15 People Who Won So Hard At Life, We're Jealous

These days, we're used to experiencing or seeing failure. We're not trying to be super negative, but when we see something on the internet, we're more apt to come across a funny mishap rather than worthy win. This might be injected into our brains, but this article will make us believers when it comes to people winning. No, not winning a marathon, but people just winning at life in different ways. It could be the simplest thing such as someone messing around or it could be a pure coincidence that they fell into somehow.

Either way, seeing people win rather than mess up is a breath of fresh air and the people below are portraying that. These people find four-leaf clovers every day, these people will probably win the lottery at some point in their life and somehow, these people make life look easy.

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15 Foolin' them all

Via: pinterest.com

Let's take a moment and agree on one thing: going to the gym is hard. Sure, some days are easier than others, but thinking about putting all that energy into an enclosed place with tons of other sweaty people doesn't sound appealing at all. So instead of dreading it every single time, this woman is changing things up. Instead of buying a cute water bottle that says "gym, laugh, love," this woman is reusing something she already had at her house. First, she had to finish the chocolate syrup, which was probably satisfying, and then she realized that it would be great as a gym water bottle.

People are judgmental and even though her gym probably has words that say otherwise on the walls, the other gym-goers are savages. Luckily for her, she's already winning with a unique water bottle so who cares, right?

14 Never a hungry stomach in grandma's house

Via: digzoo.com

Grandparents are great. They are these amazing human beings who let us get away with practically anything when we were younger and fed us treats until we puked. Basically, they are our parents, but without all of the rules. They've gone through the uphill battle of raising their own children and now they're just trying to spoil their grandkids. One of the things that we were never without at their house was food. They were always baking a cake or a casserole and really, what more can a kid ask for? So when this guy mentioned to his grandma that he was hungry, she went all out for her grandson.

This isn't really shocking as grandmas always seem to want to stuff our faces, but the sheer amount of food has this guy winning. It's safe to say he won't be hungry much longer and may have some leftovers after all is said and done.

13 That's how it's done

Via: 4GIFs.com

Do you ever wonder what a person does in their free time? We don't mean it in a bad way, but when the GIF above comes across our screen, do you ever wonder how they did the thing you just saw? In a world where people are constantly on the run, this guy figured out how to slow down his life and accomplish...this. We're not sure what we're seeing and how this winner even had this idea, but we like it. This guy could've nose-dived into the concrete and broken something serious. Instead, he nearly floated down these stairs with ease and even bowed afterward.

This guy isn't failing at life, he's winning because he has time to figure out how to calmly glide down a flight of stairs like it's no big thing.

12 No pants, no problem

Via: onfunozne.com

For the most part, technology is fabulous. It gets us the information we are looking for, it connects us to our loved ones and it allows us to have meetings without leaving our home. These may seem like small victories, but honestly, they are huge. Take a look at the guy above, for example. In the first photo, he looks like he's a put together man in a suit, doing an interview. In the second photo, he's a bit more relaxed than we expected him to be.

If we had a meeting, we'd want to be on a couch, too, without pants where no one can see us. That's the beauty of having a laptop and FaceTime, we never really need to leave the confines of our own home to stay in the loop and remain social.

11 Shoe tie don't bother me

Via: dailyfunnypicturesc.om

OK, this one is pretty epic. This person must've created a series of life hacks because this one just changed the way we see phone chargers and shoelaces. This is definitely something along the lines of killing two birds with one stone, but if this guy walked, what would happened to the electronics? Nothing, because winners don't worry about stuff like that. Instead, they think of stuff like this and just stand there and marvel at their fine work.

People's minds are creative and losing a shoelace isn't fun. So when this person rigs up this short-term fix, they really put their mind to it and succeeded. We're thinking this was all for show and totally just for a social media photo, but people have to get their kicks when they can.

10 Blue had the last laugh

Via: diply.com

In the world of sports, every move an athlete makes is crucial. One wrong move and a touchdown could be lost, a goal could be missed and the other guy could make one last play. In this example, it looks like these two gentlemen are playing for all the marbles in the bowl and the end results are incredibly important. They look neck and neck and then Mr. Blue decides to make one more backhanded play.

It's a good thing luck was on his side because somehow, someway, the ball hit the table. Mr. Red probably thought he was the winner for a split second before Mr. Blue totally schooled him. The look says it all on Mr. Red's face and shortly after, we bet he argued like it was somehow unfair.

9 The circle of life

Via: afv.com

In the snacking world, Pringles are bae. They've been around forever and we used to make duck lips with them when were kiddos. This must've taken a ton of time to accomplish and even though the "building blocks" are a salty snack, it's pretty impressive. This also must have taken a lot of someone's time and that alone makes them a winner. Who takes time out of their busy day to just completely unwind and build a circular masterpiece of Pringles? This person.

Now that we've seen that this can be done, we kind of want to try it out as well. It takes incredible patience for someone to master this and a creative streak for this odd artwork to even happen. We bet they got a lot of likes for this creation.

8 When the wait is long

Via: digzoo.com

No one, and we mean no one, is a fan of the DMV. Everything about it is stale and uneventful and the wait time is way longer then it needs to be. Also, why does it always seems like there are two people working when there should be about 10? It's a death wish not to have 100% battery on your smartphone and that is basically the only thing that will get you through it...until now. This guy got so bored and so hungry that he embarked on an epic idea.

Actually, ordering a pizza is always a good idea and as long as it has an address, that pizza is there. We bet everyone around this dude was incredibly jealous and now this guy can wait and enjoy a tasty treat.

7 What legends look like

Via: me.me

When summer makes its way back to us, all we want to do is enjoy it and bask in the glory of the sun. Of course, if there's a pool nearby, that will be involved too. Speaking of swimming pools, the father above has it made. It's not that he's doing some sort of trick or saying something brilliant, but he has figured out how to sunbathe on his stomach without drowning. This issue isn't anything new when it comes to getting an even tan and it's kind of annoying. It's not the most important thing on every person's list, but wouldn't everyone rather have an even sunburn rather than one on side? We think so.

So Skyler's father finally figured out the pool mystery. All he needed was a simple plastic snorkel and he officially wins at napping hard in the pool while he's taking a load off.

6 What a marvelous coincidence

Via: 4gifs.com

When we first glanced at this, we were thinking the worst. This person is doing a dumb snowboarding trick that may or may not seriously injure them. Or, this person is innocently trying to do a trick and doesn't notice this large truck lurking by. Either way, this is gearing up to look like a fail that's going to hurt. But luckily this was caught on camera because...this happens. Either this was completely orchestrated and planned or the snowboarder improvised and totally won at last-minute decisions.

Also, they perfectly landed this jump and that's impressive on its own. This snowboarder is definitely not an amateur and does stunts like this all the time. There's no fails here folks, this is merely a successful day in the snow. If this wasn't planned, we hope the person in the truck didn't freak out and hit a mailbox or something.

5 Multi-tasker extraordinaire

Via: brightside.me

When we think of an ideal skill for a person to have, it would be multi-tasking. It can be as easy as talking and walking successfully at the same time, we aren't here to judge. Sometimes multi-tasking comes naturally and other times, life can get in the way of doing all the things we want to do so we improvise. When we say improvise, we mean we catch up with our parents via phone in the car or work on two projects at once at work. The guy above is going above and beyond and we are very on board with his effort.

There's already health-conscious items out there that we can purchase, but we're thinking this one was a bit cheaper. This guy just used his bike that he already had and did his work at the same time. That is true creativity and true multi-tasking.

4 He meant to do that

Via: 4gifs.com

Unless you're a natural or a professional bowler, there really is no in between of being good or bad. Bowling is usually a leisure sport for people to play when they get together with one another, but that doesn't mean they have to be good. Some people are so horrible that it's a shock when they hit two or three pins. In this case, this is not a person that's a loser when it comes to hitting the pins, he's a definite winner.

The reason why is because he makes this odd twisty look appear like it's supposed to happen. This is another prime example of a failure turning into a complete win and it is fantastic. Also, was this pure luck or did this guy really rig up this move to look like he was going to biff it?

3 The girl who fit in the claw machine

Via: afv.com

When we're at a restaurant waiting, there's no better past-time than playing a claw machine. It's kind of like a vending machine filled with crap we don't need, but we want it anyways. It doesn't matter what age a person is, they always fall for a good claw machine if they have the money. The reason why these machines have a grip on us is because they aren't an easy feat. Nope, those machines eat money like a person at a buffet and it is frustrating.

In this case, this little girl crawled up in the machine and had her pick of an animal. We're not really sure how she exactly fit, but it happened anyways and now it can't be undone. Technically, she's a winner, but at the same time we hope her mom or dad didn't coax her in this.

2 When the timing is right

Via: 4gifs.com

When we're hanging out with our friends, we come up with ideas or plans that may or may not be a good idea. When we're really scrapping for things to do, things like this happen. We're not even sure how they came up with this plan or having the time to patiently practice this, but it is fantastic. We can't even imagine how much time it took for all four of those guys to successfully jump through this literal hoop and not tumble mid-jump.

We can see from the aftermath cheering that it was one of their first successful attempts at doing it and we think it's a pretty cool trip. There's no failure here, just straight up winning.

1 Well, this is satisfying

Via: onfunzone.com

The people that get easy to remember addresses, license plates and phone numbers are very lucky. They can rest easy knowing that no one will ever forget their number and the pizza delivery person will never be late because they couldn't find their house. It's not really a thing someone can pick for themselves, the winning just comes naturally. Also, aren't numbers just satisfying when they line up exactly how they should? We think so.

In this example, this person got the luck of the draw. They don't have some hard to remember number combination and we bet their street name is easy to remember as well. The person or people that are living here probably win on a daily basis without even trying.

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