15 Photos Andrade Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Charlotte Flair

Kind of like an RKO, this relationship really came out of nowhere. Rumors started to emerge and shortly after, the two took their mutual love for one another public at the WWE Hall of Fame. Andrade doesn’t have much of a past, at least that we know of, in terms of his other relationships. We can’t say the same for Charlotte who is very real when it comes to her relationship struggles from the past. In fact, she was married twice prior to joining the main roster.

In this article, we’ll take a look at photos Andrade wants us to forget about. These pics feature Charlotte alongside old flames along with steamy photos of Flair from past and present photoshoots.

Enjoy the article, folks. Let’s get started!

15 Beach Fun With Seth & Becky

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Here we have the trio of Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins, and Charlotte. Now despite the heat between Becky and Flair on-screen, the two remain tighter than ever behind the scenes – Charlotte recently admitted to this.

Andrade likely wishes he was Seth on the day as he got to enjoy time with both gals on the beach.

14 Mugshot

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Nope, this isn’t a mugshot from her brawl with Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch backstage during RAW. Charlotte was actually arrested more than a decade ago prior to her WWE fame.

Things got out of hand between Charlotte, her dad, and an ex-boyfriend. Things would escalate even further with Charlotte actually assaulting a police officer. She served probation and received a minor fine.

13 Prior Marriage

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Charlotte was married twice before. Her first marriage came in the summer of 2010 to ex-husband Riki Johnson.

The marriage lasted less than three years – Flair would even make the claim that things got violent between the two in her book. The statements made by Charlotte would cause a lawsuit from Johnson.

12 Flirting Off The Court

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The photo looks innocent but what Andrade wants us to forget about is the fact that Ric wanted to set Charlotte up with an NBA player and a pretty good one at that, Kevin Love.

We’re not entirely sure why things didn’t work with Ric’s initial plan. Andrade definitely capitalized, snatching Charlotte up a little later.

11 Tapout Shoot

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WWE has some favorites when it comes to PR work. Charlotte lands atop of the list whether it be for a photoshoot or PR gig.

Although she plays the role of a villain, she’s one of the biggest sweethearts outside of the ring. That’s usually the case, though; Alexa Bliss and Stephanie McMahon are other examples.

10 She’s Got Legs

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Andrade is one lucky dude and this picture is definitely evidence of that as Charlotte enjoys a well-deserved vacation.

We can’t help but think of Stacy Keibler in this picture given Charlotte’s flattering figure reminiscent to the former WWE star. She has us all seeing red and that includes Andrade...

9 Developmental Days

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Here we have a rare photo of Charlotte during her early developmental days. Life outside of the ring was a lot easier for Charlotte. Once a show was over with, she didn’t need to jump on a flight but instead, go out and have a good time with the crew in the Florida area.

She’s doing exactly that in the photo above alongside a WWE veteran, Shelton Benjamin.

8 Hugging It Out With AJ

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Charlotte has plenty of close connections behind the scenes. She’s well-liked backstage with pretty much all of her peers.

One wrestler she created a close connection with is AJ Styles. The two did a lot of traveling together with Styles serving as a mentor for Charlotte. Maybe Andrade might get a little jealous seeing such pics of the two besties.

7 The Other Ex-Husband

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We add another ex-husband to the list – this relationship was even shorter, lasting a mere two years from 2013 to 2015.

Things especially went south between the two when Bram left NXT, continuing his wrestling career elsewhere, while Charlotte stayed on board with the developmental brand. Both have moved on and are now with new partners.

6 Leaked Selfies

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Like lots of other WWE stars, Charlotte saw some of her personal photos leaked out to the public during a hack. Paige was another WWE star to suffer from this incident along with a plethora of others, including alums as well like Kaitlyn and Melina.

Thankfully, that moment is now a thing of the past and pretty much forgotten about.

5 Leather Attire

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Perhaps if this was the Attitude Era, Charlotte might rock this costume to the ring. However, Andrade might wish he’s the only one to see such an ensemble that’s of the rated R nature.

Who knows, maybe the queen might rock this dark look during an episode of SmackDown Live in the future – it wouldn’t be the worst idea...

4 Doing The Splits

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Granted, the photo is pretty darn revealing and it might anger Almas just a little bit – but let’s face it, Charlotte always rocks the same pose on the way to the ring. So really, it isn’t anything new for us...

Perhaps Andrade might restructure his woman’s entrance... let’s hope not.

3 SmackDown Live Malfunction

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Thankfully WWE has a minor delay in the event that something goes wrong. We’ve seen the control room blackout the screen in the past, that’s usually because of a botch or even a wardrobe malfunction.

Charlotte was on the wrong end of this one as her tights just happened to slip off thanks to Lana’s eagerness.

2 Throwback Family Picture

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We can safely say that a lot has changed since this picture. Ric is with another woman, Wendy Barlow and he even remarried for the fifth time. As for Charlotte, she went through some major life changes, not only divorcing Johnson but leaving the fitness industry for a WWE career.

Clearly given all her success, she made the correct choices along the way.

1 Steamy Photoshoot

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We end the article off with a steamy photoshoot picture. Charlotte has a slew from her personal portfolio. She even has several smoking candids and pics on her IG account.

In truth, it really isn’t too hard to find a great pic of Charlotte, she truly is a natural beauty. That Andrade is one lucky fellow!

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