15 People Who Still Tried

Sometimes, life throws people a giant curve ball or an event that makes one wonder what they did to deserve such an aggravating situation. While some may find humor in such failures, the person experiencing it may feel otherwise. In fact, it's rather difficult to see the silver lining in situations that make you feel like you've lost. For instance, we're pretty sure the 15 people on this list did not expect to get into such awkward fails, all immortalized on the Internet for all to see and laugh about. But before we delve into the horrors of such situations, remember that if you're having a bad day, this funny bunch must be having the worst day of their lives, and at least you're not one of them.

15 Eyelashes, begone!

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Looking great takes time and effort. Both men and women take minutes and sometimes hours out of their day to make sure they're presentable. After all, grooming is an essential part of being healthy. And while some women pile on the makeup and make use of false eyelashes to highlight their eyes, other women go for the more natural eyelash curler paired with some mascara. But for this woman, her routine became a nightmare when she used a broken eyelash curler to curl her lashes. Instead of achieving perfectly curled lashes, her lashes were actually cut off by the malfunctioning beauty tool. You can tell from the look on her face and the teardrops that she wasn't expecting this at all. She even promised never to use an eyelash curler again.

14 Spaghetti on the floor

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Sometimes after a long, difficult day, one just wants to enjoy a plate of good pasta. But other times, the universe has other plans. Take for example this person who just wanted to enjoy their spaghetti, but, according them, God hates them so much that they accidentally dropped the plate, causing the spaghetti to spill onto the floor, their feet, their laundry and basically all of their possessions. We have two thoughts: how could they have possibly dropped this plate of pasta? And how are they going to clean up this mess? We're hoping that they have a dog who can help them finish this off so we would feel better about food going to waste. For now, let's just hope that they don’t drop any more plates of food.

13 Swipe that card

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In today's high tech world, information has become a resource and people are so gladly giving it away. Whether it's on Facebook or other social media, it seems that individuals are eager to share things about themselves, making them targets for advertisements and promotions.

This lady became a target when she didn't realize the dangers of posting a photo of her debit card online.

What's worse is that she also shared the security code of the said debit card because everyone was asking her for it on Twitter. Little did she know that all of that information can be used for purchases, given that they already know her name. The punchline in this photo is the "smh" that she typed, as she's seemingly unaware that she was being taken advantage of.

12 Got chili?

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Job hunting is a very daunting and stressful task. The anxiety that comes with applying to different jobs and having to wait for a response can sometimes take a toll on one person. Going for interviews can also be daunting, especially if you're not keen on talking to people. For this lady, it seems that she's really nervous about sending out her resume to potential employers, as she mistakenly attached a recipe of Jamie Oliver's chili beef instead of her CV. The employer could have just looked at her email and thought of it as a joke, but they didn't and instead replied to her to inform her that she had in fact attached a recipe of chili beef instead of her CV. How embarrassing.

11 (Don't) plug it in

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Morning routines can be very stressful. If one wakes up just a few minutes late, it can totally ruin their morning routine and get them in a bad mood. This girl is only going to realize her failure if and when she notices that her hair isn't curling as fast as it normally does because her curling iron isn’t actually plugged in.

The funny part about this is how (presumably) her older sibling took the opportunity to snap a photo of her using an unplugged curling iron and share it with the world.

We would have loved to see this young girl's reaction to her failure and find out if it was really an older sibling who blessed us with this photo they shared with the world.

10 Locked in the locker

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When you're in high school, everything is just fun and games until you get hurt. Take for example this teen, whose petite figure fit perfectly into a regular high school locker. It's a common thing to be amused about how one can fit into tight spaces such as car trunks, cabinets, lockers and the like, but people who do try to fit in these spaces often don't see the danger in doing so. This set of images shows just how this girl most likely tried to get out of the locker, dragging it along with her. It ended up falling on top of her—all that heavy steel—but she thankfully got out of it alive. She did caption the pictures with "I almost died, btw" rather triumphantly, though.

9 Mistaken identity

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We can't really wrap our heads around how asparagus can be mistaken for daffodils. In fact, we're wondering how this could be possible. According to the person who posted this photo, her father bought some asparagus for her mother, all the while thinking they were daffodils that were yet to blossom.

It's such a mystery that a failure like this would happen, given that asparagus is pretty common in dishes in the west.

What's even funnier is that the "daffodils" were purchased as present for his spouse on Valentine’s Day. At the time this was posted, the images earned over 22,000 retweets and more than 29,000 favorites. At least we know now that about 29,000 people know the difference between an asparagus and a daffodil.

8 That's not a fountain...

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Being a tourist in a foreign land can sometimes be very tricky. Sometimes, people in other countries don't primarily speak English as their first or second language, providing an interesting and at times funny language barrier between locals and travelers. Another interesting thing about traveling is getting to know the customs and culture of your host country. Of course, funny situations cannot be avoided especially when one does not understand how things work in another country. Take for example this lady who thought that this urinal was actually a drinking fountain. Just imagine how people would react if they saw her in person trying to drink out of an actual urinal. The post earned over a thousand likes, so we're assuming they totally understood what was wrong with this situation.

7 In pieces

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As human beings, we pride ourselves on owning things. There's a science behind why people collect items or desire to own material things. Sometimes, it's as simple as collecting postcards, stamps or mugs and at times it can be larger things like motorcycles and cars.

But despite having so many of one thing, we all have our favorites.

This lady was simply showing off her favorite mug to her social media audience one time when just a second later, she accidentally dropped the said mug on the floor, causing it to shatter into pieces (and make a mess with spilled coffee). It's a slightly heartbreaking scenario to see, given that we all have our favorite things we hold dear. Unfortunately for this mug, it's beyond repair.

6 Too hot to handle

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When using household appliances, it always pays to read the label and instructions to ensure utmost safety at all times. Especially for appliances that generate heat, it's highly recommended to unplug it immediately after use. This person most likely forgot to turn off and unplug one of the most dangerous household appliances after use: the hot iron. He or she most likely forgot that it was plugged or was recently used and then placed it on what looks like a woven mat on the floor. The result? A damaged mat and a mess to be cleaned on the hot iron, as the mat got burnt and got stuck to the iron. Someone's mother or wife will be very mad once she sees the damage done here.

5 Spinning money

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Investing in trendy products is something that's inherently tricky. One should have some foresight into consumer demand and how profitable it will be in the long run before investing a certain amount of hard-earned cash on something you can sell at a mass scale.

It's a concept that this young man must've learned the hard way when he purchased not a few hundred, but several thousands of fidget spinners.

While it may be one of the biggest toy crazes of 2017, it did die down just like other trendy things that young kids like to play with. Unfortunately for this man, he's already bought way too much supply that did not match the demand (and lack thereof), which he probably did not take into consideration before investing.

4 Burnin' up

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The first few weeks on the job are often the worst. You have to adjust to new coworkers, new processes and new environments quickly, lest you want to lag behind your peers. Starting work as a firefighter is the same. You'll need to get accustomed to the different safety regulations that the job requires.

But we get the feeling that this man should not pursue a career in firefighting, as he accidentally set his own station on fire, as written in the caption of this photo depicting a very burnt kitchen.

While the damage has been done, we think it's best to keep this person away from anything that's flammable as to not cause more accidents such as this. Here's to hoping he's a better firefighter now than he was then!

3 Plug it in

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Technology can easily confuse anyone. Just ask this person, who can't seem to figure out how extension cords work. They even expressed their extreme frustration about the power strip not turning on despite the user plugging everything in. Upon closer inspection, one would notice though that the frustrated user did plug everything in, but in the wrong socket. In fact, he plugged it into the extension cord, so naturally, there wouldn't be any power going through it. The user went on to snap a photo and post their utter failure on social media, expressing their anger about not getting it to work. One of the best parts of this entire post is the triple angry face emojis that they posted right after the caption. At what point did they realize they failed?

2 Cut it out

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It's funny to see what laziness can make people do. This person refused to get a butter knife and instead used a bread knife to cut themselves a slice of butter. Unfortunately, that stick of butter looked like it came straight out of the freezer, as it was so solid and hard that the person broke their knife trying to cut off a slice. The picture shows the handle broken into two pieces, with the knife still firmly attached to the stick of butter. The caption read, "I guess I should've used a butter knife," indicative of a regret over accidentally breaking a perfectly good bread knife. Our advice? Use the correct knife to slice every kind of food as to not waste cutlery next time.

1 Going up?

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There are only very few people on this entire planet who can say that they once got their vacuum cleaner stuck in an elevator door. One of those people is this guy, who is looking forlornly at his vacuum cleaner that fell victim to a closing elevator door.

It eventually got stuck as the elevator left the floor, making for a very awkward scenario captured in this photo.

This unfortunate situation shows just how people must steer clear of opening and closing doors, whether it be in buildings, buses trains, and other automated public places. On the other hand, it also serves as a lesson for this man, who may have been a little too overzealous about his cleaning job. Just a tip: safety first, always!

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