15 Photos That Will Make You More Angry Than They Should

Everybody is a perfectionist sometimes. Some people work on projects for months on end and want to make sure every detail is exactly right before submitting. Understandable. Other people may pride themselves in their appearance and refuse to leave the house until their outfit is immaculately put together. Fair enough. And then, there are a few people out there who nitpick, well... everything! Whether it's a tiny detail like an askew tile on a wall or something bigger like mislabeled light switches, these folks go crazy. And honestly, we can see why. We expect things to be placed, packaged, labeled and eaten in a certain way, and when they're not, it kind of hurts our brain. It's like being in this limbo where tiny mistakes drive you up a wall, but you're not completely debilitated by a disorder like OCD. If this sounds like you, check out these 15 photos that will likely drive you up a wall.

15 The bag of chips that's turning our world upside down

Even though this photo kind of annoys the heck out of us, we’re gonna give the person who did this the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they really love Fritos and didn’t want anyone to know they opened a bag because that would mean having to share. Yeah, maybe they were just trying to be sneaky and would normally not engage in such crazy behavior. On the other side of the coin, this could just be some wildly free-spirited person who doesn’t abide by the rules of modern society. The type of soul who bites right into a Kit Kat bar without inhibition, serves themselves cake by ripping a piece off with their bare hands, and eats pizza crust first. The type of person who opens Fritos bag upside down and then runs into a forest and howls at the moon! Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves, but seriously, these people must be stopped.

14 This deformed excuse for a pretzel

Via: Smosh

Uh, how ya feeling this morning, Pretzel? Feeling a little … out of sorts? Get a little too drunk last night? Yeah, we thought so. Usually, you’re all uniform-looking and classy. Today, you’re kinda looking like Sloth from The Goonies, yelling about Baby Ruth from the back room. Okay, we’ll stop talking to the pretzel now. Point is, this pretzel looks majorly out of whack. And it’s kinda driving us crazy. Call us silly, but isn’t half of the fun of getting a pretzel marveling at the shape of it? I mean, it’s not often that you get to enjoy carbs that have been twisted into a cool shape. Usually, it’s just a boring sandwich or a run-of-the-mill slice of cake. Pretzels, on the other hand, are associated with all sorts of joys. Whether you’re visiting Manhattan and buying one off a street vendor, getting one at a baseball game right after your team got a home run or just hanging out at the mall and succumbing to the sweet smell of Auntie Anne’s, pretzels are the bomb. Except for this one. This one looks like a bomb hit it.

13 The light switch that makes zero sense

This light switch is not even annoying. It’s beyond annoying. It’s left the realm of annoying and is now in Stupid Land. In Stupid Land, up is down, left is right, right is left, and center is left, too. Confused, yet? We don’t blame you. You would probably get along with the poor, poor souls who have to deal with this ridiculousness. And then you guys can get together and plan how you’re going to beat up whoever made this goddamn joke. We can just imagine all of the infuriating conversations that have occurred because of this light switch. The room is pitch black, you have to turn on the lights. “Which one do I turn on, Bobby?!” “The centre light on the left!” “Wait, what?! The centre one or the left one?” “The centre rig which is the left button!” On and on and on until the morning light.

12 This infuriating pizza pie

Via: Smosh

There are certain rules that everyone is expected to follow if we are to keep society running (somewhat) smoothly. You know, things like waiting your turn in line, washing your hands before touching food (especially if it’s communal) and not forcing yourself onto a subway when people are clearly exiting it. Following these rules are not mandated by law, but they are common etiquette in society and people who do not follow them are frowned upon. These rules help keep things fair, sanitary, and polite—three words that in no way describe this pizza.

Not only does this pizza hurt your eyes because of how bizarre and straight up wrong it is, but it screws everyone over (except for the assh*le who killed this poor pizza). Now the remaining slices (if you can even call them that) are all messed up, unsanitary thanks to the guy who surely touched the rest of the pizza when getting their slice out, and of course, impolite AF.

11 The chair that clearly does not belong

Via: Imgur

You know that awkward sensation when someone who isn’t invited to a party shows up? Yeah, we’re getting that with this red chair. Were there really no chairs left in the building that they had to use this red one? Who decided this was a good idea? We honestly feel bad for whoever has to speak at this event. Goodness knows we’d have a hard time focusing with that stop sign of a red chair in the audience, especially if no one sits there and it sticks out even more. I think if we took a poll of the people who had to sit in this room, everyone would vote to get that red chair the hell outta there. Someone would definitely take one for the team and stand if it meant getting a semblance of order back in that room.

10 This stress-inducing table

Via: Imgur

We don’t want to sound like everyone’s mother right now, but Y’ALL ARE SERIOUSLY ASKING FOR TROUBLE WITH ALL OF THIS STUFF ON THE EDGE OF THE TABLE.” For real, though, this photo is pretty painful to look at. Not only is this one of most random compilations of items we’ve ever seen (we’re looking at you, lightbulb), but just one item on the edge of the table would’ve gotten the point across, but 13?! That’s just excessive. In fact, it's a goddamn coronary attack waiting to happen. One wrong move and a cacophony of broken glass and loud thumps will fill the room. This is not our idea of a good time. On the other hand, if this is some kind of perverse hazing ritual, hats off to whichever sick bastard thought it up.

9 This slightly off wall

Via: Imgur

This wall had so much potential. It had a nice color scheme with the juxtaposition of the soft peach hues and the stark teal. It had a nice geometric pattern going for it, it was looking verrrry classy. Then, someone messed up. And just like that, a wall once worthy of praise became utterly infuriating. I mean, look at that sad, little teal tile. Even though it’s stuck on the wall, it looks like it’s just hanging there, clinging for life. You just want to push it up so it can be with the other teal tiles and everything can go back to normal. But nope, there it will stay, destined to forever look out of place and make everyone looking at it feel a little out of place too.

8 This seriously perplexing Kit Kat bar

Via: Imgur

We’re seriously confused by this one. We’ve seen photos displaying the whole biting into a Kit Kat like a savage thing, but cutting an oval into a Kit Kat? This is just plain bizarre. Not only does it seem like possibly the most inefficient way to eat a Kit Kat (or anything in general), but it looks like it required a good deal of effort. After all, we can only assume that to create this ridiculous treat someone had to grab a knife and very carefully cut a pretty evenly-shaped oval into this chocolate. And it’s not like a steak, either, it’s not slicing through easily. A Kit Kat is a crunchy treat. To create a shape like this requires finesse, patience and a true determination to piss someone else off. Uh, good work I guess?

7 This ALMOST perfect gas meter

Via: Imgur

What a beautiful moment this would have been. We could almost see it now. Filling up the gas pump ever so carefully, watching as the gas meter flips through the number. Getting ready to watch the numbers roll smoothly into a glorious sequential order. It was almost there. It was SO CLOSE. Then… tragedy struck. The numbers kept rolling. The five turned into a six and just like that, all feelings of joy and satisfaction dissipated and left nothing but a bad taste in our mouths. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6?? It just doesn’t make sense! It's just not right! And yet, here we are. Left to hang our heads in defeat. Waiting anxiously for the next opportunity to make things right.

6 This very odd labeling method

Via: Imgur

Oh, Heinz. You had such a good thing going. You went from glass bottles to squeeze bottles. You flipped your bottle design upside down to help people get every last drop of their preferred condiment. You made the label nice and prominent. So, what’s up with this sweet relish? Are relish sales down so you wanted people to hold the bottle old-school style and not be able to get the stuff at the bottom? Were you hoping that would force more people to buy relish bottles more frequently? We’re onto you. The problem is that your plan is not working, bro. People are still flipping it, nozzle down. So, yeah. Good job making barbecue tables across the U.S. look really off. Nice one.

5 This major packaging mistake

Via: Imgur

Someone is definitely getting fired for this one. An uncapped highlighter?! What kind of cruel joke is this? How did this make it all the way from production to packaging to store without anyone noticing the missing cap? Was this some kind of bystander effect incident? Did everyone assume that someone else would step in and rectify this situation? THERE ARE JUST SO MANY QUESTIONS. There is one question that need not be asked though, and that is "who is going to buy this highlighter pack?" The answer to that is clearly NO ONE. Actually, no. The only time someone would buy this particular pack of highlighters would be to play an epic prank on someone. "Here ya go, friend! A pack of three highlighters and one decorative highlighter. Enjoy!"

4 This pack of colored pencils that could have been so much better

Via: Imgur

Some people might think nitpicking about stuff like this is silly and unnecessary. What they don’t realize is that we are simply distraught by the clearly missed opportunity for something wonderful. Can’t you see it now? All of the colored pencils perfect matched with their printed counterparts? Not only would it have been visually pleasing, but it would allow customers to see exactly what colors they would get. This would in turn lead to more sales, more orders placed by the store and just overall success for the company. We’re only thinking of the COMPANY, you see? We’re SELFLESS, not selfish! It's okay. We understand why you may have thought otherwise. To the naked eye, it looks like we're just crazy, but there is a method to our madness, okay?

3 This very uneven waffle

Via: Imgur

Okay, we’re now exiting the realm of nitpicking and entering the realm of logic and reason. Would it be visually satisfying for this waffle to have an equal amount of syrup in each crevice? Yes. Is that the only reason there should be an equal amount? No. Let’s talk pancake logistics here. Do you really want an explosion of syrupy flavor in one bite followed by a dry square of a bite? Of course not. That’s ludicrous. There’s plenty of syrup to go around. Those squares on the right are practically dripping over. Why not just tip that bad boy to the left and give some of those other squares some lovin’? If anything, just for the people who are dying a little inside looking at this waffle.

2 This messed up pack of crackers

Via: Smosh

Alright, seriously? Who on the assembly line got drunk again? Isn’t this process run by a robot by now? Are we [still] making humans pack up boxes of snacks? Are a bunch of people seriously trying to get these crackers in the right place by hand a la I Love Lucy? If that’s the case, then I guess we can let this slide. Wait, let us look at it again. Actually, no we can’t. This is outrageous! Why are all of the crackers in their spots, but this one isn’t? Is it because the Choco Cremes happen to be the darkest cookies in the pack? Alright, alright, sorry, we don’t mean to make everything about race, but let's be real, this is a bit odd.

1 These stupid DVDs

Via: Smosh

Whoever was in charge of making these Monk DVDs was on a roll for a while. At first, things were looking nice, clean and uniform, they had a red and white theme going on, and of course they included a little picture of Monk at the bottom of the tape so people would recognize the show. A+. Good work. Then, the 7th DVD came out and all Hell broke loose. The guy in charge of designing these tapes suddenly got sadistic or simply messed up. Either way, we are the ones suffering the consequences. Now we have to stare at these tapes, shudder and keep flipping it over in hopes of fixing this horrible display. You had ONE job, dude!

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