15 People Who Should Definitely Delete Their Social Media

Social media is a blessing and a curse. How so? Even though it keeps us connected to our friends near and far, it is also a good excuse to maintain relationships by merely checking up on people on the said social media sites (thus, losing the face-to-face relationships that we were once used to). Also, the simplicity of being able to use the internet, in general, is as easy as a click of a button and allows us to access pretty much anything we need. We can all agree that social media is a great tool to keep connected to everything and everyone we want. This leads us to the fact that some people probably shouldn't use social media for a means of human connection and/or should re-evaluate what they share on social media before they hit 'send.' Here are 15 such people.

15 This is awkward

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Starting out with a bang, the age-old foot-in-mouth comments will never go out of style (although, we wish they would). We all know a few people that just don't know when to stop talking or in this case, tweeting. They also don't have filters like we all should have and thus, end up making situations super awkward or inappropriate. We are baffled that people still don't see that they have stepped way over the line of what's right and wrong and keep spewing out comments such as this on social media. Thankfully, there are plenty of confrontational people out there that will give these people a dose of their own idiotic medicine and call them out for not thinking before they act. It's also a little sad that this tweet got so many re-tweets and likes.

14 This isn't what they think

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It's probably safe to say that if any of us were walking along and minding our own business, it would be concerning to find bullets on the ground in front of us. We get it—social media is an outlet where people feel the need to vent or gossip and really, to each their own. But, maybe before this person took this picture and uploaded it to Facebook, they should have taken a better look at the "bullets" before they make a complete fool of themselves on social media. In actuality, these look like the tops of a drill (which could also do damage, but not so much on their own). These days, it seems like people do and say anything on social media to get attention and this situation isn't any different.

13 Unnecessary pictures

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Maybe we are guilty of it or maybe we are sick of it; either way, we've come in contact with these types of photos on social media, time and time again. People feel the need to post pictures of their feet in the sand to signify they are at the beach or a photo of them chilling at home, with just a shot of their legs. We understand that people get excited about situations they are in and feel the need to document it for the world to see, but we don't need to see a shot of the thigh-high socks they are wearing. Seriously, it is completely unnecessary and kind of stupid. It's a little basic at this point, if you ask us and we don't need to know when people are 'Netflix and chilling' every time they do it...we believe them.

12 C'mon, dude!

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Sigh. This one is pretty embarrassing if this person has lived in the United States for even a small period of time. Remembering facts and time periods of American history is a lot to soak up and it is perfectly understandable if a person doesn't remember it off the top of their heads. But, being aware of the bird that represents freedom, liberty and justice for all should be a no-brainer. This is definitely a "palm in face" type of situation because not only was this person unaware of the fact that this is a bald eagle, but they thought it was a parrot in front of the United States flag. That is unforgivable. Perhaps, this person needs to brush up on their American history skills, so this doesn't happen again. We are sure someone called him out for it.

11 Well...yeah?

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We don't think this elevator is stupid; we think the person calling it stupid doesn't think before they type. Sometimes, people need to get a different perspective by moving away from their computer and thinking about what they are about to announce to the world. Of course, there will be a button for the floor they are already on (that's how a person would physically get to that floor)! We hope this person figured this out quickly and took down this post because we are a bit embarrassed for them. We get it—thinking is hard sometimes and we all have other things going on in our minds, but we'd like to think a functioning human being would realize this conundrum before they hopped on social media and vented about it.

10 When someone takes things too literally

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Yikes! This person took a word-of-mouth tip way too literally. We all want a nice smile—whether it's by getting braces, flossing, brushing everyday or in this case, bleaching our teeth. We have to give this person some credit because you can actually bleach your teeth to make them whiter. What we don't give them credit for is not knowing there are different products that we can and can't put in our bodies because they will potentially kill us. There's a first time for everything and we all learn life's lessons at different times in our lives, but for gosh sakes, we wish this person did some research before literally dumping bleach in their mouths. Just thinking about it makes us cringe and we hope this person got medical attention right away.

9 Tattoos gone wrong

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When a person gets a tattoo, they are going into the situation knowing that it will be painful and on their body forever. Some people get tattoos on a whim, while others spend a reasonable amount of time saving money and researching what they want to get. That alone would be a hard decision. But, an even harder decision would be choosing a meaningful, matching tattoo to get with a loved one. Once that part is done, those people will be marked forever and the tattoos they got will remind them of each other. But, as with any job, no one is perfect at it and mistakes happen. Case in point? The puzzle pieces above. Not only did the tattoo artist royally mess up, but the two people that received the tattoos probably paid good money for them and didn't realize the error that was made either. Oops.

8 It is a striking resemblance...

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In Hollywood, there are plenty of actors and actresses that amaze us with their talent and beauty. Once in a while, people that get into the acting business look similar to other actors or actresses, purely by coincidence. They may be completely different people from different backgrounds, but they look strikingly similar. We can point out Isla Fisher and Amy Adams and Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as well-known actors that are probably often mistaken as each other. But, these are honest mistakes. Then, you have the person who posted this. They probably haven't read up on enough gossip or entertainment news and failed to realize that The Rock and Dwayne Johnson are, in fact, the same person. Do your research before posting, people!

7 She isn't very car-savvy

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It's a shame that women who have light-colored locks still get stereotyped as "dumb blondes." We understand that there are actresses and other famous female figures that make their money off of playing the air-headed blonde, but come on, blondes aren't all like that. Then again, when comments like the one above get blasted on the internet, these people aren't really helping to break that vicious cycle. This one is pretty cringe-worthy and we wonder why this woman didn't pay attention to the basics in auto class. A lot of us may not know how to properly rotate a tire, but we do know the difference between a tire spinning down the road and moving our tires to other locations on the car to preserve its life. We hate to say it, but this person is the perfect example of why the "blonde moment" comment still stands.

6 When spelling a word right is really important

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We get it—being grammatically correct all the time is hard for some of us. We might be more keen on understanding math or science than knowing how to properly spell 'definitely.' But, before any of us post something on social media, we need to calm the butterflies in our stomach and read through the sentences and statements we make, so the people who read our comments don't get the wrong idea. Some words are harder than others and even people with excellent spelling skills have to look up a word from time to time, but this one is way more X-rated than what this person was intending it to be. Two people already re-tweeted this status, so we aren't sure if they are reading this wrong or right, but thankfully, people probably understand what this person was trying to say.

5 This must be a millennial

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We all need to adapt to new technology and ways of living that is out of our comfort zone. Sometimes, change is hard for all of us and we can only appreciate the learning process once we fully understand the task at hand. Then, there are millennials. We don't mean to be harsh on them because we are considered millennials ourselves, but sometimes it's difficult for people to realize that the world of technology didn't start when the smart phone was invented. The hashtag button on a keypad of a phone has pretty much remained the same, despite the many advances of an actual cell phone. It's not shocking that someone would be amazed that the hashtag icon was always on a keypad; it's just concerning that they thought it was solely put on a cell phone as an option for Twitter. Yikes.

4 Think before admitting to underage drinking

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This one...is pretty bad. This is a prime example of people not comprehending the damage that can be done by simply putting a photo (which probably shouldn't be public) on social media. After all, we can turn on as many security options as we want, but photos and videos floating throughout the interwebs are usually there to stay.

When we were younger, we all had times when we did or said things immature simply because we didn't know any better (hopefully, we learned from those experiences). We often don't think about the actual adult world until we're of a legal age. However, we need to understand the rules of oversharing on social media. Not to sound too much like a concerned mom, but this picture shouldn't have been taken in the first place and if this girl received her driver's license, she should know that this scene screams irresponsible.

3 Get the facts straight

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OK, we have to admit, studying was the worst and we never wanted to do it, but had to in order to graduate from school. While we can admit that some of the things we learned in school were surprisingly interesting, we wouldn't have admitted it then when we were young and hated responsibility. But at the same time, social media outlets were probably not as accessible as they are today. This seems like a pretty selfish reason as to why this woman doesn't understand the Civil War and we want to smack her on the side of the head. Since everyone and their third uncle are on social media these days, we see more situations where people type before they think. This then leaves the door open to people completely trolling them and letting them know that they need to use their heads more. We all think Nicole needs to read between the textbook lines a bit more carefully.

2 The facts of social media

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Quotes from certain historical figures can inspire us and make us want to be a better person. On the other hand, it's also good to know that quotes like the one above are probably spoofs and not entirely true. We, too, are embarrassed for this girl above and hope she realized that her timeline is a little off when it comes to the world of texting. We are sure Marilyn Monroe has quotes linked to her that will stand the test of time in some people's eyes, but this one just doesn't quite cut it. In this situation, we wish people would know better; but at the same time, it's pretty comical that someone would put this on the web for everyone to see.

1 How ironic

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Sometimes, the irony in situations are too much to handle and we wonder how no one else sees the coincidence. Typing long papers in school is sometimes very tedious and not exactly the type of things we would want to write about. But, the fact that this specific person doesn't see how this situation doesn't add up (and how they are making themselves a part of the lazy group), makes us pretty concerned for their future. This right here can explain about half of Generation Y and their expectation of always having everything at their fingertips. So, having to type a paper on their own may be a little rough. Then again, we are sure our parents and their parents wished they had computers to look up virtually anything back in their day of tests and term papers.

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