15 People Who Were Definitely Not Prepared For Winter

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15 People Who Were Definitely Not Prepared For Winter


Every year winter comes and every year there are those who are utterly unprepared. It’s like our brains just repress the memories from last winter and we experience it for the first time every year. It’s probably some kind of survival mechanism – if we truly remembered how bad last winter was, we probably would never leave the house again. We’d just curl up on the couch under all our blankets and order Seamless until all the snow left. But alas, we do have to leave our homes. And some of us leave our homes much less prepared than the others. Even if you’re repressing winter memories you need to remember the basics, like pants and closed-toe shoes. But nope! Some people are just really not prepared for winter. Best of luck to them – it looks like we’ve got a lot more winter to go.

15. Double Pants!

Welcome to winter, Kitty. Yes, double pants are a real thing. In fact, if you’re not wearing a minimum of two layers on every part of your body, are you even winter-ing? It’s not truly winter until you can’t tell if your limbs are numb from the cold or because they lost blood flow thanks to all of your layers. Getting dressed is a damn art-form in the winter. It takes time, effort, and careful planning. You can’t just jump out of bed and run out of the house like you do in the summer. You have to strategically layer in a way that keeps you warm but without getting too sweaty and frustrated before you even leave the house. And you better hope your wardrobe is suited for all of this layering. That means you need to have some oversized stuff to work as the final outer layer. If not, it’s probably time to go shopping.

14. Committed To Her Job


Via dailymail.co.uk

We admire this woman’s commitment to her job. This is true dedication. She will not quit until every piece of mail is delivered, every Christmas card sent, and every electric bill shoved through a mail slot. But does she have to do it in shorts? This is just ridiculous. Clearly as a mail carrier, you need to be ready to face the elements. You should be checking the weather every morning and dressing accordingly. And this snow you’re walking through doesn’t look new. Which means you willfully left your house in shorts when there was snow on the ground and you work outdoors! I see that look on your face. It’s regret, mixed with a bit of fear over catching a bad winter cold. I’d load up on the medicine, vitamin-C, and pants if I were you!

13. Gotta Get To Practice!


Via imgur.com

Another example of true commitment. These swimmers weren’t going to let a little snow get them down. Coach said practice was at 6am so you bet your bottom dollar they were making it to practice! Even if they had to swim there! Because isn’t snow just really cold water? So this pile of snow is basically a swimming pool. If you can’t make it through this, you probably don’t deserve to be on the team. While we admire their dedication, it may not have been the worst idea to wear your longer swim shorts for this exercise. You didn’t have a wet suit lying around that could protect more of your body? Well, at least you remembered your swim cap and your goggles. You guys are the definition of prepared – just not for winter. But I’d happily bet on you guys winning a swim meet if it came down to it.

12. Rocking The Winter White


Via Thredboskiaccommodation.com.au

There’s really not much right going on here. In fact, we’d say every part of this situation is really wrong. Let’s start with the car. Why are you driving a convertible with the roof down in the middle of winter? Clearly it’s cold enough for there to be snow on the ground. That means it’s cold enough to want a car with a roof and the heat on full blast. Since your car clearly wasn’t prepared for the elements, we’ll have to assume that extends to your tires. Are you in this situation because you refused to put winter tires on your car? Seems likely. And then there’s the outfit. We’re never ones to shame women for their clothing choices but this seems a little ridiculous for the present climate. We appreciate that your all-white ensemble matches the color of the snow but you could also do that with a white coat and white pair of pants. We’re just gonna go out on a limb here and say lesson learned?

11. When You Refuse To Clear Your Windshield


Via Fightyourtickets.ca

Well, this is just stupid. And dangerous. What part of this seemed like a good idea? If you own a car in a part of the world that has even the slimmest chance of receiving snow, you need to own a snow brush. They’re less than $10 at any hardware or department store. Make the investment. And if, for some crazy reason, you’ve decided not to buy a snow brush or keep an extra one in your car, then you need to improvise. Get a towel, use your sleeve, or ask your sensible neighbor who owns a snow brush if you can borrow theirs. There really is no excuse for this foolish behavior. It’s not just dumb but it’s super dangerous for the driver and those around him. Apparently this guy got a ticket after the cops saw him driving like this. And to that, we say: very well deserved!

10. Guess We’re Staying Home


Via Dailymail.co.uk

We don’t know if anyone could have prepared for this much winter. The look on this guy’s face says it all: subtle amusement but a whole lot “are you for real with this sh*t, winter?” We hear you, buddy. That’s a whole lot of snow. But on the bright side, it looks like you can just call it a day. Winter won this battle; there’s no need to fight this one. You don’t have to tire yourself out trying to shovel or drive on unplowed roads to get to work. You just get to stay home and enjoy an adult snow day. How nice is that? Of course, if you’re completely out of food or have a unreasonable boss who doesn’t believe how much snow you have, you might not find this so nice. But if you’ve got Netflix, a fireplace, and ingredients to bake cookies, this sounds like a pretty great day to us. And when in doubt, send this picture to your boss and say “if you want me in today, come help me shovel.”

9. This Dog Is All Of Us


Via Themetapicture.com

I often find that I relate to pugs. I too don’t like to share food, enjoy warm snuggles, don’t like going out in horrible weather, and generally look sad and unimpressed. Come to think of it, I might actually be half pug. And I have never related to a pug more than in this picture. This is my internal monologue whenever I first step out of my house on a cold winter morning. Why am I doing this? Winter is awful! Being cold sucks! Snow is incredibly overrated! This pug has a right to be terrified. Nothing good will come of this experience. In fact, by the looks of it, that pug might sink right through the snow pile and have to scrape their way out from under an avalanche of snow. No one wants that. Your pug deserves better. We all deserve better. Leave us alone snow!

8. When You Really Want That Hot Dog


Via News.bbc.co.uk

I’ve never been compelled to barbecue in the winter. Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy a good grilled steak and love eating hamburgers and hot dogs at family barbecues. But I can wait till the summer time. For me, BBQ goes with sun, lemonade, and sitting out on a patio. It doesn’t go with snow, freezing temperatures, and frostbite. Why not switch to oven cooked food in the winter? Or something on the stove, you know – something indoors? You can even get crazy with a slow cooker or panini press! Why does it have to be the outdoor barbecue? And if you really have to barbecue – you have an all-consuming need to grill something – why do it in shorts and t-shirts? Surely you can wear pants and a sweater and still be the grill master. Those hot dogs better be worth it.

7. What’s Wrong With A Good Old Wedding Chapel?


Via Fontanaprimavera.com

I’m a huge fan of winter weddings. I think it’s so beautiful to see a couple all dressed up in their wedding garb with a snowy mountain as their backdrop. I love the long-sleeved dresses, cozy shawls, and only returning to warm yourself by the fireplace as soon as the outdoor part is over. But this is one winter wedding that could have been warmer. In fact, this looks like it was a beach wedding that got lost. What would drive you to wear a strapless dress outside when it’s snowing! Save the strapless for the summer months, woman! And even worse? This bride is barefoot! Excuse me but no one should be walking in snow without shoes. When I have to walk in the snow I’m wearing my sturdiest waterproof boots and at least two pairs of socks; and even that’s not enough. This bride is going to be a popsicle before she even gets to the alter.

6. That Is Looking A Little Precarious


Via Talesfromahungrylife.wordpress.com

Shoveling is the worst. Seriously, it is the most horrendous part of winter. We don’t even mind the snow, it’s the scooping it up part that we cannot stand. If you shovel your walk at night, you better believe there will be more to shovel when you wake up the next morning. You always get sweaty while you’re shoveling, but you’re stuck in all of your winter gear. Your toes start to freeze. The shovel always gets stuck in the little cracks on the pavement so you can’t push it through smoothly. Ugh, shoveling! But this is a new level of the horrors of shoveling. I don’t even understand how this woman got to where she is. Was she so determined to only shovel the three-foot wide walkway that she forgot to look up? This is a disaster waiting to happen. I hope she makes it out okay.

5. When It’s Cold Enough For Snow But You Get Hot Shoveling


Via Allthatswrongdotcom.wordpress.com

Like I said, shoveling is the worst. You have to emotionally and mentally prepare for the hardship before you get out there (three times a day). Then after the mental preparation comes the bundling up. You’d think, since shoveling is time spent outdoors directly in snow, that you’d want to have all of your layers on to protect yourself from illness and frostbite. You typically put on your double pants, triple socks, super thick sweater, scarf, gloves, hat, and super thick winter jacket. But after a few minutes pushing away at the white stuff, you begin to sweat. In fact, you’re getting really hot. Now, most of us might take off our hats or scarves. If you’re really hot, you might even lose the coat. But it takes a lot to lose it all like this man and shovel the sidewalk in shorts and a hat. It’s definitely a distinct look. A look that will probably haunt you for a while. But hey, whatever helps him get through the shoveling, I guess!

4. Even The Church Has Had It


Via Blog.gregogle.com

You know the snow has really gotten bad if even the church has given up. If the church has swamped out their inspirational message, bible verse or advertisement for their Christmas service in order to stick it to the snow, you know it’s a serious winter. And this scene definitely looks pretty serious. I would not want to be a resident of this town. And who is the person who is still praying for snow? Put an end to that foolishness, please. Snow days are fun at first but later get pretty boring. The snow is not worth it! It’s only pretty if you can stay inside and it’s only awesome if you’re five years old and hoping for a day off from school. But other than that, it’s a nuisance. So please give it a rest. Even the lovely people of South End Baptist Church have had enough of you.

3. Good Luck, Buddy


Via Dailymail.co.uk

Honestly, if this was our van we’d just wait till summer. Hopefully you don’t have anywhere important to go today, tomorrow or the next month. Because it really doesn’t look like you’ll be on the road anytime soon. How do you even begin to defrost something like that? We’re thinking a team of hairdryers and very long extension cords. Or some ice picks and a lot of determination. We can’t even comprehend it being this icy cold outside. How do people survive in these kinds of conditions? No one is ready for this level of winter. Stay inside and cut your losses. Because odds are, you’d lose a few fingers to frostbite trying to free your van from this icy prison. We say just let it thaw on its own. Eventually warmer temperatures will return. Just tell your boss you won’t be coming to work until spring. We’re sure they’ll understand.

2. I’ll Go For A Swim If I Want To, Just Try And Stop Me


Via Clgreenberg.wordpress.com

Listen, no amount of snow, icy or windchill is getting between this woman and her outdoor pool. She is going for her swim no matter what. We just hope it’s a hot tub she’s heading to because going to your outdoor swimming pool in this weather would just be ridiculous. It’s an actual call for frost bite. We also love that she wasn’t quite sure what to wear on her walk to the pool. She’s got her bathing suit on, of course. And then it looks like she opted for the big towel to try and cover up as much as possible. Flip flops would’ve been too much so she put on some closed toe shoes. And then she added a hat, because it is winter, after all. You gotta throw on your beanie if you’re heading out in the snow, even if you’re wearing it with a swimsuit, am I right?

1. No Matter How Big Or Small, Winter Strikes Again


Via Imgur.com

We love when parents bundle their kids up in the winter. How great is it when you spot a little one and know their current weight is like, 90% snowsuit? And this little munchkin might be one of the cutest ones we have ever seen! But even this little purple elf couldn’t escape the woes of winter. You’d think someone this prepared for facing such a small amount of winter would win. But no. Because winter always wins. It took her right down. She was just trying to get her bearings, but it appears ice was a new concept to her. And down she went. If winter can take down even the most adorable and most warmly dressed child, what chance do the rest of us have? Let’s just call it and head back to bed. We’ll try again in the spring.

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