15 People Who Definitely Don't Have Life On Their Side

We're all familiar with the saying, "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But, sometimes life deals us so many lemons, that we begin to develop acid reflux. It's on days like those where we can't help but feel like all of life is against us and wonder why we're having such bad luck. Sure, there are some people who might have done something to deserve what's coming to them. Yet, there are many others who did little more to deserve a bad day than simply wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Bad as it may sound, learning about the misfortunes of others can sometimes make us feel better about our own bad luck. Here are 15 people who definitely didn't have life on their side and their mishaps are sure to bring forth a glimmer of hope.

15 A key mistake

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This poor soul can't even relax at home on his bad day, because his keys are inside and he isn't. It's one thing to leave your keys inside on a table or the kitchen counter and lock the door behind you. But, it's a whole other story to have them in your hand and then witness the lanyard that is holding them hang onto the doorknob and swing them inside, as the door closes. Imagine his embarrassment while explaining that one to the locksmith! Assuming he is leaving for the day, at least he would have time to get the door unlocked before nighttime. Then again, what if his car keys were also on the lanyard? Now that is an unfortunate situation. Maybe the kids next door are selling lemonade to help him drown his sorrows.

14 It finally caught up with him

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We all know that crime pays, but when it comes to collect the bill, it's a little different for everyone. It's kind of like the IRS. This guy obviously has committed his fair share of crimes and seems a little too cocky about not getting caught. That is, until he actually got caught. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and just happened to be wearing the wrong shirt. Coincidence? We think not. This shirt must have jinxed him once and for all. Maybe he learned his lesson and will not wear this shirt anymore, or even better, just quit committing crimes. He should have plenty of time to think this matter over during his stint in jail. Until then, the only thing his shirt will have on it is a few random numbers.

13 A really bad car day

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We've all had bad car days. Either your car doesn't start, someone backs into you in traffic, or a lone buggy blows into your car door while you're shopping, leaving a dent in the side. This guy had not one bad ordeal, but two happen to his car in a single day. It all started when someone ran into his parked car and then pulled the old "hit and run," without even leaving a note to explain. The other car hit his so hard that it not only left a dent, but it also pushed his car up on the sidewalk. Of course, that put his wrecked car in a "no parking" zone. So, he came out to find not only a crushed back fender, but also a parking ticket for it being on the sidewalk.

12 Trampoline trouble

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It's fun to jump on the trampoline, especially when you know how to do some cool tricks. After all, who doesn't enjoy a trampoline? That's why there seems to be trampoline parks popping up everywhere. It's all fun and games until you get hurt. Trampoline burn is one of the worst feelings in the world. What's even worse, though, is broken bones and bruises from not just falling on the trampoline, but falling off of it completely. That's what happened to this poor girl when she attempted to do a backflip. The sad part is that she actually did a flip, but her landing put her a little too close to the edge. Accidents like these are the reason you have to sign waivers to jump at trampoline parks and why modern-day personal trampolines come with a netted cage.

11 A swing and a miss

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Aside from jumping on the trampoline, swinging is another fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. And unlike a trampoline, it's a lot harder to get hurt on a swing. You might get hurt if you walk by someone swinging, but unless you jump out or do something else crazy, there's only a slim chance you will get hurt by actually swinging. That's not to say that all swings are safe, though. Sometimes, the rope could be rotten, or maybe the swing set itself is a little unstable. The latter seems to be the case for this guy. The swing set does look a little old and worn, but you also have to consider the fact that a grown guy is swinging with all of his might on a kid's swing set. No doubt, those two factors caused this catastrophe in which he fell and had the swing set fall on him, too.

10 Can't even boil water

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There's a running joke about bad cooks that says they can't even boil water. Everyone has heard it, but we've never really seen what this joke might mean in real life...until now. It's common in cooking to let the water boil over or let the noodles stick and burn to the bottom of the pan. But, this is epic when it comes to cooking fails. The noodles somehow burst into flames above the water, causing them to look like lit stick matches sitting in a pan of water. The only possible explanation of how this occurred would be that someone screwed up when trying to light a gas stove. Let's hope this person has a microwave as backup (as well as a good fire insurance plan).

9 Plumbing isn't easy

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This pipe bursting would have to be a plumber's worst nightmare. When dealing with leaks on a daily basis, plumbers know they will get wet, at least to some extent. But, this is a little extreme. Not only is this a major leak, but it also has some major water pressure behind it. At least he appears to be wearing earplugs, however, which is fortunate in this case. We also can't help but notice the box beside the pipe he is trying to fix. It's hard to tell what it is, but it could very likely be something that carries electricity. That would add a whole other level of stress to this task. Plumbers have a reputation of being laidback and letting their pants drag low. Yet, this picture shows their jobs may be much more stressful than we thought!

8 Hiking the wrong leg

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If you have ever owned a dog, especially a puppy, there's a good chance you've been peed on at some point in your life. Maybe you've been peed on by something other than a dog too, which would be even more unfortunate. But we're focusing on dogs peeing for now. This man is casually walking his dog and sees a fire hydrant as a nice place to stop and let the dog relieve itself. The dog did walk up to the fire hydrant and it did position itself in the right spot. Then, it hiked up the wrong leg. This would have been fine if only that leg hadn't been pointed toward its owner. So much for the old fire hydrant trick. The next stop on this walk will be back home, for the owner to change his pants.

7 Life's a beach

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Few things are as relaxing as a beach vacation, especially when you've had some bad days recently. If you’re vacationing at the beach with a group of kids (or a group of drunk people), there's a good chance that someone might want to bury you in the sand. And unless you're claustrophobic, you'll probably give in and let them do so. Besides, what's the worst that could happen? You can't get sunburned under there and once it's all over, you can easily wash off in the ocean. Well, one thing that could happen is a gang of seagulls could come through and poop on your head. Meanwhile, you'll find yourself buried from the neck down and defenseless from their attack. Unfortunately, that means this guy's fun at the beach just got buried under a pile of poop.

6 Bearing for revenge

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These hunters took down their mighty prey and they are posing proudly with a picture of their kill. Little did they know that, as they pose for the picture, the bear's BFF or significant other is in the background waiting to claim its revenge. Their only hope at this point is that they hear the bear before they see it and are able to turn around and load that arrow quicker than Katniss. With any luck, there is a third party taking this photo who will spot the bear and warn them right away. Hopefully for them, this is the case, and they are not left alone with only a tripod for backup. Either way, they best react quickly, since the bear in the background has its mouth wide open in attack mode.

5 The battle of bull run

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If you think the guys with the bear behind them had it bad, just take a look at this dude riding a bicycle. The bear did have a clear reason for seeking revenge, but it hadn't yet started to retaliate and the men were armed, anyway. The guy on the bike had nothing to protect himself with other than speed. Sure, he's going downhill for now, but what happens when he starts uphill and begins to lose steam? He better hope that his adrenaline kicks in to keep him from becoming an extension of this bull's horns. It doesn't help matters that he has traces of red on his helmet and clothes. Maybe that helmet is sturdy enough to protect his head from more than just the elements. Who knows? It looks like he might be finding out soon, though.

4 The naked cactus run

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This headline says it all: someone ran into a cactus...while naked. That has to be the most painful mistake one could ever make. Of course, this is a run of back luck, but we're more interested in knowing just how it happened. It all started by someone being naked and running at the same time. Aside from the 1970s when streaking was a popular pastime, anyone who runs naked is likely leaving the scene after getting caught in the act of something scandalous. Either this person was running from the law, a significant other or a significant other's official significant other. Regardless of how the naked running got started, it didn't end well either. Police, people and even high speed cars can't stop a naked person as fast as a cactus can.

3 One wet wedding

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When planning a wedding, it's always a gamble to choose an outdoor location for the venue. Getting married or having a wedding reception outside means that you leave a lot of the plans up to chance, depending on what the weather is like that day. One of a bride's worst nightmares is that it will rain heavily and ruin her dress. This bride lucked out in the fact that there were clear skies on her wedding day. Not until she and her wedding party stepped out onto this dock did her luck begin to change for the worse. She skipped all the rain drops, only to fall into a lake. Everyone is clearly trying to save her and her dress, but we can tell that at least the train got soaked. Hopefully, she had a detachable train. Talk about putting a damper on a wedding day!

2 Bust your balloon

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Speaking of life giving you lemons, another common saying for something bad happening is that it will "bust your balloon." Just like with the burning noodles and boiling water, this is one idiom we never thought we would see played out in real life. We have all heard stories of hot air balloons having to land in random places or getting hung up in trees. But, you never imagine one actually wrapping around something, especially a huge tower. Not only did this hot air balloon get caught in a tower, but it also ripped! The balloon flying beside it couldn't just turn around for rescue either, as it was likely caught by the wind, too. This must be what hanging on for dear life really looks like.

1 Hanging on for dear life

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We stand corrected. The hot air balloon wrapping around a tower and getting torn was just a technicality. This is what hanging on for dear life really looks like. Remember how running naked usually indicates you did something scandalous and got caught? Well, this guy is close to naked, especially when you consider that giant hole in the back of his boxers. Not only is he trying to escape out of a window that is at least two stories high, but he also has someone pointing a gun at him. We're going to assume this is one of those times when the significant other has an official significant other and it looks like all parties are present at this time. Who knows? He may be the same person who ran naked into a cactus.

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