15 First Date Confessions That Are Horribly Awkward

We have all been on nightmare dates in our lives. Some of us are lucky enough to make it through these dates without being seriously harmed mentally, emotionally or physically, but others are not as lucky. Some people go on such horrible first dates, that they consider being alone to avoid ever dating again. The worst part of a first date is knowing what to do and say without being embarrassed. Nobody wants to be alone, and nobody wants to be with a weirdo. So what is the solution? How about don’t do something stupid on the first date to ruin the chance of getting a second one. Here are 15 people who screwed up their first dates in hilarious ways. Have a good laugh and then think about all the stupid things that could go wrong on your next date. Just remember, it can always get worse.

15 So Embarrassing

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We are all guilty of social media stalking. Make all the excuses you want, but you know you have looked up people online. When you are getting ready to date someone you haven’t met or barely know, the stalking gets serious. It’s find to be curious and want to know more about the person you will be going on a date with, but you should always remember to close your browsers and delete the search history before you go on that date. You don’t want something like this to happen. I’m sure this guy probably felt a tad bit uncomfortable, but maybe a little flattered as well. He can’t be too mad, I’m sure he has done it before too. Technology really is ruining everything.

14 There Was No Kissing In The Back Row

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Unless you are in the 4th grade, it’s never okay to take your parents out on your date. Especially if it is your first date with a person. Not only is it creepy and embarrassing, it send the message that you are too dependent on your parents. Besides, who wants to hold hands make out or even just talk and get to know someone when their parents are nearby watching and hanging on every word. It’s too much pressure and it’s just plain weird. It’s best to just go on a few dates and then decide if you want your parents to meet the person you are dating. It’s also a good idea to ask that person if they are comfortable meeting your parents. If you still need mommy and daddy to chaperone your dates, you may not be ready for a relationship.

13 She Put Them In The Soup

There is nothing worse than finding out that the person you are on a date with is a disgusting human being. If she picks and collects her scabs and public and on a date, what kind of weird stuff does she do in public? Also, where did the scabs go? Is anyone else thinking what I'm thinking? What if she put them in his soup while he was in the restroom? I don’t think I would have came back from the restroom if my date was acting so gross. Why did she have so many scabs anyways? It’s probably a good thing that things didn’t work out with the scab queen. Maybe she can find love elsewhere. Perhaps with a dermatologist? Yuck! I'm so grossed out by this!

12 It Counts To Him

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It’s always a good idea to make sure everyone is on the same level when it comes to dating. Sometimes people don’t realize they are just in the friend zone and think there is more going on than what really is. It’s not only embarrassing to not realize that you are on a first date, but to think you are on a first date only to realize the other person didn't consider it one. The least this girls could have done is pretend like she knew they were on the first date or maybe just laughed it off and said just kidding after she did tell him she didn’t know they were on a date. There are several things that could have made this better. Too bad she blew her chances with him, he may have been a great guy.

11 Never Pick Up Dates On Craigslist

If there is one thing you can count on with online dating, is that you rarely get what you see on the dating site. People lie about what they look like. Sometimes they just lie about silly things like their eye color or height. Other people really get carried away and lie about bigger things or even put up fake pictures. When you meet them they may not look anything like their photos and usually that’s not a good thing. The only thing that can make a weird online dating encounter worse is finding out the person you are on a date with is a little unstable and wants to get married right after the first date. That’s the best way to ensure there isn’t a second date.

10 I Hope They Weren't Hot

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Making a mess on a person’s lap on the first date can definitely make it less likely for a seconds date. Then again, it could also be a great way to have something to talk and laugh about in the future. Sure she was probably uncomfortable and maybe even a little upset, but as long as they aren't hot, I'm sure she was okay. Hey, that’s one way to get her to take her pants off right? Just kidding; not on the first date. OR maybe... if you're both on the same page. Although they probably didn’t go on a second date after this, it’s not really fair to blame the nachos is it? I can’t say I would complain about having a lap full of nachos. More for me! I'll take nachos any way I can get them. Even accidentally spilled on my lap.

9 At Least He Was Honest

A girl needs to know if the guy she is with is going to protect her or not. The first date may be a little too soon to be asking someone if they would take a bullet for you. I can see how this guy would be a little bothered by it, but is it really that bad of a thing that would cause him not to want to date her? Maybe she was asking in a way that implied that he would need to do it in the near future. Like she had a hit on her or lived in a dangerous neighborhood or something. I guess it would be a little weird to have someone randomly ask a question like this. Let’s just hope they both made it home safely and she finally found someone who was willing to take a bullet for her. This girl means business and she doesn't have time to date guys who don't feel the same.

8 Not A Great Start

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Not all ladies expect the man to pay for everything on a first date, but nobody wants to have to pay the entire bill alone. If you are on a date and want to pick up your half of a bill, that’s one thing, but when you have to pay for the whole check because your date forget his wallet, it’s a little frustrating. Forgetting a purse or wallet can happen to anyone at any time, but a first date is the worst time for it to happen. The nice thing to do would be to apologize and then offer to take the girl out on another day where he pays for everything. But then again, I guess she would have to agree to another date for that to happen.  Yeah, I don't see that happening.

7 That's Pretty Gross

When you think about everything that goes into a first date, you really can’t afford for it to go wrong. Girls and guys alike always want to look and smell their best so they can make a good first impression. When you do that and then roll in a pile of dog poop during a passionate kiss, it feels like all that hard work was a waste of time. It’s pretty hard to feel attractive when you smell awful and anything these two had going for them on their first date probably went out the window. Maybe after she went home and showered, they could call or text each other? I don’t think I could handle a second date, no matter which person I was in this situation.

6 Way To Sound Cool

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Sometimes the hardest part of a first date is just knowing what to say. No matter how confident you are, you don’t want to mess up and say something stupid. Most of us want our dates to be impressed and want to know more about us. We try to talk about the things we enjoy and care about so our dates can decide if they want to continue things or not. I assumed this girl really likes cows. There’s nothing wrong with telling a date that. When you tell them cows are your best friend, it sounds a little weird. I doubt there was a second date so let’s just hope this poor girl has plenty of cows to keep her company when she get lonely. Way to sound cool.

5 Did He Cry?

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It’s kind of cute when couples play fight on a first date. It’s a fun way to break the ice and get physical in a safe and appropriate way. It can even lead to more romantic things. You know what’s not romantic? A trip to the emergency room after an elbow to the groin. We may think it’s funny when guys get hit in the crotch, but it hurts and sometimes it can actually cause severe injuries. Of course, the fact that this girl didn’t mean to do it should be enough to make the guy forgive her. If he didn’t want to take her out again on another date just because she accidentally hurt him, she must have elbowed him pretty hard. He could also just be embarrassed that he got hurt while wrestling with a girl.

4 Nobody Likes A Crazy Person

It's fine to have a few drinks on a first date. Maybe even enjoy a few before a date to help take away some of the nervousness and anxiety. When drinking becomes such a problem that it interferes with the date, it could be an issue. Nobody wants to date someone who get so drunk they can't even carry on a conversation or be good company. It’s easy to see why this guy never asked this girl out on any more dates. It sounds like she needs some serious help. Hopefully she got her drinking under control so she doesn’t miss out on any other relationships. It’s sad when people can’t drink casually and have to let it interfere with the things that should matter in life.

3 Just Run Away...Fast

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I’m pretty sure if this happened to me I would be concerned for my safety and probably call the police. What a creep! Who says or does something like this? If this guy really had doubts about being able to control himself around a woman, why wasn’t he getting professional help instead of going out on dates? He literally had to give the girl a weapon in case she needed to injure him to save herself. What is wrong with this guy? Does he have a history of attacking women? Why take her out in the middle of nowhere? Why didn’t she just run away right then and there? I can’t even handle this one. This guy doesn’t need a second date, he shouldn’t be dating at all.  I'm surprised this girl ever dated again.

2 Way To Break The Ice

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Okay, let’s all be honest, we have all said some pretty stupid stuff on dates. When you are just meeting someone for the first time and don’t know a lot about that person, it can be hard to come up with things to talk about. So what is a person to do? Start throwing out random facts. It seemed to work for this girl. Who doesn’t like animals? Might as well talk about animal reproduction. It could have been worse. I really can’t think of anything that would be more embarrassing to randomly blurt out on a first date, but i’m sure there are plenty of things. Still, no reason to avoid a second date. There are a lot more interesting animal facts out there.

1 He Thought It Was An Important Question

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There is a time and place for sexual questions, and the first date is neither the time nor place. Choosing to have sex on a first date is up to the two people on the date. Some people are comfortable with it and others aren’t. Usually you know or pick up vibes from another person if things are headed that way. Simply coming out and asking is a little weird. That’s the kind of thing you learn about a person after you have been with them for a while. It’s easy to see why these two never had a second date. Not only is this rude and offensive, it’s somewhat creepy. I would have probably slapped him in the face and walked away. It’s pretty easy to figure out what he was looking for on that date.

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