15 Photos Of Celebs In Planes That Are Less Than Flattering

Typically, celebrities have their own private jets and flights—especially if they’re super famous A-listers. Mere mortals such as ourselves never see these celebs on the tarmac, and it’s just as well because they make everything a hassle when there’s screaming fans all over the place holding up the security lines.

But all celebrities, one time or another, have had to bite the bullet and fly like the rest of us—on domestic or international airlines, business or coach class. Furthermore, when that happens, savvy fans take it upon themselves to snap pictures to prove that so-and-so-famous-person was actually on their flight!

Some of these pictures are taken without permission, some are unflattering, and some are hilarious. Celebrities don’t get to have it both ways: if they want to be in the spotlight, they’re going to always be in the spotlight, even when they least expect or want it!

Here are 15 unflattering pictures of celebrities in planes.

15 Nicolas Cage

via Huffpost

Nic Cage is a national treasure in America, and it’s more than just him being the star of National Treasure. His fandom is such that you’ll find cat collages, home decorations, and all sorts of odd things with Nic’s lovable face on it. In this picture, he’s either really hungover, tired, strung out, or all the above—we probably haven’t seen a worse picture of the legend. At least his fan looks super happy, though.

14 Mitt Romney

via Locker Dome

Even presidential hopefuls have to take coach every once in a while. Despite owning a multimillion-dollar mansion in La Jolla, and being one of the wealthier presidential challengers of all time, he really is just human like the rest of us. Here we see him taking a snooze on a plane, getting his picture taken without his permission, ready for a fly to zoom in there. If he had Secret Service, they probably would’ve stopped this travesty.

13 Keanu Reeves

via Pinterest

Keanu Reeves has proven himself as one of the nicest and most genuine people in Hollywood, time and time again. Whether it’s rescuing a cat, or giving his subway seat (yes, he still takes the subway) to an elderly lady, he’s just the best. He’s usually pretty smiley in pictures, if not a bit stiff, but in this particular shot, he doesn’t seem to be feeling the vibes. Or, most likely, he’s just incredibly tired.

12 Shad “Bow Wow” Moss

via TheTravel

This picture got a lot of fanfare when the artist formerly known as Lil’ Bow Wow was caught photoshopping himself into a picture with a luxury airliner behind his—the implication that the plane was his. Just an hour later or so, a passenger on a commercial flight caught him in the coach class (not even first class) of a regular airline flight, and twitter and social media had their field day with poor Mr. Moss.

11 Sasha Banks

via YouTube/Chase4axw

Sasha Banks is definitely one of the more popular female wrestlers in WWE, and her purple hair makes her instantly recognizable among fans. While this very drunk looking fellow appears to be loving that he’s sitting next to the star, it doesn’t seem like the feeling is mutual on Banks’ end. That smile looks incredibly forced, she seems uncomfortable based on her body language, and this picture just screams “ick.”

10 Randy Orton

via TheTravel

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a celebrity is to get a picture taken when you’re sleeping, and then wake up to find it plastered all over the interwebs. That’s what happened to WWE wrestler Randy Orton here. He does look pretty comfy in his neck pillow and eye mask, even if it doesn’t fit his macho tough guy persona.

9 Hulk Hogan

via Twitter/Scotthaws

Hulk Hogan has been seen on regular flights plenty of times, and he almost always poses with picture takers and has a blast with his fans. But in this instance, he’s completely caught unawares, and that’s not cool, brother. If only this picture taker had asked kindly for a photo with the wrestling legend, he probably wouldn’t have gotten body slammed afterward (just kidding—he didn’t get body slammed, hopefully).

8 Alec Baldwin

via CNN

Back in 2011, Alec Baldwin was famously kicked off a plane for playing the popular game Words with Friends, before he reportedly got a bit unruly and was ejected. This was during a rough patch in Baldwin’s life, when he called his daughter a “thoughtless little pig” over the telephone, and this was taken just after he was kicked off the flight. He had clearly seen better days.

7 Ron Jeremy

via Reddit

We all know what Ron Jeremy is famous for, so we don’t have to get into that. He’s never been much of a looker, that much is for sure, but this extremely unflattering shot of him sleeping on a plane really takes the cake. Even the passenger who took the photo looks a bit uncomfortable (though is that a twinkle in her eye?), and we don’t blame her—her shoulder is practically getting used as a headrest.

6 Nick Offerman

via Imgur

Here we see Ron Swanson in the flesh. Really, it’s actor Nick Offerman on a plane, getting his picture taken with a surprised look on his face. But that look is so reminiscent of his amazing role as Ron Swanson from Parks & Rec, that that is exactly what the picture taker said on Twitter after posting the shot: “Ron Swanson in the flesh!”

5 Andre Iguodala

via SI

This picture of Golden State Warriors star Andre Iguodala was taken just after his team had reached the promised land in the NBA finals in 2015, and afterward he needed some serious rest. There are other pictures of Iggy posing with his NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award, or the Bill Russell trophy, which he affectionately refers to as “bae,” but this is the one that stuck, with teammate Klay Thompson doing his own thing next seat over.

4 Chris Hemsworth

via Daily Mail

Chris Hemsworth is easily one of the most likable stars in Hollywood—every girl wants him, and every guy wants to be him. And this picture only makes him even more charming, as we see him adorably sleeping with his kids on a flight, cuddling up and getting cozy. We have a feeling that this image got him much more brownie points than glares after it was posted online for everyone to see.

3 Will & Willow Smith

via Hollywood Life

Similar to Chris Hemsworth, whenever a celebrity is seen next to their sleeping child, especially on a plane, it’s hard not to utter “aww.” That being said, Will doesn’t seem too pleased to be thinking about whatever he’s thinking about in this instant, even though his daughter Willow is resting right next to him. Hopefully, it’s just the angle, and not anything too serious.

2 Ariana Grande

via Hollywood Life

Back in 2015, superstar Ariana Grande was caught in a harrowing experience with her friends when a flight they were on dropped suddenly in mid-air, and they were forced to don oxygen masks. For anyone that’s ever been in a situation like that, you know how scary it is. Of course, she was safe, and cabin pressure returned shortly after, but conspiracy rumors abound that she was killed in the “accident” and is now inhabited by a clone.

1 Tony Hawk

via Reddit

Tony Hawk is the dad we all wished we had, especially if you were raised in the ‘90s when he was the “it” guy. He made skateboarding cooler than it already was. He’s also completely genuine and down to earth, and he frequently makes jokes about himself on Twitter, joking how airline employees don’t recognize him: “Wow, your name is the same as the skateboarder!” or “Why are there five skateboards in this luggage compartment? Who’s on this plane, Tony Hawk?!” And then we see this picture, confirming all of it.

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