15 People Who Look So Much Like Pets, It's Unbelievable

Seeing a person walk down the street with their pet can be a sweet experience. Maybe the owner talks to the dog or stops to give him a pat.

Seeing a person walk down the street with their pet can be a sweet experience. Maybe the owner talks to the dog or stops to give him a pat. But, it’s hard not to do a double take when the pet and owner look more like brothers, than normal dog and person pairs. Do these people buy these pets just because they look alike? Or, have they morphed into looking like their pets because of all the time they spend with one another? While it’s hard to say for sure, it’s also hard to believe that people and their pets could have this much in common. While dog may be man’s best friend, does he really have to look that much like man? Apparently so, in these cases!

15 Complete with white hair and beards

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It’s possible that this man and pooch didn’t always look alike. After all, the dog has always been white, but the man’s hair probably changed into that color after a few years, thanks to aging. But today, the resemblance is evident. All the man has to do is let his hair get a little longer, so it will cover his eyes more and he’ll have a virtual twin. Add a little black nose paint and voilà—no one can tell the two apart any longer! When they walk around this way, the dog sitting on the man’s shoulder and all, it’s even more apparent that they have a lot in common. Perhaps the dog should walk the sidewalk, so not everyone will point and stare.

14 Waves for days

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Wow! Look at these two! They both have a very classy, pretty quality about them, don't they? The most obvious similarity between them is the hair and fur. Both are similar shades and texture. They also have big, brown eyes in common. And the noses? Yep, they match, too. Even their face shape is the same!

They say that people are drawn to the familiar...so maybe that explains why she chose this particular dog. Her hair is unique, so maybe she just wanted a pet that's more similar to her than different. She made a great choice! We wonder if their similarities end there, or if their personalities are the same, too.

13 Nearly hairless creatures

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Who should we feel sorry for here…the wrinkly, hairless kitty or the wrinkly, nearly hairless man? Neither are particularly cute, right? And it’s quite possible that neither appreciate this comparison. But, you’ve got to admit, they look quite a bit alike! If only the cat would meow or yawn, you’d really see it! Hey, if he doesn't want to be compared to a cat like this, he needs to put a shirt on! He should probably do that anyway…or at least, get the cat a sweater, so it’s hairlessness isn’t shown quite as much. Hopefully, if these two ever travel together, they find a way to keep one another warm. Maybe that’s why the man grew his hair longer (to stave off the chill).

12 Filled with fluffy curls

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Some dogs have a natural curl and fluff to their hair. It makes them look soft, approachable and adorable! This woman isn’t someone we would approach to pet, of course, but her hair certainly matches her dog’s hair. If they lie down together and the dog settles near her head, it would probably be hard to figure out where her hair begins and the dog’s ends. The color and texture look quite a bit alike. Is this a coincidence or did she get this dog because she already knew how to style hair like this? The dog’s small face fits into her appearance, as well, since she has a small nose. With her sunglasses, she even matches the dog's small beady eyes, too.

11 Ginger guinea pigs and boys

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Sometimes, red heads have it rough. They have the freckles, the red cheeks and a penchant for getting nasty sunburns. But, what about red-headed guinea pigs? It’s hard to say! One thing we know for sure, though, is that this guinea pig and this boy have more in common than meets the eye. Their coloring and round cheeks are nearly identical. We wonder if the boy has a white stripe on his back, too…It’s nice for a red-haired boy to have a good friend with red hair, too. He might feel different at school with not too many others like him, but at least he can bond with a creature exactly like him at home! The fur probably prevents sunburns on the guinea pig, though.

10 One family, one look

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There’s nothing like the bond between a girl and her dog. They laugh together, play together, eat together and sleep together. Sometimes, they even look exactly alike…or at least, these two do! Their blonde hair is identical and the big, brown eyes keep the trend going. Put a couple of ponytails on the girl and it looks like she has puppy ears, just like her dog. Even their smiles look alike. This girl and her dog have a tight bond, there’s no doubt. She even wants to dress accordingly, so they can match from head to toe as much as possible. Take a quick glance and see if you can tell which is which! It’s not as easy as it seems if you look away fast enough!

9 Small eyes and puffy hair galore

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Little dogs are so much fun. They can be rather feisty and noisy, but they’re easy to cart around with you wherever you go. We wonder if this woman takes her dog everywhere because she likes dogs or because the dog is actually her long lost twin. This duo has plenty in common—just take a look! First, there’s the hair color. The blonde highlights, with a slightly darker shade mixed in looks quite similar. Then, there’s the squinted eyes. That happens sometimes when you smile big, like these two. And their grins are similar, as well! Did the woman dye her hair to look more like her dog or was this all a happy coincidence? They both seem to enjoy it and so do we!

8 Dogs and people with long noses

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There are some breeds of dogs that are known for having long noses. Here is one such dog. As with animals, people come in all shapes and sizes. Some people have round faces, while others have long faces. This man matches his dog simply because of their long, narrow faces. His long nose continues the trend while his haphazard, unkempt hair keeps it going even further. And then, there’s the coloring. The dog’s tan fur mimics the man’s face and the dog even has shades of gray to go along with the man’s hair. Other than sheer size, there aren’t many elements in which these two don’t match. Put an army green coat on the dog and have the man walk on all fours and you’d have a real match!

7 Pets and owners who pant together...

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It’s obvious that these two get along better than any other dog and owner. They have the same look, the same mannerisms and the same expression. Their faces are mirrored in one another, with their small eyes and wide noses. Even their coloring is similar and since the dog has short hair, he looks like this man, who shaves his head. When the dog pants, the man pants. That’s how in sync they are! All we need to confirm this twinhood is for the man to step into the picture a bit more and turn around so we can see his neck. Do you think it’s as wrinkly as the dog’s? If so, they were surely separated at birth. A strange birth, but…

6 Soulful eyes and more

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Dogs often win humans over with that soulful look they get in their eyes when they really want something. It’s hard to resist throwing table scraps when they look at you like that! This human and animal pair both have that soulful expression down pat and that’s just the beginning of this comparison. The long faces, complete with long noses, skinny bodies and ears that stand out a bit all come together to show a dog and human that look more alike than not. If the man wore a different color and smiled, perhaps they would look a bit different, but as is, this comparison is off the charts. Hopefully, this pair is happy with one another because they were obviously meant to be together!

5 '80s hair at its finest

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We all know what hair was like in the '80s. Whether you were around in the '80s or not, you’ve seen the scary pictures. Have you ever wondered what a dog from the '80s would look like? Well, thanks to this picture, now you know! This pooch didn’t tease her hair or use hairspray (we hope!) she just has naturally poofy hair. Everyone in the '80s would have envied her natural look. Instead of just wishing she had that hair, the woman in the picture goes for it and attempts to get the same look going on her own head. She and the dog are two of a kind and look great together. With the same shade and coloring, they look like they came straight out of the '80s together!

4 Poodles and boys with poodle hair

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Poodles have very soft, thick, curly hair. They were born that way! They can’t help it! But there are some boys that were born that way, as well and this is one of them. Not only does this boy have hair that looks (and probably feels) like a poodle’s, but he also happens to have the same color hair as this particular poodle. How does that go over when he has friends at his house? Does he get a new nickname each time or does he just never invite anyone over? The long face and serious expression seals the deal. These two look like they came from the same litter. Luckily, the boy isn’t outfitted with a shock collar like the dog has…for now, at least.

3 Adorable rolls for everyone

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Fat rolls are adorable on two creatures and two creatures alone…babies and dogs. These two are taking cute to a whole new level by combining their rolls all in one picture. The baby will likely outgrow this cute stage, while the dog won’t. The dog will grow, but his rolls will remain in place. These two look like they are meant for one another. With any luck, the dog won’t feel too bad as the baby grows up and stretches out and the dog does not. They will always have this picture to remember how they started out looking like twins with their round faces, soft skin and huge, adorable rolls on their arms, legs and back.

2 Wrinkles happen to many creatures

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Not everyone feels bad when they get wrinkles because for some people, it means they get to look more like their dogs. Okay, so maybe not. But, in this case, the man really does look like his dog! Both man and dog have strong jaws and stern expressions. Their wrinkle patterns are so similar, it’s eerie. Wrinkles must not be like fingerprints (unique to each individual). We just want the pooch to put his paw up on his face so we can see if his paw is as big as the man’s hand. Otherwise, these two are enjoying getting older together. And they don’t care what anyone says about their look. No botox for them! No special face creams, either! Just let it go!

1 Wow, just wow

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If there was a contest on this page, these two would be the winners for the best look-alike photo. The long faces, the big eyes, the dark hair, the small chins—it’s all there. The girl even nailed the dog’s expression to a T. Do these two spend a lot of time together perfecting the look? Or do they really just look that much alike? We can’t believe our eyes! Humans and pets are often good together. Pets can brighten any day and bring a lot of love to a human. But, can you believe that there are this many out there that look that much alike? Have you taken a look at your pet lately? Place him or her next to you the next time you look in the mirror. You might be surprised by what you see!

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