15 Photos That Prove That Norman Reedus Is The Sexiest Man Alive

Stop everything you’re doing RIGHT NOW. We are about to make your life. Seriously, put everything else on hold, put down your cup of java and turn your full attention to the beauty that’s about to unfold on your computer (or phone) screen. This is not, we repeat, this is NOT a drill. What on earth could be so life-shattering to demand your undivided attention? Oh, you know, just a little Norman Reedus...like you’ve never seen him before! Hot, sexy, dirty...naked—all the ways we like him (and then some). We have spent days scouring the internet looking for the ultimate 15 photos that will prove once and for all that Norman Reedus is the sexiest man alive...EVER! It’s been a hard job, but someone had to do it and we took one for the team. You're welcome.

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15 When he ate a donut (and licked his fingers!)

Via: Pinterest

This photo caption should read: Hi, I’m Norman. And all I have to do is take a bite of my donut while wearing a tweed jacket and sweater and then lick my fingers to make panties all over the world drop in unison.

Yep, we heard it, too! And just so we are clear, we  have never been so jealous of (or wanted to be) a chocolate glazed donut so bad. The struggle is real, fellow Reed lovers. Now, let’s take a moment to really study the brilliance of this picture. The sexy side eye? Check! The wisp of hair on his beautiful forehead? Double check! His perfect lips wrapped around his perfect middle finger? Yep, we believe it's safe to say this photo is finger-licking good!

14 When he was cover model perfection

Via: thefashionisto.com

By cover model, we mean he needs to take off all the rest of his clothes, please and thank you. And when we say perfection, we mean PERFECT in every single way. Those abs? Um, only the perfect side dimples. His chest? We've got just one word to describe it. You guessed itperfect. That subtle pelvic V? Perfect doesn’t even begin to express everything we are feeling here. But, we’ll go with it anyway. Those beady blue eyes peeking out of his bedhead hairstyle of sexiness? Come hither, perfection!

This photo is seriously what our Norman dreams are made of. His jacket blowing in the wind, walking shirtless on the beach. Seriously, we  have only one thing to say: PERFECTION. And we’ll take every single copy of the magazine available, please and thank you!

13 And Cartier perfection

Via: twitter.com

Guys, how is it possible that Norman Reedus looks just as good—if not better—with his shirt on as he does off?! And honestly, we can’t tell you which one we like more: this fully-clothed version or the shirtless one above. We're leaning towards this one, but is that because we already know what’s under that suit and tie? Possibly. But still, what makes this picture smoking hot (besides the fact that Norman is in it) is the seriously sexy twist he’s got going o—one Cartier-decorated hand on his waist, the other on those delectable lips. Plus, he's got his signature side eye! He looks so inquisitive, with a dash of naughty. Remind us again, how can one human can house all this perfection?

12 When he made us all want to be a hot rod

Via: mensjournal.com

You knew it was coming. All these clean cut, sexy Norman pictures have been fun and awesome to look at, but this—a gritty, cigarette-smoking bad boy getting his hands dirty—is the Norman we all know and love. Everything in this picture screams, "I’m the bad boy of your dreams." And boy, is he ever. Right now a million women (and some men) are longingly gazing at this picture, wishing upon a star and begging to be the one that gets Norman under their hood. Or, at the very least, gets Norman to grease up their bodies and rev up their engines. Admit it. There’s no shame in our game...we’re all friends here. And we all want to be the make and model of whatever car (or motorcycle) he's working on in this pic.

11 When he channeled David Bowie

Via: imgur.com

Sexpot in a tub. That’s the best—and only—way to describe this photo. There’s just something so sexy about a bad boy who isn’t afraid to go places and do things you would never expect him to do. A tutu? No way! Makeup? We are talking about the same Norman Reedus who is the ultimate kickass zombie (and panty) slayer, right? Yep, that’s him! But, he’s also an artist (a sculpture, photographer and painter). So, while it might appear to be unexpected, it’s really not. He’s the bad boy who’s also the eclectic artist—the best of both worlds. And in this photo, he captures a certain kind of David Bowie sexiness. Those lined eyes staring at your soul, it is just so damn artistically sexy that it literally makes us swoon every time we look at it.

10 When he posed with his cat

Via: celebitchy.com

Warning! This photo may cause major overheating!! It contains a sultry Norman Reedus and his cat in the same photo! Let us introduce you to the luckiest cat in the world, Eye in the Dark. Yep, you read that right. Norman Reedus’ cat’s name is Eye in the Dark (was there ever a question he’d name his cat something that wasn't purely badass?).

There are not enough like and love buttons in the world to express how much this photo makes us all weak in the knees. As if this picture isn’t hot enough already, Norman is also a member and spokesperson for Cruelty-Free Internationalwhich calls for companies to stop testing their makeup products on animals. Be still, vegetarian hearts out there.

9 When he posed as the ultimate cool rider

Via: Pinterest

We're going to keep things real here. There are so many sexy pictures of Norman and his motorcycle, that we could dedicate a whole list to the muscular beauty and his bike (hmm, not a bad idea). But out of the hundreds of motor pics, we kept coming back to this one. Maybe it had something to do with the black and white filter because let’s be honest, has there ever been anyone who looks better in black and white than Mr. Reedus? We'll answer that for you: NO.

Or, maybe it has something to do with the pure hotness emanating from his poetic off-into-the-distance peering? Or, maybe it has everything to do with that left leg perfectly straddling his ride (so hawt!) that takes this photo to a whole other stimulating level. Whatever it is, there's no denying that you want a full-sized version of this photo on your bedroom wall. 

8 When he's Daryl Dixon dirrrty

Via: Pinterest

We think we may have just passed out at our computer screens for a few seconds. Because as much as we love a clean-cut, freshly shaven and showered Norman Reedus, we might love a dirty Daryl Dixon just a little more. This one photo captures everything we love about Norman’s character, Daryl—the leather, the grit and the dirt—mixed with everything we love about Reedus himself—that burn-a-hole-in-your-soul stare, those bulging muscles and that perfect face. All of it together is what made us all fall in love with Norman/Daryl in the first place and what keeps him at the top spot in our hearts. God help us all make it past this photo of perfection because we still have six more tantalizing photos to go!

7 When he gave us some serious side booty

Via: thethings.com

Look—we’re all friends here so we're not even going to lie to you. We started the list with this picture because we didn’t think you'd actually believed us when we said these 15 pictures are the most blazing hot photos of Mr. Reedus ever. We hope this photo proves to you just how serious we are. But now, you’re probably thinking that this picture is SO hot that there is no way the other pictures on this list are going top this one. Well, Daryl Dixon lovers, you’d be wrong. Although, we do kind of see your point. It really doesn’t get much more bootylicious than a little side booty, bare chest, bedroom eyes and a serious 'come do me’ face. Okay, you sold us (but keep scrolling anyway).

6 When he took shirtless lounging to a whole new level

Via: Pinterest

Did you make it past the last photo? Barely? Same here. Whew. It’s getting hot in here and this photo is about to turn up the heat even more. A bare-chested, barefooted, au naturel Norman with his handsome fingers provocatively grazing the zipper of his pants?! We're getting seriously overheated just typing that. And, yet, we just can’t pull ourselves to look away (because there is just so much to look at, admire and dream about in this picture). What if we could look at this photo all day, err' day? Guess what? We can! The best thing about this picture (besides sex kitten Norman) is that it’s also available to download as your new computer wallpaper here. Again, you’re welcome.

5 When he rocked a skeleton onesie and zombie bunny slippers

Via: Pinterest

We seriously have no chill when it comes to this photo. We're spazzing over so many things in it. Norman, of course, is the number one headliner. But, it’s him in all his goober glory that sets our loins on fire. That hooded skeleton onesie paired with the sexiest striped socks we have ever seen and topped off with, not just any kind of bunny slippers, but ZOMBIE bunny slippers?! It's pure perfection. Add to this already perfection of a photo, the sunglasses and those cheekbones peeking out from inhaling his cigarette. OMG, we just might spontaneously self-combust. We mean, who doesn’t love someone who isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves and not take themselves so seriously? And in case you’re wondering, he also owns a non-zombie pair of bunny slippers. It’s just too much.

4 When he looked angelic AF

Via: amandademme.com

This picture seriously makes us want to chuck the computer at the wall. We mean, COME ON! REALLY?! This list is just getting too damn ridiculous. And this picture, in particular, makes us so mad because there is no possible way we could love it (or him) any more than we do right now. And we hate him for looking this damn good. Because think about it, it’s totally not fair to the rest of humanity that someone this exquisite exists and walks among us. We mean, LOOK AT HIM! He looks like the most heavenly earth angel that ever was. He’s so damn angelic that god was like, “no wings needed.” Whatever. We're so over him...and this list.

3 When he looked hot, even while laying in a pile of slain walkers

Via: Pinterest

Because nothing says hot like one Norman Reedus posing on a pile of walkers. Seriously, this man can literally do (or pose with anything) that would not make us scream. He can’t help it. We all just want to eat him up. Think about it. Who else (besides him) could pull off making our stomachs do backflips, while laying on a pile decaying bodies of walkers? Only the walking sex god, Reedus. We love Daryl cause he’s a kickass zombie slayer. We love Norman because only he can provocatively pose on a pile of his slain walkers and make us lustfully long to be one of them—particularly the one he is resting his oh-so-perfect elbow on.

2 When he posed in an apron 

Via: youtube.com/LifestyleMirror

It doesn't (and can’t) get much more Rico Suave than this. And only a true baller and panty dropper could pull off looking so damn cool in a cooking apron, surrounded by stuffed toys while holding a mug with his own face it on. And all while trying to light his cigarette. This is the kind of stuff that legends are made of (and our Norman). He is legendary. He is the perfect combination of all the things we dream about: sexy, smart, artistic, the ultimate bad boy with a sense of humor and a dash of darkness. It’s no wonder that he was voted the sexiest man alive in 2013. But, we vote for Norman as forever sexiest man alive. Meeting adjourned.

1 And when he’s simply just existing 

Via: Twitter

Because really that’s the only answer there is. There is never a moment when Norman is not sexy. He could be walking up the stairs or walking through a hallway with a Venti cup of Starbucks and the world would collectively sigh, gasp and drop their panties. We love Norman because even in his sexy self, he is still (and always) beautifully human. He loves his fans, never takes himself or his fame seriously and continues to make bad ass art even though he stars on the hottest show on television. But, that’s what makes him relatable and what ultimately makes him so damn sexy. Norman is at his sexiest when he’s just being his Norman normal self—shooting the middle finger at anyone in his line of fire or bringing his adult beverage onto the set of Talking Dead. It's what stole our hearts and has it beating in his direction, forever.

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