15 Photos Of Tiger Woods’ Most Attractive Girlfriends

He went from the perfect athlete to one of the most controversial figures in the fall of 2009. National Enquirer ran a story pertaining to Tiger’s infidelity. Suddenly, several women were stepping forward discussing their time with the superstar golfer.

It derailed Tiger’s focus completely and rightfully so. Fans thought he’d never make it back to his prior form. In true Tiger like fashion though, he proved everyone incorrect, winning the 2019 Masters, perhaps one of the greatest redemption moments of the 2000s or all-time.

In this article, we’ll look back at Tiger’s darkest hour and feature some of his most stunning girlfriends. Enjoy the article and be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

15 Laci Kay Somers

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An IG influencer with over 10 million followers, everyone was buzzing as speculation started to percolate pertaining to these two entering a secret relationship. We’re not quite sure where it came from as Somers told the Sarah Scoop Blog that the two never even met before. In our hearts and minds, they did...

14 Joslyn James

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Some of Tiger’s girlfriends decided to keep information on the DL, but adult star Joslyn James was not one of them. She spilled all the details going public about their relationship. Not only did she share text messages but she also revealed some of Tiger’s favorite antics in the bedroom...

13 Elin Nordegren

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We have nothing but respect for Tiger’s ex and the way she handled the entire situation, well, minus the attack on Tiger’s car incident.

She looks fabulous these days and it is quite clear that those days are long in the rear-view. Elin is set to have a child with a former NFL star, Jordan Cameron.

12 Jaimee Grubbs

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She was another former flame that went public with the secret relationship. The timeline is believed to be in 2007.

Similar to Tiger’s ex, Grubbs completely moved on these days recently getting hitched and putting a ring on it. She also continues to age like a fine wine, just check out her IG page for further proof.

11 Kristin Smith

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This relationship was not a healthy one for either of the two. It ended in controversy when Smith refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement. She even made claims about releasing some sort of controversial content related to Tiger.

Ultimately, the stylist went her own way, leaving out all the juicy details.

10 Holly Sampson

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Unlike most of the others, Sampson took a positive approach to her secret relationship alongside Tiger. She really didn’t seem remorseful given her words with NY Post. Instead, she described their time together as “amazing.” She would even go into further detail explaining what went on behind closed doors...

9 Erica Herman

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She went from managing one of Tiger’s restaurants out in Florida to later dating the popular golfer.

She continues to have a positive impact on the superstar, as he seems to be climbing back up the ranks since the two entered a relationship. This gal seems like one that’ll be sticking around for the long-term.

8 Rachel Uchitel

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A nightclub manager, Rachel was one of the first females linked to Tiger during his marriage. She initially denied the allegations but it wouldn’t be long till she completely spilled the beans on everything.

She’s living a quiet life these days running her own children’s boutique. Given recent quotes, Rachel is over the relationship.

7 More From Laci

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We can’t help but include another stunning Laci pic. Unfortunately, she denies all rumors, here’s what the IG influencer had to say via Sarah Scoop;

“I have never met Tiger in person, never spoken to him over the phone, and have never had any interaction with him over any devices whatsoever including social media (IG and FB).”

6 One More From Joslyn

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We can’t share the exact text messages between these two – they’re a little too graphic.

Woods would even unleash on James for almost getting caught, he called her reckless in the text message and he would even further his claim by saying she almost completely ruined his life... Yeah, that would happen but 20-times worse a little later.

5 Lindsey Vonn

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After a three-year relationship, these two decided to split. It came as a big surprise given that all appeared to be so fine and dandy between the two. Vonn blamed the media for the end of their run together.

She moved on these days, currently engaged to NHL star PK Subban. Though it should be noted that she was still defending Tiger in 2018.

4 Cori Rist

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A stunning lingerie model, Rist is another female that took Tiger’s side. She called the relationship behind the scenes “like fireworks,” according to Huff Post.

Rist wasn’t shying away from the details, going on several talk shows and discussing their time together. She was one of the few that really didn’t speak too badly about the golfer.

3 Kalika Moquin

Kalika is deemed as number three, basically the third woman to come out and confess to their secret relationship. In a lot of cases, Tiger linked up with nightclub workers. Kalika worked out in Vegas as the manager of a nightclub. She seems to be in the same space these days, along with enjoying motherhood.

2 Mindy Lawton

This might’ve been the biggest bombshell of them all. According to Daily Mail, Tiger had a lengthy relationship with a waitress from a diner. The two had several secret hangout spots including in the back of Tiger’s SUV. Tiger would never confirm or deny the allegations. It remains a huge mystery.

1 Jamie Jungers


We close out the list with another club-goer, Jamie Jungers. Life hasn’t been easy ever since the confession; she went off the rails and almost lost her own life because of an overdose. She was even featured in a Dog the Bounty Hunter episode most recently. We wish her well and a speedy recovery.

Sources – Daily Mail, Sarah Scoop & Huff Post

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