15 Photos Of Forgotten US Roads Drivers Should Avoid

All over the United States there are roads, bridges, highways, and byways that have been neglected and abandoned. Many of these roads are part of America’s old infrastructure, such as Old Route 66, Old US 62, and Old US 9. These roads were built in the early days of driving (and sometimes even before automobiles were around), and have been replaced and outmoded by bigger, better, more sound infrastructure.

But these abandoned highways are usually pretty scenic, if you don’t take the potholes and neglected pavement into account. Forests and foliage have taken over a lot of these places, showing us that if Man abandons it, Mother Nature will embrace it.

There are also some haunted roads that are still intact but not worth driving on—roads you should avoid, possibly, because of the stories associated with them.

Here are 15 forgotten roads in the US that people should avoid.

15 Old US 62 Pony Truss Bridge In Jackson, Oklahoma

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This abandoned bridge also used to be a road, but now it leads basically nowhere. It’s a massive bridge called the Pony Truss Bridge, found near Jackson, Oklahoma. It’s part of the Old US 62 highway, but with lack of use it’s been abandoned and forgotten and left to rust. It’s falling apart a bit, and there are signs on both sides that say you can’t get onto it – that is, unless you’re adventurous enough.

14 Old Route 66 In Phelps And Newburg, Missouri

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Old Route 66 is basically a ghost highway that leads through many ghost towns, such as this section of the road in Phelps and Newburg, Missouri, that goes through some spooky, uninhabited towns.

There is actually an unincorporated community that still lives here, but they’re best left alone, we think. This road is cracked, outmoded, and has been replaced with a newer road nearby. That’s the one you should take.

13 Carciquez Drive, California

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For the most part, Carciquez Drive in California is a scenic route overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s lovely to drive on. But this particular section of the freeway is riddled with potholes and deep divots and fissures that will screw up your alignment if you drive over it. The cracks have been sealed, but with little positive effect.

Now, you’re better off taking a scenic walk along this road, rather than hitting a pothole in your car and accidentally taking a tumble down the cliffs.

12 Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike

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Pennsylvania is on this list a whole bunch, as you’ll see. The state has some of the worst infrastructure problems in the country. It also has its fair share of abandoned tunnels, such as this road leading into the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

AbandonedCountry.com reports, “No through traffic has traveled this four-lane road in more than forty years. The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike has encountered the rare military training or engineering test since its closure in the 1960s.”

11 US 50 In Washington, Indiana

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This section of road is part of the Old US 50 highway route in Washington, Indiana. It’s barely visible unless you’re up close to it because Mother Nature has taken over. It’s definitely not driveable, though it’s quite scenic from afar.

Like many old highways in the US, this one was outmoded and replaced with a newer highway nearby.

10 Schuylkill Parkway In Bridgeport, Pennsylvania

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Pennsylvania makes the list again with this eerie abandoned parkway in Bridgeport. Dubbed Schuylkill, this ghostly highway is still littered with haphazard orange warning cones, and the road doesn’t lead anywhere at all. It looks like something out of Silent Hill, rather than actual US infrastructure. You’re definitely better off avoiding this one completely, unless you’d like to go nowhere.

9 East Conway Road, New Hampshire

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According to StateImpact.npr.org, the East Conway Road in New Hampshire is one of the most poorly neglected, worst roads in the state. New Hampshire also has some of the worst infrastructure in the country. It’s peppered with potholes, faded paint lines, cracks, and all the other things you don’t want to drive your car over.

Add to it the snow that comes every winter season, and this is one dangerous road that should be avoided.

8 Bayshore Road Bridge In Newport, Michigan

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As you can see by the picture, the Bayshore Road Bridge in Newport, Michigan, has seen better days. With Mother Nature taking over, it looks more like something the Mayans would have created in centuries past.

Plus, the weather is extreme in Michigan, and the cold, humid, snowy winters led to the decay and abandonment of this bridge road. While the cement skeleton still exists, the bridge no longer even connects to land, and it’s partly fallen into the sea.

7 Sea Cliff In Daly City, California

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The edge of the sea road here is a very abrupt end to an abandoned road and pretty scenery. The highway near Daly City, California, is very nice for the most part, with a great view of the ocean. But it quickly ends at a jagged edge that falls off into the ocean, rocks, and waves a few hundred feet below.

If you’re a hiker or bicyclist, this would be a great adventure road. However, if you’re driving in a car, it should be avoided unless you’re trying to Thelma & Louise your way to the ocean.

6 Bridge In Sims Bayou, Houston, Texas

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This expansive bridge located in Sims Bayou near Houston, Texas, has been abandoned and left for different degrees of vegetation and foliage to grow on it. The asphalt is still remarkably intact, but it makes for a pretty spooky road these days (especially as a black and white photo). The bridge has been preserved by nature but abandoned by man.

5 Route 2A In Haynesville, Maine

via Maine: An Encyclopedia

This spooky road isn’t abandoned but it should be. On August 22, 1967, two 10-year-old girls died on Route 2A in Haynesville, Maine, and legends say that their innocent walk through the woods led them to a “crossover” place, and now their ghosts haunt the road.

People have even stopped to offer the ghost girl a ride, purportedly, but then she disappears as the ride continues, vanishing from the passenger seat. No thanks!

4 Route 61 In Centralia, Pennsylvania

via Designing Life

This abandoned highway located in Centralia, Pennsylvania is a forgotten part of Route 61 that has become cracked and covered in graffiti-like artwork. It actually looks pretty cool—if the government isn’t going to do anything to fix a road, might as well make it artsy, right?

It’s definitely reminiscent of a childhood hopscotch area covered in chalk. A forest is also growing between the cracks, which threatens to hide it from people forever.

3 Old Dead Man’s Curve In Towanda, Illinois

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Ohio is home to Dead Man’s Curve, which is a deadly road sandwiched between two freeways where tons of people have died. But Towanda, Illinois also has its own version, called Old Dead Man’s Curve that was part of the original Route 66 before the 1940s (now part of Old Route 4). Of course, it was part of Route 66, the ghostly road!

The dangerous curve often caught unaccustomed drivers unawares and spelt their doom. It’s still in service today, but you should avoid it—it even has its own plaque commemorating how dangerous it is!

2 Kelly Road In Ohioville, Pennsylvania


Kelly Road, as you can see, is amazingly spooky. It’s located in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, (leave it to Pennsylvania, of course), and is a one-mile stretch of road where bizarre activity has been reported and witnessed time and time again. Apparently animals cross this road a lot and often get hit, and then those animal’s ghosts can be found. There’s also alleged cult activity associated with the road from the past.

1 Boy Scout Lane, Wisconsin

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Boy Scout Lane is not as harmless of a road as it sounds. Located in Wisconsin, a troop of Boy Scouts reportedly went into the woods around this road in the ‘50s and ‘60s on a camping trip and never returned. There’s no evidence of any grim event, or if it actually happened, but the road is considered haunted or cursed these days, and we recommend steering clear if you find yourself going through Wisconsin.

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