15 Perfectly Timed Photos You Need To See

For most of us, taking a photo is just about remembering specific moments in time, such as how our cute our cats looked while sleeping, how our amazing meals looked before we devoured them, how our ki

For most of us, taking a photo is just about remembering specific moments in time, such as how our cute our cats looked while sleeping, how our amazing meals looked before we devoured them, how our kids looked after we put them in a funny costume. But for some people, luck (or is it fate?) captures a moment so perfect that it's one of those things that will probably never happen again. This isn't something you can plan for, but something that just happens, thanks to being in the right place at the right time and clicking a button to take a picture. Some of those photos are so amazing that they should get shared, so here are some of the most perfectly timed photos that you need to see.

15 Cat Rocket Launcher

Houston, we have a problem. Because that's not a rocket, it's a cat! In 3, 2, 1, and we have liftoff! This cat seems about to take a journey to space and beyond, thanks to a photo timed at the same time that something was giving off smoke. It's really funny when you take a closer look and realize that it looks like the cat's propellant is inside its rear, but whoever took this photo had either planned it that way (although highly improbable, considering how cats don't usually comply well with direct orders) or just managed to capture this particular moment at the right time. Whatever the case, this picture is funny and makes us wonder why we haven't sent cats into space before.

14 Photobombing squirrel

Don't you just hate it when someone ruins a perfectly good photo by photobombing it? Seriously, photobombers are so rude and often ruin that perfect moment that you're trying to capture on your camera. But what about this adorable squirrel who showed up at just the right time to get its photo taken? It literally stole the camera's focus away from the couple in the background and became the center of attention. Just like a photobomber! But it's so cute and it's one of those reminders that nature will do its own thing. The couple explained that they had auto-set the camera to take the picture and the squirrel just sort of appeared. But we know that squirrels are wily: it had planned on photobombing all along.

13 Jesus Cat

One of the most often told stories from Christianity is how Jesus walked on water. Well, it turns out that Jesus now has competition from the feline world. This cat appears to have the walking on water thing down, with no problem. But in reality, this is just one of those perfectly timed photos, and we all know what probably happened after someone took this photo: the cat fell in the water and became extremely unhappy about it. But we'll just pretend that Jesus Cat here is as it appears, but we also have to wonder: if this cat can walk on water, can it also turn that water into wine? We'll be over here waiting for that to happen with wine glasses at the ready.

12 Figure skater giving birth

Figure skating is a much more complicated sport than most of us realize. It involves a lot of athletic ability to not only maintain good balance while on the ice, but to also do complex stunts, such as jumping and spinning in the air. In pairs skating, that difficulty gets doubled because couples must synchronize their movements perfectly, because if one of the skaters is off, the other skater might get hurt. But we never counted on figure skating causing something like this. In this photo, it seems that the male skater is giving birth to the female skater. It also looks like it could hurt: look how hard she's concentrating. It's just a perfectly timed photo, of course, but it's still humorous, at least in a disturbing sort of way.

11 Mmm, hair

Via Reddit

There is a whole dialogue suggested here in this photo. "Your hair smells so good, I'm just going to snort some through my nose and get high off of it." Of course, it's more of a case of the wind being just right during the photo's capture, but it is funny all the same. Hey, some girls snort coke. Others snort hair, who are we to judge, right? Of course, a drug hit like that could get messy: imagine picking someone's long hair out of your nose. Ew. When you think about it like that, then it's just disgusting. The photo also suggests that the girl on the right has some long nose hairs, which she might want to trim up, considering what it looks like here.

10 Kung Fu lizard

This lizard appears as a master of Kung Fu and we can imagine it saying, "Go ahead, grasshopper, take the pebble out of my hand." Then the grasshopper tries to comply, but Kung Fu Lizard says, "too slow" and then hits the grasshopper over the head with its staff. Forget Kung Fu Panda, this lizard wins at martial arts, at least according to this photo taken at just the right time. It seems so majestic and knows its place in the animal kingdom, and it looks like it will do some serious damage with its twig staff. Even its pose suggests that it's ready to get into some Kung Fu shenanigans. All we want to know is when someone will make this into a movie.

9 Hey, kid, that's not a fountain


Kid: "Daddy, daddy, can I go play in the fountain?" Dad: "Sure, kid, I'll just be over here relieving myself." At least that's what this photo suggests, but it looks like dad's activity has the kid seriously confused about which water stream to play in. It's just a perfectly timed photo, right? We seriously hope so, because otherwise, this picture becomes disturbing in ways we don't even want to think about. For example, why is this guy peeing in public? And why is he so casual about it? And why is this kid playing in it? Ew. Closer inspection, though, shows the truth: that's just a stream from the fountain the kid is already playing in. Whew, crisis averted. It's still entertaining to look at, though.

8 No birds? I'll show you

This is not your typical bird. Oh, no, this bird is a rebel. And when this bird sees a sign that says that birds aren't allowed, this bird has a little message to send to the establishment: "You're not the boss of me." This bird will spit in the eye of those who seek to keep it down and that's why it's standing on top of a sign preventing its kind from being there. We're still not entirely certain why there is a no birds sign on this particular stretch of land, especially considering that birds can fly pretty much anywhere they please. But thanks to Rebel Bird, the fight for bird equality is on. How can we not admire this little guy for his courage?

7 President Wizard

It's no secret that the President of the United States holds a lot of power, but it seems that President Obama holds a lot more power than we ever were aware of. In this photo, taken at just the right time, the President seems to hold the sun within the palms of his hands. Or maybe, it's just some sort of glowing magical ball that he uses to cast spells with. Or maybe he's just looking into a magic crystal that resembles the sun to see what the future of the country looks like. But whatever the case, this photo makes President Obama look like a wizard straight out of Lord of the Rings. Enemies of the U.S. beware, we've got magic on our side!

6 Penguin family photo

Via David C. Schultz

"Okay, Martha, you stand right there. Timmy, stand by your mother. And will you stop making that face? This is for the family Christmas postcard." That's what it seems that the penguin here is saying as he stands behind a camera and prepares the other penguins so that he can capture the perfect photo. In the meantime, someone else captured this perfect photo of the penguins to make it seem as if this is the actual story of what happened. Because, hey, animals are just like humans and like to take awkward family photos, too. It's probably a case of curious penguins seeing what all the fuss was about when a nature photographer set up the camera, but it's still amusing to see this side of the animal world.

5 The day they moved the Eiffel Tower

Via Reddit

European historians have long told the story of how the French absolutely hated the Eiffel Tower when it was first erected in Paris for the 1889 World's Fair. In fact, at the time, the structure was temporary and the French had plans to dismantle it or move it somewhere else once the event was over. But the Eiffel Tower continued to stand, and because it started bringing in so much money from tourists, the French begrudgingly decided to let it stick around. But it seems they changed their mind recently, because this photo makes it look like a crane is getting ready to pick up the tower and take it away. Someone took this photo at just the right time from their apartment window, and it's a little sad thinking what the city would look like without the symbol that now represents it.

4 The eavesdropper

Don't you absolutely hate it when people listen in on your private conversations? It's terribly rude, don't you think? Of course, in the modern age, the rise of cell phone use means that everyone's business is public because everyone talks on their phones in public. So don't blame this statue for eavesdropping on this man's conversation. It's kind of interesting that this statue already looks as if it is listening in on anyone who happens to walk by it, and makes us wonder if the sculptor intended it to do just that. This, though, is one of those perfectly timed photos that captures the eavesdropping statue so well. Now we just hope it isn't like one of those statues in Doctor Who that can send you back through time if you stop looking at it. Don't blink!

3 The bike accident

One of these men is having a great day. He is probably on vacation and that's why he seems so relaxed and casual as he stands and poses for a photo. One of these men is not having a great day and something, apparently, distracted him as he was riding his bicycle through the city and he didn't see that pole, which, obviously, came out of nowhere. What makes this photo so perfect is that the photographer somehow managed to capture the exact moment the bicycle collision took place, right before the cycler starts screaming in pain. What's even better is that the man in the forefront of the photo has no idea what's going on behind him. Perfect timing doesn't get much better than this.

2 Fish face

Diving and snorkeling is a great way to see the world that exists under the ocean, a world alien to most of us land lovers. But sometimes that means dealing with photobombing fish. This fish, in particular, had plans to get in this photo, but did so at a fortunate time (or unfortunate, depending on your perspective). Not only did this fish take up the center of attention in the photo, but did so in a way that makes it look like this diver had a fish for a face. Either that, or we've just discovered proof that Aquaman is real. Whatever the case, this guy probably had to endure "Fish face" comments for the rest of his life after his friend shot the photo.

1 Strangers in love?

Anyone who sees this photo could wax poetic for a long time about its meaning. When two strangers crossed paths in a city, they never noticed that their shadows met in a romantic embrace. It almost seems that the shadows are about to kiss, but the two strangers barely acknowledge each other as they pass. This photo is metaphysical gold: perhaps it's a case of "what if" sort of like the romantic movie, Sliding Doors? What if these two became a couple? Maybe the shadows know something they don't. Maybe they're destined to become lovers? Even the dog in the photo seems to notice that something special happens in the shadows, because it seems focused on that, rather than seeing the people walking past it.

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15 Perfectly Timed Photos You Need To See