15 People Whose Misfortunes Will Give You Life

We are told from the day we are born that 'no one is perfect.' This seems logical and respectable as kids, but the older we get, the more we strive to be as close to perfect as possible. Yet it seems like the more we try to do this, the more we completely and utterly fall on our faces and make fools of ourselves. Then we go to bed at night knowing that we all make mistakes and we can always bounce back from them. It seems like an endless cycle of making little mistakes, making up for them, and then back to screwing something up again. However, there are some people in this world that break that cycle of monotony and go above and beyond to hide their mistake-making. Luckily for us, we live in a time where we can record them for generations to come to laugh hysterically at.

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15 Will We Ever Trust eBay Again?

Yeezys, which debuted several years ago now, are a ridiculously priced fashionized sneaker created and produced by ultra-famous rapper Kanye West (who also goes by Yeezy for those of you who are living under a rock). As you would expect, people did anything and everything they could to get their hands on these things — including buying them off shady websites like eBay that are notorious for not following through on what they promise you when you pay.

This kid paid the price for not just paying the retail price on the Adidas website. I can bet you this kid ordered these shoes at a super low price expecting to raise his status at middle school like a get-rich-quick scheme. But what did he get instead? A giant sleeping-bag looking version of a Yeezy sneaker. Honestly, the funniest part about this is the fact that something like that even exists in the first place.

14 I Think Those Are Supposed To Be Chicks

Ever since the birth of Pinterest, it seems like I can’t get on the internet anymore without some cute and adorable DIY project (that I am not skilled enough to complete myself) getting up in my face on whatever social media platform I decide to visit. Seriously, people have gotten so creative with their food that it boggles my mind. But then there are instances like this one where a cute and adorable DIY project completely blows up in someone’s face like it would to me if I tried to do it. Fortunately for this person, it didn’t actually blow up in his or her face but I will admit that they didn’t think this one through too much. I feel like it’s just common sense that bread expands...

13 Not-So-Sexy Tinkerbell

Here we have a good example of everything that can go wrong with expanding your interests and hobbies into unknown territory. Recently, these character-shaped pancakes with all kinds of different colors and whatnot have been extremely popular. But what we don’t realize when we’re glued to our screens in fascination over these videos is that the people doing them are professionals. Whether or not professional pancake artist is a real job title, these people practice a lot to get them perfect enough to put them on the Internet. So, while it may look easy, it’s merely the product of hours of trying and failing just like this person did. So, it’s probably best for everyone that we leave this strange—but delicious—trade to those who have the time and patience to do it right.

12 Put. The. Toilet. Seat. Down. When. You’re. Done.

We often see women in media portrayed as bossy and demanding people who are constantly complaining about the little things that men do, like leaving the toilet seat up. This is probably because it’s not just a thing in the media – women around the world are plagued with the unfortunate experience of going to the bathroom at some time or another and nearly falling in because someone neglected to put the seat back down. Well, ladies, we have finally gotten our sweet, sweet retribution through one man named Jay Allen who experienced what it’s like to fall into the toilet. While I do feel a little bad for anyone who has to go through this horribly disgusting experience, I can’t help but laugh at the hashtags which accurately describe what it’s like.

11 That Is NOT A Corndog

Corndogs are— in the most basic way—breaded hotdogs. In theory, they’re supposed to mimic the hot dog and bun concept by making it mobile, as a convenient way for people to chow on them while at events they’re sold at, like carnivals and fairs. With that being said, there is just absolutely no way in this universe that corndogs would grow naturally on the planet. For starters, it’s very widely known that hot dogs are made in a factory. Not only that, but it’s widely speculated what’s even in them. So, it’s impossible for those to occur naturally. The corn breading on them, maybe. But definitely not the hot dog inside. I can’t knock the poor soul in this post entirely because the thing they just plucked out of the ground and ate does look very similar to a corndog. But it’s not... Use common sense, friends.

10 Yeah, That’s Real Discrete

There are certain things in this world that we’d rather buy online. It’s as simple as that. While I advocate that people shouldn’t be ashamed of things like sex toys (because hey, we’re all adults here), I can totally understand why someone would choose to have them delivered to their front door rather than look at a store clerk in the eye. I say this because they normally come in boxes that are square. Why wouldn’t they come in a box that’s square? Boxes are innately square. But this company went above and beyond to make it known just what was being delivered to this house. I’m not saying that I don’t feel bad for whoever ordered this. They were obviously thinking it was going to be discrete, and this is what turned up on their doorstep. I just also have to applaud the company for inventing a dildo-shaped box like this.

9 Are You A Thirsty Boy?

Conferences, which are typically displayed to be only for those who work in big Fortune 500 companies and the like, are contrarily for all types of companies to get together to network and learn from each other. The problem with conferences, though, is that you’re always trying to make a good impression. You have to be on edge constantly keeping yourself in line just to not embarrass yourself or the company you’re representing, especially when you’re giving a presentation and not just attending the event. One way to completely not do this is by forgetting to turn your microphone of when you’re using the bathroom. Bathroom noises are very taboo in professionalism, but talking to the vessel you’re peeing into is all sorts of outlandish.

8 Sunburn Just Got Worse Somehow

Sunburn has been a problem for longer than we can comprehend, but since the invention of revealing bathing suits, tan lines (or rather burn) have been a problem. Bathing suits used to cover most of the body much like surfing suits still do. But one day, someone let common sense get to them and thought that maybe full-body suits were too hot to wear on the beach and thus the bikini was born. Recently, though, bikinis have evolved into much more of a fashion statement rather than a way to keep you cool in the sun and help you get a nice tan. One trend in particular is reverting back to the old ways of not helping with your tan; and that’s the super strappy bikini top trend. In theory, they’re cute but practically they are a tan line nightmare.

7 You Can’t Click On A Newspaper

The Internet as we know it has not been around that long. Sure, we had the Internet 30 something years ago, but that’s nothing compared to the Internet we have these days. People can do all kinds of things on there: like talk with friends, share pictures, watch videos, and even stay caught up on what’s happening in the world. The only problem with that is it leaves the newspaper industry to die and rot. Some newspapers are not going to give up the fight quite as easily, though. Take this one, for instance. I can tell you that this went one of two ways. Either they have a website as well as a newspaper and copied this story from there while forgetting to remove hyperlinks that obviously wouldn’t work in a printed newspaper. Or, someone legitimately does not understand how hyperlinks work, which is rather disturbing.

6 Hey, Wanna Get Lunch At McDonad’s?

It’s not too uncommon to see spelling errors out in the world if you’re really paying attention. For instance, I can tell you about a handful of times that I’ve seen road signs spelled wrong. For crying out loud, I’ve even seen the word “STOP” incorrectly spelled and painted on the street. But this has got to be one of my favorites purely because of how in the dark you have to be to not know how to spell 'McDonald’s.' McDonald’s is, by far, the most well-known fast food chain on the entire planet. How can you possibly spell that incorrectly? It’s not like the “L” in there is silent. On top of that, it looks to be spelled correctly on the other side of the building. So, what happened there?

5 Sunny With A High Of Scribbles

I can’t decide which part of this massive screw-up I love more: the fact that the green screen got so messed up that they aren’t able to use the normal looking map that we usually see on the weather channel or the guy who is filling in for said map and his horrible drawings. First of all, what in the world are those scribbles over the sun? If those are supposed to be clouds, I’m going to have to go out on a limb here and say that the guy that drew them has never seen a cloud before. Secondly, what happened to Monday? Why is Monday not on there? Lastly, I’m not sure what the question marks are supposed to be taking the place of but they’re hysterically useless and make the whole look even more ridiculous.

4 Who Designed This Bathroom?!

It’s bad enough when you go into the bathroom when it’s late at night and you’re half asleep or you’re out at the bar and need to go super bad and there’s no toilet paper after you’ve finished your business. There’s nothing worse than not being able to get clean after that. Well, except for maybe this huge mistake in the design of this bathroom. For real, what human being has an arm long enough to comfortably reach around into that cabinet to grab toilet paper? You’re just asking for some sort of accident or mess there. My next question is why would anyone think this is practical? If we’ve already established that people’s arms are simply not long enough to reach around into there, why would someone even think this design was acceptable? There’s really one explanation for this and it’s that someone messed up and bad.

3 Nala Isn’t Looking So Hot These Days

By now, we should all be more than aware of what factory defects are. If we’re being honest with each other, nearly all of the things we buy are made in a factory in some part of the world. Humans aren’t perfect and believe it or not, neither are machines. They malfunction and mess up products that would have otherwise been perfect. Sometimes those mistakes mean the difference of life and death but most times, it’s silly little mistakes like this one, where a stuffed animal's eyes are sewn on going entirely the wrong direction. The Nala doll on the left shows us what the eyes are supposed to look like, but who am I kidding? You don’t even need to compare the one on the right to the one on the left to see how messed up the eyes are.

2 People Just Cannot Get This Toilet Thing Figured Out

I’ve included a number of massive screw-ups related to toilets in this article but this has to be my favorite one because it is just so obviously wrong that you can only speculate what kind of state of mind the person who installed it was in. Not only is the lid in between the bowl and the seat (rather than behind the seat like it should be), the seat is facing the wrong way. The way it is right now implies that you would need to be sitting the other way to use it and that is just not correct. I like to think the person that installed this was either in such a hurry that they knew it was wrong and didn’t care, which I can relate to, being too lazy to fix something I knew was wrong, or they simply do not understand how toilet seats are supposed to work.

1 I Don’t Think That Boat Is Supposed To Be There

What we have here is an instance where idiocy and pure luck combined to produce a one-of-a-kind massive screw-up that has me, personally, dying of laughter. What happened here was the white truck was pulling the boat that now sits on its roof on a trailer. They were then rear-ended by the black truck that you can see in the background of the picture. The black truck hit the back of the boat just hard enough to shoot it up into the air and have it land and balance perfectly on the top of the truck that was pulling it. You can see that the black truck has some visible damage to the front bumper, but the most hilarious part about this whole thing is that neither the boat nor the white truck that was pulling it look to be damaged. How is that possible?!

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