15 Photos Becky Lynch Doesn’t Want Us To See Of Seth Rollins

WWE has a new power couple. These two are literally at the top of the industry and at the pinnacle of their careers, carrying the Universal and Women’s Championships.

Prior to their relationship, both had other partners. In this article, we’ll take a look at Seth’s past with other females. We’ll even include an engagement ring he gave to one of his former partners, one that she ultimately sold at auction via eBay! In addition, we’ll take a look at other pics Becky doesn’t want us to see of Seth alongside fans and other pictures of the not so PG nature. Be sure to check out our latest article on pics Seth doesn’t want us to see of Becky.

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15 A Night Out With The Boys

via Twitter

During their earlier days on the main roster, Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins literally did everything together. They stuck around side-by-side backstage and the same held true for their life on the road.

Rollins might have had a little too much fun on this night, looking a little glazed over in the fan photo.

14 Partying With The Ex

via Twitter

Prior to dating Becky, Seth was in a long-term relationship alongside Sarah Alesandrelli. Things were serious between the two; his ex even moved in.

This is a past photo showing the two partying it up together alongside a bunch of friends. Surely, Becky wants to keep these types of images in the past – as does Seth.

13 Selling Seth’s Ring

via eBay

Seth’s personal life was a bit of a mess once his former fiancée found out about his infidelity antics. The wedding was called off. Not only that, but Schultz didn’t even give Seth his ring back.

She instead decided to sell it on eBay to the highest bidder. The white gold ring ultimately sold for $14,000.

12 Avoiding The Kids

via Twitter

Seth doesn’t have the greatest reputation when it comes to fan interactions. When it’s a planned event, Seth is a true pro, though in real life, he isn’t the biggest fan of these encounters.

We see an example of that above as Rollins wasn’t pleased about getting rushed at a truck stop by a couple of young fans. Roman Reigns was also present and none too pleased himself.

11 Shedding A Tear For Bayley & Sasha

via YouTube

This picture might infuriate Becky just a little bit. Seth is alongside his ex, Zahra Schreiber at the TakeOver NXT event. As if that wasn’t enough, Seth shed a tear for a terrific match put on by Bayley and Sasha Banks, arguably the best women’s match of the 2000s.

Seth would go on to say that Banks had the tools to be the absolute best... awkward.

10 With A Good Looking Fan

via YouTube

This encounter took place at the WrestleMania 33 Fan Axxess. Fans couldn’t help but acknowledge this particular fan rocking Seth’s gear. She’s a devoted fan and one that even shed a tear after meeting her hero.

The comments section was abuzz with some inappropriate assumptions given Seth’s past... We hope Becky scrolls past that video.

9 Surrounded In Vegas

via Pinterest

Seth isn’t the biggest party animal. In truth, he lives outside of the busier areas still residing in his hometown of Iowa. Seth is more of a concert and chill type of dude as opposed to hitting the bar or clubs like some of his other peers.

He’s caught in a sandwich in the photo above alongside some lovely company. Even Rollins couldn’t escape a good time in Vegas.

8 Attacked By A Fan

via Pinterest

Unfortunately, this also happens from time to time. Some fans get a little too eager and feel the need to jump the barricade. The Hall Of Fame incident with Bret Hart is a recent example.

Seth would also get jumped – it was blacked out on television though fans at the show were able to catch a glimpse.

7 Serious Pic With A Fan

via Pinterest

Fans should think twice when approaching Seth at the airport. Rollins admitted in the past that he especially hates when fans go the extra mile and get their flight information. At the very least, act surprised if you meet Seth and see him at the airport...

If you don’t, the result might be like the picture above, looking none too pleased.

6 New Years With The Ex

via Pinterest

It wasn’t all that long ago, back in 2015 Seth was celebrating New Years alongside who he thought was his future wife. Oh, how things would change in the next couple of years. Seth would date two other women.

He’s now dating within the industry which is really the norm these days – though few could have predicted that he’d end up with Becky.

5 With Sarah

via Pinterest

His relationship alongside Sarah seemed like a healthy one at the very least. They even separated on amicable terms. Here’s what she tweeted out;

“We have ended our journey together @WWERollins & I. We have nothing but mutual respect & love for one another. More than anything what we have taken from one another will guide us on our journey in life. Here’s to living life & happiness. All the best my dear.”

4 Architect Down

via WWE

At that point in late 2015, Seth was at the very prime of his career. Attempting a powerbomb on Kane at a live event, Seth’s leg completely shattered resulting in a lengthy hiatus in 2016.

It was a hard time for Seth and one he never wants to go through again. Surely, he wants to keep that image and time frame in the past.

3 With Schreiber

via Pinterest

Becky might want us to forget that this isn’t the first time Seth dated someone in the wrestling industry. Zahra was also in the company down in developmental at one point.

Ultimately, she was released by WWE due to past controversial tweets. She remained in the loop however given her friendship with Paige and an apparent relationship with Sonya Deville.

2 More Fan Selfies

via Twitter

At the very least, this picture doesn’t look planned, though Seth still doesn’t look all that pleased. This is the exact opposite of Becky who always reacts positively when meeting fans.

Even when she gets caught by a fan at the airport she’ll always give a big smile in the selfie. Maybe Seth should learn from his partner!

1 Leaked Picture

via Pinterest

This wasn’t Seth’s best moment. His ex would take to Twitter, enraged, posting some graphic photos of both himself and Zahra. The timing could not have been any worse as Seth was on top of WWE at that point.

At the very least, it didn’t harm his massive push, though it was an embarrassing moment he’ll want everyone to forget, especially Becky.

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