15 People Who Should Be Banned From Snapchat

Unless you’ve spent the past five years or so living under a rock, you know that Snapchat has basically taken the world by storm. What was once kind of a fringy app primarily used to send disappearing nudes, has become something that everybody and their grandmother is on.

There's something about that whole “disappearing” thing that makes people behave kind of *extra* on Snapchat, but the expectation is that whatever they do will go away soon enough, so that’s fine, right? Wrong, friendos. There’s a little thing called a screen shot that makes all of those times you crossed the damn line on Snapchat available in perpetuity forever and ever, and for everyone. And, funnily enough, those snaps are how you wind up getting put on blast by people like me for your out-of-bounds behavior. Because what else is Snapchat good for if not for watching people go ham on being ridiculous? 

17 Really, Rich Kids?

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16 Respect Your Elders

I mentioned before that practically everyone is on Snapchat (I believe the phrase I used was “everybody and their grandmother”), and there are plenty of people in the older age bracket who have started to adopt that Snapchat way of life. However, it would be a lie to say that there isn’t still a definite generational gap in who uses Snapchat. There are some folks, specifically older folks, who aren’t exactly going to be frequent Snapchatters any time soon. This means that this kind of Snap, where a younger person just sort of captures an older person doing an older person thing, is fairly common. However, the place where this specific snapper crossed the line is where he decided to call out grandma for actually being sensible. Like, you’re going to throw shade on your grandma for advising you not to become a fully fledged day drinking alcoholic? Seriously, kid, you’re not doing yourself any favors. You’re better off listening to granny on this one.

15 Are You Kidding Me, Bro?

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Okay, so this dude got on Snapchat and decided that now is the time for some next level bro-tastic nonsense. So, if we are to follow the logic of this snap, this woman was nice enough to give this dude the time of day (or, the time of night), and spend an evening with him. And what does he do in return? He decides to go literally behind her back and Snapchat her running back into her home, and then to label it #RunOfShame. What kind of frat boy nonsense is that? You’re lucky she even looked in your direction, dude. No need to bring that woman hating ridiculousness into the snap-osphere. There’s nothing she should be ashamed of. If ANYTHING at all, the thing she might feel bad about is choosing to spend time with such an immature pile of Snapchat trash that would do her dirty like that. SMDH.



12 Uh, No

Once again with this snap, we come upon people thinking that Snapchat is the perfect place to put all their toilet related news. Folks like this enthusiastic toilet snapper have apparently not realized that others are not, in fact, overly thrilled to be hearing about their bathroom antics, and have devoted snap after snap to the weird business they get up to behind closed doors...or behind what are SUPPOSED TO BE closed doors, thank you very much.

This guy goes even weirder with his absolute overshare mess, though. What is the point of this backwards sitting toilet stuff? How does that even work? Why is he even making us think about how that even works? Now, we are all trying hard to figure out how that works and we are very unhappy about it. That was really not what we were trying to spend our day doing, and we do not appreciate it. Rude AF.

11 Leave The Moms Alone!

We spoke before about some line-crossing Snapchat trends (so far, inappropriate toilet stuff and rich kids being the absolute worst), and this is another one.

Those who are acquainted with Snapchat know that the photo filter game on that app is kind of bananas and off the wall, and that they keep coming up with even more new filters constantly. Some of those filters are super eerie in how real they look (while others are purposefully fake looking — I'm talking about you, dog ears, nose, and tongue). One of those realistic filters makes the person in the Snapchat look super old...and this snapchatter decided to use that filter to scare her poor mom into thinking her daughter had become an old woman overnight because of some horrifying reverse-Benjamin-Button disease.

Can you imagine being her mom, just going about your day, and seeing that total mess arrive in your inbox!? Snapchat is supposed to be a tool for good, not for evil! For shame. (It is pretty funny though.)

10 That's Not How Dogs Work

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Okay, we promised ourselves we would not make this whole article just examples of that horrible “rich kids being awful rich kids on Snapchat” thing (and trust me, it was tempting), but this snap was something we thought merited inclusion because it was just so line-crossingly extra in a number of ways.

First of all, does this Snapchatter understand...how...dogs work? Because, the last time I checked, dogs were primarily supposed to eat meat and sometimes pieces of vegetables. I don’t see rose, Laurent Perrier or otherwise, in that description. In fact, alcohol is fatal to dogs, so this snap is even worse than one would originally think. Like, really? Think about the “logic,” or lack thereof, behind this super cringey, line-crossing snap. You’re going to put your dog in danger just to convince strangers on Snapchat that you’re rich? That sounds normal and not at all totally bonkers. Sure does.

9 Caught In The Act

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To be fair, it seems like it was the public pee-er’s friend who took this snap, but that is pretty damn shady in and of itself. Anyway, thanks to this dynamic duo, we now live in a world where people take Snapchats of themselves and their friends peeing in public. Thank you both so much for your service.

8 Even The Kardashians?

However, Snapchat is definitely not a reason to have your kid do something they don’t want to, and it is very clear that Ms. Kim Kardashian’s daughter is NOT. HAVING. IT. Like, there could not be a clearer indication that this child is not into this snap right now, Kim. I know you’re all about getting the best exposure on camera, and I respect the hustle, but this little girl is staging a pretty serious protest that indicates that maybe it’s time to put the phone down and stop trying to make North a snap star. 

7 Well, That Backfired

Though I already introduced you to the craziest snaps imaginable, this snap ended up having some pretty serious consequences for the kid who was stupid enough to think it would be okay. This kid’s version of a “funny prank” was to take a picture of his classmates with the caption, “Planning the school shooting!” Well, it looks like the police in Phoenix, Arizona did not find the same level of humor in the high schooler’s 'HILARIOUS' joke. In fact, it got him arrested for creating a hoax and a Class 4 Felony.

Let’s get this straight: instead of dunking someone’s hand in warm water, or putting a Whoopie cushion under them before they sat down, this kid was like, “You know what I’m going to do? Joke about mass murder and spree killing on social media.” If this kid is trying for a career as a comedian, I’d suggest, you know...not doing that.

6 That's Ketchup, Bro

We all know the drill with Snapchat pranks. Plenty of people know how to moderate their prank-level, and plenty of people don’t (as we’ve seen so far in this article). But we just have to wonder, what in the world was this person thinking with this snap? Like, seriously? First of all, that’s some seriously shoddy effect work. At least commit to the bit! That’s for sure ketchup and most people with common sense would know it. But what’s the best case scenario? You scare friends, family, and strangers alike with the notion that you’ve actually cut off your finger, which is actually a pretty serious injury. They're not stupid enough to believe that you stopped on the way to the hospital to take a Snapchat about it. That doesn’t seem like a win for anyone involved, buddy. I’d honestly just suggest having a seat, and a good think about your life choices.

5 Nightmare Ex

Let’s be real for a second here: this snap is probably one of the scariest things I've ever seen on the whole entire god forsaken media platform that is Snapchat. So, I guess, the scenario is that there’s a guy or gal who has broken up with their significant other, but has apparently decided to have break up sex—because they're super smart—and definitely isn’t opening themselves up to any trouble... Now, whether this is the girl who is snapping or the guys, I'm not sure. But poking holes in a condom to get the gal pregnant is a terrible idea. Especially after a breakup. That is some next level DEVIOUS behavior, like shady beyond shady. If I'm looking for the definition of crossing the damn line, I think I found it here. Here’s hoping that plan didn’t work out and that snap wasn’t the precursor to a revenge baby. Just thinking about it gives me the chills.

4 Cat Savage

Once again, we find ourselves in this article delving into the wonderful world of snap trends. Yet another one of those trends is sad boys and girls on the Internet, photographing themselves about why a person isn't dating them anymore. The way the snaps generally work is like this: it’ll be a guy posing in front of a fridge saying, “All you magnets but you still ain’t attracted,” or in front of a rack of coats and saying, “All these jackets but you're still cold.” Well, one absolute savage on Snapchat decided to turn this on its head and point out the obvious: “All these cats and you still a pu*sy.” If sad boys wanted something to cry about, she gave it to them!

3 Cold As Ice

It is now apparently a thing among absolutely immature people to break up with people via Snapchat. That’s just kind of a thing that happens in the world we live in. And sometimes, those break ups are particularly harsh. Case in point, this absolute gentleman, who decided to inform his girlfriend that they are no longer an item in a pretty damn cold way. Even a break up text is pretty cold, but at least that usually isn’t trying to add insult to injury. This break up SNAP, however, has no real intention but to wound. Like, really? Showing someone you’re dumping the panties of someone you’re cheating on her with WHILE IN THE PROCESS OF BOTH DUMPING AND CHEATING is a move that we’d only reserve for our worst enemies...and probably not even then, to be honest. Whoever was on the receiving end of that snap...you’re better off without him.


Yet another filter that has fallen into the hands of the very responsible public via Snapchat, is the face reversal function. This allows you to swap faces with anything the Snapchat filter recognizes as a face. Sometimes, this means two BFF’s swapping faces while fooling around on their phones and taking selfies. Sometimes, this means swapping the face of a baby and the baby’s father (and the result is unsettling but ultimately adorable). But sometimes, the face swap filter produces true nightmare fuel that you’re not going to be able to forget for many days to come. That was the case with this face swap snap, which absolutely haunted our dreams when I first saw it and still haunts my dreams today. Just looking at it now sent chills down our spine. Thanks to whoever this is and his evil genius for disturbing our sleep for many months to come.

1 No. Just...No

So, it seems that once again we have stumbled onto the part of Snapchat where people feel like it’s time to talk about poop, and specifically their extraordinarily weird poop habits. At this point, we’re really wondering if there’s something in the water that is making people make these poor decisions in their lives, but that’s for another time. This guy is straight up making us fear for his medical safety. CLOROX. BLEACH. DOES. NOT. GO. IN. ON. AROUND. OR. NEAR. BOOTIES. What are you DOING? He genuinely needs adult supervision and it is doing us a serious frighten. Even if this isn’t true (and we hope to God and everything that is holy that it isn’t), is this really his idea of a funny joke? What is happening to humor? What is happening to the children? Seriously, though, for all our more impressionable readers out there: do NOT try this at home. Bleach wipes are not toilet paper. I hope this guy is okay...

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