15 People Who Married Their Best Friend, As Evidenced By These Hilarious Photos

There are so many quotes and a plethora of annoying Instagram posts from people who claim that it was their one true blessing in life to marry their best friend. We're not sure that's entirely true, but we do have to say that marrying our best friend isn't the worst idea to ever exist.

A best friend is someone who is there for us no matter what and has the ability to listen and be thoughtful towards our needs, but more often than not, a best friend is also someone that we spend hours belly laughing with and who never judges our awkward moments. So, put that together with a lifetime of love? Doesn't sound half bad.

Here are 15 people who married their best friend (and these hilarious photos prove it)!

15 Nothing like being dragged around by the nostrils

From the looks of the palm trees in the background and the canon (if that's what it is) in the background, we'd like to believe that this is a photo of a couple on vacation somewhere tropical because otherwise, why on earth are they out and about in a big floppy hat looking at a canon?

Anyway, that's beside the point. The point of coming across something like this is knowing in our heart that these two are obviously best friends because only true besties would think to stop and take a gross photo of the wife sticking her fingers in her husband's nostrils in order to get him moving. It just wouldn't happen unless these two had that type of relationship and rapport. We know what we're talking about. They can be gross and impatient while still cruising for a laugh.

14 When even the mundane becomes a game

There's something to be said about the things in a marriage that become routine and ritual. Ultimately, once we hit a certain point, we find ourself just going through the motions and not actually enjoying ourselves anymore.

A big part of that daily routine that can get kinda old? Cooking dinner each night.

If we think about it, more often than not we all become creatures of habit and find ourselves cooking pretty much the same meals each and every week. We love this whole idea of a husband and wife making a game out of it because it would ignite that competitive flame. If we have any pent-up aggression to get out at our spouse, a Nerf gun that feels satisfying to shoot at someone, yet it's still all in good fun, is really the perfect tool to get revenge and get over our beef with our spouse.

13 When it's so much fun to put down other couples (jokingly, of course)

We've come to a very important conclusion as of late—there is no greater couple out there than this one right here. We've all been at some event and thought about how no one there was really as awesome as they believed they were. But this couple took it to the next level by portraying their disdain on the public stage. We really couldn't love them more if we tried.

This couple has taken to having photo ops of themselves at various events. The one constant in all of the pictures they've taken is the total looks of boredom and sheer dismissal on each of their faces. It takes a bold (and hilarious) couple to do something like this and on such a grand scale and quite frankly, by putting photos like this out into the universe, they've become our heroes.

12 Still besties after all these years

Via: me.me

It takes a very brave and wise couple who are not afraid to turn some heads and ultimately get a few laughs when they show up somewhere in public. Shirts like these were made to call attention to yourself (and your partner), and you'd only do something this cheeky together if you're married to your best friend. Also, their age totally comes into play in being able to see the hilarity in the situation.

Picture seeing shirts like this on a couple in their twenties. It just wouldn't be the same, would it? 

Immediately, you would probably find yourself thinking that they're being "too much" or you might just roll your eyes as you walk past them. But seeing shirts like that on a couple of this age when you know they've been through some real stuff together. Not so cheesy, more so just plain funny and sweet.

11 They leave hilarious notes inside our most prized possessions

Via: me.me

A fresh and hot pizza combined with a naughty note inside? Color us completely ready for a piece of that action. Nothing gets us right in the feels quite like a steaming pizza brought to us by our #1 love. Seriously, we really can't fathom what couples did before the invention of pizza because you really don't get anything more delicious than that.

And only your best friend (that you married) would have the gumption to leave a note like that inside the box because only with your best friend can you go light on the sentimental stuff and heavy on the seductive talk. We all know that after eating half a pizza and feeling that luxurious grease over your entire face, there's nothing like hopping in the sack with your partner to help you feel confident and alluring.

10 Real best friends don't care that you're a total geek

Via: reddit.com

When you fall in love and marry your best friend, all of those little quirks that you might find annoying in someone else just fade away because you love your best friend unconditionally. So, it doesn't matter anymore if they stay up until 2 a.m. every Saturday night playing Fortnite. 

That's literally your ultimate bestie for life right there.

So, even if they drive you crazy while you try to watch Game of Thrones because they can't stop talking about every last detail that differentiates the show from the books. Or they wear their oldest and grubbiest Smiths T-shirt out in public, you just love them anyway since you not only get their inner geek, but you support it too. Because more likely than not, they totally support yours.

9 Only best friends truly get the beauty of Target

Via: jetss.com

There's nothing like going to Target with your best friend. Whether you hit the aisles side-by-side or split up to do your own thing and meet up in an hour in the candy aisle, there's just nothing like a good old Target high. It not only brings us together with our loved ones but it helps to link us as human beings because who doesn't love Target?

We are all about this couple's wedding photo shoot at the department store because it's pretty ingenious. As a couple, they probably end up spending a good chunk of time perusing the aisles of Target, either getting their groceries or just stocking up on some daily essentials. So it only makes sense that they want to take the undying love they have for their favorite store and bring it to life for their wedding keepsakes.

8 Forget babies, that burrito love is real

Speaking of photos you take with your significant other that us normal folk tend to find totally annoying—we don't get those freaky photos that new parents take of their barely two-week-old newborn. We never fully understood those because it's not like you really get a good look at the child because they're still so young and little that they've barely even opened their eyes yet! We have only praise and adoration for this couple that decided to forego the baby and do a photo shoot with the true love of their life—a burrito.

We just love the way it rests so beautifully in their hands in its little foil packet.

They look at it so adoringly and make sure to put it skin to skin (as they tell every new parent). This is just one of the most fabulous and inventive things in the world that only two best friends could come up with.

7 Only true bestie couples get cute tattoos together

We admit it. We are a total sucker for a cute tattoo that's puny and sickeningly sweet and almost makes you want to gag, but instead fills you with feelings of pure relationship status envy. And when you add that together with one that's featured on your spouse? We are way more than down for that!

Sure, some might say that getting coordinating tattoos with your husband or wife is a stupid idea because you're quite possibly branding yourself with something that in all actuality has a good possibility of failing. But the way this couple went about things was just too plain cute to not be fully appreciated. Plus, tattoos like this are totally cool on their own, so if things should go south, it wouldn't be a total embarrassment to your body.

6 When you're literally on top of each other playing games

For those married spouses who enjoy gaming with one another, things can go from zero to a hundred really fast. So, it's almost a wonder that they still enjoy being literally on top of one another as they fight (so to speak).

But only true best friends are that comfortable with one another and maybe even are looking to use their wiles as a distraction for their #1 gaming buddy.

Stop and think about that for a second. You're gaming away and find yourselves on the most important level of the whole thing. That's the exact moment where you position yourself in just the right spot that makes things very hard for your partner to fully concentrate on the task at hand. Well played, players!

5 Work and play overlapping

We love this cute photo of this young couple doing their thing together because it allows us to see the closeness between them as they are literally on top of one another, one playing a video game while the other person gears up for some work. Their bond is so tight that they are literally intertwined while just hanging out in their humble abode, doing life's most mundane or enjoyable tasks. A best friend gets that sometimes we can't be super involved with one another in terms of conversation and joking around, but the spouse inside each of these two gets that it doesn't mean we don't desire that sense of closeness or physicality. This is the best of both worlds right here because they're each working on whatever they need to be doing while still enjoying a little lap time.

4 Bestie spouses get that bacon is the way to one's heart

Via: buzzfeed.com

Sure, best friends exist to be there for you in the good times and the bad, but there's also something to be said for when they understand that it's only 9 a.m. and you've already had the longest morning of your life and they decide to leave you the last piece of bacon. That's not just a run of the mill spouse right there. That's a next level kind of love.

That's the kind of love that perhaps saw you through college. Maybe you started out as just friends and they watched you date idiot after idiot until one night you finally looked up and realized that they had been standing there the entire time. It takes a true best friend and life partner to forego that last piece of bacon (and make a sappy joke out of it). So, to the person who took one for the team with this one, we salute you.

3 Best friends look after each other...during that time of the month

If there's one thing we think every man should feel comfortable with, it would have to be going to the store and confidently buying feminine hygiene products for their girl. If you're married, we'd like to think that maybe such a task becomes something of a routine because we all know that tricky bugger shows up every month, whether you want it or not.

A true best friend knows that along with surfing the crimson wave (thanks Clueless for that gem), is a whole host of other symptoms like cramps, bloating, headaches, moodiness and the most intense food cravings that a woman can experience.

Among those cravings usually is chocolate.

Buying tampons with a side of sweets is any husband's best bet to meet their wife crying tears of joy the second they come into the door. Seriously, to every husband out there with a hormonal wife—try this trick next time you come home and you will not be sorry!

2 Perhaps the funniest couple costume to ever exist

Only best friends would be able to rock couples' Halloween costumes quite like this. We wonder whose idea it was? We're going to guess the guy since he looks crazy into it with his horse face and the level of gusto he has while holding up that sign. One things for sure, they're both fully into it and probably won some sort of Halloween contest. Because when you're married to your best friend and both of you have a sense of humor, this is the type of thing you come up.

Sure, it's pretty simple and a costume that doesn't require a lot of thinking and planning, but as it goes with most young millennial couples out there, they don't seem to allot much time for anything too elaborate. Why put all that effort into something when you can be lazy and cute and still manage to please the masses?

1 When even your kid can see the love

There's something to be said when two funny people get married, build a life together and come out the other side with an even funnier kid. What's even better is when that kid takes the great things he sees in his parents' marriage and brings it to social media for everyone to rejoice in.

There's nothing like a kid cracking a clever joke at his parents' expense on social media for all to see. 

We loved seeing this post because at first glance, you can't help but chuckle to yourself about this kid's keen observations on life and love when it comes to his parents. But when you fully step back and think about what that husband is doing for his wife, you can't help but realize that it's simply his best friend he's helping to make happy and that kid of theirs is just privy to this kind of magic all the time. And what a beautiful thing that is.

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