15 People Who Stole The Spotlight

Some people just love to be the center of attention at all times. It doesn't matter what the occasion is or who they are surrounded by because their sole purpose is to be the star of every show. These types of people will do whatever it takes to have the spotlight on them. Even if that means ruining someone else's big day or stepping on someone's toes.

A spotlight stealer virtually has no shame and is a straight-up savage. This is the type of person that would show up to a funeral of someone they barely know in an inappropriate dress and then proceed to weep the loudest. This is also the type of person that attends someone else's wedding, but makes the whole day about themselves by proposing to their own significant other. Yes, these types of people can be toxic, but we can't help but relish in some of the times their antics have been caught on camera.

15 Talk about inappropriate timing 

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Come on! Everyone should know better than to pull something like this. In fact, not only is a wedding off limits for proposals, but the entire week leading up to the wedding is off limits too. One of the worst things you can do is steal someone's thunder during their big day. While the couple that just got married looks surprisingly happy, they probably realize that their wedding photographer is taking photos the entire time.

So of course, they are not going to show their disdain for this proposal that's unfolding before their eyes.

Like, if you are going to propose to someone at a wedding, why not pick a better spot? Like something more private like a washroom? Or the janitor's closet? Did this guy really have to propose right in front of the bride and groom? Savage.

14 A classic case of spotlight-stealing 

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One of the moments that stands out to us during one of the 2016 Presidential election debates is when now President Donald Trump decided to steal Hilary Clinton's spotlight. It's one thing to steal the show by making a stronger argument, and it's another thing to steal the spotlight physically. Rebutting Hilary's words was not enough for Donald, and instead, he had to intervene in another way. When Hilary was presenting her case on live television, Donald did not want viewers at home to forget about him. So what did he do? He decided it was appropriate to lurk behind Hilary to remain in the frame the entire time. Have we ever seen a more prominent spotlight stealer than Donald Trump? We can't say that we have, but hey apparently it works. He did come out victorious. 

13 Some girls always have to be the focal point

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While these two friends on the right probably just wanted a cute photo together, their friend Becky got jealous and needed to jump in. But not only did she feel the urge to jump in but she also wanted to be the focal point of the photo. So she did what she thought would work best and pulled her top slightly down and opened her mouth up to distract any attention she could get away from her friends. Well, honey, it worked. We assure you that most people's eyes probably went to you first, but does that make it right? Nope. There is no doubt in our minds that there are enough photos of you floating around the internet. If you want the attention on you this badly, you are probably one of those girls with an Instagram account filled with selfies. Ah, youth these days.

12 Way to steal everyone else's graduation thunder

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Graduation is a big day for everyone, but apparently this kid wanted to make it just about himself. What better way to steal the spotlight from the hundreds of other students graduating than by strategically plotting to do a back-flip after receiving your diploma? We couldn't think of one. No doubt, if this kid had landed the back-flip that in itself would have put most of the attention on him. However, the fact that he fell and likely made a thunderous noise when doing so just made him all the more distracting. Just look at all the professors whipping around to look at him and completely neglecting the person that was next in line to get their diploma. We are sure this school banned any antics on stage after receiving one's diploma moving forward.

11 When he doesn't care whose big day it is 

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The truth is that not everyone is considerate enough to care when it is your big day. Sure, it may be your wedding day, and you may have spent thousands to make it happen, but that doesn't mean that everyone will play by the unofficial wedding day rules. For starters, people not in the wedding party should not be walking, running or skating down the aisle. No matter how important you think you are to the ceremony, chances are if you were not asked to be a part of it, it's best to take a seat with the other guests. Evidently, this was all lost on this guy, who took his friend's big day as the perfect opportunity to show off his style. While we can't argue that this guy definitely has swag, surely there is a much better time and place to show it off? 

10 The most infamous spotlight-stealing moment

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This moment from the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, may go down in history as the most infamous spotlight-stealing moment.

Whether you were watching the awards ceremony live or saw the clip the next day, it's safe to say that almost everyone has seen this moment.

You know the one, where Taylor Swift went up on stage to collect her Best Female Video' award for the song "You Belong To Me," only to be interrupted by Kanye West. The rapper took it upon himself to grab the mic and make an alternate speech, announcing that Beyoncé should have won the award instead. While many people did not necessarily disagree, it would have been far more appropriate if Kanye saved his rant for Twitter instead like the rest of us. But no, in true Kanye fashion, he had to make the whole night about himself. 

9 Someone always needs to ruin a perfectly good photo 

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When trying to take a picture with a group of people, it is almost always inevitable that someone will try to destroy it. We are not sure what it is about group photos that bring out the worst in people, but alas, it is unavoidable. Take this girl on the right, for example, who took a perfectly adorable group photo with her friends and turned it into a picture about herself instead. Thanks to this girl pulling a face as the flash went off, we barely even notice the other girls. We suppose on the bright side, at least the girl on the right made the photo a little more interesting. We are not entirely certain what look these girls were going for, to begin with, but it seems like it would have been a super basic photo had the fourth girl not intervened. We guess sometimes it works out for the better.

8 When someone can't handle not having attention

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To be honest, the jury is still out if kids should be invited to weddings and this photo makes an argument for the opposing side. Kids do make for adorable guests, flower girls and page boys, but they can also be responsible for ruining a special moment. All it takes is one turn of events to make a child unhappy and set them off on a tangent. Suddenly they go from sweet, innocent flower girl to a tiny tyrant trying to hijack someone else's special day. Take this girl, for example, what is she crying about? She's not the one that's committing to spending the rest of her life with one person, so what on earth is there to cry about? It seems like perhaps deep down she is just upset that the attention is no longer on her. Get it together, girl.

7 Eye-catching pose 

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We will start off by saying that there is nothing wrong with having armpit hair and kudos for this girl for doing her own thing and owning it. However, when you are trying to take a nice photo with your friend, do you have to flash your assets in such a blatant manner? Why not try a casual one arm up in the air next time instead of a full blown two arms up? It is clear that she is proud of her armpit hair and, hey, we don't think we could grow ours this long so good for her. However, this girl is clearly trying to attract all of the attention to herself. Who even noticed the blond friend at first glance of this photo? We certainly didn't. Now, all we can think about is how long it took this girl to grow this armpit hair and what the maintenance on it is like? 

6 One should always chew with their mouth shut

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As a general rule of thumb, an individual should always shut their mouth when eating. As another general rule of thumb, food should not be allowed on roller coasters. Apparently, Dougy does not play by the rules. Case in point, not only did he bring a burger onto a roller coaster, but he also proceeded to eat the said burger with his mouth open and ruin a sweet photo of him and his brothers. Now how is their mother supposed to frame this? What kind of savage can even manage to chew while going up and down and upside down on a roller coaster? It seems like Dougy is just asking to get sick. There is always that one brother that's just always up to no good. Let us just hope that Dougy managed to keep all of his food down. 

5 Too far, girl

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It's one thing to pull a funny face at the camera and another to contort it so much that you look like you could be from a scary movie. It's also one thing to photobomb a friends photo and another thing to photobomb a stranger. While the girl in the front was going for a funny face that would still render her pretty, the one in the back just went rogue. Apparently, she snuck up on this girls photo with the intention of not only photobombing but to ruin the picture too. You have taken it too far, girl. If you are going to photobomb a stranger's photo at least do something cute in the background like bunny ears. Instead, you had to go all The Grudge on us. Whats worse is that maybe the girl in the front was planning on sending this to a boy. Now, who knows if she will get a text back.

4 Take it down a notch, Jan

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Apparently, Jan has never received a lesson in wedding etiquette and thought this photobomb was entirely appropriate. We are not sure how the couple did not spot her climbing up onto the horse behind them, but we are guessing she's a sneaky one. How mischievous of you, Jan. Just look at that look of triumph on her face. She knows that she may have just pulled off the most inappropriate wedding photobomb of all time. The worst part is that this could have potentially been the money shot that the couple wanted to frame above their bed. Now if they do it they will forever have a reminder that Jan doesn't wear any underwear. Didn't anyone ever tell you that its just not a good wedding look, Jan? 

3 When the kids want to be the stars of the show

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You can't really blame kids for not knowing how to behave at weddings when it's a whole new world for them. Everything is so much flashier and grander and, of course, it is only natural that they will want to get their hands on everything. Like this little boy who just couldn't resist yanking on this brides veil. He's probably never seen a veil before and just wanted to feel it for himself.

Although we suppose he could have taken a much gentler approach.

However, that toughness appears to run in the family. Not only is the little boy stealing the bride's spotlight by yanking on her veil but his sister is also doing a pretty good job of it too. Just look at her straight flexing in the corner. Between her adorable little arm in the air and his naughty way, we barely even noticed the bride.

2 When one has no idea about boundaries 

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Some people don't know anything about limitations or how to take a regular photo, and evidently, some other species have the same issue. Take this stingray for instance who thought that it would be cool to jump onto the backs of these girls for the photo. While he looks entirely satisfied with his position in the photo and thinks everything is cool, judging by the women's faces, we would say they disagree. These three best friends just wanted a group vacation picture to share on their social media, but it seems that they got more than they bargained for. The only one smiling in this photo or rather smirking is the stingray. The rest of the participants in this photo look like they may be taking the worst picture of their lives. 

1 Wait for it...

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We are pretty sure that's not what this crew meant when they said: "Hey Freddy can you take a group selfie of all of us?" In fact, a group selfie generally entails that everyone is in the shot and not just the one taking the photo. We suppose he did start it off as a group shot, but that dramatic pan to a close-up of his face is the only thing we are thinking about after seeing this video. We are also certain that these people thought that Freddy was taking a photo, but in true Freddy fashion, he made the whole thing about himself. Now not only does everyone else look silly as they sit their frozen anticipating the photo, but you barely even catch a glimpse of everyone else. Didn't anyone ever teach you that it's nice to share, Freddy? 

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