15 People Who Made Cursed Images With Face Swap

Ah, yes. Face Swap. Just one of the many ways in which we busy human beings can waste our valuable time on our phones. We've all got better things to do, like running those errands or shopping for new clothes or finishing up that project for work, but why bother doing those things when they are precisely no fun whatsoever? Why do anything unless it's silly and nonsensical? We don't understand. Fortunately, we don't have to worry our pretty heads over this conundrum because, again. Face Swap.

Face Swap may not accomplish anything other than hilarity, but we don't care. As long as we can switch faces with statues, paintings, friends and pets, we'll be satisfied. We're so easy to please. But as much as we love Face Swap, sometimes it doesn't work out so well. Sometimes, even though the Face Swap goes off without a hitch, the results are disconcerting to say the least. Other times, it swaps a person's face not with the face of another person (or animal or doll or picture or whatever), sometimes it picks up on other things that make no sense. These 15 people who made cursed images with Face Swap show just how weird that app can get.

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15 The two cutest freaks of nature around

Dogs are perfect for Face Swaps because they're totally down to do whatever their owners want. They're just like, "My human bestie wants to take a selfie with me so we can switch faces, which will, in all probability, lead to catastrophic results? Alright, cool! Let's do this! This is radical!" Dogs are just so happy to be included most of the time, they couldn't care less what the activity is. Cats on the other hand? Well, that's a different story. We're not saying that they don't like to be involved, it's just that it has to be their choice, not their owner's. But either way, cats are always skeptical.

Even though their faces have been thoroughly swapped, it's easy to see that that husky was down for this, and that kitty was unsure right from the get-go. But, alas, there is naught that either of them can do, now, for the damage has been done. And though this Face Swap has resulted in quite the cursed image, it has made us realize something that we've never realized before. We want these animals to exist. Mad scientists? It's time to start focusing those genetic experiments on creating husky cats and kitty huskies. We need both, stat!

14 Nothing but bad dreams can come of this picture

It's too bad The Twilight Zone doesn't come on anymore, because with all the crazy apps and technology around these days, there would be no end of inspiration for the writers. We look at this picture, and it's so upsetting, we keep waiting for Rod Serling to step out from behind the corner and go into a monologue about how this nurse in training was just trying to have a laugh on her break. About how she thought it would be so hilarious to swap faces with the patient dummy, and about how it all went bad when she realized an evil magician had tampered with her phone, causing her to become trapped in the dummy's body herself, and, in turn, giving the dummy life it's not qualified to have. That's just what happens when someone enters...The Twilight Zone.

Ah, we did our best, but it's just not the same without the black and white film, the cigarette and Rod Serling's casual manner and deep voice. Anyway, point is, even though this Face Swap isn't a Twilight Zone episode, the spooky factor is definitely there. If this lady's job was to ensure that we won't get a bit of sleep tonight, then she can consider her mission accomplished.

13 This was a good decision

Most decisions in life are just crapshoots. There's no way of knowing if what we do will work out, we just have to take that leap of faith and trust that it will, and if it doesn't, then we have to wait until the next opportunity comes along so we can latch onto it like a bug latches onto a leaf in the middle of a stream because the stream is wider than the bug thought, and the bug isn't strong enough to swim the distance. Hmm. Was that analogy a bit far-reaching? Ah, well. We're sticking with it. Just chalk it up as another one of life's crapshoots.

When given the opportunity to take a Face Swap with this lady in the magazine, this guy had a choice.

Either do the mature adult thing, and let said opportunity fall by the wayside, or do the immature childish thing, whip out his phone and let the shenanigans ensue. Now, it's obvious to us that this guy, though he had a choice, really didn't have a choice. If he just let this opportunity pass, there's no way he would have been able to forgive himself down the line. Yes, this is a cursed image. But we can see why he had to do it.

12 This Face Swap is awesomeme

We're happy that this girl is happy with her Face Swap, and we can't deny that it is pretty funny, but the longer that we look at it, the more we wish we had never laid eyes on it in the first place. It's just it...well, it gives us the heebie jeebies, that's all. And since we're fond of neither the heebies nor the jeebies, we'd like to send this meme-loving girl a cease and desist letter to stop this cursed image at once, if you please, madam.

Sheesh, what is this?! It's like all of these people woke up today with a hankering for making our lives miserable with their perturbing Face Swaps. Hey, look, we have a hard enough time focusing as it is, alright? The last thing that we need diverting our attention away from all of the stuff that we have to do is that nagging little voice in the back of our head telling us that the Face Swap we saw today of that one girl in the meme shirt is going to hide in our closet and eat our soul in the middle of the night! We don't need this right now, we're under enough pressure as it is!

11 Good going, Face Swap, that's exactly what he wanted to do

Via: me.me

Gaw lee, Face Swap, you don't have to be so insulting. Not only did you refuse to swap this guy's face with his dog, which we know you know was what he was really trying to do, but you lost all sense of chill by essentially saying to him, "I think you're so unattractive, you don't even look like you would have the face of a dog. You look like this one section of your brick house with a pipe for a nose." And, know what else, Face Swap? You're also insulting that beautiful pupper back there by refusing to acknowledge that his face is face-like.

You can insult humans, Face Swap, but you leave the dogs alone. That's where we draw the line.

Face Swap, you had better figure out exactly how to stay in your lane, because this kind of cursed image creation is uncalled for and downright unjust. We get it, man, sometimes you get a little bored on the job. Sometimes you have to get your kicks where you can. We couldn't be more sympathetic. But we all have a job to do, Face Swap, and we should do it with pride, dignity and sans snark (which sounds kinda like a Game of Thrones character, but isn't).

10 Here's the real Cookie Monster

All it takes is one look at that happy little cookie to realize it's one of the cutest things on the face of the planet. Honestly, so adorbs! As if chocolate chip cookies couldn't get anymore perfect, and then this one saunters its little rear end out of the oven all smiley and cheerful. How could anyone not be filled with squee about this? We would have a tough time trying to eat this cookie, that's for sure. We mean, we're sure we could muscle through, but still. Our soul would hurt for a few seconds.

But this precious little cookie went from cute to catastrophic the minute its baker decided to use the Face Swap app. She probably thought this was all fun and games. Probably thought to herself, "Hey, how could this possibly not work out well?" Sadly, she found out how it could possibly not work out well. Face Swap, we know you were just doing your job on this one, buddy, so we're not blaming you for this. We're just saying that a cursed image was created here and Face Swap was implicated. Of all of the two cookie monsters we've seen, we prefer the one from Sesame Street to this one. Yikes!

9 That's why we never fall asleep on airplanes

We know that earlier on in the post, we as good as said that Face Swap is a waste of time, but sometimes in life, you need to waste time. Like, when you're sitting in a doctor's office, for instance, or when you're waiting for those cookies you put in the oven to finish so that you can face swap with the cutest one on the pan. Another case in which you need to waste time is when you're on a plane. And the longer the flight, the more things you need to distract yourself with.

Face Swap is perfect for in-flight entertainment, even if the swaps you make result in cursed images.

Look, let's just face facts. When you're on a plane, you would do anything—anything—to pass the time. It's so boring up there! You're crammed into a tin can a billion feet up in the air, there's kids crying and old people snoring, the whole shebang. Your mission is to just come out of this alive and with your will to live intact. So if creating some images that society as a whole wishes didn't exist is what you have to do to see yourself through, then go for it. We understand.

8 This Face Swap is a little fruity

Fruit is good for oh, so many things. Things like, oh, we don't know. Keeping your bowel habits regular and keeping your skin clear. It's good for regulating your metabolism and fruit even helps lower your risk for certain diseases, like certain cancers and heart disease. Pretty cool, eh? Oh, and, let's not forget that fruits are also good for preventing scurvy. Ask any pirate and they'll tell you that much real fast. But there's one other thing that fruits are good for that, up until now, science has been completely unaware of. See, fruit is also perfect for creating cursed images via Face Swap.

His eyes say, "Orange," and his mouth says, "Banana," and that old knock-knock joke says, "Orange you glad I didn't say banana?" But the face that was once this guy's, which now belongs to that countertop back there thanks to Face Swap, says, "Please help me! Oh, for the love of all that is good in this world! What have I done?!" Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to help this poor fellow, now. Nothing at all. So sad. Tragic, even. But! We can learn from his mistake. So the next time you get the urge to Face Swap with some fruit, don't.

7 What in all nine circles of Dante's Inferno is this?!

Alright, Face Swap, that. Is. IT! We have HAD IT with your shenanigans! We were willing to play along with your little charade for a long time. We never said word one about your decision to swap that one girl's face with the sleeping passenger behind her on that airplane, or about your choice to switch out that guy's face with the brick exterior wall of his house, instead of his dog. Well, actually, we did question those decisions. But still, we were just rolling with it because we thought it was just as funny as you thought it was.

But now you've gone too far!

We're big believers in the theory that all doggos are good doggos, but how can we confidently say that this pupper is a good boy when you've swapped his face with his owner thusly? This is no longer a dog, this is some kind of demon goblin from a bad movie from the '80s or a Goosebumps story. Gosh, we almost wish you had swapped this lady's face with part of a wall or something. It still would have been a cursed image, but at least it wouldn't have been this bad. No one deserves to see this!

6 Camera Face, Marvel's newest superheroine!

Ah! Now then, that's better! We'll take a Face Swap in which one of the person's face is swapped with an inanimate object and/or the face of something that wasn't supposed to be swapped with, over that last picture of the demon dog Face Swap gone wretchedly awry picture any day of the week. You see what Face Swap does to us? It gives us pictures that are so unfortunate, so bad dream-inducing that we actually find ourselves wishing it would take us back to the regular old cursed image Face Swaps. You're one twisted mama jama, Face Swap.

Well, the joke's on you this time around, Face Swap. For in your attempt at creating a cursed image, you have instead given Marvel Comics a premise for a new character. Da-da-da-DAAA! Fear not, dear citizens, for your heroine is here to save the day, and her name is Camera Face! We can see it now—a series of comics books, which will, obviously, become so popular that they inspire a movie franchise. A line of t-shirts, games and action figures. Smile and say, "Cheese," you ne'er-do-wells, because Camera Face is snapping your picture and throwing you in the slammer. Remember, kids, crime doesn't pay.

5 Enough with the duck face already

Via: 9gag.com

Ugh! Can you not make the duck face for your pictures, please? That is so earlier half of the 2010's, and, for our part, we would like to move on, now. If you want to bring an old trend back, why not try the Rick Roll? Or planking, that was a nice one. But let's leave the duck face where it belongs: in the past. Oh, wait. This is just a Face Swap. Sorry, our bad. You know, actually, now that we know this image is supposed to be a joke, we can admit, it is pretty funny.

This Face Swapper "quacks" us up! Get it? "Quack"? Because that's what ducks say? Oh, we're a caution.

To be sure, this is still a cursed image. It's just that, at the same time, we like it. And we can see where this guy was coming from. When life gives you lemon—or, in this case, the chance to take a picture with a giant rubber duck in which you and said duck have traded faces—then you make lemonade—or, in this case, you take the Face Swap picture and you post the cursed image to the internet for all the world to see. Makes sense to us.

4 Yeah, that makes a lotta sense

Like plastic surgeons, identity thefts and people who sell masks for events like Halloween, costume parties and Carnevale di Venezia, Face Swap is in the business of changing one person's face out for another person's (or pet's or whatever else's) face. And, for the most part, it does its job and it does it well. We have no complaints. Except that was a lie, and we do have complaints. We've got a whole huge list of gripes we would like to make about Face Swap's inability to swap faces just like it's supposed to. But since we don't want to bore you with those details, we'll just stick to complaining about this cursed image in particular.

Since Face Swap—surprise, surprise—swaps faces, it must be pretty darn good at identifying those faces, wouldn't you say so? Well, that's where you would be wrong. Apparently, Face Swap ain't so great at distinguishing between faces and, say, the skin around a person's eye. And that's why we have images like this highly cursed one. Hey, we're not saying this isn't funny, we're just saying it's strange as flip, and we could have gone our whole lives without seeing such a display of strangeness.

3 Giving new meaning to the phrase "baby daddy"

What? You mean to tell us that you thought that "baby daddy" was a phrase that people use to describe the father of a child? Ha! That's where you're incorrect, cupcake. See, thanks to this cursed Face Swap, "baby daddy" has gotten itself a brand new definition, and it's one that's significantly more upsetting and totally uncalled for. In fact, the new definition is so bad, we wish it would go away forever. We're sorry that we even brought it up in the first place.

This baby daddy and his daddy baby are so unsettling, we might just have to boil our eyeballs in a vat of bleach to erase the memory of this from our brain.

Face Swap, you should pat yourself on the back, you sick deviant. You have outdone yourself this time around, buddy boy, and this accomplishment ranks so high up on the "what in the world" scale of SMH-ery, we can't help but think you should be proud of yourself for this accomplishment. To be sure, you should also be ashamed of yourself. This picture's so bad, it deserves an award for its badness, but it's also so bad that we wish our psyche had never been exposed to it.

2 Well, the eyes *are* the window to one's soul

We're still feeling a tad bit wigged out by that one Face Swap with the woman and the goblin dog, and we're just so busy thanking our lucky stars right now that this isn't part two of that little crap show that we're actually not too upset by this image, though it be most intensely cursed. Besides, maybe Face Swap was trying to tell us something. Something important. Maybe the message that Face Swap was attempting to convey here is that we, as human beings, need to step back and evaluate how we look at people.

Perhaps, in its own way, Face Swap was trying to show us that we need to realize that the eyes are the window to a person's soul, and that staring into someone's eyes is an intimate experience. It's a chance for us to connect with others, not just on a personal level, but on a metaphysical level. It's a chance for us to reach out to them and connect with them in a way so deep and magical that we never even thought it possible. Or, maybe Face Swap just goofed up again and we're reading way too much into it. It could go either way.

1 Hey there, doll face

Looks like somebody didn't learn their lesson when they saw that one Face Swap of the woman with the patient dummy. Gee whiz, people, haven't you figured it out by now? No one wants to see you switch mugs with a doll—or a dummy or an action figure or whatever else kind of inanimate humanoid thing out there. There's not a person on this planet who has ever thought to themselves, "Hm. I wonder what that guy down in H.R. would look like if he had a Cabbage Patch doll face?" That's a ridiculous thought.

This guy's got a real doll face, but it's a lot less adorable and a lot more upsetting than it sounds.

In the moments we fritter away, even though we have more important things to do, we convince ourselves that unworthy endeavors are worthy ones. If this guy hadn't been procrastinating, common sense would've told him to drop this idea like a hot potato. But common sense was sitting on the sidelines. The coach benched it for the game because this guy didn't want to work on what he should've been working on, and instead chose to spend his time creating cursed images. See? Idle hands really are the devil's workshop.

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