15 People Who Really Should Have Spellchecked Their Tweets

While proper grammar and spelling may not seem like a top priority when it comes to social media, misspelling or misusing a phrase or word can drastically change the meaning of your post. These 15 examples show how important it is to spellcheck your social media posts before sending them into the black hole that is the Internet. Otherwise, your typo will live on in cyberspace and everyone will be able to remember your flop. Now, misspelling “and” as “adn” is not the type of typo we’re talking about. No, we’re talking about misspelling “orgasm” as “organism” and “lactose intolerance” as “lack toe tolerance”. As you’ll see, making errors as grievous as these can really change the meaning of what you’re saying and give people some good laughing material. So, let this be a warning to always, always, always check your spelling and grammar before posting!

Consider yourself warned.

15 Hypocritical Hippocrates

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Not many youth of today know who the ancient philosophers were let alone have a strong opinion on them. While Hippocrates had some interesting views on religion, we don’t think that’s whom this Twitter user meant to reference when she made this rant. By misspelling “hypocrite” as “Hippocrates”, this social media maven had everyone thinking she had taken up an interest in ancient Greek philosophy. It’s obvious this is a mistake since the ancient Greeks weren’t known for their crazy-party lifestyles back in the day- though they did love their wine. We bet this Twitter user got a surprise on Sunday morning when all the hypocrites she thought she had called out informed her of her spelling difficulties. Before you call anyone out on Twitter, make sure you have the proper name first!

14 An Awkward Orgasm

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While we’re glad this guy enjoyed his meal, we don’t think his Twitter followers enjoyed his latest tweet as much. There’s not many people who want a live organism in their mouth when they’re eating and who would be happy about it. That’s how we know this Twitter user confused “orgasm” with “organism”. So, while he meant to say his first meal of the day had tasted so good it gave him an orgasm, it actually seems like he was saying an organism was in his food. We’d be too grossed out to share that on Twitter if that actually happened! We’re glad his food tasted so delicious, but we feel bad that this guy had such a public Twitter flop. Hopefully this incident educated him in proper spelling so the next time he wanted to tweet about his food he could do so without the awkward typo.

13 The Wounded Womb

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At first glance, it seems this Twitter user is talking about the struggles of her recent pregnancy. The person who hurt them must be the baby and this Twitter user must be referencing how painful childbirth was. At least time will heal her wound, right? However, this social media user actually misspelled “wounds” as “wombs”. That’s a pretty big spelling mistake and could definitely confuse anyone who didn’t know this person wasn’t actually pregnant in real life. Though this tweeter probably meant to call out someone who wronged them, the person in question may not have even realized the tweet was about them thanks to this spelling fail. Time may heal all wounds, but once you make a typo as funny as this it’s on the Internet forever, so proceed with caution the next time you plan on tweeting out some shade.

12 Who's Barry?

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This social media user took to Twitter to tweet out to someone who seems to be ignoring them. But what was supposed to be a shade-filled tweet turned into a hilarious spelling fail. Instead of saying “bury the hatchet”, @StarMathers said “barry the hatchet” instead, making it seem like she was referring a hatchet whose name is Barry. It’s not unusual for people to give inanimate objects names, but naming a hatchet Barry seems too far-fetched and random. And it’s even more confusing why she’d be referring her hatched named Barry when she’s talking about something completely irrelevant. The popular phrase “bury the hatchet” makes a lot more sense in this context, so we’re going to assume there’s no hatchet named Barry out there. We hope this Twitter user got all her ducks in a row by both dealing with whoever was ignoring her and picking up a dictionary.

11 No Toe, No Date

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Well, this is an interesting criterion to have for a significant other. While many people say that smoking or having no job is a dealbreaker, @iAlexJr_ tweeted that he could never date a girl who is “lack toe tolerance”. It seems this guy won’t date a girl who lacks a toe or two, or even just lacks tolerance in their toe (whatever that means). That’s a pretty specific thing to be avoiding in a potential girlfriend. We sure wouldn’t know how to ask someone if they “lack toe tolerance” on the first date. But, what this guy really meant to say was that he could never date a girl who is lactose intolerant, as she wouldn’t’ be able to consume dairy products. Thus the two couldn’t go out for ice cream, sundaes, cheese fries, or the like. While lactose intolerant makes a lot more sense in the context of the tweet, that’s still a peculiar thing to avoid in our books.

10 The Grammar Nazi

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We totally understand getting annoyed and frustrated with people’s poor spelling and grammar. But before you go and rant about that on social media, you should make sure your grammar is up to par. @dominic_thebash tweeted about how much he hates when you can’t understand someone’s text because of their poor grammar. But, if you look closely, you can see he made a pretty big typo in his own tweet. The tweeter spelt grammar with an “e” instead of an “a”, proving he has just as bad spelling as those he’s criticizing. His silly mistake sent the Internet into frenzy and his typo tweet has become the epitome of terrible spelling mistakes. You should always be cautious to criticize others because it might just backfire on you, like what happened to this poor tweeter. Hopefully this guy improved his own grammar before sending out anymore hot headed tweets.

9 Charades Catastrophe

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This Twitter user already admitted that she can’t speak properly, but it seems like she might not be able to spell properly either. She hugely misspelled the word “charades” as “sheraids” instead, most likely confusing her Twitter followers who had probably never heard of such a strangely spelt game. In all fairness, the word “charades” is a rather strange one and hard to spell if you’re not familiar with it. “Sheraids” is most likely how we’d spell it if we didn’t know any better- at least she spelt it how it sounds! Perhaps instead of playing a game with her sister this girl should focus on her studies. While its hilarious to make this typo once (or maybe even twice), it’d be embarrassing if this happened over and over again. Perhaps a game that focused on spelling and grammar would be more beneficial to this girl!

8 Seizure Salad

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As lovers of McDonald’s, we’re pretty familiar with all the menu items and we have to say a “seizure salad” isn’t one of them. While McDicks isn’t necessarily known for their salads, we like to think we’d know if there was a menu item with a name as crazy as “seizure”. Twitter user @laxative horribly misspelled Caesar salad when she referred to it as a “seizure salad”. We’re not sure how anyone could mistake the classic salad for this funny name, but we’re kind of into it. It sounds so much cooler to say, “I’m eating a seizure” for lunch than “I’m eating a Caesar salad”. Anything that makes us want to eat more salad is a good idea to us. We’d be down to petition McDonald’s to officially change their Caesar salad to a seizure salad. Hit us up if you’re willing to start the movement.

7 Cool for the Summer

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We don’t even know where to begin with this tweet. It took us more than a few minutes to realize this Twitter user actually wanted to say “epitome”, but instead grievously misspelled it as “apidimi”. The way she spelt it is so far off from the actual lettering that its almost impossible to understand what she wants to say. If we were too lazy to think about it, we might conclude this tweeter was speaking a foreign language. When you write it as “epitome” this tweet does make sense, though. Both the sun reflecting on your hair and the wind blowing through it does sound like the ideal backdrop for the perfect summer selfie. We hope this girl spent some of her summer working on her spelling and not just on her selfie game- otherwise she’s going to lose some Twitter followers for her grievous spelling mistakes.

6 The Bi-Curious Tweeter

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This is one Twitter typo that made us smile in the best way. Instead of writing “vicariously”, this Twitter user accidentally wrote “bicuriously”, insinuating someone’s tweets bring out the bi-curious side in him. @Brotherwags most likely didn’t mean that he was experimenting with his sexuality based on someone else’s tweets. Though it seems he’s inspired by whoever’s tweets he’s referencing, we’d be surprised if it meant he was questioning his sexuality. But, if he actually is experimenting with bisexuality, then all the power to him! Being able to love both genders is pretty awesome and it would be great if this guy was discovering his true preferences. Though this was probably just a funny spelling mistake, it’s definitely one of the better ones we’ve seen on this list. Whether you live life bi-curiously or vicariously or anything in between, just make sure you’re living it to the best of your ability!

5 Lacking Love Life

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We’re not sure what’s worse; the fact this girl is tweeting explicit things about her sex life or the cringe-worthy typo. Let’s start with the spelling mistake. Instead of saying her boyfriend never makes her orgasm, @TaylorChrist13 accidentally said he never makes her “organism”. Though our sex education may not have been entirely comprehensive, we’re confident sex doesn’t make you pop out an organism every time… unless you count a baby as an organism, which we're not sure makes sense either. It’s obvious this social media user meant to say “orgasm”, but that’s honestly just as bad. Most people regard their sex life as intimate and private and would be extremely cautious to reveal personal details on the Internet. But this girl openly shared her boyfriend isn’t as good in the sack as she’d like. That’s probably something she should have talked to him directly about instead of posting it online for everyone to see. Hopefully both her spelling and sex life has improved since this tragic tweet.

4 The "iFold" Tower

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Does this guy want to go to Paris or the Apple Store? This Twitter user confused the Eiffel Tower with what he called the “ifold Tower” when he tweeted about his desire to go to Paris, France to see the iconic landmark. The “iFold Tower” sounds more like an electronic that Apple came out with rather than a historic, internationally renowned landmark. Maybe this Twitter user was dreaming about buying the latest iPad or getting a new Mac when he composed this tweet. Otherwise, he’s out of excuses. We always recommend learning a bit of the local language if you’re planning on travelling somewhere foreign. But, in this case, we’d suggest learning the names of and how to spell the famous landmarks you plan on visiting. If this guy got in a taxi in Paris and asked to be driven to the iFold tower he might just be taken to the Apple Store.

3 Smelly Colon

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Though we’ve never smelled a colon in real life, we have a feeling it smells downright nasty. Afterall, it’s stuck between all of our other organs surrounded by all of our bodily fluids. It just doesn’t sound nice, to put it simply. But, evidently @CarsonAlbrecht thinks a colon smells pretty good and possibly even sexy. Actually, what this Twitter user meant to say is that she loves cologne, having misspelled “cologne” and “colon”. And she’s not the only person to make such a hilarious spelling mistake. @Soulfully also spelt cologne wrong, making their tweet just as laughable- at least @ideanmalek used colon right! We’re sure many other people make the same mistake on a daily basis. We’re pretty sure cologne definitely smells better than a colon, so let’s hope that’s what these tweeters actually meant. Otherwise we don’t want to know what kinds of fetishes these people are into.

2 Back Pain

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We’re sorry to hear this Twitter user was suffering from back pain, but we’re even more sorry that their spelling is so far off. Perhaps this tweeter was thinking of the children’s cartoon Arthur when they made this tweet because instead of writing “arthritis” they wrote “authur write this”. We’re not sure who would think this common joint disorder is spelt this way, specifically that it is three separate words, two of which are “write” and “this”. Our guess is this social media user was trying to get a reaction from her followers or else we highly recommend she spend some time reading Wikipedia. While going to see a doctor for the back pain is a good idea, an even better one is hiring a private tutor to brush up on her grammatical and writing skills. Here’s to hoping this Twitter user’s back and spelling both got better.

1 The "Mindgrain" Headache

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His Twitter handle is @RecklessMike, so we shouldn’t be surprised this guy is a bit reckless when it comes to sending out tweets. Honestly, we shuddered a bit when we saw this typo fiasco. The headache may have been too much to bare for this Twitter user because there are multiple spelling and grammatical mistakes in this tweet. First off, he forgot the apostrophe in “y’all”. We’re not trying to be grammar Nazis, but forgetting an apostrophe in this slang term makes it seem like a totally different word. And that makes us confused when trying to decipher what this tweet means. Secondly, the comma should go after “y’all” not before it, but that’s not too much of a biggie- it is Twitter after all. But, the real travesty of this tweet is mistaking a “migraine” for a “mindgrain”. When you think of it, “mindgrain” does seem like a plausible type of headache since its referencing the mind and all. But, alas, a “mindgrain” does not exist and this is another social media flop.

If these example aren’t proof enough that checking your spelling and grammar is a necessity then we don’t know what will convince you. What you post online is a reflection of you. And if these fails are any indication, it seems the educational system in North America needs some work. Please don’t be the person who writes “cologne” as “colon” or “epitome” as “apidimi”. And, even worse, definitely don’t be the person who goes on a rant about other people’s poor spelling and then spells “grammar” as “grammer”. Making mistakes every now and then is totally normal and to be expected and, to be honest, we don’t care because we do the same. But we do care if we can’t understand what you’re saying because your spelling is so off. When in doubt, Google the word and see if you were right. If you’re not, then you’ll know how to spell the word for next time and you’ll avoid any chances of winding up on an article like this.

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