15 People Who Were Far Too Trusting For This Cruel World

15 People Who Were Far Too Trusting For This Cruel World

Most of us can’t help it; we are just born too trusting for this cruel world. That trust does not last long when you are surrounded by pranksters and trolls at every corner. From siblings who are out to get you just for the heck of it to roommates who are just in it for the laughs—nowhere is safe anymore. Even parents have been known to shake the foundations of your trust by pulling what they think is a hilarious prank. After the trust is broken, everyone and everything around you becomes more suspicious. The new philosophy for these people has probably become, “Trust no one.” Here are 15 situations in which people have definitely developed trust issues that will last them a lifetime.

15. The trust issues start off when you’re young

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Everyone knows that kids cherish every moment with sugary treats that they can get. It doesn’t really matter what kind of treat we’re talking about; as long as they get that sugar high, they are good to go. Another well-known fact is that most kids do not prefer healthy snacks and would probably fight you if you were ever to offer such a thing. Looks like these parents tried to cheat the system by combining the two. This situation can end in two ways. Either the kids fall for it and spend years believing that is what Kinder chocolates taste like, or they will catch on to the deceit right away. In both of these cases, trust will be lost and payback will become imminent!

14. This candy apple catastrophe

Via: piximus.net

Whoever came up with this must wear a cloak and have a surprisingly good manic laugh, because this is the work of an evil mastermind. Who in their right mind looks at a delicious treat such as a caramel apple and thinks to themselves, “Let’s dip an onion into caramel instead!” The poor unsuspecting victim just wanted a nice snack after a long day of school. Can we all just take in that this person didn’t stop at one caramel onion, but went on to make four more? They didn’t even make an effort to put a few real caramel apples in there. Truly evil if you ask us. We feel bad for whoever lost their trust and will never look at caramel apples the same way again.

13. How could grandma do us like that?

Via: ebaumsworld.com

This is definitely one of those phenomenons where everyone can relate to finding this butter cookie tin full of sewing materials in Grandma’s house. Honestly, it has probably happened countless times that you’ve come across a butter cookie tin and you still have hope that there will actually be cookies in there this time… but that is never the case. Looks like Grandma is equally to blame for setting you up with trust issues early on in your life. So much so that your brain even questions the butter cookie tins in the grocery store. To be honest, it comes more of a shock to find actual cookies instead of sewing materials in a tin you come across. Let’s be real here, Gran made it up to us with all the belly stuffing she did otherwise, so we can let this childhood trauma slide for the time being.

12. This trust train wreck

Via: ndtvimg.com

Sometimes, pranks you come across on the internet will have you wondering what a person did to deserve such a thing. Oreos in all their perfection and glory should never be messed with, yet this happens. If you listen closely, you can hear our hearts breaking over this savagery. Honestly, this would not stop a true Oreo lover. They would probably just scrape off the paste and eat the rest. The real crime here is that the best part of the Oreo was scraped off to make way for the toothpaste. If we were the victims to this, the real question would be whether the prankster saved the cream filling during the making of this prank. If there answer is negative, then we can’t promise what our reaction would be. Moral of the story here is to not mess with Oreos.

11. This prank will leave you empty inside.

Via: smosh.com

A prank like this would have you experiencing a mini existential crisis. In the end, you are left in the corner asking yourself, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” The worst of all in this situation is when your eyes light up at the sight of your favorite treat and you imagine yourself indulging fully while watching your favorite TV show. This image in your head quickly disappears when you realize that your family just wants to watch the world burn. To think that the family member who ate the last cookie thought it would be hilarious to leave an empty cookie box in the cupboard…. Did that person know that tears would be shed and trust would be shook? This is definitely the type of prank that would cause some deep rooted family drama.

10. All this kid wanted was to be a mermaid

Via: buzzfeed.com

It seems as though you get played by the ones you trust the most. On their annual family vacation, all this kid wanted to do was become a mermaid and pose for the FB-worthy photo op. She clearly did not have her innocent wishes fulfilled on this trip. You learn pretty early on that putting your trust into your siblings hands is not always the best idea. Scratch that, it is never a good idea when all each of you is out to do is make each other’s lives miserable. What makes this photo hilarious is that this kid had to lay still until this evil masterpiece was done. The unsuspecting victim had no idea until he was told afterwards. You can tell by the expression on his face that this is the last time he will volunteer as a sand sculpture subject.

9. This trust fall did not go as planned

Via: buzzfeed.com

This was just an unfortunate situation where trust was lost and friendships were broken. Clearly one of them did not get the memo on how this whole trust fall thing should work. This just goes to show that a little communication can go a long way, especially when it comes to keeping that trust in place. This friend wasted no time having a good laugh about the whole situation before offering help. That is what real friendship is all about. They clearly did not plan for this to go as wrong as it did. They even set up a designated camera person to record their strong foundation of friendship, which is now definitely getting called into question. In the end, we are sure that this failed trust fall will be the last of any trust fall she will do.

8. Ketchup, explain yourself

Via: ebaumsworld.com

OK, we can all agree that someone has a lot of explaining to do… Even though this may be considered a harmless prank, when it comes to food, it is a whole different ballgame. Anyone who has ever experienced “hanger” knows that messing with your food is a good way to see you turn into a giant green monster who smashes everything in his path. Speaking of monsters, let us not ignore the fact that whoever switched the ketchup and mustard bottles is definitely one. Your whole life, you placed your trust in knowing that ketchup goes in the red bottle and that mustard goes in the yellow bottle. Then your world is shook when you come across something like this. Here’s to hoping that no hangry people will be triggered in pulling off this prank.

7. Broken dreams of becoming Spider-Man

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Does this look like the hero we can all trust? The answer is that we would definitely be judging if someone turned up to save the day in that outfit. All this poor guy wanted was to live out his childhood dream of becoming Spider-Man and he ended up being lied to. Now all he can do is use his mask to wipe away the tears while he sits in a corner wearing his skintight costume, questioning life TBH. We are surprised he even managed to pull that mask over his head without stopping his blood flow. Looks like Halloween costume stores stop at nothing to add a little more provocative costuming. Who would have thought that there would be a male version of a sexy Spider-Man until now?

6. We would never be able to look at Ferrero Rocher in the same way again

Via: diply.com

Let us all have a moment of silence for this poor soul who was just in it for winding down with some quality chocolate consumption. We have all been the butt of our parents tragic jokes at some point in our lives. There is really no way avoiding that. Although this will probably leave their kid more scarred than they would have imagined, this prank deserves a pat on the back. The two went well out of their way to pull this prank flawlessly and it sure is a classic. Just look at how convincing that pack of chocolates looks! The kid, who now has deep-seated trust issues, had to open up three before realizing the whole batch was messed with. All in a day’s work of being a parent.

5. All his sister wanted was some chicken

Via: ebaumsworld.com

These are the types of things that leave you saying, “Why?” Everyone knows that the right thing to do would be to save the biscuit in a container that wouldn’t get other peoples hopes up… but it looks like this sibling did not get the memo on that and ended up disappointing a poor hungry soul. This single biscuit incident triggered his sister so much that she needed to let it all out in an aggressive message on the box. Not only did she call him out for being the liar that he is, but she also added an extra message inside. You know, just to reassure her sibling that that was a messed up thing to do. We hope this person knows that payback will be just as trust breaking.

4. Just casually sipping on some water from a urine collection cup.

Via: ebaumsworld.com

A day spent at the doctor’s office is hard enough. Most usually self diagnose before popping in to get a doctor give their professional opinion. By that time you are usually sweating over the fact that you probably have the worst disease known to man. At least the doctor’s office is a safe space where you can put your trust in, right? Well, according to this person, that is wrong. All she did was ask for a cup of water after her blood draw for a regular checkup. Instead, she gets her water in a container that makes you question everything and everyone around you. Does the nurse have a grudge against you? Do they think this is a more eco friendly tactic to reuse urine containers? There are just so many questions we need answers to.

3. No one messes with chicken nuggets and gets away with it…

Via: diply.com

This is one of those pranks that are cruel but low-key trying to help you out in life. This guy’s girlfriend is dropping hints that his veggie intake should be a lot higher. Looks like this was the only way to get him even close to veggies. Wrap anything in a chicken nugget box and you can trap a whole lot of people TBH. She did not even hesitate getting a box of 20 to pull of this prank. The most messed up thing is that she probably enjoyed eating every single nugget herself. In the end, there is no denying that the trust has still been broken. Now instead of opening every chicken nugget box with a smile on this face, this guy will probably think there is a possibility of veggies instead. We hope the chicken nuggets were worth it.

2. The victim of this prank probably cried himself to sleep.

Via: diply.com

There is a special place for people like this in the world. We have to applaud the dedication that went into pulling off this prank. The person even went out of his way to cut the carrots into Cheeto-sized strips. He even crazy glued the packaging so that it becomes more convincing. This is another one of those pranks that are low-key trying to drop hints in the direction of healthy eating. But when all you want to do is binge eat neon orange cheese puffs, then that is damn well what you will be doing. Whoever fell victim to this prank probably had their world of trust crumble in front of their eyes as they took the first bite. Here’s to hoping that not all those cheese puffs went to waste.

1. The smell lingered but this person’s trust did not.

Via: diply.com

OK, this is just getting out of hand. We live in a cruel world where people are getting too creative with trust-breaking pranks. This is definitely one of them. What kind of a cruel person would do such a thing? It is almost applause-worthy if it wasn’t so ground-breakingly trust shattering. Instead of a tropical mist scent, this person’s room now smells like the lingering scent of shrimp. All this unsuspecting victim wanted was for their senses to be thrown into a tropical Hawaiian vacation, but instead, they are now in the back of a seafood delivery truck for an unknown amount of time. We can be sure that spray cans of any sort were definitely banned in this household after this incident!

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