15 People Who Deserve An Award For Their Hilarious Responses To Wrong Number Texts

We’ve all inverted numbers from time to time and called someone we didn’t know. We may have even sent a text or two to the wrong person. But, we haven’t all received such texts ourselves. And reading through these wrong number text conversations, we wish we could get in on a few of them! Come on random stranger, send us a text! We want to see what’s going on in your life! We want to see pictures and hear complaints…even though we're complete strangers!

These 15 conversations happened between two strangers, but for a time, only one of them knew that fact. Watch your text messages closely! It’s hard to say when something will come in from someone unknown…but it could be fun!

15 Death announcement by text

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When someone in your immediate family passes away, you would expect a phone call from someone close to you, right? So, what do you do when you get a text from someone saying your father died (especially if your father is already dead)? This recipient decided to take the sarcastic route, though it’s hard to blame him. He was just telling the truth, right? That put the person on the other end on the defensive side real fast and then the recipient has to spout it right back. Both sides have a point, though. This texting session may have gotten sassy, but it made us giggle. And none of us would have ever enjoyed this conversation if it hadn’t been for an initial wrong number mistake occurrence!

14 Buying a car...or more...

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If you are trying to sell something online, you may get a lot of phone calls and text messages. Some of them are from real buyers and some are from people pulling pranks. What happens when you turn on a real buyer yourself and pull a prank…without knowing it? When you read through this message exchange, it seems obvious what happened. The person got a message about a car sale and then replied. Later, he pulls up his text messages and sends one to his girl. But, he doesn’t change the screen, so the message goes to the potential car buyer instead. The car buyer gets a chuckle and sends a delightful reply that has to have the car owner embarrassed. Did the car deal go through? That’s the question!

13 The wrong number game

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When you go trolling for ladies, you’re thrilled when a pretty gal gives you a phone number. But, don’t celebrate too soon because you never know what she really gave you. It’s possible she gave you her actual number and she’s very interested in meeting up with you another time. It’s also possible she had no interest in you at all and in order to get rid of you faster, she made up a string of digits. That seems to be what happened here. At least the number went somewhere and led to someone who had sympathy for the situation! It’s happened to enough guys, so it’s nice to see someone having compassion over the situation. Maybe these two texters should meet up…forget about Sophie!

12 An epic police sting

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This is one of those epic text conversations that went totally and completely wrong for one person and made for an easy sting operation for the other. This guy was just trying to buy some illegal items and he texted a bit too much information about his whereabouts…to the wrong person. Now, this could have gone a number of different ways, depending who was on the other end of the wrong number. And yet, by the luck of the draw, he was actually texting a sheriff who happens to have a drug-sniffing dog along with him. It’s safe to say the texter cancelled his eye appointment and kept well away from that area for the rest of his life to avoid jail time.

11 Disbelief gets you nowhere fast

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How many times have you given your phone number to a male stripper that showed up at a friend’s bachelorette party? The woman mentioned in this text didn’t seem to have done so, either. Instead, the stripper is texting with a random man (the lucky guy!). When the recipient tries to tell him he’s not a gorgeous lady, the stripper doesn’t believe him! He tries to compliment him into thinking he’s really a gorgeous woman, but the recipient is firm on his position. He’s a dude and that’s all there is to it. No changing his mind this time around! We don’t know what happened at that bachelorette party or how the stripper ended up with this number, but we’re happy this conversation happened.

10 Creepy beyond belief

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This text is what nightmares are made of. When you text the wrong number, the best you can hope for is a return text that simply says, "Sorry, you have the wrong number." Or, maybe no reply at all. The worst thing you can get? A picture like this! Wow, that’s creepy! And now this guy has your phone number and knows you have a friend named Jessica. Who knows what he will do with that information? We hope the wrong number texter deleted this text and blocked the number as soon as possible. Because just looking at the creepy picture is scaring us. Though we have to admit, it’s rather funny, as well. Since it didn’t happen to us, that is…

9 Random dialing 101

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Decades ago, kids used to go through the phone book, dial random numbers and prank call people they didn’t know. It was fun, right? Now, apparently the way to attempt to find a date is to text random phone numbers looking for girls that happen to be single. And then, don’t wait for an answer as to whether or not the person on the end is single, or even a girl! Proceed to hit on that person by telling them their receipt of the text is destiny. It’s a wonder the person on the other end didn’t set up a time and place to meet immediately! This is like something from the movies. Coming to a theater near you: "Boy Meets Girl Through Random Text and Then…"

8 The worst mistaken breakup ever

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Breaking up by text is something people do nowadays. That doesn’t make it right in most circumstances, but it happens. It is never okay, however, if you are talking about a marriage situation. Husbands can’t text their wives saying they want to break up. It’s not okay! This wife says as much. The husband admits to his mistake and says he meant to send that to someone else. His wife accepts the mistakes, thinks about it for a moment and realizes that it means her husband must be seeing someone else. We’re pretty sure the next text she sends will not be polite. Or, perhaps she will do what he didn’t do and walk over to the other side of the room and tell him they’re getting divorced.

7 Peace out

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What would you do if you got a picture via text of two random dudes you don’t know? Perhaps, you would reply that they have the wrong number. Maybe you could compliment their shirts and then tell them to send the picture to someone they know. What did these guys do? They had a good laugh over the picture and then replicated it. The original guys got the message real fast. They sent that picture to the wrong number. And the people on the other end are a couple of jokesters who definitely got a kick out of the text. Maybe these four should get together and send wrong number texts to others. We might like to receive one of those and reply in kind!

6 Please tell me I'm not a father...

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When guys sleep around, they never know when they’re going to find out that they got some random girl pregnant. Getting a text from someone who presumes the recipient is their father is disconcerting, at best, for the recipient. It stops the recipient's heart to see the words, “hey dad” pop up on the screen. As they keep reading, they realize this is a wrong number text. Or is it? They can only hope! Their knee jerk reaction is to tell the person they have the wrong number. And then as they think about all the women they’ve been with, they can only hope that is the truth. What a cruel way to find out they have a child and she is old enough to send texts. Fingers crossed for the right outcome here.

5 Flash the goods

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It would be interesting to know what was behind the original picture here. Maybe the guy met a woman in a bar and got her number. He texted her this picture later to show her the goods. That way, when they get together later, she’ll know what she’s in for. Perhaps, he was hoping for a picture in return. Well, he got one! But, it probably wasn’t what he was expecting. The hairy nipple of the man on the other end who mistakenly received the picture text was not what he wanted at all. You can tell as much from his stilted reply, admitting that he had the wrong number. We’re pretty sure he’s never going to make that mistake again. He’s probably still reeling in from the last hairy nipple episode.

4 Getting to know you, or someone else

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New relationships can be so much fun. What a rush to talk to someone online or via text messaging! You get to learn little things about them and see pictures of them. JD just wants to get to know this gal a bit better. It seems as if they’ve been chatting a while (since they are comfortable enough to show one another pictures). He chooses his pictures with care. He doesn’t want to show her too much, but he does want her to think he’s got it going on. When he gets a reply a few hours later, he can’t wait to see what she’s sent. Is she as hot as he hopes? Um, no, not at all! And now he’s ruined JD's hopes and dreams forever.

3 Introducing the new addition

Via: BoredPanda.com

Having a baby is exciting. Trying to get the word out to everyone that needs to know can get rather overwhelming, though. When the big event is happening, thumbs are larger than ever and you never know who you might text about the news. Even when this person tries to tell the happy couple they have the wrong number, they persist by sending pictures. A few moments later, the random strangers are offering to visit the new mom and baby at the hospital. And they go through with it! Sometimes, wrong number texts bring people together and allow the start of new friendships! This couple lucked out that the people on the other end were nice guys and not strange strangers. Congratulations to the happy couple and their new friends!

2 Confusing the drunk texter

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When you get a text from a drunk person you know, you might tell them to find someone to drive them home. When you get a text from a drunk person you don’t know, you mess with them. This person got such a text and had no idea who the drunk person was. So, they decided to speak to them in big words. Of course, there’s no way the drunk person would truly understand in their state. Did they really think said drunk person would understand that meant they had the wrong number? Well, they didn’t and so the recipient had to try again and speak in a language drunk texters who dial wrong numbers will understand a bit better, including all capital letters, just to be safe.

1 Kinky taken too far

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You never know what you’re going to get when your phone buzzes and you have a new text message. When you see a random guy’s rack, you might look away in disgust, or you might push it farther and see how much more this guy was willing to do. Once you get what you’re asking for, you may regret it! The person who received these strange texts finally admits that there is a wrong number ordeal happening here. Embarrassment settles in on the other end and the hairy-chested, bra-wearing sender starts to wonder who in the world just got these pictures…and what they’re going to do with them. No worries. They just placed the conversation on the internet. No one else will see it there…

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