has a funny way of showing itself. Each of us is built with a unique code for fear—a special way of showing that emotion to the world. Some people may go catatonic. Their bodies will become stiff with fear, unable to move or process thought. Others go into hyper-mode. They may run fast, flailing their arms and screaming hysterically. There is no right or wrong way to show fear and that's what makes it hilarious to watch at times.

Usually, when two people take a chance on a thrill-seeking amusement park ride, there is always one person keeping it together and one that is clearly not. But, in this video, you get two amazing freak-outs—two people literally losing their sh*t—for the price of one! Add this one to your favorites list; it's definitely worth a watch!

12 Fear itself

Have you ever wondered what absolute fear looks like in physical form? Or how fear can take over the body and show itself in strong facial expressions and sounds? Well, step right up and see for yourself!

Ladies and gentleman, we introduce you to fear itself! Here, we see fear take over a young woman on this roller coaster. First, we must applaud this young woman for choosing to ride solo. That alone takes sheer bravery. And secondly, we want to thank her for showing us what real fear looks like.

The Saw ride is located in the United Kingdom and opened in 2009. It cost over $13  million and was considered the world's first horror-themed coaster. It's known for its horror-induced 100-degree drop, making it one of the steepest roller coasters in the world! Watch and see it for yourself, now!

11 No meals on wheels for you

There are two types of amusement park riders in the world. One group of riders are calm before a ride begins. They anticipate the excitement and thrive off the feeling of adrenaline pumping through their veins. The other type, before anything even begins, is freaking the F out! They're shaking and mumbling, terrified of what's to come. They often doubt their initial decision and want to take it back, sort of like this guy. But, luckily for us, he stayed on the ride!

This poor dad not only loses his sh*t on this ride, but he literally loses his lunch, as well. You can't help but feel bad for the guy as he's trying so hard to contain himself. Even with his eyes closed, holding on tight, he can't manage to control himself, no matter how hard he tried. And his poor daughter...we can't imagine how traumatized she was after this!

10 The change-up

When this video first starts out, you may be quick to make assumptions and guesses on who will be the biggest scaredy-cat from this young duo. It would be wise to just watch and see for yourself, since nothing is as it initially seems (especially when you're tempting your tummy and fear level at the amusement park!).

These two young boys begin with apprehension, moving in and out of their seats with nervous energy, which they try to hide between awkward laughing and a semi-tough exterior. You can tell they're both trying to appear ready when, in fact, they're not ready...like, at all! Once the ride begins, you'll quickly start to see what makes this video so darn hilarious. And you'll be a bit surprised who wants to ride this ride again, but solo.

9 Lost in translation

There must be a special place in hell for people who not only scare the sh*t out of their mothers, but who also record it for the world to see. Is this video funny? Of course! But, you can't help but watch the son (who's laughing his butt off) and wonder what else he must do to this poor woman for his own amusement. OK, for the world's amusement. And although we feel for this poor mommy, we can't help but laugh at the look of absolute fear spread across her face.

We love this video! Although not everyone can understand what the mother is saying in this video, it's obvious that she is NOT having it...at all! She is completely terrified and trying to keep it together on this ride. Don't believe us? Watch it for yourself and see!

8 Last rites

Nothing is funnier than little kids on adult rides, thinking they can handle it like the big kids can. These two young girls don't look old enough, let alone big enough, to ride this scary adult ride. As they're preparing for take-off, you can't help but wonder who is going to freak out more than the other. Will it be the little girl on the left, with her naive-like sweetness or the girl on the right, with all her adorable sass? Guess you'll have to watch and see for yourself but trust us, this video may just be the best one in the bunch!

There has been much speculation over the validity of this video. Is it real or is it just a funny set-up? We may never really know the answer, but it doesn't matter because it's downright hilarious!

7 Mommy's boy

There is nothing that we find more funny than grown men who are terrified and yelling for their mommies...nothing! Maybe we find it hilarious because men try to project themselves as tough creatures, who laugh fear in the face or thrive off of adrenaline and thrill-seeking adventures. Or maybe it's because, deep down, they're all just big mama's boys at heart!

Regardless of the reason, this video is absolutely hilarious! One rider is completely in control. He is cool, confident and having the time of his life. The other rider is not. He is clearly having some sort of anxiety attack or possible heart attack. He's sweaty, stiff and can't help but scream for the one person who can make it all better. Watch it now and see this rider lose his sh*t on this thrill-filled ride!

6 The scream master

It's hard being a tween. You're in a very difficult spot, due to age and maturity level. You're stuck between two worlds. On one hand, you want to appear grown up. You want to look older, act older and even be older. But on the other hand, there's a tiny voice inside of you that says, "Nah, I want my mom and I 'm not ashamed about that!"

You can't help but sympathize for this girl, as you see her lose her sh*t on this roller coaster. Her peers are sitting in the seats around her, laughing at her melodramatic behavior. For a moment, you want to tell her to pull it together because the ride hasn't even started yet. But, once the ride begins, we truly see fear wash over her face, along with a handful of tears. This girl is terrified and we can't help but laugh about it.

5 Age ain't nothing but a number

There are many people who believe that you have to be young in age to enjoy amusement park rides (as if there was some sort of age limit on having fun). But, this couple proved to everyone that age is nothing but a number! And as long as you're young at heart, age should never matter or get in the way of a little good ol' fashioned, thrill-seeking fun.

We know you will agree with us when we say, "I wish these two were my grandparents!" Although you can tell there is some fear and anxiety brewing under the surface, these two show us all that they are down for anything! And as much as they're both equally having the time of their life, it's the man's reactions that have us laughing out loud. Watch now and see what we mean.

4 Nap time

After watching this video, you may be wondering why so many people pass out on amusement park rides. You may also wonder if it's safe or if it's common. Don't worry, we'll answer all your questions below, but we want you to know that it's OK if you laugh while watching this video. He is safe and A-OK, as far as we know.

Vasovagal syncope is the common reason why so many people pass out on amusement park rides. This happens when the body overreacts to certain triggers, usually under extreme emotional distress. This event causes a drop in blood pressure and heart rate. Thus, causing less blood to flow into the brain, which results in losing consciousness and passing out.

We're just glad this guy is OK and that his friends were smart enough to tape the whole event. Watch now to see his in and outs of consciousness and him losing his sh*t in the process.

3 Mr. Pretend

As mentioned above, there are many reasons why people pass out on amusement park rides. Maybe the person has vasovagal synocope and isn't aware of it. Or, maybe this is just the person's natural flight or fight body response. Regardless, we understand that this is dangerous and very concerning. But, if you have had similar experiences, while riding amusement park rides, please talk to your physician as soon as possible. And if anything, please consider avoiding these rides all together.

Just like the guy in the video above, this guy passes the F out on the slingshot ride at the amusement park! Yes, it's hilarious but what's even better is that he tries, over and over again, to pretend he's alright and having a fun time.

2 Celebrity meltdown

There's something about watching a celebrity in their real element. You know, when they're not acting for the camera, but completely being themselves. It's a privilege—a curiosity that we all share and love to indulge in from time to time and maybe, also laugh at.

How could we have a list about people losing their sh*t at the amusement park and NOT include this? When Jimmy Fallon surprised Kevin Hart with a roller coaster ride at Universal Orlando, he was hoping to help Kevin conquer his fear. Little did he know that the task would not be easy, but it would be funny. And little did he know that Kevin would have this reaction. If you haven't watched this video, you need to do it right now! Like, right this second. Trust us, you will not be disappointed.

1 The no-chance, kid

Let's be real—there would be no list if it weren't for this kid and his aunt, Janice. Over 10 years ago, this video went viral and no one was surprised when it did. Well, maybe just the kid, when he was shocked and then embarrassed by the footage.

When Janice's nephew almost fell out of the ride, we all almost lost our minds. As he struggled to save himself from slipping out of his seat, we hear him yelling, "Janice!" Your heart almost breaks for the kid, until you realize that Janice is too busy laughing to notice what's happening. She's too busy having the time of her life to understand that her nephew's life hangs in the balance...quite literally. Luckily, things don't end fatally, but you can't deny that this kid lost his sh*t in the process.

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