15 Senseless People Who Make Our Mistakes Look Golden

We all make mistakes, so no one is immune to a good-old embarrassing fail or blunder. It's amazing how social media has taken the good old "oops" and amplified a few of them to epic proportions. Anytime you do something massively asinine you should do a quick glance around your environment just to make sure no one is snapping your picture to upload to Snapchat or recording a video to put on YouTube. Your fail could make you an instant star, but it won't be because of your sheer talent or charismatic personality.

It will be because someone caught you doing something terribly mortifying. Welcome to the age of technology and social media my friends. Anyone can gain notoriety, all they have to do is be a fool. These fifteen people are internet sensations thanks to their blunders, fails and mishaps and while it seems cruel to sometimes expose stupidity, you have to admit it is pretty hilarious.

Some folks can't help but give into their blunder instincts.

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15 Tell him, Grannie

Parents are embarrassing as all get out, but grandparents can pretty much say or do whatever they want and they get a pass. For some reason, grannies and grandpas never seem to mortify us in the same way as mom and dad do. Every single wacky thing they dream up comes off as cute and adorable. Thank goodness for this because elderly people are the kings and queens of fails and blunders. Perhaps this is due to the massive gap between their generation and the fads and crazes of the new age or maybe you just hit a certain age and just stop caring what the world thinks.

Either way, we are so happy that this older generation fills our life with hilarity and joy. Take this seaside Gran, for instance. She doesn't care that there are likely tons of onlookers strolling around the boardwalk. Nope. That pelican showed some ill behavior toward her and she is going to give it to him. She doesn't give a rip that everyone watching her is dying of laughter or wondering if she is criminally insane. That bird had it coming. If your mom or dad did this, you would melt into the ocean, but Grandma does it and it's an internet sensation.

14 Some foods are worth crying over

It's OK, cry it out, girl. Heck we are getting a little bit teary-eyed for you! It is our opinion that some foods are definitely worth laying on the kitchen floor and mourning. This girl was probably thinking about that crock pot full of goodness all day long only to come home and have it end in this sort of devastation. In the blink of an eye, her dinner became three hours of sad mop and bucket chores. How do you even begin to recover from such a loss? You know that right now she is contemplating licking that stuff up off of the ground all while simultaneously trying to remember the last time she cleaned the floor. Decisions, decisions. At least her cat is able to enjoy some of this delicious mess that is covering every ounce of her kitchen. The only thing worse than knowing a meal that you looked so forward to is now cat food is knowing that no one is coming to clean that up for you. This is one of those times where you can't help but sit on the floor wondering why on earth you were ever excited to become an adult. Obviously it isn't all it is cracked up to be.

13 Deceased man walking

Oh my stars, this is one heck of a hot mess. It doesn't get much more blunder-ific than a coffin busting out through the back of a hearse window. This is a deceased man walking, folks; or rather, a deceased man shooting out onto the streets. What could the car behind him even do other than take a picture of the mess? It's just not something that you witness everyday, so no sense in keeping it all to yourself. Can you imagine the phone conversation that transpired between the hearse driver and the family of the person? "Hello ma'am? So Uncle Jerry is going to be a little bit late to his own funeral, you see. I slammed on the brakes and he flew out of the car window and is currently lying in the middle of a main road. We are doing our best to get him back on track." Who comes and helps with this type of thing anyhow? I doubt there is a AAA number that you can call specifically in case of a coffin popping through a window. At least the thing didn't open and spring decaying Uncle Jerry forth from his forever home and really make a mess of things.

12 Someone didn't pass architecture school

Do you ever wonder what happens to the college students who pass architecture school with a 1.0 grade point average? Well, here you go people—they end up designing very poorly planned playground structures. Next time you take your kids to the park and see some apparatus that looks like a cross between a torture device and something only a drunken fraternity brother would find appealing, you can be sure that some architecture school flunkie made that thing happen.

I have had my fair share of playground slide mishaps, believe me. I do, after all, have four children who occasionally rope me into getting myself off of the parents' bench and engaging in actual play with them. A sour bump on a slide can pretty much dislodge your entire body, break your tailbone and make you wet your pants. Even the well-built slides are dangerous as all get out to most adults. Something like this would injure a middle-aged person on impact. I doubt it would be much safer for kids who are just looking to have some fun on the slide. This is about the most janky, scary and dangerous piece of playground equipment that I have seen in some time. Someone needs to fix it before they get a major lawsuit.

11 Hair today, gone tomorrow

Nothing beats a good old beauty hack blunder. No matter how many of these curling iron gone horribly wrong videos are out there floating around the universe, women everywhere still go and play Russian Roulette with their tools of destruction. Sure, it fried one girl's hair right off of her head, but no way will it happen to you too! You might as well give the tutorial a whirl in an attempt to achieve Goddess-like waves of glory. This girl has plenty to freak out about because she just seared the hair right off of her head.

Some beauty blunders can be rectified with a trip to the salon, but not this one. There will be no waving of the magic curling wand to put her hair back on her head. Not only does she have to walk around town for years with crazy looking locks, but when people ask her about her strikingly different hairstyle she will likely have to tell them it is due to her trust in a YouTube video. Ladies, a good rule of thumb is to never trust what you see on the internet. This goes for supposed beauty secrets, and really life in general.

10 Red hot Grandma

This Gran felt compelled to sit down on a city bench that matched her sharp red blazer. Nevermind that there are two "wet paint" signs sitting right in front of the thing. Either she missed the signs completely or she simply could not turn down an opportunity to blend in with the street scenery. In her defense, those signs are on the ground, so they're not easily seen. Couldn't the painters have just taped that wet bench off completely?

Personally, I would be very likely to sit in the wet paint, too, knowing how I tend to miss details during the madness of life.

The problem here is once she gets up from that bench and strolls through town covered in red paint, no one will have the nerve to tell her what's become of one of her favorite outfits. Heaven knows someone of her classy nature would be mortified if she knew that she was a red hot, painted mess, so chances are no one is going to approach her and let her know that she committed a bit of a bottom blunder. I just hope that she isn't on her way to her church group or Bridge Club. She is going to have to discover this fail for herself and then run up to JCPenney to replace her slacks. Grandmas love themselves some slacks.

9 This must be a soccer mom in a rush

I can not tell you how many times I have nearly committed this exact same blunder. In the midst of life's chaos, with screaming kids in the back seat and being perpetually late while also exhausted, I have come dangerously close to tearing away from the gas pump while it was still doing its thing. I guarantee that this car belongs to a haggard soccer mom who is late for at least three things that all happen to start at once. Her kids are likely in that back seat fighting over French fries and McDonald's Happy Meal toys, and she probably hasn't changed her ratty tee shirt in three days.

It's a bit of a miracle that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often, knowing how many directions us moms are constantly being pulled in. Honestly, this is so embarrassing that if it happened to me, (which I can assure you that someday it will) I would go right home, put the house up for sale and move three towns over. Suburban mothers can never live this kind of fail down. Until the day she passes, this soccer mom will be known as "the mom who broke the gas station." If ever there was a reason to go home and pour a drink, or several, in the middle of the day, it would be this right here.

8 That is a twisted mind

Yes, these stairs are totally and completely accessible to someone in a wheelchair...said no sane person ever. Either the people in charge of this establishment have sick and twisted minds or they hired some extremely inept people to hang up their "handicap accessible" signs. Call us crazy. but we are pretty sure that sign does not belong next to a winding set of stairs. It's a bit deceiving, don't you think?

It seems like common sense would tell you to question your decision to place it there, but some sad souls truly missed out on that whole common sense chip, apparently.

There is truly something to be said for doing something yourself if you want it done right. The manager of this establishment might want to take on the duties of sign hanging from now on because his employees obviously cannot be trusted to do it correctly. Better yet, he might want to consider hiring employees who have functioning brains and are fully capable of performing simple tasks, like placing handicap signs in the appropriate spots. At least the good folks in wheelchairs know not to attempt rolling down a steep flight of stairs. This sign placement is so bad, it's good.

7 It's gonna be a long trip to the new house

If you are driving a U-Haul around, then you are likely moving precious goods from one place to another. It's a huge responsibility to pack up all of your worldly belongings and get them safely to their new spot. Imagine being in this position! Whoever is driving this truck just made a major blunder and now he is really in a sideways spot. How on earth did you miss a giant sign? It's one thing to misjudge the height of your truck and bump into the top of a sign, but to ram it so hard that your truck tips? Well, that is a feat in itself. Back the truck up and rethink what you are even doing here in the universe. Should you really be operating any type of motor vehicle? Should you even be wandering the world unsupervised? We aren't so sure after taking a peek at this gem of a driving oopsie. Not only do we want to revoke your driver's license but we also want to revoke your "out in the wide world" privileges. Some people are real hazards to themselves and dangers to the other people who sadly have to share the planet with imbeciles.

6 They probably still work

Thousands of pairs of glasses get lost every single day. My own mother forgets where she has placed hers at least a dozen times a day and at least 50% of the time, they are somewhere simple, like sitting on top of her head. I'm like this with my keys. Countless times I have momentarily lost them only to later find them in the fridge, the dryer, toy chests and my closet. While we all misplace objects each and every day, we almost always find them once we go back and trace our steps.

It is not often that we actually COOK our belongings into a loaf of bread.

This person must have been incredibly distracted to have her reading glasses fall off of her face and into a bread tin. What could have been so jarring in her world to have created such a circumstance? Maybe aliens landed in her backyard or perhaps she won the lottery. It had to be something huge for her to not notice her glasses floating around in a sea of batter. She probably popped that loaf into the oven and then spent the next hour searching every nook and cranny of the house in an attempt to locate her missing eye wear. What a sense of relief and disbelief she must have had when she took her bread out of the oven to serve.

5 Just drive it into a lake

Fun fact: I love to paint walls. I have painted every room in my own home at least twice and many of my friends' rooms to boot. I find the process of painting rooms therapeutic and creative. Rolling a fresh color on truly is the cheapest and easiest way to transform a space in a short amount of time. That being said, I have also had my fair share of painting blunders. I have accidentally splattered paint on carpeting, ceilings, clothes and even kids. One time my twin toddlers found some pink paint that I left in a tray and "helped mommy out" by making my master bathroom look like a princess crime scene.

My painting fails pale in comparison to what has happened to our colorful comrade and her car in the above image. This isn't going to be coming off anytime soon. Just drive the car into a lake and walk away because there is no salvation here, people. This would be enough for me to never again pick up a brush or a roller for all of the remaining days of my life. Something like this would be enough to scar me forever and keep me out of the Home Depot for good.

4 Some days we have no idea

After spending the day browsing the greatest fails that the internet has to offer, we aren't so sure that the answer to this question is a yes. While 90% of the people who have engaged with this computer program likely skimmed right over this spelling error, the other 10% of them got a nice little chuckle out of it. Catching spelling errors in the public forum are some of my all time favorite blunders.

Nothing will lift your spirits like catching one of these surprise messages on a crappy day, am I right?

In general, yes, I would prefer to continue existing, but sometimes I can't be for sure. Days where I run into too many people blundering and failing about without a clue as to how questionable they look does make me wonder if the human race is doomed. Why carry on in a world full of these fail experts, anyways? I'm not a quitter, though, so I always end up pushing yes and hoping for the best. Some of them have to learn from their "nopes" and make a turn for the better and brighter. You have to believe this is possible otherwise the universe is far too depressing to live in. There is a fine line between funny fails and utterly depressing fails.

3 Not very appetizing

Not that I want to judge or pigeonhole the good workers of American gas stations, but I highly doubt that being a spelling whiz is something that they must be in order to land the job working the pumps, mopping the floors and the tending to cash registers. When the average (or slightly below) intelligence employee working at this particular gas station was told to go and label the mini-doughnuts they did just as they were told...well, kind of. "Dognuts" wouldn't have been such an eyebrow raising whoops, except for the connotation surrounding the word nuts AND the size and shape of the actual food. Yep.

This is simply too awesomely bad not to celebrate it with my fine friends of the internet.  We aren't sure what kind of show this gas station is running, but pet owners who are living in the local area might want to double check all of their gate locks just in case! Knowing that "dognuts" were on the menu at the gas station up the road would certainly cause me to keep Fido on a tight leash at all times. I certainly wouldn't want the locals munching on my pup's parts. Bless the public spelling error.

2 Someone has a creative Grandma...

One of two things is happening here. Either this guy's Grannie is very progressive and completely in the know when it comes to modern, ahem, romance terminology or she is clueless as a bat and the kid's name is BJ. I can't decide which one of these scenarios makes for a better story honestly. I kind of like the notion that Grandma is looking out for her favorite grandson and hoping that his shirt attracts a certain type of girl for him in college. While that is an entertaining thought, we think that the guy's name is probably BJ and he is loved very dearly by his doting grandmother, so much so that she made him a shirt to tell the world exactly that.

He is clearly being a good sport about it and we doubt that anyone will ever tell Grannie what BJ means to the modern young adult.

This is one of those Grandparent gifts that will be remembered in this family for all times. The shirt will someday become the stuff that legends are made of. Grandparents are so freaking funny because they never mean to be. They are flawlessly and authentically hilarious all on their own. I hope and pray that she made a matching one for herself that they can sport while lunching in town together. That would make my life.

1 One of these things is not like the other

Another thing that Grandparents absolutely love, outside of creative embarrassing articles of clothing for their grown grandkids to wear is cats. Grannies in particular love some sweet, fluffy, purring pals to curl up at their feet while they knit an accidentally inappropriate sweater for their 20-year-old grandson. This grandma was happy to take in a third "kitty" because she has plenty of love and companionship to give. The problem is her eyesight is clearly not what it used to be (or perhaps she is the same gran who baked her eyeglasses into the loaf of bread) and she opened her home to a wild animal.

The good news is that looks to be about the happiest possum on the planet and the other cats seem completely oblivious to the fact that their new housemate belongs in a forest. This grandmother and her menagerie might live in perfect harmony for some time, at least until her grown daughter stops in for a visit and wets her pants at the sight of a possum running around her mother's home. Whatever. If it makes Grannie happy and doesn't have rabies, then no harm done. Possums need a little bit of love, too.

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