15 Photos Of Jordyn Woods That Tristan Thompson Doesn't Want Us To See

At face value, not a lot of our readers may recognize Jordyn Woods by face, but many - especially those who keep up with the Kardashians - have heard the rising starlet's name in passing. Jordyn Woods is best known today as the woman who Tristan Thompson, an NBA basketball player who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was cheating with back when he was still with the mother of his children, Khloe Kardashian.

What makes this situation worse is that it turned out Tristan was cheating while Khloe was pregnant. What makes this situation even worse is that Jordyn just so happened to be the best friend of Khloe's half-sister, Kylie Jenner. No wonder Tristan and Khloe split.

Jordyn Woods has been apologetic about meddling in the middle of another man's relationship and wants to put the whole thing behind her. Obviously, no one wants to put it behind more than Thompson, but it's hard for him to do that when he sees pictures like these out in the public eye.

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15 Glo Up

via Instagram

No, we did not forget the "W" at the end of glow in the caption. Nowadays, kids love to say that they "glo up" - minus the "W" - as a means of highlighting how they have essentially leveled up as people; either aesthetically or mentally, but usually aesthetically. Jordyn is definitely glo'd up in her own right, which a certain ex may not be happy about.

14 Keep a Secret

via Cosmopolitan

It is hard not to look at this cover of Cosmopolitan where Jordyn Woods is "shushing" and not think about the big secret that she had between herself and Tristan Thompson that destroyed their relationship. That was probably the intention given the cover came out after the affair came out. We're guessing they didn't get the O-K from Tristan to pull out a cover like this.

13 Kickin' It with Gunna

via Instagram

Even when someone stops dating someone, it still feels bittersweet - or at least awkward - to see that special someone getting cuddly in public with someone else. Which is why Tristan Thompson probably did not check out Jordyn Woods' cameo in Gunna's music video for "Baby Birkin" where she was cuddled up with the rapper at the circus.

12 On a Boat with Rick Ross

via people.com

Speaking of Jordyn Woods getting cuddly with rappers, "Birkin Baby" was not the only music video she appeared in earlier this summer. She also guest starred in a video for Rick Ross. This time, the song was "Big Tyme." Tristan might be big time jealous seeing his ex hang out with all these celebs this summer, especially after losing out on the NBA Championship.

11 At The Red Table with Jada Pinkett Smith

via YouTube

Tristan Thompson definitely was not a fan of this one. In the wake of the infidelity news breaking out, Jordyn Woods turned up as a guest on Jada Pinkett-Smith's Red Table series where she told her side of the story (revealing intimate details of the affair) to her longtime friend and mother figure.

10 She Wants It All

via Instagram

Remember when we described the concept of gloing up earlier? Well, this is part of Jordyn Woods' glo up phase. She wants it all. We don't know exactly what "it" all entails, but Tristan Thompson might have an idea. Tristan himself wanted it all, too, and that's how the love triangle got in this whole mess, to begin with.

9 DJ Woods on the Boards

via Instagram

For those wondering what it is that Jordyn Woods does for a living, it turns out she is a jack of many trades. She models, for starters, but judging by this picture, she is also a DJ, or at the very least a guest DJ at certain clubs (or American Music Awards, from the looks of it).

8 Hanging Out with Jaden Smith 

via Instagram

Before Tristan Thompson gets jealous at seeing Jordyn Woods side by side with Jaden Smith, somebody tell him it's not that deep. She has been a longtime friend to the Smith family after befriending Jaden Smith when they were pre-teens in middle school. In fact, it was Jaden who introduced Jordyn to his ex bestie, Kylie Jenner.

7 Shining

via instagram

Going back to the whole "Glo Up" thing, most haters do not want to see their ex shining. We don't want to call Tristan Thompson a hater, but he can't be thrilled at how high her star is shining when it means he just has more opportunities to see or bump into her. Yet, here she is literally shining and glowing for the world to see.

6 Dressed for Business

via instagram

While the entire basis of her relationship with Tristan Thompson was built on pleasure, she is more concerned with focusing on business nowadays. So much so that she sometimes goes out on the town wearing suits looking like a regular business lady. We wonder if Tristan ever got to see her business side.

5 Her Ex-Friend and Tristan's Ex's Sister

via instagram

Well, this is awkward. Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner were the best of friends. In many respects, judging by pictures we've seen of them and just how highly they used to speak of each other, their bond was almost like a sisterhood. Then, that friendship came crashing down when Kylie learned her best friend destroyed her real sister's relationship.

4 At The Club

via Instagram

If we remember correctly, the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson affair rumors all started after the two were seen leaving the club together. If Tristan Thompson sees this picture of Jordyn Woods at the club now, he could only imagine what's on her mind and what she could possibly be looking for at the club.

3 With Will Smith and His Family

via Instagram

As we previously mentioned, Jordyn Woods has been a friend to the Smith family for years. Even after the whole drama with Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian went down, she maintained that relationship. She even attended Jaden Smith's 21st birthday party. Tristan probably wishes he had that relationship with Will Smith, let alone his family.

2 Catching the Bag(s)

via Instagram

A new hot saying that the new kids love these days is that they are "chasing the bag." In this context, "the bag" is money. In her (allegedly) single status away from Tristan, Jordyn Woods is not only chasing the metaphorical bag, but she is getting a hold of some swanky literal bags. Here she is with an assortment of pretty handbags.

1 In Bed

via Instagram

Here is a pic of Jordyn Woods on a bed, where most instances of infidelity begin and end (or perhaps, come and go, so to speak). It is hard not to look at this image and not think of the dangerous liaisons had between Woods and Tristan Thompson, especially if your name happens to be Tristan Thompson, or God forbid, Khloe Kardashian.

Sources: Instagram, Cosmopolitan, TMZ

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