15 Savage People Who Showed No Mercy To Their Cheating Exes

Cheating is one of the worst things you could do to your partner. Not only does it royally hurt, but it also scars people for a long time (possibly for life). Normally, when people get cheated on, they just try as hard as they can to move on with their lives and keep themselves busy by working more or going out more. Some people, however, can’t move on until they take their revenge on their cheating partner. Growing up, we were taught that seeking revenge is never a good thing and that doing so will only make matters worse. Still, it doesn’t stop raging ex-partners from coming up with different revenge plans, from vandalizing their cheating partner’s vehicles to shaming them in public and social media.

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15 Goodbye, Apple products

via: livedoor

Apple products are probably the best of their kind, which could explain why they’re super expensive. People normally take good care of these products because getting them fixed sometimes costs more than half the price of getting a new one. Plus, no one really wants to lose their Apple gadgets—not only do they have a lot of software and apps that other brands don’t, they’re also very stylish. Unfortunately for the owner of these Apple gadgets, he had to part with all of them at the same time. That’s what he got for cheating on his girlfriend. Some people think of their partner as someone that’s too nice to do crazy things like this, not realizing that when triggered, they could do thousands of dollars worth of damages in one go.

14 Shouldn't have done that to her sister

via: playboy

Cars are almost like men’s second best friend. Men take such good care of their cars that they're usually even cleaner than their bedrooms. So when their car gets damaged, even just a little bit, it’s always devastating to them. Now, how do you think the owner of this car felt when he saw his baby looking all broken like this? It was probably really painful, but likely not as painful as what his partner felt after finding out that he had slept with her sister! Of all women to fool around with, it was her sister! That’s like double the usual pain, not to mention it probably ruined the sisters’ relationship forever. We don’t really promote breaking other people’s stuff for revenge, but it seems this guy got what he deserved.

13 Fake proposal

Having the love of your life propose is one of the best moments in a woman’s life. So when this woman thought her boyfriend was proposing to her, of course she was excited. Unfortunately for her, it was actually her boyfriend’s revenge on her for cheating with another guy. The guy, known by his YouTube name beanyneilpudsey, discovered on Halloween that his partner had been seeing someone else. He was devastated but decided to stay strong and take this oh-so-sweet revenge on her. He elaborately planned the fake proposal and even prepared a rose petal path, glitter, candles and several other things. She fell so hard for it and was utterly destroyed once she found out the truth. If she wanted to marry this man, she shouldn’t have cheated on him.

12 Lost dog

Usually, when we see a “lost” poster, it’s for a missing family member, pet or inanimate belongings. But one college girl used her creativity and utilized this method to embarrass her boyfriend, Jordan. The story goes that the girlfriend headed to the campus print shop to print a large quantity of these posters. She then put them up and spread them around campus. These posters went further than intended after photos of them went viral online. When this whole thing got posted to Reddit, commenters started questioning if these posters would constitute libel against the boyfriend. The responses were hilarious and it seemed like the Reddit community was on the girl’s side. When you actually think about it, this may be embarrassing for the guy, but it’s not as bad as having one's car damaged. So, he still lucked out.

11 This priceless billboard

via: capitalbay

Billboards are freaking expensive! They can range from $11,000 to $23,000 in Boston! Imagine how much more they’d cost in more expensive locations. No wonder only bigger businesses and companies can afford them! But the cost didn’t matter to Jennifer, who still bought billboard space just to take revenge on her cheating husband. We don’t have any idea how much this billboard cost, but it's probably at least several thousand dollars. And you also have to consider the $250 she spent on the GPS tracker and a separate $1600 on a nice camera with zoom lens just to catch her husband in the act! Damn, this revenge sure wasn’t cheap. We definitely wouldn’t spend this much on a revenge, but we really hope it was worth it for Jennifer.

10 Creative and vengeful real estate sign

via: cloudfront

Elle Zober recited her and her husband’s 10 years together on a website she designed herself to promote and sell their house. In the advert which read ‘Adulterers Need Not Apply,’ she wrote: “We did everything right. Married ten years. Two kids: one perfect boy, one bouncy, perfect baby girl. We had almost no debt outside of our cars and we bought a house…but, as with many marriages, our story ends in divorce. I’m not sure how this all happened…but, all I can is that as soon as your husband/wife starts using new texts languages like :/, or starts talking to you like a college kid…check your phone bill, you’re probably going to be in for a surprise.” This revenge is certainly one of the most creative we've seen yet.

9 He got his punishment

via: mrnoggin

This guy’s partner took cheater-shaming on a more direct level by making him wear this funny poster around. Everyone knows that if you wore a poster that tells your mistake, you’d be a laughing stock for a long time. We actually admire this guy’s courage for doing what his partner asked of him. If it were us, we probably would say no to this and just accept the end of the relationship. But then again, if we were him, we never would have cheated. Maybe it was worth it to him to be humiliated just to get his partner’s forgiveness. It makes us think he really loved her, but we also think that if he truly did, he wouldn’t have cheated on her.

8 eBay revenge

Via: sgxl.com

Here’s another creative revenge you would probably never think of doing if you got cheated on. This girl caught her partner cheating, so she kicked him out of the house. This wasn’t a good enough revenge to her, so she then proceeded to sell all his clothes on eBay and model them one by one in a very racy manner. This is rather smart in my opinion—instead of just lighting his partner’s clothes on fire, she went on to profit off of them and at the same time show off what the guy had lost. We've noticed that the photos feature two different hair lengths, so we're guessing she probably got her hair cut after the breakup. Girls have a tendency of changing their hairstyle after the end of a relationship. Either that or she got someone else to model the clothes with her.

7 Girlfriend's taser

via: dailymail

Mandie Pistol was another YouTuber who got her friend to film her revenge on her cheating boyfriend. The video starts with her saying that she knows her boyfriend has been cheating for quite some time. She also mentions that her boyfriend got her a taser for Christmas. So basically, she was planning on tasering her boyfriend all along. After storming out of the car, she bursts into the house where her boyfriend is and sees him on the couch cuddling with another woman. She yells, “Who the f*ck is she?” and he responds by saying “That’s not my girl. That’s not my girl.” Mandie doesn’t believe his obvious lies and proceeds to zap him in the crotch with her taser. That must have felt really good for her.

6 Welcome home cheater

Coming home from work is always a relief, especially if you’ve had a really long day or if you’ve simply had a bad day at work. Home is almost always the most comfortable place to be and usually the best place to relax and rest. But what if you come home one day to see this huge sign hanging outside your house? What would be your first reaction? Would you feel embarrassed about this knowing that your neighbors have seen it? Or would you get mad at your partner for shaming you? Regardless, anyone who cheats on their partner has no right to get mad at their partner if they did something like this. A little bit of public shaming is nothing compared to how someone feels when they’ve been cheated on.

5 Everything’s caught on tape

via: connery

Financial problems are one of the main reasons why a married couple get divorced. Worrying and fighting about money all the time eventually gets too exhausting to handle. And when partners fight over the same thing repeatedly, it comes to a point where they no longer want to be with the person. In this case, however, money presented a different type of problem (and only for the cheating spouse). Obviously, Emily cared more about getting revenge on her husband than the money. And she even made sure to pay for the billboard with their bank account so she’s not the only one losing money. We always feel like it’s such a waste to throw money away like that, but for Emily, it was probably worth every dollar.

4 Saying it with graffiti

via: ienite

This time, we're not sure which one should be more embarrassed about this—the owner of that garage or the person who vandalized it. Maybe the person who wrote the message was too angry to realize that the first word was lacking a second ‘s.’ Maybe they realized it after the fact, but couldn’t figure out a way to fix it and just left instead. Or maybe, we're being too soft on them and they probably just didn’t know how to spell it right. But whatever, at least they got their revenge. That obviously matters more than the spelling error. Now, we wonder if the owner of this garage got upset when they saw this, or if they just laughed at how funny this spelling error was.

3 This poor boat

This is another vandalism case, although much more severe. Like we mentioned earlier, men take good care of their cars. And if they had a boat, we're pretty sure they’d take even better care of it. Whoever owns this boat was probably brokenhearted when he saw what his wife did to it. But hey, he completely deserved it for being a lying, cheating douchebag. And what really frustrates us is that he convinced his wife to take him back, only to cheat on her again the next day. What kind of logic is that? If you’re just gonna cheat on your partner again, why bother trying to make them stay? It seems this guy is messed up in the head and we don’t feel sorry for him one bit.

2 Holiday present

via: blogcdn

People just keep getting more and more creative with their revenge! This girl named Cassie took revenge on her boyfriend by giving her boyfriend this present for Christmas: printed pages of Twitter messages between her boyfriend and another girl. As it turns out, her boyfriend actually had a lot of scandalous messages with her. She had to hack his account to get access to all of these messages. And instead of apologizing and regretting his actions, her boyfriend only responded by writing “could’ve mention(ed) me I would’ve gladly re-tweeted it.” What a huge prick. We feel as though public shaming him on social media shouldn’t be enough. We know it’s wrong to say this, but we hope Cassie did something more to him because he definitely deserved worse.

1 Wife cleaned out bank

At first glance, you’d think there’s nothing new about this revenge—it’s another vandalized car. But when you actually read it, you learn that the wife has cleaned out her and her husband’s joint bank account. It also seems like the wife is actually leaving the husband and taking their kids. So not only does the husband lose his entire family, he also loses his money. See, this is why you should never ever cheat on your partner. The consequences are sometimes very dire and it’s not really worth it. We don’t know if this guy had a separate personal account, but losing your family and your money at the same time sounds terrible. But then again, he’s a cheater so we don’t really feel bad for him.

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