15 Unbelievable People You Actually Can't Argue With

There are people in this world that have completely out-of-this-world ideas that make you take a look at them and wonder how hard they were dropped on their head when they were younger. However, not all of their seemingly ridiculous ideas are all that ridiculous if you really give them enough thought. This isn’t to say that stupidity always pays off, because it doesn’t. But in these instances of crazy—but logical—thinking, I’m not talking about stupidity. I’m talking about instances where people think to themselves, “this might just be crazy enough to work!” Other times, however, it’s instances of thinking outside-of-the-box in a way that helps others see things in a completely different light. Check out these ~arguably~ brilliant examples of wild but logical thinking.

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15 I Mean, They Have To Be One Or The Other

This simple yet profound statement is shaking people to the core for some reason. If I’m being completely honest with myself, I’ll admit that this very short sentence rattled me for a few minutes. The takeaway from this message is that every single thing that exists in the universe is either a potato… or not a potato. Cellphones? Not potatoes. Airplanes? Not potatoes. Potatoes? Yeah, those are potatoes! As uneasy as it makes everyone feel, you can literally categorize every single thing on the planet as either a potato or not a potato. I’m sure we’d like to believe that our identification system is more complicated because we are complicated beings in a complicated world. However, all those complicated things are either potatoes or (you guessed it) not potatoes.

14 It’s Easier To Kill Someone Than You Think

Vampires, though they are fictional beings, are pretty scary to think about. As Edward Cullen stated in the first Twilight movie, vampires are built to kill. “Everything invites you in” just so they can kill you. That’s right — I just direct quoted the movie without looking that up. Either way, facing one in real life wouldn’t be anything short of a nightmare. But what this Tumblr user is trying to say, is that death can come upon us in a number of ways in which no one would not consider them terrifying like they would when thinking about being drained of blood from a vampire. Unfortunately, people kill people all the time. It’s not hard. Also, people are killed by dogs fairly frequently. As for ducks? I know that sounds ridiculous but a man was killed by a duck in 2001. Just saying.

13 Mom Psychology Never Doesn’t Work

People aren’t necessarily born with the trait of being able to trick people into doing things. However, when a mother becomes a mother, this trait somehow—out of nowhere—weaves itself into her very being. Suddenly, she is a trained professional is psychological trickery that make us somehow do the things she wants us to do even when we know we don’t want to. For this person on Tumblr, all they want to do is live like the Spy Kids do. Age the age of 26 or not, that is this person’s aspiration in life and they’re mother is using that against them in order to get the trash taken out. I can’t blame her for using this against this person but if you ask me, it’s complete sorcery. How do moms understand how to do this?!

12 Save The Bees, Damn It!

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, the bees that create a livable and sustainable environment for us to live and thrive in are dying at a very alarming rate. It’s not good and I mean really not good. In unrelated news, people throughout the world have become obsessed with becoming bad b*tches. Urban Dictionary defines a "bad b*tch" as someone who is “totally mentally gifted and usually also fine as hell.” I’ll admit that I, too, aspire to be a bad b*tch. However, people think that you can only be one of these two things: a bee advocate (or environmental advocate) or a bad b*tch. Logically, this is not the case. You can care about your personal aesthetic while also caring about the bees and the health of the planet.

11 Real Recognizes Real

So, the situation revolving around this photo is that the boy in the banana costume was suspended from school for wearing the banana costume and the reporter in the grape costume is wearing the grape costume to support him... I can only theorize that the logic behind the reporter wearing the grape costume is to show that the clothes you wear have nothing to do with how well you can do your job. Just take a look at the reporter himself. He’s doing a bang up job doing the reporting, so why can’t banana boy do well in his schoolwork while wearing the banana costume? There’s just simply no counterargument if you ask me. The comment below this Tumblr post says that journalists help people and I believe that’s exactly what this reporter is doing.

10 This Sounds Only A Little Suspicious, Windows

I feel like it’s safe to say that we’ve all done something sketchy at least once in our lives. Maybe it was a paper you forgot to turn in. Or maybe you broke one of the mugs in your kitchen. Or maybe you even pushed your brother or sister, and now they have a few scrapes to show for it. So, when we’re either caught or in the process of getting caught, what’s the first thing that we all instinctively do? Deny, deny, deny. "All of the mugs in the kitchen are perfectly fine and in the right place in the cabinet. Yes, mom, I actually turned that paper in early. Don’t worry, those scrapes are definitely from gym class." You know it’s completely false but hey, you can’t argue with the idea that maybe you’ll get away with it.

9 Ugh, I’m Stuck With This Guns N’ Roses T-Shirt FOREVER?!

It’s a fact of life that we’re all going to die eventually. It’s a sad reality that we all have to live (and die) with. But when you start to really think about the logistics of it all, that train of thought can take you down some strange rabbit holes of logic. Some are outright strange, but this post makes us truly think. It addresses the issue of what we wear in the afterlife. Logically speaking, it just doesn’t seem right that ghosts would spend time changing their outfits. How would they even do so? So, one can only conclude that the outfit you die in is the outfit you wear for the rest of eternity. I guess that this just goes to show that you should be careful about what you wear — you don’t want to end up in something ridiculous for the rest of infinity.

8 There’s Really Only One Jonah Hill?

For the record, this is by no means meant to discredit Jonah Hill’s hard work in getting fit. I couldn’t be more proud of him. But you have to wonder when it comes to drastic life changes like this how someone can just completely transition from one person into a completely different person just like that. Rationally speaking, Jonah Hill’s transformation didn’t occur overnight. But logically, one’s brain just wants to assume that this is a copycat of Jonah Hill because we as humans historically struggle with change. We don’t like it because we get set in our ways and once something changes, we have to completely rethink our strategy for life. So, we’ll just assume there are multiple versions of Jonah Hill (and other celebrities who have made drastic changes) scattered around and everything will go back to normal.

7 It’s Honestly Not A Half Bad Idea

Good enough reason to have kids @_theblessedone

A post shared by Betches (@betches) on

When I first came across this photo on Instagram, I honestly couldn’t believe what I was looking at. What kind of person stops in the middle of walking with their child to set up a makeshift selfie using said child and the stroller s/he is strolling in? Then, I started to really think about all the times I was dressed to the nines and lacking a loving friend to take a picture of me to commemorate the rare occurrence of me looking good. It was this very moment that I realized that I should stop judging and start learning from her. Besides, the hidden upside to the kid taking the picture is that they can’t really complain. You’re the adult and what you say goes.

6 A Rap Show Is No Place For Crab Legs

I wish I had an off-the-cuff explanation for this one. I can only speculate that @father, who originally tweeted this, was either at a rap show and witnessed some ridiculously delusional person attempting to eat crab legs or he himself was trying to do so. Either way, you can’t argue for one second that this person isn’t telling the truth. Anyone who has eaten crab legs can testify that isn’t no walk in the park. Not only are they hard to crack, but they’re messy! Especially if you like them slathered in butter like I do. They’re nothing like a sub, which is relatively easy to eat. And if we’re being truly honest with each other, even eating a sub at a concert would be difficult.

5 Eating Makes Every Uncomfortable Situation Better

Speaking of eating, here we have ourselves a nice little example of a perfectly logical solution to a problem, brought to us by Charlie Kelly and Dennis Reynolds from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Most people don’t like confrontation or to feel uncomfortable in any way, shape, or form. But most people know how to deal with these kinds of situations in a logical, mature way. Then, there are people like me and Dennis Reynolds who choose to solve our problems with food and not much else. This isn’t to say that every problem can be solved by eating, but when you’re in an awkward situation, eating something (or a whole lot more than you need to) can not only rejuvenate you enough to think of a better way to deal with something, but can also comfort you, which makes total sense to me.

4 Wow, I’m Glad I Don’t Have Children

Have you ever been around a child that’s perfectly behaved and everything they do and say brings a wide smile to your face? Yeah, I haven’t either. Just about every child I’ve ever encountered is too loud, hard to deal with, and, frankly, annoying. Don’t get me wrong, I will probably learn to love my own children one day when I have them. But for the time being, I’m sticking to the same logic as @ohfvckno who tweeted the sweet, sweet truth that seeing other people’s kids in action makes you think twice about taking risks in the bedroom. Once you witness just how much of a handful children can be, there’s just about nothing that can stop you from being super careful so as to make sure you don’t end up where their parents are before you want to be.

3 Cheating Is Okay When It’s This Brilliant

This is purely brilliant

A post shared by Jessica Anteby (@beigecardigan) on

I don’t condone cheating. As a college-educated young lady, it actually makes me kind of angry when I see people cheating on exams. I worked hard to get my grades while other people in my classes cheated their way into receiving better grades than I did most of the time. I’ve seen it all; from the timely messages sent by friends to show up on a Smartwatch, to the intricately redone water bottle label that sports class notes rather than nutritional information. What I haven’t seen, however, is this hilariously brilliant tactic of taking advantage of the underside of your fingernails. In all my years of education and having long acrylic nails, it baffles me that I never once thought of something like this. For that reason, I fully endorse this one occurrence of cheating.

2 Record-Breaking Heat Calls For Record-Breaking Ideas

It's baby @elonmusk

A post shared by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

It’s no secret that the heat surrounding us this summer has been completely off the charts with temperatures around the world reaching into the 120's. I don’t know about you guys, but I couldn’t stand that kind of heat without some kind of cooling relief and I’m almost certain that’s exactly why this kid made himself a makeshift pool. When you’re too hot, the logical thing to do is to cool yourself off. But how are you supposed to do that if you don’t have air conditioning or a pool pass of the summer? Well, you come up with a bonkers idea like this one of course! I have a lot of questions about who is watching this child and how he found all of the materials to make this balcony pool happen. But you have to hand it to this kid – he’s pretty damn smart.

1 What Am I Supposed To Do With This iTunes Gift Card, Susan?


A post shared by Elliot Tebele (@fuckjerry) on

When I was young, I always looked forward to my birthday because it meant three things: a party with my friends, a yummy cake, and money. I got presents as a kid but there was just something about the cold hard cash sliding out of the cards as I opened them slowly, pretending I was reading the card instead of staring at the dollar bills that were now mine. Nowadays, all my birthday brings is a few half-assed birthday wishes from the family members that remember it’s my birthday and fairly nasty hangovers. For some reason, it’s fun for older people to give money to children but not to starving 20-somethings that actually need it. Like no, it’s fine. I’ll just have Ramen Noodles again for dinner, but thanks again for the $10 iTunes gift card, great aunt Susan...

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