15 People Who Honestly, Truly, DGAF

Life can get tricky, and the more you grow, the more you realize that you actually know nothing. Some would say that we learn something new every day. And that is actually a beautiful thing about life. We never stop learning, and when we think we know absolutely everything, then one day a bunch of creative ass people show up on the Internet just to let us know that human race has no limits whatsoever. So if you feel like your life is probably not going in the right direction, you should totally take a look at these human inventions and behaviors. We might not be clever enough to tell you what you should be doing with your future, but at least we can show you some things you definitely shouldn’t be doing if you are planning to be someone in life.

15 Two Rooms, One Door

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Budgets are always tricky. Everything in life is about trying to get the cheapest price for great quantity. I mean, money is money and it’s always very hard to make.  Sometimes we are able to find solutions to get the job done because necessity demands it. But hey, if you thought you knew what being low on cash meant, you probably hadn't seen this picture. We totally understand shoestring budgets can be a real pain in the butt, but come on, there have got to be better solutions. These geniuses just went beyond whatever you thought was weird, and concocted this two-rooms-one-door plan without giving a single f*ck. If you ever come to this hotel you need set your priorities straight. What’s more important? Closing the bathroom or closing the closet? Uhmm, that's a good question.

14 Some Automotive Engineering

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Having skills in life is awesome, but come on, let’s all have at least a little bit of common sense, shall we? If you are a good plumber, we are truly very happy for you, but that doesn’t really mean you should be fixing everything with your tools.

Let’s face it, this person does seem to have some talent. You don’t get to see a pvc tube gearstick every day, so maybe we should give some credit to this creative person. They were able to work around this problem like it wasn't even a big deal. Sometimes I really wish I was a bit more creative, but when I see stuff like this I’m not quite sure if that’s what I actually need in my life.

13 Get Crafty While Baking

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Did you imagine that using a drill for baking was even possible? Do you think Betty Crocker at some point thought about the wide range of tools that you can actually use to bake some of her popular recipes? This might look stupid AF, but you know what? Who even cares! As long as you can get your cake done, you shouldn’t be worrying about being all stylish in the kitchen, right? Or at least that is apparently what this person thinks. Cakes are awesome and getting into the kitchen can be a great experience, but what’s so cool about having all the gadgets to perform an excellent baking act. No mixer? Problem solved. Just go to your dad’s toolbox and grab whatever seems helpful for Betty Crocker.

12 Toddlers DGAF

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If we know one thing about toddlers it's that they don’t give a single F about your opinion. They just do whatever they want whenever they want it. Remember when you were a kid and you didn't care about anything in life but having a bowl of cereal in front of the TV? Yeah, that was awesome. Childhood is such a beautiful moment in life, especially because everyone is fine about your not caring about anything attitude. Actually, everyone loves the authentic attitude towards life that children have. These kids don’t even care about what their mom thinks of bath time. They are just into having a crazy unforgettable shower. Who cares if they leave a mess? Mommy has everything under control. She will clean it. She always does.

11 Is That Seriously A Fake Vent?

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When we book a room at any hotel, some of the things we are expecting are comfy beds, warm blankets, a balcony maybe? I don’t know about you but I never really fantasize about a decent bathroom when I get to a hotel. I just kind of expect it will meet all my requirements. Or that’s just me?

Is that really a fake bathroom vent? Like, why do they even bother to fake it? It won’t work anyway. This bathroom will stink for the rest of its active life. All the guests staying in this room will suffer offensive smells. OMG and couples! Couples will experience the most shocking events of their love story. So now you know, if you’re looking for a romantic weekend, please don’t get in touch with this hotel.

10 This Looks Fun

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Cravings are a huge part of life. Cravings can be healthy snacks, greasy stuff, chocolate, wonderful cheese things, weird pregnancy needs, exotic dishes. They come in all sizes, flavors, and shapes. Cravings define us and gives such joy to our miserable daily lives. They can turn an average day into an amazing day. Sometimes you’re working and you feel like you need something sweet, but what can be sweeter than having a Jack Daniel’s shot right in the middle of your shift? Absolutely nothing at all is possibly better than having a drink while working. I don’t know where I can find this vending machine, but one thing I’m sure, I’m totally going to be dreaming about this my whole life. Why hasn't anyone invented a Booze Vending Machine? That’d be awesome!

9 Get Crafty While Baking (part II)

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Like I said, sometimes we don’t have all the necessary stuff to perform a five-star cooking act. Let’s face it, DIY tutorials make everything looks so easy and simple but in real life, it’s not always like that. So, if you are the kind of person who really doesn't give an actual f*ck about anything, you are going to like this one. There’s no need to spend money on kitchen instruments, just use what is already there, right? This person is taking baking to another level. You don’t have a mixer? Fine! Get your dad’s drill. Your cooking talents are not the best? No problem, get a Betty Crocker mix and you’re good to go. You don’t have the right baking pan? Don’t even worry about that! Toilet rolls are here to save the day.

8 Toastmasters

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Okay so just putting this out there.., is it really that hard to get a real toaster? I honestly don’t get this one. In fact, it’s kind of weird having all those objects at home and not having a toaster. It seems like a potato masher would be one of the last things you would buy while on a drunken Amazon shopping binge. Plus, why is freaking pan not the first thing that crosses your mind if you want to get a bagel toasted and there aren't any toasters around? Although this is a completely unpractical kitchen artifact, we should admit it is pretty creative. I would never have thought to combine those three objects with such flawless and ingenious perfection. I guess all masterminds are at some point misunderstood.

7 Tampon Bullets?

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Can someone explain this? What kind of costume is this? Why is she smiling so much? In fact, have you noticed the man behind this person? Why is he smiling too? Does she not realize she is wearing a tampon bullet belt? I’m so confused right now. I didn’t know you could use more than one tampon at the same time. Maybe this is just a weird feminist demonstration? I am a feminist and we all should be feminists and demonstrations are great, but this one just doesn’t make any sense to me. What's the message? I’m sure there are better costume ideas that exist out there that would do the job of conveying the message just as effectively. I mean, she seems nice and all but this is weird as hell. I also wonder who the person taking the picture is? It’s sad because we’ll never have the complete story behind this absurd moment.

6 Go Somewhere Else

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This is so, so random. I’m not sure whether to laugh about this or actually admire the person who came up with this creation. I mean, in some way I wish that was my front door. Who hates it when the doorbell rings? I do. I absolutely hate when someone, whether it is a stranger or not, knocks on my door without my previous approval. Well, actually there are some good exceptions like….. pizza. But when it comes to random people, that knocking can get pretty annoying. I mean, sometimes you’re having a nap, taking a shower, catching up with your friend on the phone, or you know, whatever you want to do in the privacy of your own home when a completely unexpected visit rings your doorbell. Ugh! I wish I could be more like this person who DGAF and categorize visits in two groups. We all should stay true to ourselves and accept ourselves just as we are, whether we are trivial or important visits. Deep down we know the answer.

5 This Hot Dog Disaster

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Why don’t you use a condom to cook the sausage? Nope, I’m not talking about that sausage you are thinking right now. Junk food is bad, but nasty junk food is terrible. After frozen pizza, a hot dog is probably the easiest thing to “cook”, right? Well, it seems this person has a different opinion about how hot dogs should be prepared. Honestly, there are plenty ways to cook a sausage. You can use a pan, boiling water, a grill, or a microwave (which is a bit gross). I mean, options are almost infinite. You can even use a god damn oven! But no, on this picture we can see that human wisdom is unlimited! When it comes to being creative, the most simple task can reach surprisingly redneck solutions.

4 The Crafty Personal Trainer

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We know bodybuilders are strong-minded AF. They set their goals and they always get what they want. Although sometimes those guys at the gym, or especially on social media can be pretty annoying, we should give bodybuilders the credit they deserve. They are competitive, committed, and totally obsessed with muscles growth and protein shakes. This person went to far though. Or did they? Commitment or Obsession? They seem like a real bad ass that won’t give up on their growing biceps. My deepest apologies to all bodybuilders out there, I know you are all very motivated but this is completely ridiculous. To the uninitiated this can appear pretty odd. Maybe someone could explain what stopped this person from simply buying heavier weights because this muscled mastermind invention went to the next level.

3 Barbie Went too Far

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Have you ever been to one of those restaurants where they think they are so original and stylish that they feel justified charging exorbitant prices? Like, the kind of place with weird concepts that absolutely nobody understands? Well, I’ve been to some and most of them really get creative while serving dishes. I mean, the experience of getting your food in a completely unexpected way is kinda fun. I totally get it and I encourage all the chefs out there to keep creating wonderful masterpieces in their kitchens. But please, don’t involve Barbies in your creations. Remember Barbies are meant to be dolls, and under absolutely no circumstances should they ever be a serving platter. Maybe the genius behind this was trying to emulate the infamous Lady Gaga meat dress?

2 School Can Be Actually Fun

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Everyone has had that teacher who used to not give a f*ck about you or about anything in general. Oh man, do you remember those dudes at school? Sure they had the power to be really mean to us, but also they had that particular talent to come up with hilarious idiosyncrasies that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. I mean, I wish this man was my teacher and that I had taken this screamingly funny picture. Hands up for this kid behind the camera! If you are a teacher, it's a fact that your students will make fun of you. That is exactly why you shouldn’t be giving the classroom any good reason to do it. Well, that’s my personal opinion.

1 Top 1 Redneck Solution

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Getting from one place to another is a task that can be problematic from time to time. Sometimes you just miss the bus, sometimes you run out of gas, or sometimes your car just breaks down. Ugh, I hate when that happens. Your day is ruined and now your stupid car needs to be fixed.

Yup, that means now you spend the money that you don’t have. Getting a car means you will be spending money on it for the rest of its useful life. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that you're gonna be pimping your ride or buying fancy gadgets. I mean, in case you want to get anywhere, the minimum your car will require is at least 4 decent wheels. Am I right? Why people, seriously why? What on earth is happening with this car?

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