These 20 Bright Ideas Are Our Facepalms

The way we see it, everything falls into one of two categories—it's either a good idea or a bad idea. Here, we even thought up some examples. Good ideas include, but are not limited to: the internet; soft pretzels; inspirational quote posters with kittens on them; that chocolate sauce that turns into a delicious shell when it gets cold over ice cream; Disney movies. Get the idea? Good. Now, here are some examples of bad ideas: Crocs; signing Justin Bieber to a record deal; putting kale in brownies to make them "healthier"; canceling Freaks and Geeks after only one season; Furbies.

Most of us are lucky because we've got an inherent ability to distinguish which notions are amazeballs and which ones fall flat. But not everyone is as fortunate as we are. The portion of the population that lacks this idea filter makes up a small minority, but the number of people who insist on pursuing this ridiculousness is still staggering, nonetheless. In an effort to boost awareness of this problem, we've compiled this list, featuring 20 people whose bright ideas became our facepalms. These images definitely won't boost anyone's morale, but knowing how to recognize stupidity is the first step in preventing it.

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20 Well, definitely not brilliant

Via: diply.com

What? This isn't going out to eat, it's just grocery shopping. What's the point in going to Chipotle just to purchase burrito ingredients? If someone is taking their tortillas, guac, salsa and cheese home to make their own meal, that eliminates the purpose of the fast food joint.

Don't get us wrong, we'd love to drive up to someplace and have the employees hand us our groceries. We don't like shopping, and that would save a lot of time and aggravation. But this wasn't supposed to be a trip to Randall's, it was a run to get a bite to eat, but in his effort to personalize his burrito to the extreme, he defeated the whole purpose.

19 That's a rude awakening

Living in someone else's attic without their knowing about it sounds like a pretty good idea in theory. Shelter from the elements. Nightly access to their pantry and fridge. 24/7 front row seats to the arguments that ensue when they realize their food is missing and inevitably blame each other for is. Free rent. What could be better?

Yes sir, living in the attic of an unsuspecting homeowner has no downsides. None! Not one! Well, except for the fact that one misstep could result in falling through the ceiling, possibly breaking bones and thus exposing the whole ruse. But aside from that, no negatives in this scenario.

18 Panorama dog monster

Photography has come so far since its invention. It wasn't so very long ago when taking a picture was a major family event, and one everyone wore their Sunday best for. Over time, cameras evolved, giving way to the Polaroid and the disposable Kodak. Nowadays, we take pics whenever we want with cellphones.

This ability to take unlimited pictures is both a blessing and a curse.

Taking panoramic shots of landscapes? Great idea! Taking panoramic shots of The Right Honorable Doggo, Sir Stanley Fluffington III? Not such a great idea! Oh, well. Live and learn. At least this bad idea only resulted in hilarity, not heartbreak.

17 This staircase has us tripping in more ways that one



Considering the number of people who stumble back to their hotel rooms at three in the morning after ten too many brews down at the local bar, we think it's safe to say this interior designer's bright idea was actually anything but.

'Course, it's not just wasted people who will have a hard time going up and down The Grand Optical Illusion Staircase. Anyone with depth perception issues (AKA us) is sure to have a great fall, Humpty Dumpty style. We just hope all the king's horses and all the king's will be able to put us back together again because, let's face it, their track record ain't so good.

16 Paws off the merchandise, people

We guess we'll just ignore the fact that these two amateur models are wearing ski masks and get right down to brass tacks. Just because you saw a rad car out in the parking lot doesn't give you the right to go Vogue all over it. Ain't you ever heard of the phrase "don't touch the art"?

We don't think insurance will cover vehicular modeling accidents.

Fingers crossed these two "do it for the likes" minded girls were able to find the cash to pay this guy back, but we have to say, we'll be surprised. This was one light bulb that never should've been put in the socket.

15 Don't need no stinkin' pool

Who needs a pool when their subdivision has a drainage problem? While all of your neighbors are wasting their money on above ground pools that a) aren't deep enough to do any serious swimming in and 2) fall apart after one year, be like this guy, instead.

Forget spending thousands of dollars having massive holes dug in your backyard. Just put that cash right back in your bank account and wait for a good rain to roll around. One thunderstorm + one swimsuit + a snorkel/goggles combo = one rip-roaring good time! Forget about dancing in the rain, we're all about swimming in it.

14 That's not food, that's a crime

We touched on this before when we said kale in brownies is a bad idea, but we're all too happy to reiterate since it looks like some people didn't get the memo. People putting vegetables in our junk food in an attempt to make them healthier is the bane of our existence.

We don't need this.

Look, we're not eating buffalo wings to try to lower our cholesterol or improve our blood pressure. We're eating them to distract ourselves from the fact that it's the bottom of the ninth and our team is down by a hundred home runs. So just keep your dang vegetables to yourself, got it?

13 A hairy predicament

Via: diply.com

Something strange happens to a child when they get hold of a pair of scissors. It's like all of a sudden they become possessed by a demon barber—whether they're of Fleet Street or not remains to be seen—who convinces them they can cut hair like a pro. Sadly, in every instance, that's not the case.

Kids haven't fully developed in terms of logic or judgment, meaning when they decide to cut their own hair, it's always going to result in an unfortunate situation. This is one lesson that most kids insist on learning the hard way, however, so all we adults can do is sit on the sidelines and facepalm.

12 She should be upset, she got creamed

Some games are more fun to play when drunk, like Twister. But, admittedly, these games become a lot riskier. Why? Well, because when you're off your head on booze, you do laughably dumb things. You become more prone to non-success.

Inebriated or not, this girl should be ashamed.

We realize your judgment gets all screwy when you've drowned your sorrows in margaritas, but that's no excuse. This girl's performance in this game of Connect Four is simply unpardonable. She may be tipsy, but she's got eyes. She should've caught on to her opponent's scheme from the get-go. We're not saying we're glad she's crying, but we see why she is.

11 If a thrift store and a dollar store had a shoe baby

DIY for the sake of DIY is a dangerous game. You could end up with a wreath made out of old soda cans, for instance, and that's if you're lucky! If you're unlucky, then a trip to a local dollar store and a quick look through the thrift store could result in little arts and crafts project as unfortunate as these Converse high heels.

The good news is that these shoes are going to be great for any sk8er boi who has to be at the park to shred some moves at seven but has to make it to his job serving at a nightclub at eight.

10 He is truly shook

Sorry, buddy. Nice try attempting to cash in on your own infamy. If we were in your position, we would probably have tried to do the same think. At least, we would have thought about it. But then, we would have rejected that idea because as everyone, save for this man, knows, it's a bad one.

Sometimes you just have to take a risk.

Shoot your shot, that's what we always say. If you don't try, then you'll never know. Maybe this guy's idea turned out to be a bad one, but at least he took a chance. Can we all honestly say the same?

9 It's the opposite of a mohawk, it's a nohawk

Aw, poor dear. She got her hands on a pair of electric clippers and she did what any kid her age would do had they been in such a position of power. In other words, she made a major mess of things.

This is bad, there's no two ways about it, and our heart aches for this little girl. She's going through a tough time. But, the good news is she's about to find out about the magic of hats, and the sooner you start wearing those, the likelier it is you'll have the confidence to wear them into adulthood, too. In the end, this mistake will work out.

8 Ha ha, good one! Nice try

Oh, is there a big demand for Pinterest DIYs that didn't pan out? 'Cause we've got a closet full of stuff we'd be all to happy to part with. Anybody want an ironing board half covered in chalkboard paint? Hey, who's interested in some mason jars with glitter all over them? We've got seven of 'em.

Honey, you couldn't pay us to take your arts and crafts rejects.

At least this person had the good sense (if you can call it that) to list this in the free stuff category, but we still think they're being over-optimistic. Nobody wants a half painted portion of a sectional. Sorry.

7 It's so lifelike

Wow, the eyelashes are a really nice touch. Without them, this mask would be drab, but with that one simple upgrade, it has leveled up to fab. Who knew something so seemingly insignificant could make such a drastic difference in such a strange project?

This just goes to show you how far artists will go for their masterpieces. In selflessly donating their own eyelashes to their plaster mask thingumabob, this person has shown a level of dedication to their aesthetic that most people don't realize artists are capable of. A part of them is literally in their art. That is so metal, yo.

6 We really hope they don't rear-end anyone

Turning the headlights on your car into makeshift fish bowls might sound like a good way to keep your aquatic buddies close on a road trip, but you lose focus at a red light, and Nemo and Dory are just one bumper strike away from meeting their untimely end.

Goldfish belong in huge aquariums in waiting rooms, not in car headlights.

If you want to decorate your car, might we suggest installing a hood ornament? Or perhaps purchasing some bumper stickers, seat covers and/or a set of nifty rearview mirror dice? Because using innocent animals and fishies as vehicular decor seems like it could go all kinds of awry.

5 More non-sober shenanigans

Even if you're fully capable of recognizing which ideas are good ones and which ideas are bad ones when you're sober, there's no guarantee that you'll maintain that ability after a few too many brews. With enough wine in your belly, then pretty soon you'll decide anything goes, even if it really shouldn't.

Drunk you is like a dimwitted alter ego that thinks it's helping, but all it's really doing is making more work for sober you. Still, as sober you cleans up drunk you's mess, he or she might smile to themselves because, hey, maybe drunk you is an imbecile, but at least their boozed up heart is in the right place.

4 He's a brave one, working without a net

Ever since logging on to the information super highway for the first time in the early 200's, we have seen more people spit in the face of safety than we're comfortable with.

We don't know if these people are super brave or just super dumb.

Whatever that guy is doing up there...we don't think he's close enough to reach it, whatever it is. Unless his arms are about 12-feet long, he's not going to have much success changing out the bulbs in that light. He's going to have to move that forklift closer. And he should probably put up a net while he's at it.

3 Who gave the stick figure fingers?

Now, don't misunderstand us on this. We have no problem with people putting up wet floor signs. That's definitely a good idea, plus it's a great way to cover your posterior when it comes to liability should anybody decide to trip on a pool of nothing and try to sue you for all you're worth.

What we do take issue with is the fact that this falling stick figure has jazz hands. Why? Who decided they needed freak our fingers, but neglected to give them toes? Why don't they have any other details? We're sticking this in the bad idea category. We hope this artist is happy.

2 Gandalf Gate says, "You shall not pass!"

Well, dagnabit! Now, how in the heck are people gonna be able to continue their stroll through the park when the consarned city workers put this blame fence up right in the son of a biscuit front of it? Fiddle sticks, this is such a pain in the back end!

Pass us that grappling hook. We're going over this sucker.

You know what they say, "When there's no way around, the only course of action is up and over." Okay, so nobody has ever said that, we just made it up, but whatevs. Are you gonna give us a boost over this, or nah?

1 We're still not over it, to be honest

Via: 9gag.com

Yes, we know it's been over 20 years. And, again, yes, we know that we've had plenty of times to come to terms with the fact that Rose made it at the end of Titanic and Jack didn't. But we still can't deal. We are NOT over it, and you know what else? Deep down, neither are you.

There was room on that door, or whatever it was, for both of them. Don't try to tell us that there wasn't. That was one plot point light bulb that should have been tossed in a dumpster. That idea should've been chucked, but it wasn't, so now we have to cope with our grief over fictional characters with memes. It's our only choice.

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