15 Photos Of Stephanie McMahon Outfits That Belong In The Attitude Era

During Stephanie’s journey in WWE, we’ve seen so many different outfits from the company’s brand ambassador. Nowadays, Stephanie keeps things on the PG side given her role with the company. However, from time to time, she does push the envelope. We’ll feature some of those ensembles in the article from special ceremonies along with wardrobes from RAW and PPVs.

What lots of fans tend to forget is Stephanie’s run during the post Attitude Era as the GM of SmackDown in the Ruthless Aggression time period. At that point, Stephanie really pushed it in terms of outfit choices. We’ll review some of her best outfit choices throughout the article.

Enjoy folks and like always be sure to share the article with a friend. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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15 Legs For Days

via Twitter

Back during Stephanie’s run as the SmackDown GM, she wasn’t afraid to push the envelope in terms of edgy outfits.

At that point, it was the edgiest Stephanie we had ever seen – she made Attitude Era Stephanie look like a PG character, in truth. Clearly, those days are a thing of the past.

14 RAW GM Outfit

via YouTube

In her spot as the RAW GM, Stephanie still managed to get fans talking despite the PG label on the show. This was a rare occurrence as Stephanie rocked a revealing outfit, one that is suitable for the Attitude Era and not the PG era.

With rumors floating around that the third hour is set to get edgier, we hope to see more of these outfits on the norm.

13 The Wedding Outfit

This outfit took place during the end of the Attitude Era. On the night, Triple H and Stephanie were supposed to tie the knot, though as WWE weddings usually go, it ended in a complete disaster.

At the very least, Stephanie looked like true perfection on the night. Even her dad was impressed (as we can see in the photo above).

12 Red Dress Perfection

via Pinterest

Both Charlotte and Linda also look great in the photo, though in truth, Stephanie grabs our attention with this great looking red dress.

And oh, props to the dude in the background photo-bombing the pic – though in reality, it is hard to look away – Stephanie looks that darn good!

11 More Red Dress

via YouTube

Stephanie might have outdone herself years prior with this red dress. The photo comes from the Attitude Era, clearly, at that point, Stephanie started to push it even further.

The dress is a lot shorter than what we’re accustomed to that’s for sure, especially from Stephanie. As for Matt Hardy, the poor guy just wanted a match...

10 Memorable Selfie

via Pinterest

It takes some serious skill to pull off a memorable selfie – that’s exactly what Stephanie does in the photo above.

She does a lot more work outside of WWE as the company’s global brand ambassador. That also means that Stephanie needs to look her best on the norm – we can definitely say she holds her end quite nicely.

9 Halloween Special

via YouTube

Again, this one comes from the early 2000s during Stephanie’s run as the SmackDown GM in the Ruthless Aggression era.

Not only was it the prime for Stephanie’s edginess but the same can be said for SmackDown in general. With Paul Heyman in charge, the show was thriving. Stephanie was also thriving during this Halloween special...

8 Hall Of Fame Wardrobe

via Pinterest

For one night, WWE stars put the trunks and ring gear aside – instead, they put on their best suits or dresses for this night.

Stephanie definitely set the bar in this particular year, rocking a stunning blue robe. Twitter was all over it – that Triple H fellow is one lucky dude.

7 Tightly Fitted Dress

via Pinterest

It can be more than just cleavage – in this photo, Stephanie has everyone talking with this tightly fitted dress that was flattering in all the right places. It is yet another photo that went viral pretty quickly; we can only imagine the reaction if it took place in the Attitude Era.

Though in truth, this ensemble would be considered tame for what the norm was back then.

6 Backstage With Brian Kendrick

via YouTube

There was never a dull moment with Stephanie McMahon during her GM run in the early 2000s. In recent years, we’re more accustomed to Stephanie putting wrestlers down.

Though in this era, she was a lot more reserved and dare we say, kind of flirty with a lot of the wrestlers.

5 Fitness Attire

via Twitter

Perhaps thanks to her husband, Stephanie is also a big fitness enthusiast. She isn’t pumping light weight, either; Stephanie loves to build a sweat with some serious weights.

She’s photographed here with some great looking gym attire. What makes the pic that much better is the fact that she’s training in her own gym back in Connecticut.

4 SummerSlam Ring Attire

via WWE

It was a long time coming for Stephanie as she stepped in the ring for a match against Brie Bella. WWE surrounded this match with lots of hype, the two even closed off a RAW with a face-off segment against one another.

Naturally, Stephanie’s attire had to be something memorable and she definitely delivered. A bonus, she even won the match – it was her first PPV win in ten years.

3 RAW GM Dress

via Pinterest

In 2013, after years of sporadic appearances, McMahon finally returned to television permanently. She turned into a heel rather quickly as a member of The Authority faction.

Stephanie would later turn into the RAW GM. In this photo, she shows her full support for the brand with a special RAW red dress.

2 Be A Star Dress

via Pinterest

Part of being the brand ambassador also involves working with various charities. WWE does a great job with so many organizations such as the Be A Star program.

Stephanie needed to look her best on the day and we can safely say she delivered on this one. Her black dress looks to be flattering in all the right places. Clearly, Stephanie isn’t skipping leg day either.

1 Final GM Days

It was only fitting to end the list off with another Stephanie picture from her GM days. However, this was one of Stephanie’s final appearances as she was written off the show shortly after.

The hiatus was because of Stephanie’s willingness to start a family. After she had her three daughters, she would finally return in a more permanent role.

Sources – YouTube, Pinterest & IG

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