15 Perfect 'Walking Dead' Tumblr Posts That Will Make Any Fan Applaud

The Walking Dead has been on TV for seven seasons. It's full of gore, drama and it always manages to tug at our heartstrings. Even for those who only watch for the action, it's likely that the show will manage to break a persons heart every once in a while. We've seen favorite characters get eaten by walkers, killed by villains and mercifully shot in the head by fellow survivors to keep them from turning. Watching the show brings on a roller coaster of emotions. But the Internet isn't afraid to turn some of that doom and gloom  into clever and hilarious memes. Thank goodness for the users of Tumblr! Here are 15 of the best TWD posts from Tumblr that will have you nodding your head 'YASSSSS'!

15 Get You A Girl

That's right get you a girl that can do both. Get you a girl that can cut up and kill those walkers. Get a girl who can ruthlessly murder people who are a threat to the group, even if they're sick, innocent people. BURN THEM! Get you a girl who can do all that then bake cookies in the afternoon and play Susie Homemaker. Guess who that girl is on The Walking Dead? You guessed it, it's Carol. She's a badass lady who started off timid and unsure of herself. Trapped in an abusive relationship with a jerk of a husband, she's come a long way during the zombie apocalypse. She's kicking ass and saving the skin of her fellow survivors. She's no longer that meek woman from before.

14 Easy Street

Yeah. If we have to hear that damn song again, we swear to god. It was actually kind of catchy to begin with but then it played over and over again and we CANNOT. We can't imagine being tortured with music. Music is supposed to be a wonderful thing. Listening to music is something so many of us do when we're happy or sad. Dancing to music is so much fun and it feels so good to let loose to a great song. Easy Street is kind of a nice song for a beautiful sunny day. But not anymore. We've heard it enough. We saw Daryl suffer through that BS. We had it in our heads for days. If we hear it randomly one day, we might just lose it.

13 Evolution Of Daryl's Hair

Yes. It's true, Daryl gets harrier and dirtier each season. But isn't that kind of what would happen in the real zombie apocalypse? There aren't an abundance of hot showers everywhere. People are bathing in luxury and heading to the salon every week. We think it's nice that Daryl hasn't magically gotten a haircut. We actually think he'd be a little shaggier in reality. Personally, we prefer the scruff. We didn't enjoy when Rick shaved his beard. He looks way better with it. And we prefer Daryl with hair that's a little longer. He looks like Daryl. He looks like he's supposed to. He's the grimy, gritty Daryl that we all love. He looks like he belongs in the post-apocalyptic zombie world and we think that's just fine.


Good lord, Morgan. We get it, you're a pacifist. You don't want to hurt or kill anyone. It's actually pretty admirable. Being a pacifist during the zombie apocalypse isn't easy. Sometimes, you gotta do the tough stuff. You have to kill or be killed. We're glad you're at least killing the walkers. But it's time to realize that war is inevitable, especially with Negan as the enemy. You remind us of Daredevil, the vision impaired superhero who doesn't kill his enemies. He simply beats them half to death! Unfortunately, they keep coming back. You can't expect your enemies to stand down just because they've gotten their butts kicked. We like you Morgan, but sometimes you need to stop being so damn wise and compassionate. It's exhausting.

11 Jerry FTW

Yeah. Can we just say that Jerry is our new favorite character? He's a super lovable guy and he has a freaking battle axe. Is that not totally badass? We think so. We don't know much about his backstory. He lives in the Kingdom and he's Ezekiel's sidekick. Actually no, he's one of Ezekiel's knights. He's meant to stay by his side and protect him, kind of like a bodyguard. If we needed a bodyguard, we'd pick Jerry. But we have a bad feeling about all this. The writers are clearly trying to make us love him. We enjoy having him around. He's comedic relief and he seems like a good person, from what little we know about him. We can feel the tragedy brewing and we're not going to be happy about it.

10 Survivors

Can you believe that these are the last original survivors? It's pretty sad to think about all the characters that have been lost along the way. To think that every season our favourites get eaten by walkers, murdered by enemy groups or die because they get hurt in some way. Some of them have even gotten the flu and keeled over. Super bummer. We imagine it's hard to be the only ones left from the start. Everyone from before is gone and it must start to feel like you'll inevitably be gone soon too. That can't be easy. We hope Daryl, Carol and Rick stick it out to the end. We don't want to see them die before the finale. But once again, we've got a feeling that Carol's time might be up soon.

9 No, Gabriel. Don't.

Gabriel, oh Gabriel. We're not really sure why Rick decides to keep you around. We sure don't trust you. When you raided the supplies we assumed you were losing your shit and running away to save yourself from the inevitable clash between your group and the Saviors. We were wrong. Normally, we'd apologize for judging you too harshly but #sorrynotsorry. You've been a coward for a long time, so forgive us for doubting you time and time again. We're skeptical about your transformation into a brave warrior who's eternally loyal to Rick. Then again, you really seem to idolize Rick. He's a pretty cool guy. He's gotten the group this far. Although, with quite a few losses. It's hard, but we're rooting for you Gabe.

8 Vegan

Yeah. We see it. Negan is kind of like every vegan out there. Stay with us, there are definite similarities. Vegans love to tell other people that they're vegan. It's like some badge of honour. They wear it proudly and love to alert people to the fact that they don't eat animal products. We're not saying that's a negative thing, it's just a fact. Negan loves to tell people, especially Rick's group, that he's Negan. He loves saying his name out loud. Want another similarity? Vegans loves to convert other people to veganism. They love trying to convince others that being vegan is the best thing in the world. Negan loves to convert other people in Negan's. He makes them take his name and repeat that name loud and proud. Conclusion: vegan = negan.


This is probably one of our favorite The Walking Dead memes out there. There are quite a few variations and they're all delightfully hilarious. We love the screencaps of Rick's heartbroken face. He's clearly in pain but there's something too funny about it. We can't not laugh. Maybe we love it because it brings humor to an otherwise dark show that rips our hearts out every episode, every season. The show isn't happy go lucky by any means. When a hilarious TWD meme like this one gets shared around the Internet it makes the zombie apocalypse seem a little bit lighter. We can forget about the tons of characters who have been mercilessly killed and we can stop mourning them for a second to laugh our butts off.


This made us laugh way too hard. Remember Spencer? We were kind of worried when he was starting to bad mouth Rick to everyone. He blamed Rick for the loss of his mom and dad and whatever else he could. We think that he just didn't like not being the leader. He wanted to step up and get rid of Rick. So how did he go about doing it? He tattled on Rick to Negan. Apparently Negan has a soft spot for Rick and didn't like a little whiner complaining about him. So he slashed open Spencer's belly and spread his guts around for all to see. It was kind shocking. We didn't love Spencer, but we didn't expect it. So much for overthrowing Rick, dude.

5 King In The South

Well, yeah. Ezekiel kind of does seem like he belongs in Game of Thrones. We can see him ruling in the South like a total badass. Forget Khaleesi! King Ezekiel is the new boss in town. He's got a freaking tiger. He would look pretty great on the iron throne with Shiva by his side. Whoever doesn't agree with him would get fed to her for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Because they'd get chopped into pieces and fed to her slowly. You don't want to overfeed a tiger. Nobody wants a chubby tiger! She wouldn't be able to run as fast and eat the enemies of the king. She needs to be slim and agile to be able to munch on traitors and potential usurpers.

4 Carol Peletier Living

When Carol got to Alexandria and saw that beautiful kitchen she knew she needed to stop worrying about the walkers and whatever other enemies lay in hiding. It was time to start cooking stews and baking cookies. It was time to start coming up with solutions for the home cook living in a post-apocalyptic world. It's tough when you're cooking with canned goods and limited seasonings. Pick up a copy of Carol Pelletier Living to learn how to make a stew out of fresh squirrel meat. Pick up a copy to learn how to build a crochet wall to defend against walkers. You can flip to the back for tips on how to do your makeup with found items. No eyeliner? No problem! Just use charcoal!

3 White Walkers

If Rick and his group were thrust into the Westeros, we wouldn't doubt for a second that they'd save the day. They wouldn't have a problem figuring stuff out in a heartbeat. They'd find some dragonglass in a jiffy (like the found all those guns) and they'd kill those white walkers without a hitch. They'd prove that Jon Snow really does know nothing. When you've dealt with the zombie apocalypse and had run ins with the Governor and Negan, you're not scared of a bunch of frozen, undead creatures. You don't care about who's on the throne either. You know that doesn't matter. Khaleesi, who? Lannisters and Starks? WHATEVER. In TWD the zombies aren't just otherworldly creatures. In TWD, everyone is a potential zombie. Oh you built a big icy wall? Well Rick's gang sliced a hoard of walkers in two.

2 Look At The Flowers

First we cringed, then we laughed our asses off. This is inappropriately funny but we don't care. It's referring to the time when Carol had to murder a child. Remember that? Good times. We all cried. But once again, the Internet comes to the rescue. We don't need to cry anymore. We can laugh about child murder now! Carol had to kill Lizzie Samuels after Lizzie stabbed her sister Mika to death. Poor little Lizzie was clearly dealing with some mental issues, which apparently are too much to handle during the zombie apocalypse. Carol was worried that Lizzie would try the same thing again so she told her to look at the flowers and shot her in the head. It's a super emotional moment. But also now it's a funny meme.

1 Glenn Action Figure

OH MY GOD. THIS IS AWFUL. But it's also pretty funny and we can't stop laughing. Also, we're crying at the same time. We really thought Glenn would be around for a while. He needed to stick around and be with Maggie. They were meant for one another. What is Maggie going to do now with a fatherless baby!? *sobs* Glenn was supposed to stick around and continue to be Rick's right hand man. He wasn't supposed to get bludgeoned to death. He was there from the beginning. He saved Rick's skin in Atlanta. He's always been a cherished member of the group. Everyone likes him. We didn't need to see him murdered like that. But wait, are we sure he's dead? Maybe he survived. Like that time with the dumpster!



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