15 Pets Who Look Just Like Famous Celebrities

They say everyone has a twin in the world. Most of us assume that our twin is another person. We would all be surprised if we found out our twins were animals. Some of the best looking people on our planet are celebrities and if they all had twins, it wouldn’t really be fair would it? Well what if their twins were pets? It’s hard to imagine your favorite celebrity in pet version, but these photos might make it easier. Check out these 15 pets who look just like famous celebrities. It’s okay to feel confused about them, but it’s also okay to laugh. How many other pets in the world have famous twins? Wouldn’t it be even better if some of these pets belonged to the celebrities they look like? It’s a hilarious world we live in.

15 If Dogs Had Human Twins

Have you ever seen a dog look so serious? Most dogs are happy go lucky and seems to have a childish gleam in their eyes at all times. This dog takes being a dog way too seriously and he looks an awful lot like Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. The little white stripe on his chest almost looks like a tie. His fur is actually a suit. I don’t know if Putin has any pets but I would love to see him adopt this dog. If there was ever a dog who could rule a country, its this one. They say everyone has a twin somewhere in the world. Apparently Mr. Putin’s twin is a dog. Maybe they will meet someday. Although, I’m not real sure they would get along.

14 What A Beauty

Look at those beautiful long, blonde locks and those wide, sparkling eyes. No, i’m not talking about Cher, I'm talking about the dog who looks just like her. Cher is beautiful and talented and this dog could be too. She may not be able to sing but I bet she knows a few tricks of her own. I can see Cher walking on stage with this dog beside her. Cher has been known to change her look as usually has long, dark hair. I think we can all agree that a dog of the same breed but with darker hair would still look just like her. I bet this dog glides from place to place the same way Cher does. Instead of wearing a sparkling sequin dress though, it’s sporting a fabulous fur coat. Lucky dog!

13 Somehow It's Cute

Via Smosh

I’m pretty sure this is Carrot Top in canine form. It literally looks just like him. Everything from the shape of its face to it’s crazy red hair and confused look. How can a dog look so much like a person. I’ve never really thought of Carrot Top as being cute, but this dog is somehow absolutely adorable. As long as it doesn’t tell silly and weird jokes and make crazy faces, I think i could handle having it in my life. I wonder if Carrot Top knows this dog exists? I bet he would find a way to include it in his silly shenanigans if so. Does the world really need another Carrot Top? I think we are doing okay with just the one. He's pretty exhausting himself at times.

12 Such A Handsome Dog

Via Pinstake

Most women will agree that there are very few people who are as handsome as Richard Gere, but how about a dog? I mean dog’s can be handsome right/ Well they can if they look just like Richard Gere. This Collie is literally the spitting image of this actor. He has the same bedroom eyes and the same small but friendly mouth. It even has the same hairstyle. I bet Richard Gere is a pretty loyal man and i have a feeling this dog is just as loyal. I guess if you can’t have Richard Gere himself lying on your couch waiting on you to pet his head, this is the next best thing right? I bet a lot of ladies lined up to adopt this pup and he's just waiting to sweep them of their feet.

11 Gotta Love The Scruffy Look

This dog is pretty lucky because he looks just like Brad Pitt. Granted, it’s a scruffy Brad Pitt, but a handsome one nonetheless. What is it about this dog that mimics this actor’s look? He has the same shaped eyes and the same scruffy, ungroomed appearance. Maybe the fact that it works so well for both of them, is why they looks so identical. I can almost see this dog wearing a hat and walking down the red carpet with Brad Pitt’s family. Do you think they are in the market for a dog? I bet the kids would love to have one that looks just like their dad. I wonder if this dog has had as many scandalous relationships as his twin human actor? I doubt it, but it’s funny to think about. I wonder what Angelina thinks about this little mutt?

10 One Tough Monkey

Via Somepets

Clint Eastwood is a prime example of what a man should be but i guess he also makes a pretty tough looking monkey. How is it possible for a monkey to look so much like an actor? This monkey looks like it could win a fight if it was cornered. I wonder what else it can do? This monkey has the exact same eyebrows, the same chin and lips and although it doesn’t have a human nose, its nose still somehow looks like Clint’s. Can you imagine these two as partners? I would like to see a movie about that. An elderly Clint Eastwood teams up with a pissed off monkey who looks just like him to put a stop to global warming and save the world. Yeah, I would totally watch that! Don’t act like you wouldn’t! It would be epic.

9 Who Does Your Hair?

Charo and this pup must go to the same hairstylist or groomer. They seriously have the exact same hairstyle and many of the same facial features as well. Those dark, round eyes and the button noses I think Charo would make a cute dog. In fact, she might make a better looking dog than person. Her bubbly personality and feisty attitude is somewhat similar to that of a small dog. In fact, I can easily see her getting mad at someone and yapping at them non stop until they just walk away. In fact, I bet this dog is much less annoying than Charo. Do you think when this dog barks it sounds like AYAYAAYAYAYA? Ughh I hope not! That would be awful.

8 Look At The Bump

Via Pinstake

You may have thought that Snooki patented the bump hairstyle, but longhaired dogs were doing it decades before she was even born. There’s no denying it’s a cute hairstyle; especially if you are a Pekinese or maltese. This little Pekinese has definitely nailed the look, with her dark hair and pink eyes. I hate to say it, but I think she might rock it a little better than Snooki. The dog’s bump seems a lot neater and bigger. It’s okay Snooki, you have other things going for you too. Let this cute little dog have the hairstyle. Wouldn’t you love to see a photo of Snooki walking down the street with her bump walking this little dog with the same bump? How cute would that be? Do you think dog hangs out at the Jersey Shore a lot?

7 Why So Serious Guys?

Samuel L Jackson is a pretty serious guy. Even the characters he plays in movies are usually serious and focused. I bet he lightened up a little bit when he saw the dog version of himself. Now the dog is just sitting in the bathtub so I’m not sure why he is so serious. Maybe he hates baths? Maybe he did something bad and is hiding? He not only has the same eyes and Sam, he even has the graying hair and the same smile lines around his mouth. Actually maybe we should call them frown lines because I doubt this dog ever smiles and I bet Samuel L Jackson doesn’t either. I bet they would have fun giving each other mean looks all day. Cheer up guys, it's not that bad.

6 This Dog Is A Snazzy Dresser

Via Qeloos

This dog looks just like former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Is it the suit? Maybe the tie? Maybe the way he has his head slightly turned as if he is thinking about serious political things? Wait, I bet it's those jowls and wrinkles and that serious look son it’s face. There’s just something about bulldogs that makes them look old and wise and when I think of old and wise, I think of Winston Churchill. This pooch may not be a worldly as Winston Churchill, but he looks like he would be pretty smart. I think we can all agree that he is a lot cuter too. Who couldn’t love a face like that? I’m talking about the dog, not the person.

5 That's One Cool Dog

Is this where Snoop Dogg got his name? Is this the original Snoop Dogg? They have so many of the same features that I think they may be one in the same. The small, skinny faces, large foreheads, distinct noses, beady eyes, thin lips, do I really need to go on? If Snoop Dogg had a human twin it couldn’t look more like him than this dog. This dog seems to have a little bit of an attitude. Do you think someone told him how much he looks like the singer? He probably runs around the neighborhood dropping it like it’s hot. He looks to be a wiener dog so at least he doesn’t have very far to drop it. Go ahead and picture it. You laughed didn't you? I knew you would.

4 Look At That Hair

If you can’t meet the real Tina Turner, this pooch has to be the next best thing. It looks just like her and I bet is has some pretty sweet dance moves too. This dog doesn’t just have the iconic Tina Turner hairstyle, it seems to be making one of her usual facial expressions too. Maybe this dog has some fancy tricks that allow it to put on a show as good as Tina. You have to wonder if this dog’s owners groomed it to look like her on purpose or if this was an accident. I’d like to see this dog on stage strutting around to some music. Those little paws would look cute prancing around. If this was my dog I'd name it Proud Mary.

3 Can Cats Get Diabetes?

Via Becuo

You may be thinking, “Hmm this guy looks familiar but where do I know him from?”. This is Wilford Brimley and you know him from the Diabetes commercials. He is actually a very talented actor who appeared in several movies. He is has also done commercials for Quaker Oats. This cat is also slightly famous too. You may know him at the Diabeetus Cat. He looks just like Wilford Brimley from the sad eyes to the nose to the big white mustache. I hope this cat doesn’t really have Diabetes. This cat could be on its way to taking away Brimley's acting gigs, especially commercials. Mean cats are much more loveable than mean old men. Better watch out Wilford Brimley, your evil cat twin is working on your demise.

2 No Denying They Are Lookalikes

Now that this guy is President, there have been a lot of people dressing up to make fun of him, but have any of them nailed it as well as this cute little pup? Who would have thought any version of him could be cute? Somehow this pups pulls it off. The hair color is the same style and that comb over is just the icing on the cake. The pup even has the same thick eyebrows and smug smile. This little puppy seriously needs to live in the White House. Maybe it is destined for success like its human twin. I’d like to see more of this cute little pup that’s for sure. I bet he’s a lot friendlier than the real Trump too. Puppy Trump for President!

1 Those Eyes Though

John Travolta is known for a lot of things. He has great hair, ice blue eyes, amazing dance moves and great acting abilities. He also has a propensity for making a fool of himself. This dog may not be able to act or dance, but he definitely has the same great features at Travolta. He even tilts his head the same way. Now I don’t know this dog personally, nor do I know John Travolta, but if I had to guess, I’d say they have similar personalities too. Both seem like they would be people pleasers. I wonder if John Travolta knows there is a dog that looks just like him in the world somewhere? If this was your dog and John Travolta asked to adopt it would you let him have it?

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