15 People Who Totally Won At Staged Amusement Park Photos

When you go on an amusement park ride, there's usually a flash of light down the last hill. This means that there will be the opportunity to see a picture of everyone in that particular ride section screaming their heads off. If we go on the same ride enough times, we know where that flash of light occurs. We might make a face, flash the peace sign or do something else to show the fact that we know our picture is being taken. Staged photos in such a strange location are fun! Just ask the people in these pictures! They went just a few steps further than making a face or flashing the peace sign, though. They brought props and had a full plan in place!

15 Plummet and play

Via: MentalFloss.com

They say kids play too many video games these days...they get too much screen time. And these four are just showcasing that fact. They aren’t taking time away from their games, even to go on rides! With any luck, the TV is a fold-up picture, or else it likely got ruined by the splash at the end of the ride. And then they wouldn’t be able to play on the roller coaster around the corner! You have to wonder how many times these guys had to ride this log before they got the perfect picture. Did they practice at home to get the perfect pose? Or are they really just playing video games as usual and happened to get caught on the ride?!

14 The never-ending monopoly game

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We all know how long Monopoly games can last. Even if one person is taking over the board, if the other players don’t land right, it can go on and on. There’s no need to quit the game just because you want to visit an amusement park, right? Just take the game along with you! But, you’ll need to hold on to Park Place tightly because it could go flying off into the water, never to be seen again. And if you don’t have it in hand, you can’t claim it! Ah, the dangers of riding amusement park rides while playing Monopoly...

If you’re in the lead, it’s probably best to convince your friends to stay home until the game is over. Even if that will be several more hours…

13 The closest shave

Via: HuffingtonPost.com

Have you ever seen someone do something crazy when they’re driving? They might put on makeup, shave, read a book or who knows what else? While that’s crazy enough, it somehow seems even stranger to do everyday things while riding this kind of ride, doesn’t it? Perhaps, if he’d brought an electric razor, he could get a clean, even shave while enjoying this ride. But, a straight razor, complete with shaving cream? He’s just asking for punishment! Not to mention, he’s taking his life into his hands by holding the razor that close to his veins. Notice that none of his friends wanted to go along with this set-up. Perhaps he’s meeting a date after the ride, but somehow, we doubt that’s the case.

12 Most surprising ride of the day

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Thrilling rides have surprises around every corner. Even if you’ve been on a certain ride before, you don’t know how your body (or your face!) will react to the ride this time around. But this ride? This had to have been the most surprising ride of the day. This proposal took planning and timing to turn out right. It’s innovative, thoughtful and sweet. And they’ll have a picture to look back on later. We just have to hope she said "yes," or all the planning and effort was for nothing.

Planned pictures on rides is fun and entertaining to enjoy later, but this surprising picture hopefully had a "happily ever after" ending to go along with a perfectly timed surprise proposal picture.

11 Breakfast of champions

Via: DailyMail.uk.co

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you know you barely have time to eat if you want to get it all in. There are rides to enjoy, shows to see, characters to meet! And there are only so many hours in a day. If you’re only there for a few days, sometimes, you have to double up on items in order to get it all in. You might have to eat while standing in line to meet the characters. You might have to get a Fast Pass for a ride while you’re at a show and so on. You might even have to eat while you’re on a ride. Wait, what? These gals went all out by packing boxes of cereal, bowls and even what we hope is an empty gallon of milk. They got the picture they deserved from the planning!

10 Boys and their games

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When you go on a thrilling roller coaster, you’d think you would have enough entertainment to last you at least until the ride is over, right? Not so for these boys! These guys packed an extra game in case they were a little bored on the ride. Maybe they’ve ridden this coaster one too many times. They must have at least ridden it enough to know where the camera is! If you look closely, you see there’s a girl that doesn’t want to participate in the picture. She ducks down at the last second to avoid the embarrassment of the boys and their game. Maybe she’s playing the part of the referee preparing for an epic coaster ping pong battle. Or maybe, she’s a stranger trying to get out of the way!

9 Check maaaaaate!

Via: MentalFloss.com

You know how people scream when they go down a big hill on a ride? We have to wonder if these boys screamed as well. We can picture them screaming, "Check maaaate!" Though, they look quite calm and really into the game, so maybe not. This picture had to take effort and forethought. You can’t tell us they set the game up at the top of the hill and then played it all the way down. They had to have thought this picture out at home. This took some gluing! They might get in trouble for littering the ride with chess pieces if the pieces flew all over and out of the boat, right?! With the right pose and a little glue, anyone can get the perfect chess-playing ride picture.

8 There's a time and a place for Jenga

Via: RemoveandReplace.com

Normally, you would think Jenga is a game you play at home when it’s quiet and you have a flat table nearby to set up the blocks. Not this time! Jenga is a game you can (apparently!) take anywhere and play anytime...even on a roller coaster at Six Flags. Again, this photo took forethought. No one can randomly pull Jenga blocks from their pockets and begin the building process on a bumpy roller coaster. But, wood glue and planning got these two a calm-looking picture on what is normally a tumultuous ride! Did they get it on the first take or did they have to ride a few extra times to get the perfect shot? Hard to say. But, it looks like he’s going to get the block from the Jenga tower just fine!

7 The proper gentlemen

Via: DailyMail.uk.co

When you go to an amusement park, you see plenty of guys running around in t-shirts and jeans. They’re loud and excited about their day in the park. They run from ride to ride, joking around and laughing with one another. But, what if you took the exact opposite—a gentleman—and placed him on a thrilling ride? This is the sort of picture you would get! Not only did this gentleman bring a book to read and a smoking jacket to wear (as well as a stick-on mustache), but he also brought his own servant so he can get drink refills whenever he needs them. Even if he needs them in mid-air on a ride. Did they start the ride out in this get-up or somehow get dressed along the way?

6 Beer pong mountain

Via: Pinterest.com

College kids will play beer pong just about anywhere, but on Splash Mountain? Really? You’d think the ride itself was entertaining enough! This picture is likely a legacy to their college life. They will look back on this one day and remember how they spent their free time when they should have been studying. And when they decided to visit Disneyland and ride Splash Mountain, the idea formed to take a contrived photo. What did they decide to do? Build a beer pong board they could take on the ride! We know drinking and driving isn’t legal, but what about drinking and riding? Though we’re fairly certain the cups are empty, they likely won’t be when these college students celebrate this planned photo they captured on the ride!

5 The creepy family

Via: Vitamin-ha.com

Every family wants to get a good photo of everyone on their vacation. Maybe they’ll even put it on their Christmas card next year! This family took the other angle and went for something more creepy. They drew their own masks and held them up at the same time on a ride. Funny? Yes. A little strange? Yes. Even creepy? Oh yes. But their timing is impeccable and they succeeded in one thing—they got a picture in which you cannot see any of their faces. Whether they are screaming, giggling or sleeping behind those masks, we’ll never know. But, at least they came together as a family and had a good time concocting this plan to get a staged group photo on a fun ride.

4 Ride em, Silver!

Via: Guff.com

Now, this is just plain hilarious. This photo took experienced riders and a lot of thought. When you think about how two people look going downhill in a picture like this, it does almost look like one is stacked on top of the other. So the idea of placing a horse mask on one and turning the other into a rider is sheer genius. And they didn’t stop at the mask, they even gave the horse gloves to make it look like hooves and had him wear the right color shirt. With the right arm placements and facial expressions, it looks like the horse and rider just jumped off a cliff together. They have to at least be pleased with the photo they received at the end of their ride!

3 Free punch

Via: Vitamin-ha.com

Have you ever had someone walk up to you and say, “Free punch! Free punch!” and then you punch them (usually in the stomach area or the arm)? It does not look like this woman said that and yet the guy is taking a free punch, anyway. Or perhaps, that’s just what they want you to think. It’s possible they’re so good at creating this shot that she actually did tell him to do that and is just acting surprised and shocked by the event. That’s more likely. If this was actually assault, she has this picture as proof and the guy is in a lot of trouble. Sometimes, no props are needed for a fun ride shot. Just a clenched fist, the right timing and a willing partner!

2 Murder on the mountain

Via: MentalFloss.com

There are a lot of injuries you could sustain at an amusement park. If you don’t put your seatbelt on, you could fly off the ride! You could also trip and fall over a curb or get food poisoning. The list is endless. But, you don’t expect to get chocked on a ride, that much is for sure. These two goofballs had a good time concocting this shot. It might be something they talked about beforehand, or it may be something the guy in the second seat came up with on his own, partway through the ride. Either way, they got a pretty funny shot that they’re sure to bring out of the photo album again and again and laugh over for years to come. Just don’t ride Space Mountain with someone you don’t trust…

1 Clowns are scarier than roller coasters

Via: Guff.com

You have to wonder what kind of looks this guy got as he approached and climbed onto the ride. Surely, he already had the makeup and outfit on. It wouldn't have been possible to do that on the ride! And then as the cars dropped, he stuck a cigarette in his mouth and assumed his death stare. So, now we have to wonder if the kids behind him are screaming in terror because they are dropping down the other side of the roller coaster hill really fast or if they are screaming because of the clown sitting in front of them. They’d probably be safer if the ride continued. Who knows what will happen to them when they climb out of their safety belts and come face to face with…that?!

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