15 People Who Hilariously Owned Up To Their Mistakes

We all make mistakes—that's just part of life. Sometimes, it may be a single person making a small mishap that only affects his or her life and other times, it may be an entire company or corporation making a huge blunder that can affect the masses. Either way, what really sets some people apart from others is their willingness to admit their wrongdoing. It might feel embarrassing to admit a fail, especially if the mistake made was embarrassing in itself. Still, the people we respect the most are those who go ahead and own up to whatever they did wrong. That's not to mention that the apology for messing up is usually even more entertaining than the mistake made. Just to make sure the rest of the world feels a little better about occasional screw ups, here are 15 people who hilariously owned up to their mistakes.

15 Man's best confession

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It's common to feel the need to admit a mistake to someone else, or even yourself. But, this guy recognized that if dogs really are man's best friend, his dog deserves an apology for his negligence. That's why he took to social media and held up a sign that admitted he once neglected to take his furry friend on walks, simply because he was too hungover to do so. This story does have a happy ending, though, in that he has started taking the dog for walks. The irony is that he added the word "anyway," indicating that although he realized the importance of walking the dog, he didn't think it was reason enough to get sober. Let's just hope that he doesn't get lazy one day and decide to take the dog for a car ride instead.

14 An inappropriate response

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Few things are as entertaining as middle-aged mothers attempting to properly use social media platforms. They can do some crazy things, from mixing up different types of technology to simply mixing up their own words. Clearly, this mom must have just read a posting about a recipe or at least something edible, since she felt the need to compare its deliciousness with that of a yellow mustard and white bread sandwich (and in her humble opinion, the yellow mustard and white bread sandwich wins). Too bad that she commented under a post about Pope Francis talking about animals going to heaven. But, she did come back and admit that she commented under the wrong post, as well as the fact that she didn't know how to retract her comment. Poor mom!

13 For a good cause

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We've all seen those postings popping up on Facebook that ask you to share a picture of this or that, in support of something. One of the most popular requests seems to be to post a picture of yourself wearing no makeup. This girl took a photo (actually, two photos) of herself with no makeup, in support of finding a cure for cancer. Yet, anyone can clearly see that she is, in fact, wearing makeup. Someone called her out on this, so she had no choice but to admit that she was wearing some makeup. To be precise, she said no makeup, except for eyeliner. Then, she must have felt guilty again, because she left one more comment to mention that she also had on fake eyelashes, which she refused to take off. Maybe she should find another way to show her support for the cure for cancer.

12 A really sweet apology

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Sometimes, you're already too deep into a mistake by the time you realize you've made it. For instance, this person who hit play on the DVR of his or her favorite TV show, without thinking about waiting to watch it when the spouse is there. We get it. Waiting to watch a popular TV show is hard, especially when you run the risk of hearing spoilers from everyone you come in contact with out in public. But, a promise is a promise and this promise was broken. There is no point in denying what the DVR will already reveal, so you may as well come up with a good apology. This person had a good idea, because who doesn't like cake? He (or she) may have made a big mistake, but at least the other party gets a sweet bargaining deal out of it.

11 Confusion in the kitchen

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It's one thing to make a mistake and feel the need to admit that mistake to the person you wronged with an apology cake. It's a whole other kind of failure, though, when you can't even manage to make an apology cake to cover your previous mistake. That's the struggle that this person faced when she threw not only the eggshells but also the eggs into the trash can. Apparently, she cracked the eggs directly into the trashcan as to not make a mess. Only when she was finished cracking the eggs and stared down at an empty bowl, did she realize her mistake. We commend her, though, for sharing such an embarrassing kitchen blunder on social media, so that we can all feel a little better about our own cooking flaws.

10 A soiled sorry

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It's always amusing to see a passive-aggressive note left on the wall or door by a co-worker or a school teacher, especially if you're not the one whom it was intended to address. The person leaving this note didn't even attempt to hide the fact that he or she was being passive-aggressive, even signing the note as "Your passive aggressive co-worker," which makes the note even more amusing. Just when we thought the author of the note was the most passive-aggressive employee in the newsroom, someone went and one-upped the sarcasm with a passive-aggressive response to this note. Someone, most likely the guilty party in this case, apologized for the smell of old ketchup by writing "sorry" beneath the note in nothing other than ketchup. How's that for irony?!

9 Food for thought

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Social media is filled with people sharing details about their personal lives and bragging about their significant others. All of that can backfire quickly, though, if the wrong person reads the wrong post. For example, this girl wrote a sweet post about her boyfriend on Facebook. Yet, in doing so, she accidentally revealed that she had a secret boyfriend to her official boyfriend. She only gained two "likes" before her "other" boyfriend read the post about her "best boyfriend" making her breakfast in bed. Clearly, the guy reading this wasn't the one cooking the eggs and bacon, as everyone can gather from his comments. The girl knew right away that she was caught cheating and didn't even try to defend herself. Instead, she simply started addressing Failbook, knowing that this mistake was almost as bad as her mistake of having two boyfriends at the same time.

8 How forgetful

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Speaking of finding things out on Facebook...It's never fun to find out personal information for the first time along with everyone else in the world, especially when the person posting it seems to think it isn't a big deal that he or she forgot to tell you first. That was the case for Jared when Janice listed herself as single on Facebook. Jared is either Janice's stepson or, worst case scenario, her actual son, since he asked if she and his dad got divorced. She came back hours later by responding that she forgot to mention that to him. Maybe she thought he would know once she made it Facebook official, just like the rest of the world. Still, from the outside looking in, this seems like a sad way to find out that your parents are calling it quits.

7 Accidental announcement

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This girl owned up to her mistake on a technicality, thanks to the autocorrect on her mom's cell phone. What was intended to come out as "precious" ended out being "pregnant," causing the daughter to come on out and confess that she was indeed with child. Her mom made the correction by saying she meant to type "precious," but not before the daughter had fessed up to having a baby on board. Of course, the mom started asking questions after receiving the text "How did you know?" from her daughter. Having no other hand to play, the daughter resorted to trying and brushing off what she had previously said. It's unfortunate that we don't have the rest of this conversation to see how it all ended. Though, we can imagine that it probably led straight to a phone call after that.

6 From side gal to single

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Again, this is a classic case of oversharing personal information on social media. This woman updated her status to reveal that she was once again single because her special someone had cheated on her. It wasn't until people started prodding her to find out how it all went down that we discover the man she had been dating was married to another woman! There are several things wrong with this scenario. First, if he is married, he is cheating on his wife with his girlfriend, not his girlfriend with his wife. Second, why should she be surprised that he wants to be with his wife since he is, in fact, married to her? This woman clearly has a lot of personal issues to work out and it's probably a good thing if she stays single for a while.

5 Put it in writing

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As we can clearly see from all the social media and texting mistakes, it's pretty easy to put your mishaps in writing. This guy didn't just focus on one mistake, but rather a group of bad decisions. He also made sure that admitting his faults would be permanent by writing it someplace he would be reminded of his mistakes on a daily basis. Every morning, he can back up to a mirror and read a reminder from his back (though, it'll be backwards in the mirror) that he hasn't made the best choices in life. And everyone else will also know this anytime he decides to take his shirt off. For that reason, it's probably not the best idea for him to meet someone important, like say a girlfriend's parent, at the beach or a pool party.

4 A possible adult film star

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We've all seen mistakes in newspapers, magazines and even books. It's nice whenever the publisher prints a note in the next edition admitting to the fault. It's even nicer when a gossip magazine takes the initiative to admit a mistake, just like US did back in 2005, concerning this photo of Charlie Sheen and a girl who wasn't an ex-adult film star after all. It's one thing to be caught with Charlie Sheen, given his spotty past, but it's really bad to be pegged as an adult-film actress when you're not. That's exactly what happened to this blonde beauty, though, when US got a hold of this photo. Good thing for her, they were kind enough to correct the mistake just as publicly as they made it. That correction also made for a good laugh, though, in a publication having to admit someone was not "an adult-film actress."

3 It was a pubic affair

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You might expect a wrong rumor to come from a gossip magazine about celebrities and their significant others, but you would think that a college might have a better handle on what it prints. The Lyndon B. Johnson school should have done a better job proofreading, before printing this commencement program and maybe it would not have resulted in something that sounded a little dirty. We can just imagine the faces of parents and grandparents as they picked up programs at their kids' graduation, only to find that they were earning a degree from the School of Pubic Affairs. Unless everyone is receiving a degree in gynecology, this makes little sense. Of course, the school was mortified at the mistake and released a public (not pubic) apology and noted that all of the 2012 graduates would receive corrected programs. Still, we have to admit that program would make for some fun laughs while sitting through a commencement ceremony.

2 Montana mourning

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This is proof you need to double-check which account you are logged into before going on a social media rant. Clearly, this person didn't mean to dramatically diss her job under the Montana Tourism page. Yet, she did. The good news for Montana (and the poster) is that it sounds like this is her last day on the job she hates. The bad news for Montana is that now everyone sees someone working for Montana doesn't really care for it, or for Bozeman, at least. On the other hand, Whitefish seems to be another story. Regardless, this status left everyone else on Facebook feeling a little bad for poor Montana. Whitefish might get some visitors out of this post, but it's unlikely that Bozeman will look appealing to many after this rant. We can't say for sure, but it's likely that the woman writing "status update fail" is the culprit behind it.

1 Cheers to childcare

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Parenting is a tough job and there is often not enough time to do everything. And with every kid, those responsibilities only increase. This mom was obviously in a hurry when she packed her son's lunch for the day. It was an easy mistake; she thought that this green can was V8 Fusion and threw it into the lunch bag. Too bad for her, her son and especially the teacher (who hopefully discovered this before it was too late), the V8 Fusion was really Shock Top beer! No respectable parent would send her kid to school with a beer in his lunch. That is, unless she was sleep deprived and in a hurry. We feel her pain. The good news is that it looks like someone caught the mistake before it was too late, since the beer returned unopened. We bet that made for one interesting teacher's letter home!

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