15 People Who Deserve D-Bag Of The Year Award

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15 People Who Deserve D-Bag Of The Year Award

There are people among us that just don’t understand how a typical human being should behave and function. Most of us are under the assumption that we reap what we sow and that we should treat others how we would wanted to be treated. Then, 2016 happened and we all realized how crappy some people can be. In all actuality, the spawn of the D-bags didn’t start in 2016, but we might as well blame it on that. We are very well-aware that people can be terrible human beings, but when those few people still shock us with their terrible manners and morals, we are still surprised and hope they never reproduce. The 15 people below definitely deserve some sort of award for being the way they are: a complete d-bag.

15. The hit and run guy

Via: newslinq.com

Sometimes, accidents can be prevented and other times, they are caused by people not paying enough attention to the surroundings around them. With a sincere apology and a current insurance card, a person can handle a situation like this with little difficulty and respect from the other driver. But, things don’t always go so smoothly. There are people out there that think it is appropriate to hit a car and act like nothing happened. Take, for example, this Jack guy that hit another person’s car while they weren’t in it. While he might look like he’s a decent human being to the other people in the parking lot, he’s really just being a grade-A d-bag. Why not just write an actual note with his information instead of a fake one? We’ll never know why.

14. When the pastor pulled the religious card

Via: newslinq.com

The act of tipping a waiter or waitress can go either way, depending on who a person speaks to. Some are good about it and tip generously and others just don’t understand why tipping is a thing. It’s usually people that haven’t worked in the restaurant business that don’t support tipping, but get with the program, people! Servers often don’t get as many hours as they would want, they get minimum wage and they put up with a lot crap. If anyone would have mercy on this occupation, it should be people with a religious occupation. We understand that if the waiter or waitress was absolutely terrible, they wouldn’t get as much of a tip as usual. But, giving absolutely nothing? What a bad move, especially for a pastor. We aren’t quite sure if they can actually scribble out a tip that is already added, but just the attempt is pretty lame. The cherry on top of the pie is that the pastor decided to add God into the mix (*rolls eyes*).

13. The guy that was rejected by eHarmony

Via: newslinq.com

A lot of people use dating sites these days to connect with people that have similar interests and want to find a connection. Walking out into life and hoping to stumble on someone isn’t the norm anymore. Instead, the internet is a swift tool nowadays to find just about anything and a life partner is one of those things. So, while we commend these people for taking a chance on virtual dating and opening their wallet to the fees, we also understand that some “men” (like the one above) won’t use dating websites the appropriate way. It’s a good thing that websites, such as eHarmony, can weed out the jerks like the one above (because what person would want to be matched with him anyway?).

12. The traffic violator

Via: piximus.net.com

As if being in traffic isn’t bad enough, there are people that drive like idiots and/or feel the need to pass us all in a make-believe lane. We get it—we are all busy with the hustle and bustle of our lives and we often don’t take out enough time to leisurely drive to work. For commuters with a long route, the drive can be even worse because we cannot entirely foresee what will happen in that stretch of time. So, when dirt bags like this decide to make up a lane that is used solely for emergencies, it doesn’t brighten anyone’s mood. The people that are stuck in traffic are probably irritated enough because of the situation in front of them. Let’s also point out the fact that passing people like this is also extremely dangerous. What if someone actually has to pull over and utilize the side of the road and there’s a car coming at them at a high speed? For everyone’s sake, either figure out a new route or put up with the traffic like the rest of us do.

11. The guy who can’t even

Via: giphy.com

Look at this guy. Trying to be all suave, running and sucking on his water bottle, while checking out a female gym-goer. While at first he seems to be very skilled at multi-tasking, we then see his fall from grace and re-think our last thought. To overlook his fall, he then tries to write it off as a push-up he is just casually doing beside a moving treadmill. If this woman didn’t see the fall, she definitely heard it. While this man didn’t necessarily say anything that pegs him as a d-bag, his actions speak loud enough for him. He probably left with several bruises on his arms and legs, as well as his ego. Hopefully this incident teaches him to actually go up to someone and strike up a conversation, rather than acting like a tool on a treadmill.

10. When someone can’t hide their inner d-bag

Via: buzzfeed.com

OK, let’s all agree that whoever buys this definitely has #dbagproblems. Technology clearly runs the world. Every day, something new and shiny pops up on our radar and with all the attention certain products gain, we somehow want to invest in it, thinking it would be a good idea. Not this one, though. Although it acts somewhat as a third hand, the appearance of it alone is enough of a turn-off. If someone actually buys this, they should just stamp ‘d-bag’ on their forehead and never leave their house. There has to be a limit of how far one company will go to reach their yearly goals; but we think that this product shouldn’t be available to anyone. For those that think they need to be more of a bother in society with their technological devices, please refrain from the public.

9. The guy who just knows

Via: buzzfeed.com

There are people out there that could pass tooting their own horn as a hobby, rather than an undesirable personality trait. They like to think that with a ‘LOL’ here or a “haha” there that it will dim their statement to a more humble one, instead of a boastful one. We are constantly told that we should love ourselves and feel proud to be who we are, but this takes it a little far. We have a hunch that this guy definitely set this picture up, rather than just getting caught mid-wash. Any person that says that another person would be lucky to have them, while posting it on one of their social media sites should be called out for having too big of an ego. Here’s to hoping someone called this guy out…

8. The disrespectful selfie girl

Via: ebaumsworld.com

It’s all been downhill since selfies became a thing. Nowadays, we can’t scroll through our social media news feed without seeing a selfie that a close friend, a parent or an acquaintance slapped up on their profile that has a “natural” filter along with it. But, there are certain times and places in which selfies should not be taken. For example, a grandparent’s funeral would be a little disrespectful and weird, because it should be a sad time. While this girl is looking for attention as well, she looks extremely happy in this picture and we wonder why she would feel the need to take a picture of herself. One more selfie and then off to grandma’s funeral—that doesn’t sound right.

7. Diets and chocolate don’t mix

Via: ebaumsworld.com

We’ve all been at this spot in our lives. We want to shed a few pounds that we gained from the winter months, with as little work as possible. We make a plan, buy healthy food (maybe even some organic) and promise ourselves we will not break our diet. We think it will be an easy task and it actually is for the first few days. But then, when the hunger sets in, we flee to the grocery store to stock up on more quinoa and broccoli. We think that some vitamins will help boost our healthy lifestyle even more, so we head to the health and beauty section of the store. We walk down the aisle and spot this. There really are no words to explain the sheer panic that comes over us as we try to comprehend what’s going on. Someone, who is clearly out of their mind, placed loads of chocolate right next to weight-loss products. Really funny.

6. The “above-it-all” park job

Via: ebaumsworld.com

This one is the most common d-bag shenanigan and we cannot understand why or how people like this get away with it. If any of us have been to IKEA, we know that no matter what time or day it is, the store is always going to be busy. People need their dollar hot dogs and pillow covers and we can’t blame them for choosing IKEA, of all places. But for gosh sakes, be a little more courteous and let those that need a bit more time to move around have the parking places they need to do so. Sadly, there is (and will always be) that person that will think they are above it all and park wherever is most convenient for them. There is no excuse for them ignoring the billion handicap signs all around them. They are just a straight up d-bag and they must be stopped.

5. Siblings…enough said

Via: lolgifs.net

If any of us have siblings, we know that they can be the best friends we have ever had or the worst people, if we get on their nerves. This poor girl is already stuck with her (assuming) brother or sister, on a long car drive and she just wants some damn piece and quiet, while listening to her jams. She looks so comfy and content that only a sibling could ruin this moment of serenity. Her sibling clearly doesn’t care about their sister’s hearing ability because they crank up her music and completely scare the crap out of her. It may not seem like this person deserves an award for being a d-bag, but those of us with sisters or brothers will disagree.

4. When a push went a little too far

Via: forgifs.com

This entire situation does not look good. Any situation with a bunch of dudes all together on a night out is bound to include mischief and immature decisions. So, what does one unfortunate guy decide to do? Get on the edge of this bridge and practically dangle himself over the edge. While we think he kind of had it coming to him, who knows how deep the water is below or what awaits for him on the bottom? The fall doesn’t look pretty and we can only assume that the guy who pushed him is an idiot, looking for a few hoots and slaps on the back for literally pushing his friend over the edge. It may have been funny for those on dry land, but for the guy pushed over? We don’t think he was laughing too much when he finally regained his composure.

3. The guy that is way too full of himself

Via: worldwideinterweb.com

We could make the excuse that he’s young and dumb, but we won’t. If anyone needs to go online to publicly talk about how people are jealous of them, then there’s a problem. We don’t think his so-called “jealous” friends are actually feeling that way; they are probably annoyed with how much this dude is flaunting himself like he’s God’s gift to humanity. This might be a case of this guy not even knowing he sounds like an ultimate d-bag, but we feel like we needed to call him out anyway. Chances are, he’s a d-bag in-training and it will only get more adamant as he gets older. We hope someone knocked him off his pedestal and told him to chill out. We are all for people loving their body, but this is a bit too far.

2. The movie-goer that doesn’t get it

Via: memebase.com

When we go to a movie theater, we are very well-aware that we won’t always get the silence and respect we deserve. We also understand that we can control this if we were to stay at home and enjoy a movie. But, going to the movies is a great pasttime most of us like to take part in. We would like to think that the other movie-goers that enter the movie theater will have the same thoughts in their head too, but it never happens. From giggly pre-teens to the idiots throwing popcorn all other the place, there is always something that could interrupt our night out at the movies. So, when the people that sat behind this guy noticed that he brought his laptop with him, they probably knew they were in for a rather unpleasant treat. We get the act of multi-tasking, but stay home or go to a coffee shop. There’s always that one person that doesn’t have a problem calling out the d-bag, so hopefully that’s what happened here.

1. Sometimes, honesty isn’t the best policy

Via: memebase.com

Again with the dating websites. We appreciate when people are upfront and honest, but after seeing this “self-summary,” we really hope that the women browsing this website didn’t fall for it. This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey and him saying he doesn’t want a girl with boundaries is pretty much letting us all know he’s a d-bag with control issues. When people go searching for relationships, they have to be decently open to meet people that have different interests and opinions as them. We suppose this guy did himself a favor by spewing this out right away and it saved the women that would have clicked on his page a ton of time and eye rolls. Oh and don’t forget, he never messages first.

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