15 People Who Definitely Did Not Do A Good Job

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15 People Who Definitely Did Not Do A Good Job

I always thought that getting fired was a pretty hard thing to do. As long as we follow directions, succeed in our roles, show up on time, and act professional, it’s smooth sailing. We show up to work, get paid, and buy brunch on Sundays. It’s normal. But apparently, keeping a job isn’t as easy as I once thought; mainly because there are some human beings who have no bloody clue how to act in a professional setting. Whether it’s working at Taco Bell, reading from a teleprompter, or simply constructing objects, these people had one job and failed miserably.

If there’s one thing readers should take away from this article, it’s to never do what these next 15 people did. Because they were probably fired and are playing X-box on their mom’s couch.


I am repulsed. I love Taco Bell. I mean, I love Taco Belle, but don’t eat at Taco Bell. And now after seeing this picture, I’m definitely not eating at Taco Bell. I don’t know why this employee decided to lick the taco shells while on the job, but now his a** is on blast for the entire Internet to share. Like, it’s one thing to take revenge on the company you work for, but to harm its customers is pretty low. I’m 99% sure this dude was fired as soon as this photo hit the Internet. After all, it’s not like the taco chain can’t tell who’s licking the shells — his face is clearly visible. Yuck. Just looking at his tongue on those salty shells is making me queasy.

Here’s a crazy idea: if you don’t like your job, quit and find another one! Don’t harm unsuspecting customers in the process!

14. Are You Kidding Me?


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Going to the restroom is a rather private experience. There are doors and locks in there for a reason, people. So for a builder to put these stalls together and to think that this looked normal, is questionable at best. When you take a step back to look at a bathroom stall, you shouldn’t be able to see the lid of the toilet…Because that would mean that when someone sits down, people washing their hands would be able to see everybody’s private parts. Like c’mon dude. Now the owner of this building probably had to fire this worker, and hire someone else to make lower stalls that are actually suitable. #SMH.

If I walked into this bathroom, I too would have left. I’d rather pee into a bottle in the back of a car then have random strangers take a look at my lady parts. No thanks.

13. The NAACP…

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As a former NCAA athlete, it’s appalling to me that this news anchor butchered the association on live TV during such a huge event. March Madness is a big deal in America and in the NCAA. Even people who aren’t athletes are pretty aware of the National Collegiate Athletic Association and all its divisions. So for a news anchor to call the NCAA, the NAACP while probably reading it off the teleprompter is pretty idiotic. Especially when it’s a story raving about the 2014 champions. Way to ruin it for the winners, lady. No one’s even looking at the footage anymore, they’re talking about how badly this anchor messed up.

I doubt this woman was fired over this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a stern talkin’ to. This was a big deal to the winners and the fans of NCAA basketball, and now it’s just a blunder. I guess I have to give her credit for smiling through it?

12. Yup, They’re Fired

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This baker had to have been fired, and let me explain why. There is no way this was this baker’s first baking mistake. For starters, people call in orders all the damn time. “Hi! I would like a cheesecake with ‘Happy Birthday” in red on top of it.” Their desires are pretty to the point and simple (most of the time). They say how big they want their baked item to be, and what flavors it should have. Boom — done. So it would not be surprising if this baker wrote down literally what people said time and time again. C’mon, who would want “Happy Birthday in Spanish” written on a cake!? It should say “feliz cumpleaños”! I’m sure whoever purchased this cake checked to make sure it was what they asked for. If not, well, I hope they got their money back.

11. Goodnight

Whoever took this photo of a sleeping Subway worker probably thought they were being humorous by posting it to the Internet, but it probably just got the dude in the photo fired. I mean, I know those workers who stand on the corners of roads, spinning those signs around, don’t get paid much. But to physically nap while on the job is a little aggressive. If you were tired, why didn’t you just stop by Subway and grab a water? Or perhaps tried falling asleep earlier the night before? I get people become tired while on the job, but since this person’s job is outside in front of thousands of cars — maybe they could have taken a nap inside their car… Or you know, waited until they were home and not working.

10. This Place Is Super Secure


No! You can fall asleep on the sidewalk holding a Subway sign, you can fall asleep at your cubicle while on a conference call, but you cannot fall asleep as a security guard! Your literal job is to secure the area and the people inside. The word “secure” is in your title. So how this security guard fell asleep on the job is just blasphemous.

I can’t tell if he works at a bank or an airport, but regardless, if your job is to a security guard, you obviously work somewhere that needs protection.

Even if this person was on his break, couldn’t he have fallen asleep in the break room? To fall asleep in front of patrons and onlookers is just embarrassing for him and the company.

I would tell this man to figure it out—and fast—but his a** was probably already fired.

9. Editing Is Hard


Nobody’s perfect. We all mistakes. Whether those mistakes are in our personal lives or our professional lives, as long as we learn from our mistakes, that’s all that matters. Now, saying that, as a writer and an editor, I’d like to point out how tough editing can be. Most people think we’re just professional readers, looking out for grammar and such. But it’s so much more than that. There’s a lot we have to look out for and take note of.

So, for this editor to completely miss a bulleted section… yeah, it hurts my eyes. Mainly because I feel like this person was probably fired. It’s one thing to mess up online — we can just go back and make additions and changes whenever we want. But when it’s printed…there’s no way to change it. And the fact that this overlook is in the bulleted section is even worse — because that’s where readers’ eyes go to straight away. Poor, poor, editor.

8. FIO Cody


Oh, Cody. Where do I even begin with you? Although you think your ‘pizza labels as name-tags’ gag is humorous (and trust me, it is), it’s also unprofessional. It’s one thing to put “Cheesy” on your shirt while working in a pizza joint, and joke around with customers that you make “cheese” jokes, but to refer to yourself as deluxe sausage as a male…. yeah, that’s unsettling. The only customers who are going to laugh at those dirty name-tags are prepubescent boys (and a handful of grown men). Women are probably never going to find this funny.

Now, the reason I think Cody was fired over this is because Cody doesn’t look like the kinda kid who plays by the rules. There’s no way he got that letter from management, took their word for it and retired the pizza labels. No. Cody is out there for laughs, and he’s not gonna stop until he gets fired.

7. Sugar-Free Sugar!


Wow! I never knew that pure sugar could be sugar free! Who knew, right!? Oh — that’s because sugar CAN’T be sugar free. That’s like selling whole milk (not the lactose-free, soy, almond, etc., kind. I’m talkin’ about milk straight from the udders) and saying it’s ‘dairy-free.’ NO IT’S NOT. I get so hyped up over this because the labeling situation in North America (mostly the U.S.) is so far gone. Labels lie all the time. There’s, like, 30 different words for the same kind of chemical; it’s just another way to add it in the label without people noticing. It’s sickening. And since people are beginning to label check their products these days, companies are getting all label happy and adding sh*t that just doesn’t belong.

I legit bought green tea yesterday and the box said ‘vegan.’ Like…yeah, it should be vegan, there shouldn’t be any animal products in herbs. UGH. 



There’s something about simplicity gone wrong that really grinds my gears. Drawers are supposed to be helpful features; features that can help keep us stay organized and store our goods so that they’re out of the human eye. Drawers don’t get enough thanks, if you ask me. So for a kitchen company (whatever the hell they’re called these days), who professionally installs cabinetry and the alike, to mess up so badly, is grounds for firing, if you ask me. They should have planned this out better. Either make one panel have a drawer and a cabinet or just a cabinet — there’s no need for two drawers and cabinets, just so they can run into each other. As professionals, this is something that should have been thought about.

Just looking at this scene makes me roll my eyes. Get it together, kitchen cabinet installer people!

5. Get Another Job

#youhadonejob #literal #cakes #bakery

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Oh my god, it’s the baker! They’re back and ready to ruin perfectly good baked treats! Now that this baker ruined not one, but two rounds of cupcakes, what do they do with them? The customer clearly can’t do anything with these cupcakes, so will they trash them? Do they scrape off the excess icing? What happens!?

I understand mistakes happen, but like I mentioned earlier, taking what people say literally is not always a good thing. If roles were reversed, and you were ordering “happy birthday” cupcakes, would you want “on both” added to each set of cupcakes? My guess is no.

Sometimes we take common sense for granted, you guys. And if these bakers keep making the same mistakes, I have a feeling there’s going to be a ton of opening positions in bakeries around the globe. 

4. Fired And Fined


Stop it right now. Just… STOP! Why on earth would any construction worker think it would be okay to paint another citizen’s car?! Even if these workers sent out a warning to all residents that their cars had to be parked elsewhere for the day, they could have at least had this car towed instead of painting it. If I had to do work around a parked vehicle, the last idea in my mind would be to paint it. I would have knocked on people’s doors, and then as a last attempt, I would have called a company to come tow it. Never in million years would I grab that roller and paint those perfect yellow stripes over this person’s car.

Not only do I think this person was fired, I think they probably had to pay the damage on this person’s car. 

3. So Which One Do I Press?


When it comes to us and our money, we take it pretty seriously. And when I say “we,” I mean everyone who is mature enough to make an income and have their own bank account. So when we’re paying for gas (at least I think that’s what this machine is for), we would like the option to have a receipt to prove what we paid. Some might just throw the receipt away, but other times, people need those receipts to get reimbursed for work. So for a manufacturer to completely skip adding the “yes” and “no” stickers that this machine needs to run properly, is pretty big. We can’t have some moron pressing random buttons and praying to god that they pressed the right one. It’s gonna mess the whole machine up!

This person’s fired if you ask me.

2. The Poor Editing Continues


It physically pains me to make fun of another editor, because I know how irritating it can be. But this one screwed up big time. In the other post, the writer wrote “blah, blah, blah.” And while that was pretty bad, I think most readers would get over it eventually. But for this editor to completely miss their own notes is just plain dumb. “Interesting emotive quote in here please. Nothing dull, thanks.” Well one thing’s for sure, that blurb was definitely not dull. It caught my attention, made me want to read more, and helped me judge the sh*t out of this newspaper’s editorial staff. 

Now, I don’t know if this mistake was bad enough to help them get fired; it’s not like the person dropped some curse words or embarrassing lines. However, it’s definitely strike one, two, or three for their career.

1. Epic Fail (Even For Walmart)


Well, well, well, what do we have here? It looks like someone in the Walmart production line screwed up big time when it came to Halloween decorations. Clearly, someone pressed “blue” instead of “orange” when it came to the color of these plastic pumpkins, and now they’re all on sale for just a dollar. Let’s be real, no one is really fighting over blue pumpkins. We’re all about those orange and black colors, baby! This is Halloween! Those pumpkins are supposed to look a little frightening at least, not like they belong at a baby shower. Considering this Walmart employee messed up this many pumpkins, I would not be surprised if they were fired. Walmart definitely lost money on producing these bad boys. That’s for sure.

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