15 People Who Should Just Give Up On Texting

What would we do without our cell phones and text messages? We couldn’t possibly use those phones to talk to someone. It just wouldn’t be the same. Texting is so easy and so convenient that it’s hard not to do it. Who wants to have a 20-minute phone conversation when they can just sent out a quick text? The only problem with text messaging is that it’s so easy to make typos, or for autocorrect to change the words, that it’s really hard to get a point across sometimes. This can make for some awkward and entertaining text message exchanges. Some people are simply better at texting than others, but none of those people have made it to our list. Instead, we'll be looking at the people below, who are definitely some of the worst texters in history. Check out these 15 people who should just give up on texting.

15 Mom Needs A Phone Lesson

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Bless her heart, she is trying her best to be modern and use her new phone. She has the right idea, she just isn’t using the right app. Phones are confusing sometimes, even those of us who have always managed to have the newest models, can still struggle with figuring them out completely. Why would we think a mom who isn’t technologically savvy would know how to figure it out? If this was your mom would you being laughing or concerned? I hope they called her and told her she wasn’t doing it right. Otherwise, they may have gotten the entire grocery list and recipe sent to them. Poor Mom, she just needs someone to teach her how to use her phone the right way. I wonder if she ever found a chicken?

14 How Can Someone Be So Clueless?

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If you are going to own a cell phone and be texting, you should probably know how cell phone work; or at least have a little common sense. This is probably a good way to avoid texting someone back though if you can get them to fall for it. Even a little kid would eventually catch on to this right? I wonder what happened when the other person realized what happened? Could you even be mad about something like this? Wouldn’t you just have to laugh at it to avoid embarrassment? Or maybe you play it cool and act like you knew what was going on the entire time and was just going along with it. It’s crazy to think someone could be so gullible, but there are people out there who just don’t take the time to think. Especially when they are texting.

13 That's Not Funny Mom

It seems like moms just have a hard time figuring things out sometimes. When it comes to cell phones, many of them should just leave the texting to someone else. Moms don’t have time to learn the ropes of cell phone usage and text messaging lingo. This mom doesn’t even know what LOL means. We should probably blame her kids for this. If they were texting her more often, she might have caught on before now. Too bad it had to happen at a time like this. At least someone finally told her the real meaning. I wonder what all the other people thought when she texted them a death and then laughed about. This is why important things like this should be discussed over the phone and not via text. I bet she never makes this mistake again.

12 Umm No Thanks

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I think we can all agree that choosing the right paint color for your home can be difficult. Paint rarely looks the same on the wall as it did in the store and it’s almost always a shade darker or lighter than what we had hoped. The only thing harder than picking out the right color is figuring out the name of the color. There are definitely some weird ones out there, but thankfully none named period red. Only autocorrect could come up with something like this. The best part is that the people receiving the text thought the guy as being serious. Even if there was a paint with that name, would you choose it? Apparently this guy is a little strange, because his friends didn’t even think it was a mistake.

11 Wow, That's Embarrassing

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The worst thing about text messages is that you can’t really pick up the emotions of the other person and sometimes you get a different vibe from the person texting you, than what they intended. This can make for a confusing and embarrassing conversation. That is clearly what happened here. This poor guy thought this girl was finally declaring her love for him and he couldn’t wait to tell her he felt the same way. I bet he was pretty mortified after that last text. So you even reply back after something like this? He probably changed his number and never texted her again. He may have even changed his name and moved away so he never had to come face to face with her. I’m so embarrassed for him.

10 Just Put The Phone Down And Walk Away

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It’s no secret that people don’t always return text messages quickly. If you text someone at four in the morning, can you really expect to get a message right back? Just wait it out dude, stop making yourself look desperate. She is probably just asleep. I wonder what this poor girl thought when she woke up to find a bunch of messages from this guy. He even told her he knew she wasn’t going to be awake. So why was he so upset that she wasn’t texting him back? The said thing is, we have all probably become impatient waiting on a reply text and done something similar. It’s best to just put the phone down and wait it out like a normal person. The more texts you send, the worse the situation becomes. Just say no to drunk texting.

9 Eww TMI Mom!

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Nobody wants to know what goes on behind their parents closed doors and they definitely don’t want to get text messages about it. This mom accidentally sent her kid something awful and then she tried to lie about it but sent it again. I think she needs to be more careful about who she is texting and where she keeps her toys. This poor kid is now scarred for life with visions of his mom and dad. Do you think she ever found what she was looking for or Dad ever go the message? It’s nice that they are all so open about their sex lives, but I think they could have left their kid out of it. This is why parents who aren’t good with their phones, shouldn’t be texting.

8 Such A Devoted Son

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A lot of teenagers don’t want to spend time with their parents after they have made friends and are old enough to hang out. Cell phones are often blamed as the problem. This guy may have just used his cell to ruin his friendship and his reputation. We all know that autocorrect can be a little overzealous with things, but man, this made for a weird conversation. Luckily he caught the message and corrected himself, but can you imagine what his friends thought when they read the first one? That’s pretty weird and a little gross. At least he was nice enough to help out his mom when she needed him though. Hopefully he never had to help her or anyone else do the other. Autocorrect is so cruel but so funny.

7 He Must Be Really Busy

We are all guilty of forgetting to reply to text messages. We may be busy at the time and think we will text back as soon as we have a free minute, but that minute never seems to come. We get caught up in other things and before we know it, we’ve ignored a friend. Then, one day two years later, we are finally scrolling through our phones and find that text we never replied to. What else are we supposed to do other than reply. I mean two years later is better than not at all right? Do you think these two carried on a conversation like nothing happened? I think a phone call may be necessary here. They probably have a lot of catching up to do.

6 That's A Serious Problem

It’s embarrassing to send the wrong message or for autocorrect to change your text to a wrong person that you know. It’s a lot more humiliating when it gets sent to someone you don’t know. The guy who got this text probably freaked out for a second and tried to figure out why someone would text him something so random and personal. He was probably relieved to realize it was the autocorrect making a fool out of another sorry texter. At least he was nice enough to text back and make light up the situation. It would have been much more embarrassing if he wouldn’t have had a good sense of humor about it. I bet Bryan and Carl laugh about this strange text often.

5 Seriously Mom?

How hard is it to make a smiley face in a text message? If you don’t have the emoji option, you can always make one with your regular keyboard. If you have to type out the word smiley face, you probably shouldn’t be texting in the first place. This mom needs to take some time to familiarize herself with her keyboard and phone so she can send texts like a normal person. I feel like she might have just made everyone’s Thanksgiving holiday. I’m sure they all sit around the table and laughed about the fact that Mom couldn’t figure out how to send a smiley face. Her text messaging privileges should be revoked. She probably still doesn’t know how to make one. She has probably given up on the notion by now though.

4 Was The Photo Necessary?

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It’s nice for a person to find a phone and try to return it, but what it really necessary to send a photo? Like, maybe they could have just sent a text that said they found a guy and his phone and he needed help? Maybe they thought that his friends wouldn’t believe them or come get him if they didn’t know the severity of the situation. I would say that this is definitely a severe situation so I hope help arrived soon. The guy who sent the text just wanted to finish cleaning the dorms so he could go home. He wasn’t ready to deal with a drunk guy in the way. I’m sure he had a good laugh over it just the same. I would hate to be the guy in the photo though.

3 Some Things Are Worth A Phone Call

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They say that thanks to cellphones and texting, people have lost the ability to have good discussions and conversations. This text proves that they may be right. Why would you want to text someone the news that you are pregnant? Especially if that person is the father of the baby. Doesn't news like this deserve at least a phone call? I mean most people would probably prefer a face to face conversation, but a text message? Really? I guess when u decide to tell someone you're pregnant via text, you shouldn’t be too surprised to get back a reply like this. Let’s just hope for the sake of this baby, these two people learned to communicate better and maybe stopped texting about important matters.

2 Someone Didn't Think This Through

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If I was this guy, I would go ahead and get on my friend’s phone and delete these texts. At least then he wouldn’t have to worry about being embarrassed and looking goofy when his friend reads them. Was he trying to be funny or did he really have a brain fart and start texting his friend about his lost phone when he was holding his lost phone. What is wrong with people? If you can’t wrap your brain around this, you shouldn’t be allowed to have a cell phone. If his friend did end up seeing these, he is probably worried about this guy. At the very least I bet he has reevaluated their relationship. Would you ever let a friend live something like this down? Of course not.

1 So Much Confusion

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What's going on here? Is this an automated message or just a person who lost his mind and the ability to send readable text messages? Is this one of those things where you text in a shout out and they post it online on television? It doesn't look like this girl is going to get her message posted. You would think that these people would be a little clear about things and have better grammar in their automated texts. This girl doesn't seem to get it, and she's just going to keep sending messages until she sees them posted online. I have a feeling they just kept getting better and kept coming. Nothing like drunk texting for auto replies.  Take a hint Christy, it's not happening tonight. She probably felt pretty silly in the morning.

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